Do You Know? What the Bible Foretells About Today And Tomorrow?

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Do you Know?


Do You Know? What the Bible Foretells About Today And



Do You Know that the story of mankind runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation?

Do You Know that hundreds of Bible passages foretell the world’s present conditions—and their outcome?

Do You Know that the light of both nature and revelation clearly proclaims the fact that an intelligent, omniscient, all powerful, and righteous God is the creator of all things, and that "all things" animate and inanamate are subject to his control?

A "New World"—That is, A New Social Order

Do You Knowthat the present social order is not thoroughly satisfactory to good men—rich or poor—although no human instrumentality is able to arrange for or introduce a better one?

Do You Know that Jesus taught his followers to pray for a new governmental and social order on earth, saying: "Pray ye...Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven?"

And that all true Christians have been praying this prayer for over n ineteen hundred years?

Do You Know—or did you ever stop to think—that God’s will is done perfectly throughout heaven, and that when it is "done on earth as it is in heaven," it must be done perfectly throughout the earth?


Worldwide Peace to Come

Do You Know that Isaiah the Prophet declares:


Do You Know that the prophets of God all foretell that when this new

governement is established , it will be hailed throughout the earth with joy and acclaimation?

Daniel and the "Time of the End."

Do You Know that the Lord, more than two thousand years ago, gave through the prophet Daniel a clear description of the day sin which we are living? Do You Know that the several prepositions in Daniel’s prophecy concerning the "time of the end?"


They are these: in the time of the end ( 1) many shall run to and fro; (2)

knowledge shall be increased: (3) the wise shall understand; (4) but none of the wicked shall understand. (5) At that time Michael [Christ] shall stand up [begin his reign]; (6) and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation (cf., Daniel 12:9,4,10,1).

Do You Know that the most rapid means of communication at the beginning of the time of the end was the horse; while now radio, jet aircraft, and cellular telephones unite cities, nations, and continents?

Do You Know that Sir Isaac Newton, the great Christian philosopher who died in A.D. 1727 said, after studying this prophecy, "I wonder not if some day men will travel at the rate of fifty miles an hour?"

Do You Know that Voltaire, the great agnostic philosopher who died in 1778, who knew much more about the power of steam than did his contemporary Newton, despising Daniel’s great prophecy, declared that it had made a fool of Sir Issac Newton when it led him to make the above statement?

Do You Know that less than four centuries ago illiteracy was So general that the English parliament passed a law providing for those of its members who were unable to read; while now ability to read and write is general, even among the poor?

Do You Know that free schools were started as PAGE 6

Sunday schools in 1784, and that since that time knowledge began to increase greatly? And So greatly has it increased that we are now living in what has been called the Information Age?

Do You Know that not a single one of the many large Bible societies were started until the 1800’s, because only then were there much use for reading material by the masses?

Do You Know that the flood of modern inventions, arising from the increase of knowledge, is another prophetic sign of the time of the end?


The Totalitarian Kingdom of Christ

Do You Know that the blessings of the Millennial Age were foretold by "All the holy Prophets?"

Do You Know that the millennial age was specially preached by the Apostles as the day of Christ, the kingdom of God, etc.? And that it was the earnest faith of the early church (Philippians 1:6; Mark 1:14)?

Do You Know about the Apostle Peter’s reference to it, in Acts (Acts 3:19,21), where he calls it the times of restitution of all things which God foretold by all of his holy prophets?

Do You Know that St. Peter declares that these times of blessing will not precede but will follow the second advent of our Lord Jesus?

Do You Know that the prophecies and signs which PAGE 7

herald the Second Advent of Christ are more distinct than were the signs which marked his First Advent?

Do You Know that the driving of the Jews out of all nations and their resettlement in Israel is another sign of the close of the Gospel Age and the dawn of the Millennium (Jeremiah 16:15; Romans 11:25- 32)?

Do You Know that the second coming of Christ will be as different from human expectation as was the first advent? And that his day will come upon the world unawares; and that only the "wise" will know it (Luke 21:34,35; Daniel


Do You Know that the object of the second coming of Christ, as well as its manner, is generally understood?—His coming, according to the scriptures means the blessing of all families of earth (Genesis 22:18; Galatians 3:16)? Do You Know that the Day of Judgment will be a thousand years long, and not a twenty- four hour day—and that the word judgment implies both a trial and a sentence (II. Pet. 3:7,8)?

Do You Know that the majority of mankind has never had a trial because they died in total ignorance of the only name given whereby they can be saved (Acts 4:12)?

Do You Knowthat the Apostle Paul declares that there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a ransom for all men, to be testified to all men in due time (I. Tim. 2:6)?

Do You Know that to many of us the "due time" to PAGE 8


Do You Knowthat the purpose of the Millennial Age is to cause the knowledge of the Lord to fill up the earth as the waters cover the sea, and to unstop the ears of men So that they may understand the message of mercy and to open t he eyes of human understanding to see the "true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (Isaiah 11:9; 35:5; John 1:9)?

Do You Know that many living in civilized lands have never had a full knowledge of the Gospel with a full opportunity to show whether they would choose righteousness or sin; because they have had comparatively little knowledge of righteousness by either experience or observation, and have had much experience with sin both inside and outside of their own bodies?

Do You Know that our Lord Jesus paid the great price of redemption for all; to secure for all full opportunity to gain everlasting life by faith and obedience (I Tim. 2:6; Acts 3:22,23)?

Do You Know that Christ is the judicial satisfaction for our sins, and not ours alone, but the sins of the entire world (I. John 2:2)?


Secrets of Eternal Life

Do You Know that before long the secret of life will be given to mankind and that it will abolish sickness, pain, and death?

Do You Know that there will be two phases of the divine kingdom—a heavenly and an earthly (Genesis 22:17; Haggai 2:6,7; Isaiah 35:1- 10; Ps. 145:16)? Do You Know that none but the church of Christ goes to heaven (Hebrews 11:39,40; John 3:13; 14:2,3)?

Do You Know that there will be a resurrection of the dead, and that life’s grand fullness lies in the future (Acts 24:15)?

Do You Know that hundreds of millions will live on the earth in prosperity, happiness, and peace?

Do You Know that the world of tomorrow will surpass in excellence all that the poets and sages have ever dreamed?

Do You Know that the world’s present experience with evil will prove a safeguard to God’s creatures throughout eternity?

Is This Propaganda?

Do You Know that a famine prevails in the world? This is not a famine for bread, or for water, thought such do exist, but for understanding the Word of the Lord (Amos 8:11)?

Do You Know God promised that in "the time of the end," in which we are living, the "wise" (toward God—not the worldly wise) should understand the previously secret things of his plan and his word?


Do You Know that the Divine Plan is complete and comprehensive. It is in perfect harmony with the character which the scriptures ascribe to its great author whose attributes are wisdom, justice, love, and power. and it presents its own evidence of superhuman design, being inheretnly superior to all human hopes, dreams, ideals, or inventions?

Yes, It Is god’s Propaganda!

Do You Know that the publishers of this booklet recommend to any who are searchng for the truth of God a careful reading of a book and that we are distributing at the cost of its publication?

Do You Know that millions of copies of this book, entitled, The Divine Plan of the Ages are in circulation in many languages?

Do You Know that no other systems of theology has attempted to harmonize in itself every statement of the Bible?

Write to us at if you feel a hunger and thirst for the bread of life and the living water. The promise of Luke 12:37 is being fulfilled. We will send free

information to any who inquire and we welcome all questions of scriptural interest and will answer such to the best of our ability.

Pastoral Bible Institute, Inc. 4454 S. 14th Street, #2 Milwaukee, WI 53221- 2357 PAGE 11

Additional copies of this booklet may be obtained without charge by writing to: Pastoral Bible Institute, Inc.,

4454 S. 14th Street, #2, Milwaukee, WI 53221- 2357.

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