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Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

Salary Range: $95,784- $129,500 After 31 years of law enforcement, the City of Wyoming’s public safety director is retiring at the beginning of 2022. The City of Wyoming is starting our search for a new public safety director with an anticipated start date of mid– December. The Wyoming public safety director oversees police and fire departments, emergency management, budgeting and staff management, and resource allocation for emergency functions.

The City of Wyoming Police Department has a large social media following.

This tools helps us to connect with residents, provide insight into the job of police work and the challenges that our officers take on every day. In addition to sharing information about the work that we do, we also use this tool to hear feedback from residents and quickly communicate with people in our community on issues that we are dealing with. The incoming public safety director will manage the public safety social media program going forward and be able to use the platform to support the departments goals.

The City of Wyoming is in the process of developing preliminary designs for a new public safety facility as well as a new public works facility and

renovations at City Hall. The new public safety director will need to bring vision to this process as well as skills in project management. This process will involve significant public engagement and help to set the City up with facility resources to last for many decades to come.

Candidates for consideration to be appointed as the Wyoming Public Safety Director should:

Have demonstrated experience leading public safety staff

Embrace a high level of personal and departmental accountability

Have extensive knowledge in policing practices , fire

suppression, emergency medical service and community risk reduction

Be able to embrace a big-picture perspective

Lead Wyoming Public Safety to the next level by providing exceptional service to the public

Be innovative and creative

Public Safety Director


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota


Wyoming is located in Southwest Chisago County, approximately 30 miles north of St. Paul, Minnesota. The City is comprised of 21.29 square miles. In 2021, the population of Wyoming is estimated to be 8,237 residents. The City serves approximately 2,921 households. The median income in Wyoming is $89,967.

Major employers within the city include Rosenbauer America LLC, Polaris Industries Inc., Hallberg Marine, and M Fairview Lakes Medical Center. Wyoming has families that attend schools in the Forest Lake School District, Chisago Lakes School District, North Branch School District, and the Lakes International Language Academy and North Lakes Academy.

The City of Wyoming is a “Plan A” statutory City as defined by Minnesota statutes. The City operates under a Council-Administrator form of government. The City has 27 full time employees and a paid on call fire department. Policy-making and legislative and operational authority are vested in a City Council consisting of the Mayor and four council members, all elected on a non-partisan basis. The Council is responsible, among other things, for adopting the budget, approving ordinances, appointment committees and directing City operations. Council Members serve four-year terms with two Council members elected every two years.

The Mayor also serves a four-year term. The mayor and council members are all elected at large.


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota


Wyoming Public Safety


The mission of the Wyoming Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to provide quality pub- lic safety services in a responsible manner through innovation, leadership and the cooperation of dedicated people.


The Wyoming Police Department believes in promoting meaningful police/citizen interaction with emphasis on prob- lem solving, actively responding to community concerns and public education. We are committed to the values of integrity, impartiality, professionalism and ethical practices in the performance of our dutie


As a progressive, professional organization, the Wyoming Fire Division takes pride in providing exceptional service in the most efficient manner to our community.

We take pride in being a highly trained organization of professional paid on-call employees committed to providing an exceptional response. Our staff provides fire suppression, rescue operations, hazardous material incident mitigation, emergency medical services, and mutual aid response to our neighboring community partners.


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

Mayor Council


Council Member

Council Member

Council Member

City Council

City Administrator

Public Safety Department Structure

Public Safety Director

(1) Police

Sergeants (2)

Fire Chief (1)

Deputy Chief (3) Police

Officers (6) Administrative

Staff (2)

Fire Captain


Fire Fighters

(19) Investigator



Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

2020 Wyoming Community Events

2020 was a challenging year for community events as the Wyoming as well as the entire world responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic that prevented people from safely gathering together. The necessity of social distancing, wearing face masks, and avoiding gatherings to manage the spread of the virus caused many people to feel isolated and alone.

While events could not look “normal” the City worked to create opportunities for people to come together safely when we could.

(Don’t) Touch a Truck & Stagecoach Fireworks Instead of our usual annual Touch a Truck event, Wyo- ming hosted a (Don’t) Touch a Truck event, which was a parade of most of our usual attendees around Wyoming.

Families were able to watch the parade from the safety of their own homes while still getting to experience the fun of the big trucks! Following the parade, the City hosted a fireworks display in Goodview Park in our tra- dition for Stagecoach Days. City staff painted socially distanced circles throughout the park to ensure that people could gather safely to enjoy the display.

No Hunger November Food and Resource Drive The pandemic created many economic challenges for people and food shelfs in 2020 were in high demand. The City host- ed a food and resource drive in November and collected nearly 3,000 pounds of donations. The generosity of the Wyoming community is truly amazing and the Family Path- ways Food Shelf was very grateful for the donations made by the community.

Fire Department Toy Drive

Not many kids had an opportunity to go see Santa Claus in 2020 as most in person events were cancelled. The Wyoming Fire Department had some great connections though and had Santa join Wyoming Firefighters in driv- ing every street in the City, collecting toys for kids in need and saying hello to Wyoming kids during the holi- day season.


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

2021 Wyoming Community Events

Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck is one of the biggest events that we host each year at the City. People travel across the metro to come see the collection of trucks and vehicles from our city and our partners. It was so fun this year getting back together in person and celebrating our community.

National Night Out

National Night Out was back with a bang this year, literally, with Mayor Iverson helping to demonstrate the Bola Wrap in front of a live audience as well as many other fun events that bring out the crowds in Wyoming. We highlighted our fire department and provided a

demonstration of cutting up a car, a visit from Chisago County Sheriff Department’s police dog and a ladder trucks that people could ride up and get a view of the whole town. We love the support from our community including the Wyoming Arts Center, the Friends of the Wyoming Library, Cub Scouts, and more.

Bike Rodeo

Safety is our number one priority and the Bike Rodeo is a great event that helps us to connect with the folks in our community and teach bike safety. Officers help to set up a course for riding. Special thanks to Forest Lake Cycle and Skate and Fairview Health for helping out and donating helmets!


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

The Wyoming Public Safety Department consists of a Fire Division and a Police Division. The Wyoming Police Department believes in promoting meaningful police/citizen interaction with emphasis on problem solving, actively responding to community concerns and public education. We are committed to the values of integrity, impartiality, professionalism and ethical practices in the performance of our duties. The mission of the Wyoming Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to provide quality public safety services in a responsible manner through innovation, leadership and the cooperation of dedicated people. As a progressive, professional organization, the Wyoming Fire Division takes pride in providing exceptional service in the most efficient manner to our community.

We take pride in being a highly trained organization of professional paid on-call employees committed to providing an exceptional response. Our staff providing fire suppression, rescue operations, hazardous material incident mitigation, emergency medical services, and mutual aid response to our neighboring community partners. In addition to emergency response, we are committed to prevention through

community education and raised awareness. We work closely with our schools, hospital, and businesses to prevent, prepare and plan for a variety of emergency events, to ensure our residents and businesses are doing what they can to reduce the risks in our community. 2020 was a challenging year for many reasons including that our police department operated with a vacant position throughout the entire year.

Our organization takes pride in our initiatives to be progressive and innovative, always striving for improved community partnerships that translate to a stronger sense of community—Partnerships that enhance our organization’s ability to better serve our community.

2020 Highlights

• COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Management

• Interagency collaboration for COVID-19 response

• Implementation of Body Cameras

• Hiring of Police Officer Edwards

• Bola Wrap implementation

Public Safety



Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota City of Wyoming, Minnesota

Public Safety– Data Review

The majority of the activity that our officers do is officer initiated stops. These stops include things such as assisting other agencies, alcohol or tobacco compliance checks, area checks, search warrants, and community policing.

Service calls are any type of call for service or help where there is not a criminal element but assistance is needed. Traffic stops are

considered any type of stop when an officer pulls over a vehicle, and crash stops are responding to vehicle crashes. Part I and Part II stops are classifications of other crimes. Part I crimes are more serious crimes including murder, manslaughter, sex offenses,

robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson. Part II crimes are less serious offenses such as assaults, forgery, disorderly conduct, weapons violations, etc.

Officer Initiated


Service Calls




Part II


Part I




2020 Police Activity by Service Type

Calls by time of day

Calls by day

of the week


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota



Wyoming Police Patrol provides services for the community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They handle most calls for service whether for the initial report or to handle it in entirety. While some officers have areas that they specialize in, such as use of force or firearm instruction, all of our patrol officers are trained and equipped to handle the wide variety of situations they encounter. This includes in-progress and not in- progress crimes, medicals, crisis calls, traffic enforcement, motor vehicle accidents, disputes and community assistance calls. Every year brings its own set of challenges, but our officers will continue to put this

community first and focus on maintaining safety for all.


The Investigations unit uses a wide variety of tools to solve crimes and to bring those responsible for those crimes to justice. Investigators use sophisticated databases which may allow suspects to be filtered by a multitude of different parameters, view pawn histories, criminal history, court records, etc. The unit has the ability to deploy mobile camera systems which can provide live streams to officers or directly to the Police Department, motion cameras, mobile alarm systems, decoy vehicles, and more. The investigations unit uses a wide variety of evidence collection equipment and technology which includes DNA collection and testing, finger printing, UV light and cyanoacrylate print recovery technologies, fluid collections, and more.


The Administrative Assistant acts as the primary liaison between our agency and other law enforcement or human services agencies, and both the Administrative Assistant and the Crime Analyst perform a wide range of clerical and administrative tasks designed to ensure the smooth operation of police functions. This

position also handles other tasks for the public including answering the general office phone, fulfilling data practices requests, Permit to purchase a handgun background checks and issuing permits, city licensing background checks, city employee background checks, fingerprint services, and non-emergency dispatching.

Police Reserve Unit

The Police Department relies on a group of 9 community volunteers that make up our Police Reserve Unit.

They are individuals from all walks of life, including those interested in pursuing a law enforcement career and those who simply want to volunteer. They are unpaid and volunteer in their spare time to help with community events, do ridealongs with officers, patrol the community as an additional presence and help officers on a number of community service calls.

Public Safety– Police Department

Traffic Enforcement

Drug Arrests

Traffic Control

Vehicle Crash Response

Service Calls

Chisago County Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team


Data Practices Requests

Community Engagement Events

Impound lot

Public surplus auctions

Crime analysis

City licensing background checks

Fingerprint services

Non emergency dispatching

Police Reserve Program


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

What makes this group of men and women so strong as a unit is our diversity. We own businesses and raise children at home. We are military reservists, laborers, and managers. The single most common thing amongst all of our firefighters is our dedication to community and our Fire

Department. Our personnel are truly top notch.

The trainings the Wyoming Fire

Department attends on an annual basis is quite varied. We train twice a month on Fire/Rescue subjects and once a month on Emergency Medical Services. The rest of our training time is split up between unscheduled trainings and classes for development of all Wyoming Firefighters, from the newest recruit to the most senior officers. We are very fortunate to have the Stacy-Lent Burn Tower just up the road from us and this affords us the opportunity to train with live fire in a controlled environment. Personal and professional development never ends in this business. There is an old adage that holds quite true, “The day you stop learning is the day you are done.”


The Wyoming Fire Department operates a fleet of 4 apparatus (fire trucks) and 5 support vehicles.

Our 4 apparatus includes a 2005 Rosenbauer built engine (Engine 1) that has seating for 6, a pump that can move 1,500 gallons of water/minute and 1,000 gallons of water in a booster tank. Engine 1 is our first due engine to all fire and rescue responses. We also have a 2010 Rosenbauer built engine/tanker (Engine 3) that is similarly set up to Engine 1. Engine 3 has all of the same capabilities as Engine 1 but carries a total of 2,500 gallons of water and is utilized as a “Heavy Rescue” for vehicle accidents. Engine 3 has a set of hydraulic extrication tools along with vehicle stabilization equipment. Our ladder truck (Ladder 1) is a 2000 General Safety built truck on an International Chassis and can reach a total of 75 feet with a nozzle at the end of the ladder, capable of delivering in excess of 500 gallons of water/minute. Our oldest engine (Engine 2) was built by General in 1996 and can also carry 2,500 gallons. These 4 vehicles allow us to respond to any structure fire in our response area with more than 6,000 gallons of water in less than 10 minutes.

Our fleet of support vehicles includes a 2014 Ford F-450 currently in use as a rescue truck. Rescue 1 is our first response vehicle for all Medical emergencies. Rescue 1 is also currently outfitted with all of our cold water rescue equipment and some of our vehicle stabilization equipment. We also have a 2001 F350 pickup out-fitted for wildland fires as our Grass rig and 2012 and 2014 Ford Explorers used as a Command


Public Safety– Fire Department

• Structural Fire Response

• Motor Vehicle Accident Response

• Medical Calls

• Community Engagement Events


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

Plan, coordinate, administer and direct all Public Safety programs and personnel including po- lice, fire, support services, and emergency medical services in response to the needs of the community

Essential Duties:

• Manages all functions of the Public Safety Department (police, fire, support services and emergency medical services). Regularly monitors operations to ensure compliance with rele- vant performance measures and guidelines.

• Formulates short and long-range goals within the context of priorities established by the City Administrator and City Council. Initiates policies and programs to implement goals and es- tablishes judicious and prudent budget priorities.

• Recommends organization structure, staffing and functioning to maximize effective use of resources and selects strategies for evaluating, monitoring, and reporting. Supervises upper level senior management to ensure effective operation of the department in compliance with administrative policies and procedures. Maintains chain of command for proper accountabil- ity and communications.

• Investigates problem areas and identifies public safety patterns.

• Manages the purchase, maintenance and use of equipment and facilities.

• Communicates and reports to City Administrator while keeping appropriate public officials and department personnel informed in pertinent areas. Reports status of progress toward achieving departmental goals to City Administrator.

• Projects a positive, public service image by promoting cooperative relations between public safety employees and other community service groups.

• Serves as department’s chief advocate and spokesperson, or delegates these functions as appropriate. Expresses department positions with diplomacy and political awareness along with displaying interpersonal tact and sensitivity to community concerns when dealing with citizens.

• Responsible for overall management of major emergencies such as tornadoes, severe explo- sions, etc. Coordination of all city departments and assisting agencies is necessary to insure effective handling of the situation.

• Mediates conflict within the department and investigates grievances and complaints to re- solve conflicts between the department and outside groups.

• Keeps current on new developments in legislation, law enforcement, criminal justice, and government regulations, which affect safety operations. Also reviews and evaluates innova- tive concepts and approaches, new equipment, and assistance programs.

• Coordinate Public Safety operations with other departments.

• Prepare and administer the Public Safety Department budget.

• Insure execution of Public Safety policies, procedures and standards of performance.

• Render technical advice, both written and verbal, to the City Council and Advisory Boards and Commissions.

• Perform all other duties and assume other responsibilities as assigned or apparent.

Salary Range: $95,784-


Applications Due September 22nd, 2021



• Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, public administration or a related field.

• Eight years experience in a municipal police and/or fire service agency, including responsible administrative experience.

• Five years supervisory experience with a municipal public safety/

police agency.

• Must be licensed under the rules and regulations of the Minnesota Boards of Peace Officers Standards and training (P.O.S.T or ability to obtain by hire date)

• Possess a valid and unrestricted driver’s license or be able to obtain one prior to employment and have the ability to drive.



• Master’s degree in Business, Public

Administration or related field.

• Three years senior command staff experience with a municipal public safety/police agency.

• FBI Academy, Southwestern Staffing Command, or other executive training course

Public Safety



Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

The City seeks a public safety director who will engage in a visible and active role model in both the department and community and be able to develop and promote effective partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. The ideal candi- dates will have an authentic personality and well-honed communication skills necessary to foster and build on existing productive relationships with schools, organizations, and residents that focus on relationship building, emergency man- agement and preparedness, crime prevention, fire prevention education, and public safety issues. Candidates with a comprehensive set of administrative, personnel, municipal finance, and budgetary skills will be successful. The ideal can- didates will be politically astute without being political, and be dedicated to achieving individual and departmental goals, objectives, and expectations of the City leadership. Preferred candidates will have extensive knowledge of the princi- ples of police administration, emergency medical services, fire safety and modern practices in community policing.

Thorough knowledge of state and local ordinances and regulations relating to public safety.

The next Public Safety Director, which is an exempt position, must have a high degree of managerial talent and superi- or communication expertise. Possession of exceptional interpersonal communication skills and in-depth knowledge of community risk reduction principles and concepts are required. The successful candidates will have extensive

knowledge of personnel management and training techniques. The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, City department/division heads, City officials, and the public, along with the ability to present concepts, ideas, and policies to individuals, groups, and the media in a transparent and supportive manner is critical to success in the position.

The ability to develop, support, and maintain a diverse workforce culture is required. The selected candidates will have the ability to direct the operations of staff and equipment under emergency conditions involving danger of loss of life and property and an ability to direct the work of others in a manner that fosters positive morale and cooperation will be essential. An ability to apply principles of logic or scientific thinking to define problems, collect and analyze data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions is also essential. Knowledge of municipal finance and the budgetary process and local state laws relating to police, fire, EMS policies is important.

Ideal Candidate


Public Safety Director Position Brochure, Wyoming, Minnesota

To apply for this position, please send the following items to or mail to 26885 Forest Blvd, Wyoming, Minnesota 55092


City of Wyoming Application

Video Cover Letter not to exceed 4 minutes in length

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions about the position or the application process can be directed to Kelly Dumais at

How to Apply




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