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How To Get A Credit Union Credit Card


Academic year: 2021

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Third Quarter | 2015


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Tips to Protect Your Personal Account

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Drive Happy off the Lot | 4 |

Mobile Check Deposit is on the Way Student Loans Can Help

Fill the Gap | 5 | Picture Your Possibilities


All CEFCU offices will be closed on:

Labor Day Monday, September 7

Use Your CEFCU




Credit Card

Numerous Cardholder Benefits

are Automatically Included

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits available with your CEFCU MasterCard Credit Card?

In a recent cardholder survey, CEFCU members were asked to identify what they liked and used most with their CEFCU MasterCard. If you were one of the hundreds of members who responded, thank you. We had a wide range of replies and comments covering almost every benefit available, including:

• Fuel Rewards NetworkTM savings

• Identity Theft Alerts • Trip Cancellation Insurance • MasterCard In ControlTM

transaction alerts • Price Protection • MasterRental® Rental

Car Coverage

• Extended Warranty Protection

• Rewards Points • Travel benefits

• Emergency card replacement • And more!

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Special Offer for

New Accounts

Switch to a CEFCU MasterCard Credit Card and you can receive:

• Bonus Points or a

• Free CEFCU MasterCard Gift Card Learn more about this special offer at cefcu.com/mycard and make the switch today.

Offer available for a limited time to new accounts who complete 5 or more transactions and have $500 or more in total net purchase transactions post to the account (less any return balances). Gift cards available for new non-rewards accounts, and bonus points available for new Rewards or World MasterCard Credit Card accounts. Limit one offer per member; not valid for individuals with an existing credit card account. See cefcu.com/mycard for full offer details, or contact CEFCU.


Yet, a member from Peoria, Illinois — who joined the Credit Union over 20 years ago — may have stated it best: “I love my CEFCU MasterCard — everything about it just makes life easier!”

Which is one of the reasons we say the CEFCU MasterCard Credit Card is simply the nicest card you’ll ever carry®.

If you don’t have one, it’s easy to get started. CEFCU even created an online tool [cefcu.com/choose] you can use to help you review how you expect to use your card. That way, you can select which CEFCU Credit Card is best for you: a Rewards, non-Rewards, or World MasterCard.

Simply go to cefcu.com/mycard to learn more and get started today.

Members Say it Best:

“Love knowing Trip Cancellation Insurance was there — didn’t need to worry when we booked the expensive vacation we enjoyed.”

Brentwood, TN — member since 1979

“Love the discounts on fuel with

Fuel Rewards!

Springfield, IL — member since 2011

“Rewards points are simple to earn and easy to redeem — used them to book a family vacation to Florida.”

Washington, IL — member since 2009

“Love Price Protection — helpful when shopping for the best deals!”

Peoria, IL — member since 2005

“Love Identity Theft Alerts — I now

use my card to shop online, since many online merchants don’t really do much to protect my privacy and information.”

San Francisco, CA — member since 2011 ‡Source: Gallup poll; CUNA.org *Source: 2015 Verizon PCI Compliance Report; cutimes.com 3/16/15 **Source: 2015 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report; Pymnts.com; CUNA.org



US residents who reported using their

credit card at a store, then having it

stolen by hackers in 2014‡



American consumers who have had

personal payment information, or that

of a household member, compromised*



New pieces of malware created in 2014, as cyber crooks continue

attempts to steal online data**

Tips to Protect

Your Personal

Account Information

• Don’t respond to email, text, or

telephone calls asking for personal or financial information

• Promptly review your account activity and statements, and

immediately report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions

• Frequently view your CEFCU account activity with CEFCU On-Line® • Use MasterCard In Control™ for your

CEFCU MasterCard Credit Card, to receive real-time transaction alerts every time there is activity with your card. Get started at mastercardincontrol.com/us. • Register for Identity Theft Alerts — a free

service from MasterCard that monitors your online identity and credit/debit card information, and notifies you if potential fraud is detected. Learn more and enroll at mastercard.us/idtheftalerts.


Drive Happy off the Lot

Just Ask for the CEFCU Loan

In the market for a new car? Let your Credit Union help you get the shiny new wheels and save some green — just ask

your dealer for the CEFCU Car Loan! You’ll enjoy:

• Great low rates • Quick approval • No hidden fees

It’s easy to get started. Apply online at cefcu.com/car, call Phone-A-Loan at 1.800.858.3400, or visit a Member Center.

Better yet, when you find your car, just ask your dealer to line you up with a loan from CEFCU. Not a bank. Better.

Love your car — but not your


It’s not too late to change.

If you financed a vehicle purchase with another lender during the last year or so, it’s not too late to change. Yes, you can move your loan to CEFCU… and it is easier than you might think. In fact, last year, over 2,700 members enjoyed significant savings by refinancing and moving their loans or credit cards to CEFCU.

If your car loan isn’t with CEFCU, call or visit a Member Center and see if we can help you save money.


Average member benefit in 2014 from

choosing a CEFCU

Used Car Loan*

*Source: 2014 year-end report; based on Informa Research Services, NCUA, and CUNA data.

Your CEFCU MasterCard® Credit Card can now be used to cover overdrafts on your Checking account. When you sign up for CEFCU’s Overdraft Transfer Plan, you can make arrangements to have an overdraft covered via automatic transfers from your CEFCU Savings, Insured Money Market Account (IMMA) and now — your

CEFCU MasterCard Credit Card. Stop in or call 1.800.633.7077 for more details or to request overdraft coverage.

CEFCU’s First-Time Home Buyer program has helped members save hundreds of dollars — even thousands — depending on the home’s location. The program pays select third-party closing fees for qualifying members purchasing their first home. If you’re shopping for your first home — or know someone who is, go to cefcu.com/home to learn more, call 1.800.633.7077, ext. 34411, or visit a Member Center.


When scholarships, savings, and financial aid aren’t enough to cover college costs, a Private Student Loan from CEFCU can help. Borrowers enjoy:

• Easy online application • Competitive interest rates • ½% interest rate reduction

for automatic repayments • No origination fees • 10-day grace period

for payments

• Up to 12 years to repay* • Disbursement directly to the

school, for added convenience Plus, funds can be used to help pay for things like tuition, room and board, laptops, books, and more. Go to cefcu.com/student to learn more and get started today.

A new CEFCU Mobile Banking platform is coming soon. One of the many enhancements is mobile check deposits!

Using the new Android™ or iPhone® apps, you’ll be able to snap a specially formatted picture of checks (both the front and back), then have funds deposited directly and securely to your CEFCU Checking account… just like if you stopped by an ATM or Member Center. Then, you’ll simply save the original checks (in case additional verification is needed).

Plus, the enhanced CEFCU Mobile Banking will:

• Include the ability to access selected services with either a PIN or “touch-ID” for qualifying phones

• Allow you to create and manage personal account alert preferences. Keep watching cefcu.com and CEFCU’s Facebook page for more updates. Also, be sure CEFCU has your email address for the most current

updates. To update your email address, just call CEFCU’s Contact Center

at 1.800.633.7077.

Mobile Check Deposit is

on the Way

‡CEFCU Consolidation Student Loans offer a variable rate, which could adjust quarterly, based on the Federal Prime rate. Contact CEFCU for full details.

Student Loans Can Help Fill the Gap




Student Loan

If you have more than one student loan you are paying off — especially private student loans, consolidating can make sense. CEFCU can help — with our new

Consolidation Student Loan. A Consolidation Student Loan can simplify your monthly payments, and in some cases, can mean a lower interest rate, too.‡ However, by consolidating

federal student loans, you may waive some benefits available only with federal loan programs, so be sure to consider what is best for you.‡

Call 1.800.633.7077, ext. 33474 to learn more or check out cefcu.com/one.


Look for

This Logo!

Picture Your Possibilities —

CEFCU Can Help!

*CEFCU’s closing cost assistance offer is available for a limited time for qualified CEFCU members in good standing who are opening a Home Equity Credit Line or Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan using their owner-occupied home as collateral. To qualify, that home cannot be listed for sale; Bridge Loans and Lot Loans are not eligible for closing cost assistance. Closing cost assistance excludes Transfer Taxes or Mortgage/Intangible Taxes (applicable in certain states but not applicable to Illinois or California properties). Contact CEFCU for full details.

Imagine what you could make happen: • An updated kitchen

• Remodeled basement • Backyard pool • A college education.

Whatever you want or need, your house and a CEFCU Home Equity Loan or Credit Line can help.

Plus, CEFCU will now pay all closing costs

for Home Equity Loans and Credit Lines.*

That means choosing CEFCU Home Equity is now an even better value for members! You’ll enjoy low rates and personalized service — without the surprises of hidden fees, high minimum initial withdrawals, early pay-off penalties, or other costs you might find with a loan or credit line from other lenders.

Stop by a Member Center or call Phone-A-Loan at 309.633.3400 or 1.800.858.3400 to learn more and get started, or go to cefcu.com/equity.

As a CEFCU Member, you can use your CEFCU Debit MasterCard® at 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs throughout the U.S. and Canada to get cash and access your CEFCU account(s).* Plus, there are over 5,000 CO-OP Shared Branch locations throughout the U.S., too, for in-person transactions.

Chances are students away at college, members traveling, or you — if you live outside of our Member Center areas, can find a CO-OP ATM or Shared Branch location nearby. Of course, CEFCU’s free Money Center 24® ATMs are still conveniently located in our member-service areas, too. Go to cefcu.com/locations and use the easy tool to find ATM or shared branch locations near you.





*For ATM transactions on non-CO-OP and non-Money Center 24 ATMs, there is a $1 service fee. The ATM owner may also charge a fee. Refer to the CEFCU Fee Schedule regarding international ATM fees.


$1 Million

Saved on ATM fees

in 2014 by CEFCU Members, thanks


Stay Connected!

CONTACT CENTER ...1.800.633.7077

TTY(for the hearing impaired) ...1.800.492.3328

Email ...email@cefcu.com

WEB/MOBILE ...cefcu.com

PHONE-A-LOAN ...1.800.858.3400

TOUCH-TONE TELLER ...1.800.447.2478

Check Rates and Transfer Funds 24/7

LOCATIONS ...cefcu.com/locations

(CEFCU Member Centers, CO-OP Shared Branches, and FREE CO-OP and Money Center 24 ATM Networks)

INVESTMENT SERVICES ...309.633.2571 Toll-free ...1.800.356.7865, ext. 32571 WEALTH MANAGEMENT ...309.633.3836 Toll-free ...1.800.356.7865, ext. 33836 CFS INSURANCE ...309.633.7232 Toll-free ...1.888.445.3320 PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID


Federally Insured by NCUA

© 2015 MasterCard. MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, and the MasterCard

Federally Insured by NCUA

© 2015 MasterCard. MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, and the MasterCard

Use these safety tips and your own common sense to help protect yourself and your CEFCU account when using an ATM.

Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not write your PIN on your card or keep

it in your wallet or purse. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone.

Have your card ready — in hand — before you approach an ATM. Choose only well-lit ATMs,

park close to the machine, and have another person accompany you when using an ATM or Fast Track Teller at night.

Be aware of suspicious activity — trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable, do not use the

ATM. Immediately cancel your transaction and leave, if necessary.

Don’t agree to cash or deposit checks for someone else — even someone you know.

Think Safety

at ATMs

Shield the keyboard and display with your body

or car so others cannot see your transaction.

Pocket your money immediately and be sure to take your receipt. Verify your transaction privately

as soon as you can, and destroy any ATM receipts after comparing them to your monthly statement.

Keep your car doors locked and leave the engine running when using a drive-up ATM. Be sure all

windows, except your own, are closed.

Never open a locked door for anyone you don’t know if using a machine in a facility that requires

your card for access.

Report any crimes immediately to the police,

CEFCU, and the ATM owner.

If your CEFCU Debit MasterCard® or CEFCU Credit Card is lost or stolen, report it to CEFCU immediately at 1.800.633.7077.


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