Top 5 Analytics Applications in Financial Services

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world’s most comprehensive analytics platform.

(2) 2 The global financial crisis has placed a bright spotlight on the

financial services industry. The industry’s direction, data quality, and decision-making has been called into question. Now more than ever, financial services institutions need a powerful and reliable business intelligence solution that can meet their enterprise needs. Only the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform is flexible and powerful enough to deliver these applications at an enterprise scale.

5 game-changing

financial services analytics applications

Performance analysis Product analysis

Risk management Sales enablement

Customer insight analysis




Leading financial services organizations around the globe rely on MicroStrategy for cutting edge analytics.

14 of the top 20 global financial institutions use MicroStrategy.

As an organization, SWIFT was facing significant lag time in dashboard development for both their internal and external stakeholders.

SWIFT implemented MicroStrategy for “Watch”, their business intelligence product used by member institutions. They use self-service analytics to prototype their enterprise dashboards.

MicroStrategy gives SWIFT the flexibility to design and test multiple dashboard configurations without constantly leaning on their IT department. This has significantly reduced the burden that dashboard development places on IT and drastically improved their time to market for dashboards.

Application spotlight SWIFT is the global provider of secure financial messaging services to more than 10,000 financial institutions and corporations in 212 countries.


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about SWIFT and


watch the video.

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Risk management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a critical capability for all financial services organizations. Boards of directors, shareholders, and regulators are all demanding more control and greater transparency around risk and risk management.

Volatile financial markets, highly networked organizations, and global operating models further increase the need to understand risk exposure at both aggregate and granular levels.



A large North American insurance company


The organization’s previous reporting solution did not allow them to visualize risk concentration and exposure by geography.


The customer developed an application that allowed management to perform essential risk management analysis across different geographic areas.

Recognized value

• Greater insight into risk exposure

• Better collaboration between departments

• Widespread adoption of business intelligence

How MicroStrategy helps with risk management:


—allow individuals within risk management to conduct ad-hoc visual analysis and unearth hidden patterns

Enterprise BI

—eliminate departmental differences in reporting to establish a single, enterprise-wide version of the truth


—deploy key risk management dashboards and reports to essential personnel anytime, anywhere

Big Data

—bring together data from across the enterprise to get the full picture of the business’ risk exposure


—get a risk management app up and running in just 48 hours

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Performance analysis

For financial services organizations, understanding performance is vital—from macro organizational trends, to departmental revenue streams, down to the performance of individual employees. Analyzing performance data allows organizations to make smart, strategic decisions about where to invest their resources—enabling them to deliver sustainable growth and strengthen returns.



A large multinational financial services organization


A lack of functionality within their reporting system led to a dependence on manual reports and inefficient use of financial analysts’ time.


The customer deployed MicroStrategy as their enterprise analytics solution, allowing them to consolidate their reporting environment, streamline the financial reporting process, and seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Office suite.

Recognized value:

• Cost savings associated with streamlined financial reporting

• Greater organizational transparency

• Increased productivity and convenience by deploying on mobile

How MicroStrategy helps with performance analysis:


—empower management to visually explore performance data and drill down to find the underlying drivers

Enterprise BI

—full integration with Microsoft Office allows analysis in a variety of interfaces


—put actionable performance analytics in the hands of the right decision makers

Big Data

—combine data from across the organization to get a comprehensive view of performance


—quickly and easily get executives the analytics apps that they are demanding

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Sales enablement

Financial services organizations rely on sales to engage with customers, expand market share, and drive revenue. The field sales force is especially important within the insurance vertical. These representatives are the public face of their organization and the cornerstone of the sales process. By putting cutting-edge analytics and data into the hands of sales, insurance firms can provide the support needed to capitalize on opportunities and to significantly improve both service levels and organizational efficiency.



A large multinational insurance company


They needed an analytics environment that could handle large volumes of data, support advanced analytical functionality, and be quickly deployed on mobile devices to the outside sales team.


The customer developed a mobile application that empowered the field sales team with the most up-to-date data, the ability to conduct ad-hoc dashboard and report development, and access to forecasting and predictive modeling capabilities.

Recognized value:

• Improved customer service

• Increased revenues due to a more efficient and better performing field force

• Low TCO through deployment on MicroStrategy Cloud

How MicroStrategy helps with sales enablement:


—enable the field sales force to conduct ad-lib visual analysis using what- if models

Enterprise BI

—leverage analytical capabilities like predictive modeling and financial forecasting to generate business insight


—provide the field sales team access to the analytics that they need to close the deal

Big Data

—analyze all data from a single interface


—roll out a sales enablement app to thousands of field reps in weeks instead of years

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Customer insight analysis

Customer insight analysis allows financial institutions to make better product-targeting decisions while also gaining a greater understanding of their client base. With all client data accessible from one location, organizations can improve customer retention and get a comprehensive picture of their clients.



A large multinational bank


The client was having issues leveraging their previous reporting environment to examine consumer behavior.


The MicroStrategy analytics environment they deployed provides insight into

consumer demographics and spending patterns by aggregating transactions and providing filters to slice and dice data.

Recognized value:

• Improved customer retention due to better service

• Greater organizational agility

• A fully customized mobile app

How MicroStrategy helps with customer insight analysis:


—use visual data discovery to spot trends and outliers

Enterprise BI

—enable better and faster insights with an enterprise-standard version of the truth


—empower the workforce with a fully customizable mobile app wherever they are, 24/7

Big Data

—rationalize information housed in disparate systems and data sources to get a complete picture of the customer base


—get a consumer analysis application up and running at a fraction of the cost

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Product analysis

Product analysis helps financial services companies better understand their overall performance. By drilling down and getting a more granular view of business transactions, decision makers can make better operational decisions, identify new potential product lines, and capitalize on opportunities.



A regional North American banking institution


Their previous analytics platform was unable to deliver information to corporate executives in a timely and consistent manner.


They developed a mobile app with MicroStrategy that delivers a unified view of sales, customer, and product data enabling better decisions regarding upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Recognized value:

• Significant growth in both household and commercial accounts

• Quick time to value for app development

• Better define key performance indicators (KPIs) for more consistent organizational reporting

How MicroStrategy helps with product analysis:


—uncover hidden opportunities by mashing up product and customer datasets

Enterprise BI

—develop a unified enterprise-standard version of the truth for better and faster insights on data


—analyze data on the go, on either a tablet or a smartphone

Big Data

—bring data together from across the enterprise and access it from a single interface


—have an actionable app ready for the workforce in as little as 48 hours

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