We are AKINSOFT. We do not dream, but plan...

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AKINSOFT has been established in a 15m² office

with a computer without a hard disk without any financial support on April 12, 1995.

Our Visions Defined In 1995 2000 Vision;

• Establishing AKINSOFT İstanbul Regional Directorate,

• Buying a car,

• The first visit solution partner network visit,

• Focusing on software instead of hardware and software 2005 Vision;

• Becoming the highest tax payer in Konya,

• Reaching the potential of employing 300 people,

• Laying the foundations of foreign trade,

• Being the pioneer of software in Turkey.

2010 Vision;

• Starting R&D activities regarding robotic technologies,

• Opening AKINSOFT Istanbul Plaza,

(We achieved the goals of starting R&D activities on robotic technologies and setting up AKINSOFT Istanbul Plaza, one year before the expected time which is 2010. We started to get into the act in the media sector in 2009 by publishing INOVAX magazine.);

Our company is planning to actualize Satellite City Project as well as intending to be the pioneer of software in the world and increase the staff number to 30.000.

2015 Vision;

•Starting mass production of the robotic technologies that are designed with artificial intelligence to make people’s lives easier.

2023 Vision;

(On 26 December 2015, we have announced our 2023 vision which we have been keeping as a secret since 1995.);

• Establishing R&D Center of Space Technologies,

• Establishing AKINSOFT High Technology University.


Our mission is to deliver high technology to all sectors and establish solution partner network in Turkey and all over the world in order to support our customers in the best possible way.


Our vision is to be the pioneer of high technology in Turkey and say “We are here” to the world by taking “There should be no place left where human and humanity are not valuable” as our principle.


We do not dream, but plan...



You can make room and customer tracking easily due to WOLVOX Hotel Program which for all hotels, motels, dorms and guesthouses. Especially at special day, there can be troubles and confusion time to time because of the density at reservation which is the important department of the accommodation businesses.

If your agreements, actions, early payment advantages and forward planning is not made succesfully, there will be trust problems at your businesses. WOLVOX Hotel will be biggest helper for solving confusing transactions practical and understandable


What can you do?

Reservation and Reception Reservation

Automatic calculating of prices on the

dates you entered by making early re- servation definitions

By saving campaigns with action defi- nitions for special days, providing your guests to benefit from the campaigns

Blocking rooms by defining the num- ber of rooms with just one reservation card at the time of booking, automa- tically new reservation by choosing rooms at the time of check-in,

Processing bulk check-in and bulk check-out owing to group reservations, providing to cho- ise of room to formed reservation cards, recorded check-in and check-out notes making effect to all reservation,

It can perform automatic room transfer operations by specifying room types during group- reservation

Canalizing guests by displaying the actions that can be used on the reserved dates from the reservation card

Providing advantages in forward-looking reports by specifying market and resource infor- mation on reservation card,

You can make room blockage operations easily and have possibility to transfer reservation- from block to when you want



Making to reservations fastly by benefiting to rack screen which has easy and understandable using, being informed about the latest status of rooms,

Opening to new reservation through reservation schedule, ex- tending reservations without opening resevation card, realizing change rooms and tranfering folio operations,

Creating guest cards fastly owing to with the integration of ID scanner devices,

Providing guest pleasure by making room provision in the previ- ously preferred feature by checking the guest history informati- on from the guest card or the reservation card,

By doing operations of check-in and check-out with one click, providing guests to enter without waiting them.

Ability to transfer folio by multiple or one by one,

By entering locater info, ease tracking guests, delivering notes of the guests to the relevant ones,

By adding automatic spending, providing automatic processing to the folio services such as health, spa which used by guests daily,

By entering wake-up service record, receptionist can wake the guest up when the time comes up,

The guest can see the availability of your hotel instantly with the vision screen,

Hotel Runner integration, which brings together hotels, travel agencies and service providers, enables booking requests to be tracked instantly and processed.


Applying stop-sale special to the agency and to make barriers on entry during stop-sale dates,

Making all contract entries easily with flexible and multi-purpose using,

Setting special prices to agencies by creating term records and using the prices- you specified during the preferred date ranges,

Determining commission on a percentage basis by providing the agency as a bro-

ker,Determining special discounts for agencies by creating action definitions,

Applying special campaigns to agencies by creating early reservation definitions on an agency basis,

Issuing proforma invoice and tracking as you need,

Sales Contract Operations

Agency contract entries and trackings are time-consuming processes in the all hotels which work with agencies. Correct creation of contracts, give accurate reports for future years and healthy planning are proportional to the correctness of the data entries.With WOLVOX Hotel software you can keep all these processes under control.

Adding to contracts or all documents signed with file atta- ching system, and access even if you delete files from your computer by creating your agency records.

By creating a special contract to the agency, creating quota applying standard guesthouses, currency to be used, child discount,


Inventory Management,

Interdepartmental Communication and CRM

Each hotel owner aims to provide a quality service to the guests who stay at the hotel to ensure the continuity of the guests. At the same time customer satisfaction is the reference quality, so you will have the advantage of upgrading your service standard. In addition, you need a proper inventory management to keep your costs under control. WOLVOX Hotel software offers these advantages to follow these processes,

Providing communication between housekeepers and related units using the inter-department com- munication screen, notifying the requests of the rooms with message service and tracking the whet- her it is delivered,

By registering all the inventories that you need to track in the hotel, determining category, responsible unit and account department,

Making adjustments to an inventory to be used on an hourly basis, and entering preperation times ifit is an inventory needs prereliminary preperation.

By entering additional price to the inventory, ref- lecting the price to the folio of the relevant person when the inventory is delivered,

From the Inventory Transaction field, detailed re- ports can be taken about the date of inventory and how many of them have delivered to whom and all the transaction details,

Recording to all the surveys that have been made to your customers and get list or graph based reports at any time.


Organization / Banquet Management

Besides providing the accommodation services, hotels also pro- vide some organization services and get additional income. With the WOLVOX Hotel you can organize all your small or large-scale organization services from the living room to the dining plan in detail.

Recording all the halls used at your hotel, specifying the maximum and minimum capacity,

Identifying what activities you can do in the living room by- recording information such as the purpose of use, width and height,

Combining multiple halls where you need a larger saloon b identifying combinable halls,

By determining seating arrangement for the halls, utilizing on this information for preperation process of the halls,

Recording hall equipment to identify fixtures in the hall, in- ventory when needed,

By registering all the activities that will be organized, banqu- et responsible and which reservations he/she is responsible can be determined,

By using the activity chart, the dates on which events are organized in the hotel can be checked easily on one screen,

Ability to create a meal plan to control how many cooks the- kitchen staff need to prepare and to provide kitchen control.



All guests staying in your hotel, all organizations and others... No matter how smoothly you enter your data entries, it does not make any sense as long as your reports are incomplete or incorrect. WOLVOX Hotel software also manages your entire planning process with its advanced reporting system and the ability to instantly turn all the reports you receive into graphs.

Forecast graph,

Forecast report,

Daily lists,

Forecast According to Hostel

Market-based forecast,

Agency based forecast,

Forecast by room type,

Country based forecast,

Nationality report,

Periodic analyzes,

Status reports based on date and tariff,

Ability to creating reports desired grouping fields with accommodation

custom report

By using special report operations, ability to create

Folio transaction report,

Department reports,

City ledger report,

The entry and overnight reports,

XML and BTM reports,

Finance daily customer list,

End-of-day reports.


With the feature of using touch monitor support and waiter screen, all your waiters can sendorders from the same screen and return to the lock screen after sending,

On locked screen, logo or advertisement of the restaurant can be published,

Closing bill with Dutch treat

If a retsuarant customer is also hotel guest, the bill can be reflected to the folio,

Tablet menu feature allows to promote your products to the customers on the Android de- vice.

Restaurant Management

You brought your hotel under control with WOLVOX Hotel software. Do you want to leave your Restaurant to the WOLVOX Restaurant Program by providing to work integrated operation of the WOLVOX Hotel program?

Registering all the tables in the restaurant and de- signing according to the restaurant design,

Adding images by recording the products that you sell, making menu definitions,

Taking advantage of the waiter’s call system featu- re, preventing unnecessary work intensity at your

restaurant, enable your customers to communica- te with waiters at the moment they need,

By taking orders with Android, IOS and mobile de- vices to reflect the corporate identity ofyour resta- urant to your customers,


Other operations

WOLVOX Hotel makes your customers to feel special besides all the advantages

Carpark tracking of customers staying in thehotel through vehicle plates

Sending SMS or e-mail for special days,

Tracking daily forex rates and buy / sell foreign- currency operations from the customers,

Being able to record and track customers’ losti- tems.

The ability to keep complaints about hotel andtra- cking the solution processes.






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