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) KAILIN WANG, ) ) Petitioner, ) ) vs. ) Case No. 194400718 PT )


) Respondent. ) ) 911 Call Electronically Recorded on March 6, 2019

Transcribed by: Natalie Lake, OCT

152 E. Katresha St. Grantsville, UT 84029 Telephone: (435) 590-5575


-2-1 P R O C E E D I N G S

2 (Electronically recorded on March 6, 2019) 3 OPERATOR: March 6, 2019, 14:12:23.

4 911 OPERATOR: Police and fire dispatch.

5 MR. BRENZINGER: Hi. My name is Mark Brenzinger. 6 I’m calling from Chicago. I work at a private security risk 7 management firm, and we have an emergent situation in your

8 jurisdiction. I was hoping to speak with -- we’ve been working 9 with your constable in the area, and he’s been working with a 10 sergeant, and we have some information we want to share with 11 you in a fresh court order. Is there any way you can get 12 connected to a watch commander or a sergeant?

13 911 OPERATOR: For what city, sir? 14 MR. BRENZINGER: Spanish Fork’s.

15 911 OPERATOR: Let’s see. Yeah, I can go ahead and 16 get your information and then ask a sergeant to give you a call

17 back.

18 MR. BRENZINGER: Okay. The long and the short of it

19 is we have a court order coming out of California that’s 20 allowing -- it’s allowing law enforcement to go and remove a

21 child that is at risk right now and hand that child over to the 22 biological father, who is en route.

23 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Sir, can I have your phone 24 number?


1 911 OPERATOR: Again, what is your first and last 2 name again?

3 MR. BRENZINGER: First name Mark, M-a-r-k, last name 4 Brenzinger, B as in boy, r-e-n, z as in zebra, i-n-g-e-r.

5 911 OPERATOR: Okay. What agency did you say you’re 6 with, Mark?

7 MR. BRENZINGER: Hillard Heintze, H-i-l-l-a-r-d, H-e-8 i-n-t-z-e. We’re based in Chicago.

9 911 OPERATOR: Okay. That’s a private investigation 10 firm, you said?

11 MR. BRENZINGER: Private investigation firm, yes, 12 ma’am.

13 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Is the 847 number a good call 14 back number for Hillard Heintze?

15 MR. BRENZINGER: It’s a good call back number for me. 16 I’ll give you a back up number of 312-229

--17 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: 9806. 18 MR. BRENZINGER: -- 9806.

19 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Mark, could you just update for 20 me, please, the -- I’m sorry, that’s not necessary. I’ll just

21 take that out. Okay. I’m going to have a sergeant from 22 Spanish Fork give you a call back.

23 MR. BRENZINGER: Okay. Can we make this -- with all 24 due respect -- a priority? We believe our subject is mentally


-4-1 about two hours ago about a homicidal threat and a suicidal 2 threat regarding herself and this baby.

3 911 OPERATOR: Okay. What is -- what is your 4 subject’s name?

5 MR. BRENZINGER: My subject’s name is --6 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Kailin.

7 MR. BRENZINGER: -- Kailin. K-a-i-l-i-n, Wang,

W-a-8 n-g.

9 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Do we need to have an officer 10 respond to her address?

11 MR. BRENZINGER: Well, I think we do. I’d like to 12 give you the address to

--13 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

14 MR. BRENZINGER: The address is 2481 Fairway Drive in

15 Spanish Fork, and your officer should be prepared for anything, 16 really. This family has not been cooperative. We’ve not been

17 able to serve her for more than several weeks. 18 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

19 MR. BRENZINGER: She’s been very evasive, and her 20 parent that she lives with

--21 911 OPERATOR: And has she been --22 MR. BRENZINGER: has also

--23 911 OPERATOR: Sir, excuse me, Mark, has she made 24 threats to herself?


1 social media, yes.

2 911 OPERATOR: And to the baby?

3 MR. BRENZINGER: And to the baby, as of two hours ago 4 there was a posting. She was aware there was a hearing in San 5 Francisco. She was not present, and we’re not certain how much 6 information she has

--7 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

8 MR. BRENZINGER: -- but the Court found that the baby 9 needs to be removed from

--10 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Do you have -- do you have a 11 phone number for Kailin?

12 MR. BRENZINGER: One second, let me --

13 MR. DARRICK CHASE: And just more information, the 14 order that we have is a domestic violence prevention order that

15 gets entered into the (inaudible) system, so this is the order 16 that gives full custody to my -- to Mr. Thygesen and has an

17 effecting order to law enforcement to get the baby from Kailin 18 or anybody else who

--19 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Sir, do you have a phone number 20 for her?

21 MR. BRENZINGER: We’re looking that up right now. If 22 you have an email where we could forward you these orders, that

23 would probably

--24 911 OPERATOR: The threats that she made to herself,


-6-1 child?

2 MR. BRENZINGER: I do not believe there was a method 3 noted in this statement, no, ma’am.

4 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Do you know if she has any 5 weapons or any access to weapons?

6 MR. BRENZINGER: I don’t know if she has weapons or 7 access.

8 911 OPERATOR: Do you know if she has any history of 9 using alcohol or drugs?

10 MR. BRENZINGER: She does have a history of using 11 alcohol. I cannot confirm on drugs.

12 MR. DARRICK CHASE: So can I give you something on 13 the temporary restraining order with respect to guns?

14 911 OPERATOR: Okay. No, I’ll have an officer call

15 you for the information about the orders, but right now I just 16 need to get the information so we can go ahead and do a welfare

17 check, and then you can speak to an officer when he calls you 18 back about the orders in particular.

19 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: I’m going to give you three 20 phone numbers. The first one is at the residence.

21 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Hold on, ma’am. Hold on, 22 please.


24 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Go ahead with the phone


1 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Okay. The first one is where we 2 believe she’s residing with her parents, and that’s -- it’s a 3 land line, we believe, and it’s 801-794-2801.

4 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Is this the parent’s house 5 address, the Fairway Drive?


7 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

8 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: The next number is a cell phone 9 that we believe belongs to Kailin, and that number is 323-244-10 3244.

11 911 OPERATOR: And that’s Kailin’s cell phone?

12 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Yes. I have one more cell phone 13 number for her.

14 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

15 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: And that is 917-432-4181. 16 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

17 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: I don’t know which of the two 18 cell phones are still active, or if they both are.

19 911 OPERATOR: Do you know how old the baby is? 20 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Three months.

21 MR. BRENZINGER: Three months.

22 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Do you know if Kailin has a

23 vehicle?

24 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Yes. There are two vehicles and


-8-1 me give you both of them. Hold on one second.

2 911 OPERATOR: Do you guys know the baby’s name and 3 what sex the baby is?

4 MR. DARRICK CHASE: Yes. Baby’s name is Kayson, K-a-5 y-s-o-n. His middle name is Thygesen, T-h-y-g-e-s-e-n, last 6 name Wang. He’s a boy. His birth date is 11/26/2018.

7 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

8 MR. DARRICK CHASE: He’s a white baby. Well, as far 9 as we know.

10 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Then the vehicle information 11 for Kailin?

12 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Give me one second. I’m opening 13 it up. Okay. It’s a -- there are two cars. One is a gold BMW 14 SUV. The license plate is Boy, 5, 3, 8, Edward, Apple.

15 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

16 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: I’ll read that back to you, Boy,

17 5, 3, 8, Edward Apple. The second car is a red Lexus SUV. The 18 license plate is David, 5, 6, 9, X-ray, Tango. We believe the

19 baby seat is usually in the red Lexus, FYI.

20 911 OPERATOR: Okay. So I have all the information

21 that I need. We’re going to send out for us to do a welfare 22 check, and then I’ve put in here a note for someone to contact

23 you by phone after they’ve made contact.

24 MS. TERRY THYGESEN: Can we do that before just to


1 911 OPERATOR: Actually, our main priority right now 2 is to make sure everything is okay, and then we’ll have someone 3 give you a call when they’re done.

4 MR. BRENZINGER: Okay. Then we can send over the 5 orders at that time as well, if that’s okay?

6 911 OPERATOR: Okay.

7 MR. DARRICK CHASE: We want to get the baby at the 8 time we do the welfare check.

9 911 OPERATOR: When the officer does call you, he’ll 10 likely be calling from a blocked or a private number, so just 11 look out for that.

12 MR. BRENZINGER: Yes, ma’am. Thank you. 13 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Thank you.

14 MS. CHASE: Thank you.

15 911 OPERATOR: Okay. Bye-bye. 16 MR. DARRICK CHASE: Bye.










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Chief William Scott

San Francisco Police Department 1245 3rd Street, 6th Floor San Francisco, California 94158

RE: California Department of Justice, San Francisco Police Department and City of San Francisco Collaborative Reform Initiative Progress Report on Phase I

Dear Chief Scott:

The California Department of Justice (Cal DOJ) is issuing this progress report as part of the Phase I report prepared by Hillard Heintze pursuant to the collaborative reform initiative between the City and County of San Francisco (the City), the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD or Department) and the Cal DOJ. Cal DOJ has worked closely with Hillard Heintze on the Phase I report and adopts the report’s contents, and concurs in its conclusions. It is the intent of Cal DOJ to provide herein some additional commentary on Cal DOJ’s work and some observations regarding this process.

As an initial matter, we would like to acknowledge SFPD’s hard work and dedication to improving its organization through this project. Over the past year, there has been true cooperative engagement to work through the initial phase of the ongoing reform effort in San Francisco. It is clear that all parties to this collaborative review process recognize that the stakes are high and share the goal of successful implementation of the identified reforms. As discussed herein and in the Hillard Heintze report, Phase I of this process was focused on mutually developing the plan to achieve substantial compliance with respect to the identified reforms; however, SFPD has also begun to implement promising policies and practices in its efforts to actually implement reform.

Now that the framework for review of the recommendations is established and the implementation of key recommendations has begun, the project moves to the next phase during which time SFPD must execute on its plans to come into compliance with the identified recommendations. This will take significant work revising policies and practices, implementing systems, and conducting audits. The SFPD has committed to attaining compliance with all recommendations and Cal DOJ will be monitoring this progress and providing progress reports along the way. This is an interim update discussing the foundation of this collaborative process.





4/5/2020 Hillard Heintze’s investigation team includes a mental health expert, ex-Secret Service agents | Southside Daily

Hillard Heintze’s investigation team includes a mental health

expert, ex-Secret Service agents

(Southside Daily/Courtesy of the city of Virginia Beach)

VIRGINIA BEACH — City Auditor Lyndon Remias announced Wednesday that consulting firm Hillard Heintze was chosen to perform the third-party review in the May 31 mass shooting here.

By Lucretia Cunningham - July 19, 2019




4/5/2020 Hillard Heintze’s investigation team includes a mental health expert, ex-Secret Service agents | Southside Daily 3/4

Hillard Heintze Senior Vice President Matt Doherty is a former Secret Service and leads the company’s Threat and Violence Risk Management practice.

Doherty said in a June 5 radio interview, he knows the Municipal Center shooting here had “some association with the company.”

“I’m waiting for what the warning signs are and there are already warning signs coming out that [the shooter] was a disturbed individual, a loner, withdrawn,” he said. “I would note and predict that the behavior disturbed others without a doubt.”

Remias said based on his office’s “due diligence” he is confident this investigation is something this firm can handle.

The team

4 former secret service agents

Will review security policies, practices, and procedures

They’ll also do a physical security assessment of the Municipal Center.

2 former law enforcement officers — a former police chief and deputy police chief Will review all issues relating to police response and obstacle faced

2 attorneys, the firm’s general counsel and a Supreme Court of Virginia certified mediator who specializes in human resource issues. 2 certified fraud examiners who are skilled in forensic auditing

Will perform a thorough data footprint of the shooter to include social media and “any data needing to be reviewed,” Remias said. 1 mental health expert who is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist

Will conduct a retrospective indirect threat assessment and risk evaluation of the shooter. Remias said including a mental health expert on the team was a major selling point.