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BRAINIACVALLEY online institution which provides you the chance

to learn and transform your career with a wide range of trending

courses at your own pace, ensures tackling projects/assignments

grounded on real world business encounters.

Our learning techniques gives you the world class education and


experience that you can share with your professional network. Our

top notch trainers and graduates with market relevant skills and

experience, empowers the learners to enhance their expertise by

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Provision of balance between routine tasks and acquiring specific

skills is the top priority of our institution. We have revolutionized a

variety of skills for students and working individuals with less impact

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MS Office Course

Course Overview

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular and commonly used desktop application

software in offices. It is used to perform most of the official work which relates

to word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and personal organizing. A

professional application with the name of Microsoft Word is available which helps you produce letters, memos & reports. For office presentations it includes a full functional

productivity tool Microsoft PowerPoint which helps you to build powerful presentations

and deliver presentations more effectively. Most of the professionals working in

any office setup need to work with calculations and for the same this software suite

includes an application to offer a full functional spreadsheet utility which helps you develop worksheets both for performing calculations for existing financial conditions along with forecasting with the name of Microsoft Excel.

Learning Objective

This course will focus on the Basic to Intermediate concepts of this application suite.

Who Should Attend

This course is for every individuals, who have basic or no knowledge with Microsoft Office

products and now want to enhance their skills to optimize the performance of their work using this wonderful software suite.


32 hours

Details outline of MS Office Essentials

This course will provide the participants a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office products and efficient way to use the same.

● Contents at a glance

○ Microsoft Office Word ○ Microsoft Office Excel

○ Microsoft Office PowerPoint ○ Microsoft Office Outlook


Microsoft Word

● Getting Started

○ Introduction to Microsoft Office New Interface ○ Introduction to Microsoft Word

○ Working with Different Views ○ Understanding Ribbon & it’s parts ● Working with Documents

○ Creating New Documents ● Essential Skills

○ Autocorrect & AutoComplete ○ Find & Replace Commands ○ AutoText Command

● Character Formatting

○ Symbols & Special Characters ● Paragraph Formatting

○ Tabs ○ Indents

○ Special Spacing

○ Bullets, Numbering, & Line Breaks ○ Sorting Text

○ Borders & Shading ○ Format Painter ● Document Formatting

○ Margins & Paper Size ○ Controlling Page Breaks ○ Inserting page numbers ○ Inserting Cover page ● Working with Long Documents

○ Numbering Pages ○ Headers & Footers ○ Using Sections ○ Using Columns

● Using Graphics within Word ○ Inserting Graphics ○ Manipulating Graphics ○ Inserting Picture ○ Inserting Text Box ○ Using Smart Art Utility


● Tables

○ Creating Tables

○ Navigating and Modifying ○ Formatting A Table

● Automatic Formatting and Styles ○ Applying Styles

○ Creating Your Own Styles ○ Modifying Existing Styles ○ Deleting Styles

● Document Templates

○ Personalizing Word's Templates ○ Creating Your Own Templates ○ Automating With Field Codes ● Mail Merge

● Proofing Documents

○ Spelling & Grammar ○ Thesaurus

● Printing & Previewing Documents ○ Previewing a Document ○ Printing a Document


Microsoft PowerPoint

● Introduction to PowerPoint ○ Introduction to PowerPoint ○ What’s new in PowerPoint ○ Starting PowerPoint ○ Introduction to the Ribbon

■ Brief Intro to the features of different tabs within Ribbon ○ Working with Office Button

● PowerPoint Fundamentals

○ Creating a new Presentation with Different Options ○ Working with Clipboard; Cut, Copy & Paste

○ Inserting Clipart

○ Working with Different Slide Layouts ○ Working with Different Slide Themes ○ Slide Transitions and Animations ● Navigation & Control

○ Roaming around the presentations with Different Views ■ Slide Sorter View

■ Normal View ■ Outline View

■ Notes & Handouts View ● Slide Shows

○ Viewing the Slide Show ○ Slide Show View Introduction ○ Slide Show Menu

○ Using the Pen Pointer ○ Ending the Show ● PowerPoint’s Special Object

○ Working with Smart Art ○ Image Processing

■ Rotating ■ Cropping

● Adding Sound to Your Presentation ○ Adding Sound to A Presentation

○ Taking the Confusion Out Of Sound Files

○ Creating a .WAV File That Can Be Inserted Into A Slide ○ Working with Sound Files


○ Kiosk Sound Setup ○ Making A Sound File ● Animation & Movies

○ Adding Animations ○ Inserting Animated GIFs ○ Inserting Movies

● Adding Hyperlinks and Action Buttons ○ What are hyperlinks

○ How to use hyperlinks ○ What are action buttons ○ How to use action buttons

○ Hiding Slides / Using Hyperlinks to visit Hidden Slides ● Working with Master Slide

○ Creating a Master Slide ○ Using Multiple Master Slides ● The Final Touch

○ Inserting Separator Slides

○ Changing Background Color / Design of Single Slide ○ Proofing & Spell Checking of Slides

○ Speaker Notes and Handouts ● Printing & Previewing

○ Viewing options ○ Printing presentation ● Delivering Presentations


Microsoft Outlook

● Introduction to the Interface

○ Introduction to Microsoft Outlook ○ Screen Constituents

○ Folder, Shortcuts & the Outlook Today ● Sending / Receiving & Viewing Messages

○ Different display options for Messages ○ Replying a message

○ Forwarding a message ○ Sorting & Filtering Messages ○ Organizing Messages into Folders ○ Printing Options for Messages ○ Working with Address Book

○ Composing & Sending New Messages ○ Deleting Messages

● Introduction to Contacts

○ Modifying and Creating Contacts ○ Categorizing Contacts

○ Deleting a Contact ○ Sending Business Card ○ Printing Contacts

○ Sorting / Filtering Contacts

● Introduction to Outlook Tasks & Calendar

○ Working with different views Daily, Weekly & Monthly ○ Creating an Appointment Or Event

○ Editing Appointments & Events

○ Copying, Moving & Deleting appointments ○ Scheduling Multi-Day Events

○ Creating Recurring Appointments

○ Turning An Email Message Into An Appointment ○ Printing Calendar & Setting Print Options

● Extra Features

○ Applying Rules ○ Signature

○ Delivery Receipts


Microsoft Excel

● Introduction

○ Introduction to Microsoft Excel ○ Screen Constituents

● Creating Excel Workbooks

○ Creating, saving and closing excel workbooks ○ Entering Formulas & Functions

○ Opening saved workbooks ● Printing & Previewing

○ Viewing options

○ Printing excel worksheets ● Editing Worksheets

○ Navigating through Microsoft Excel ○ Selecting, moving & copying cells ○ Using the filling utility of Excel ○ Using AutoSum Button

● Inserting, Deleting Columns & Rows ● Tips and Tricks to EXCELerate the work

● Advanced Formula & Functions (Financial Functions, Statistical Functions, Lookup Functions)

○ Introduction to Formulas & Functions

■ Operators, Arguments & Expressions ■ Constants, Addresses / Cell References

■ Cell Referencing; Absolute / Relative Referencing ■ Using 3D references

■ Operator Precedence

■ Understanding Formula Errors ■ Using Range Names

○ Working with Functions

■ Mathematical Functions ■ Date / Time Functions ■ Text

■ Logical ○ Statistical Functions

■ Basic Statistical Functions (SumIFs) ○ Lookup / Reference Functions

■ Choose ■ VLookup ■ HLookup


● Working with Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks (Links) ○ Working with Linked Workbooks

○ Saving Linked Workbook

○ Dependent & Supporting Workbook Concepts ○ Updating Links

○ Consolidating between sheets ○ Inserting Hyperlinks

● Consolidation

○ Using the Auto Consolidation Option of Excel ● Applying Security to Files, Workbooks & Worksheets

○ Saving Files

■ Save as type, Password ○ Workbook Password Protection ○ Cell Protection

○ Worksheet Protection

○ What Are Shared Workbooks? ● Database and list Management

○ Excel List Management ○ Sorting Data

○ Applying Subtotals ○ Using Quick Filters ○ Using Advanced Filters ○ Database Functions ● Pivot Table

○ Creating a Pivot Table ○ Formatting a Pivot Table ○ Sorting Filtering Pivot Tables

○ Adding Removing Fields from Pivot Tables ○ Applying different styles to Pivot Table Fields ○ Creating Pivot Charts

● Working with Charts ○ Basic Chart Types

○ When to use which Chart ○ Line Chart

○ Column / Bar Chart ○ Pie Chart

○ X / Y or Scatter Chart

○ Common Requirements when using Charts ○ Conclusion



Microsoft Certified Trainer

Microsoft Office Master

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist

Certified Data Analyst & QuickBooks

Certified Harvard Business School’s Online CORe Program

Sohail Merchant is an avid tech enthusiast who enjoys exploring the intersection of innovation and technology. With more than a half decade of experience in providing Technical Training, Analytics

Support and Strategic Consulting.

Mr. Merchant’s training sessions are fully tailored to client’s needs. The content purely depends on the participants existing knowledge and needs. He places great value on keeping his training not only informative but also engaging through examples based on his experience as well as the consulting work

he has done for both local and international companies.

Mr. Merchant has provided Technological Trainings and conducted face to face training in Pakistan and online training sessions in ​Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA.


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