Making Pay Per Click Work for You

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Making Pay Per Click Work for You

Kherrin Wade


Put simply PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising. However it also goes by many other names;

CPC = Cost per click Sponsored listings Paid for placement …and many more…

Pay per click does what it says on the tin…

You set up adverts and when someone clicks on them, you pay!

Pay per click adverts generally work on a bidding basis; the higher your bid, the higher your adverts are placed


Paid search (PPC) marketing is based on:

• selecting the right, relevant keywords for your business,

• creating compelling ad text which will entice users to visit your website, • bidding accordingly for your position on the search engine result page

(competing against other advertisers with the same intention).


A paid search ad can be found at the top of search engine result pages (normally within a slightly shaded area) and down the right hand side.

The maximum number of ads on any given search result is eleven: three on the top and eight down the right hand side.


ppc in numbers

In the UK, PPC now accounts for around a quarter (24%) of the average business' total marketing budget.

Econsultancy, Search Engine Benchmark Report, 2013

The UK paid search market is worth over £3 billion (58% of total online ad spend).

IAB, 2012 Full Year Digital Adpsend Results

Google dominates the UK search market with around 90% of market share. Bing contributes 6% whilst Yahoo has 3%.

StatCounter Global Stats, Jul 2013

By the end of 2012, UK internet users will have made a billion more visits to search engines than they did in 2011. It currently takes the UK a fortnight to make a billion searches; by next year that will be down to 12 days and by 2015 it will take just over nine days.


why use ppc?

• Instant website traffic = great for launching new products, reacting to changes in the market

• Highly targeted = only market to people who want your services

• Research relevant keyphrases for SEO = understand what makes users click then optimise!

• Easy to measure = see who views, clicks, buys, engages…

• Flexibility = if it doesn’t work, you can change it instantly (ads, costs…) • Reach bigger / new audiences = set up ads to reach new users


where to start?


where to start?

Make sure you know that;

 There is a market for your services online  Which phrases are most popular

 You know who your users are

Find out which keywords/phrases are best for you by using some free tools


google trends tool


other methods

Internal brainstorming

Your team will think differently to you Competitor websites

They’ve done the hard work, don’t be afraid to ‘borrow’  Dictionary / thesaurus

Other variations on a theme which might be useful for + / - Phrases or questions which might be relevant

‘How do I service my Ferrari?’


how to create campaigns

Now you have your keyword list, it is CRUCIAL to make sure you plan & split your keywords into relevant groups.

Create your campaigns & ad groups around keywords & phrases people search for rather than your website

Ideally you should change your website to your key phrases, not the other way around.




best ppc strategies

No. 1 position is not always the best! Happy clickers!

To have a good Click Through Rate (CTR), you need to have clicks CTR = Quality score

Once QS is ‘high enough’, reduce bid over time


best ppc strategies

Do you want EVERYONE to see your adverts?

Not all searchers are relevant to your business…


take advantage

of the new


google enhanced campaigns


google product listing ads


google experiments


go forth



final thoughts

To make your campaigns successful, you need to think and research your key phrases If you set up your campaigns & ad groups in a logical way, Google will reward your campaign with better positions & costs


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