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Energy Procurement & Sustainability Services Strategy at every stage of your energy and sustainability life cycle


Academic year: 2021

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Make the most of your energy


Energy Procurement &

Sustainability Services

Strategy at every stage of your energy



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How do I


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Life Cycle




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The Energy Management Life Cycle

Schneider Electric believes effective energy management begins and ends with strategy.

That’s why our energy management life cycle addresses questions at five key stages

beginning with the most fundamental: “What is my strategy?”

Companies and organizations that can address this question are well-positioned to move

through each stage efficiently and effectively to achieve maximum return on their energy

investment. And Schneider Electric’s energy management and sustainability experts are

there to support you at each stage of the life cycle.

Whether you have a specific need or are ready to address your entire program in a


Develop a


plan that fits your

goals and charts

your progress.

What is my strategy?

Strategic Energy Planning

Schneider Electric challenges your organization to view energy and sustainability issues strategically by ensuring all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of your business.

Market Intelligence

As market conditions change, windows of

opportunity open and close. We follow the markets on your behalf, so you stay abreast of important developments that affect your organization. We provide market intelligence and price forecasts for geographies that impact you and your competition.

Sustainability Strategy Development

Our Sustainability Exchange helps your organization develop a better understanding of its sustainability position by evaluating your business risks and opportunities, including compliance issues, supply-chain concerns, efficiency projects and long-term energy and carbon reduction targets.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

We guide you over domestic and international carbon management hurdles unique to your organization, industry and geography so you can accurately measure, report and reduce your carbon footprint. Our global knowledge of evolving carbon standards and protocols makes compliance manageable, and helps you minimize the financial impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Risk Management


Negotiate the

best terms with

every supplier and

minimize risk.

How do I buy?

Demand Response

Curtailing your energy consumption at peak demand times may be financially beneficial. When applicable, Schneider Electric identifies these opportunities on your behalf and manages the transaction to ensure you are accurately compensated for your participation.

Rate and Tariff Analysis

Our rate and tariff analysis lets you control energy costs in markets where third-party supply is not an option. Schneider Electric identifies the tariff rate that best fits your energy usage pattern, operational needs and business objectives, and any energy exemptions that apply to your organization.

Budget Development

Effective energy budgets factor in market volatility, operational changes and forecasted rate increases. Schneider Electric creates precise energy budgets that estimate costs for every facility, as well as at the enterprise level. As cash flow is the life blood of any business, Schneider Electric can also extend our budget capabilities to accruals and bespoke financial reporting, releasing cash into your business and adding additional value to the leadership and financial teams.

Energy “Basket Buying” Service

Schneider Electric’s energy basket buying service offers smaller consumers the opportunity to benefit from a risk-managed service by joining a portfolio of like-minded consumers. Smaller businesses can then collectively act like a larger consumer without losing control of decision-making.

Renewable Asset Management

Solar, wind, biomass and other renewable fuel sources offer cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel generation. Schneider Electric can assist you in capitalizing on emerging renewable markets by helping you understand the complexities of feasibility, cost, and corporate messaging objectives that surround this area of the energy market.

Energy Sourcing


Monitor your

operations to

ensure reliability,

power quality and

billing accuracy.

Execute targeted

efficiency projects

with demonstrable


How do I control?

How do I optimize?

Energy Data Analytics

Schneider Electric has a range of tools designed to give your company online access to energy usage data from each meter in your facility. This service makes your facility more energy efficient by collecting and analyzing interval data and developing a corresponding energy benchmarking model. When analyzing data adjusted for factors such as production and weather, Schneider Electric’s Energy Data Analytics is ideal for identifying opportunities to improve efficiency.

Utility Bill Management & Payment

Schneider Electric’s utility bill management solution is custom-fit to your specific business needs. Our implementation specialists help you streamline your data collection and payment schedules, while reducing late fees, shut-off notices and your internal invoice processing costs.

Consumption Workshops

Schneider Electric’s energy efficiency experts work side-by-side with your facility managers and engineers to identify operational inefficiencies, prioritize a list of efficiency projects and execute these projects in a timely fashion. Organizations typically realize energy savings of more than 10% with this program.

Sustainability & Efficiency Projects

Schneider Electric takes energy efficiency and sustainability projects from concept to implementation. Let us design, scope and manage your efficiency projects, including evaluating sites, managing contractors, securing rebates and incentives, and measuring performance to match anticipated return.

Invoice Review and Reconciliation

Many organizations pay utility bills each month without validating the charges. Schneider Electric ensures the accuracy of every invoice to guarantee your company is only paying for what it uses. We immediately resolve any billing issue on your behalf, secure a refund from the utility or supplier and work to prevent future errors.

Carbon Management

Our global knowledge allows you to meet international carbon reduction standards and to meet the

requirements of each individual country within which your business is based. We enable you to balance compliance commitments, voluntary reduction programs and overall carbon cost management issues to restore your carbon footprint to either be compliant or gain a competitive advantage.

Energy Assessments

Our team is experienced in identifying and


Access robust

support services

and reporting

software to

ensure optimum


How am I performing?

Energy, Carbon and Resource Reporting

Instantly access your energy and environmental information via Resource Advisor, our online

sustainability and energy management software. This robust reporting tool provides secure access to all the data, reports and summaries you need to drive your energy and sustainability programs.

Environmental Reporting

The need to report on improved environmental performance is balanced against the risk of penalties, increased taxes or even worse – loss of revenue. Schneider Electric supports all aspects of reporting and compliance to identify, quantify and implement environmental efficiency and improvement projects.

Schneider Electric’s online energy information portal, Resource Advisor, puts energy and sustainability data at your fingertips. Resource Advisor is a custom built energy data and intelligence environment, available only to Schneider Electric clients. It is a global platform for capturing energy data, reporting greenhouse gas/carbon emissions and completing energy and sustainability project scenario analysis. Resource Advisor provides clear market intelligence reviews, commodity risk management insights and site level energy cost and usage information. It allows energy end users to get their arms around their global data set and be notified of future regulatory and pricing trends that may impact them.

Scorecard Energy Initiatives

Many initiatives and programs exist to score your organization’s carbon management performance. Our experts put processes in place to streamline your organization’s responses to get maximum return from your sustainability investments.

Assurance Services

Regulations for mandatory building audits, building certification schemes and environmental accreditation vary from country to country. Administrative obligations can be irregular and volatile, placing a burden on your team, especially during audit processes. Our team can reduce this complexity, ensure compliance and implement accurate, structured record-keeping. We go beyond simply helping you obtain certifications by continuing to plan and execute energy improvements that meet evolving standards and regulations.


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Schneider Electric’s Energy Procurement and Sustainability Services Group continues to grow and expand both in terms of expertise and geographic location. Today, we are actively engaged in energy and sustainability management in 100+ countries from 38 international offices.


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