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Selection of Agency/Firm for

Developing, implementation, and

post-implementation support for web application

solutions for “Online submission of

application forms and Report generation”


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Selection of Agency/Firm for

Developing, implementation, and post-implementation support for web application

solutions for “Online submission of application forms” and Report generation for

“National Survey on Resources devoted to Scientific and Technological (S&T) activities”


A Goverment S&T department responsible for collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of information on resources devoted to S&T activities in the country, has been entrusted with the task of building information base on continuous basis on resources devoted to scientific and technological activities from various R&D units public & private across the country.

A need for developing an online web application for collection of data and report generation for national database of resources devoted to S&T activities from various organizations both public and private across country is felt

For carrying out the project, CDC invites proposal from Agency/firms, Software/Application Developers having rich experience in providing services in similar area.

1. Terms of Reference(TOR)


The objectives of the project are as follow:

i. To develop an online application for “Submission of application forms & Report generation”, create a database of all resources deployed on R&D activities in India , and maintaining the single, comprehensive database

ii. To have available accurate and updated information for decision making

iii. To compile, analyze and create reports based on the data thus collected across several parameters like sector, objectives, fields of science, industry groups, qualification, nature of activity, gender, etc.

iv. To increase efficiency in accepting data from various public/private bodies and report generation, facilitate the applicants to submit their applications online through the use of web application

v. To facilitate systematic and digital record keeping, reduce redundancy of data, maintain confidentiality and security of data etc


Page 3 of 11 Scope of Work of Firm/Agency:

CDC intends to select Agencies/firms for Developing, customization, Testing, Training, Implementation, and Post-Implementation Support for web application software for “Online Submission of Application Forms & Report Generation ” to be installed in website of the said Govt deptt.

The firm shall develop and customize the application for the requirement of online submission of application form by applicants from various government units/ organizations/private bodies. The application is to be developed as per approved forms/questionnaires(I&II) as attached at Annexure-I.

The project will cover following as per requirement/specifications, terms and conditions laid down in this TOR:

 Software Requirement Assessment

 Developing and Customisation of Application software, testing & training

 Implementation, Integration, and post implementation support

The broad scope of application software and services would include :

The scope of Work for Developing the application for capturing resources devoted to S&T activities in the country is given below:

 To understand the functional requirement of the web based application as per the approved form/questionnaires

 To customize and develop a web based application Online Submission of Application Form.

 Through the application, compilation of data for approximately 5000 institutes and industries across the country.

 Report generation as per various parameters like sector, objectives, fields of science, industry groups, qualification, R&D details, nature of activity, gender, emoluments, etc. as per requirement of Deptt.

 Developing, customization, testing, training, implementation, and post-implementation support of application software for Online submission of Forms and Report generations as per various parameters for conducting the survey.


Page 4 of 11 The salient features of the proposed application software shall be:

1. Online Submission of Application Forms:- To provide interface for data entry for registration of Applicants (R&D units)

 To provide interface for data entry, customized as per approved questionnaire form

 To validate Applicant data as per requirement.

 To have a add/edit, view, save, submit, print options.

 To provide login user, password for each new entry.

 To provide facility for online printing of filled application form.

 To be customized for different stakeholders(Govt/Pvt as per Questionnaire) with features like auto-reminders, filter checks for data

 The software service provider is required to customize his software as per the requirement of the user department.

2. Report Generation

 To design Reports generation /tables/ graphs as per various parameters like sector, objectives, fields of science, industry groups, qualification, R&D details, nature of activity, gender, emoluments, etc. and as per requirement of Deptt. The final number, parameters, and type of reports, the design and structure to be finalized by Department.

 To customize the report generation as per requirement of user department.


a) Customisation of Application Software: The successful bidder would be required to customize the application software as per user department’s requirement. The customized application software should be approved by the user department/organisation. The application has to be maintained by the successful bidder for the entire contract period. The application software to enable incorporate additional requirement.

b) Compatibility/ Platform : The online web application software to be hosted on the Deptt website, The Deptt website is hosted on NIC server. Application to be compatible to the platform available. The application software may be developed using (DotNet and tools Visual studio 2010, database in SQL server)

c) Identification of Unique Applicants: The software should prompt the applicant for duplicate entry . A Unique user id and password to be generated for each new entry. Duplicate application of the applicants shall be identified and eliminated by the application software using proper algorithm with suitable criteria e.g. name, address etc., as approved by Deptt.

d) E-Mail Generated: The system should facilitate sending of e-mail with filled application form as attachment to the applicant (on successful submission), if required by department. The facility of email gateway shall be provided by the successful bidder. e) Admin Area: The application software shall have appropriate admin features / options for

user, and a d m i n to manage User IDs, change passwords, configuration email parameters and sending the same, Server / Database Parameters etc. The application


Page 5 of 11 should have separate login for Users (View/update their data) and closed user group area (Admin) (with login & password for restricted access). The area for Deptt would contain facility to view/download information related to applicants, Various reports as per parameters/requirements,

f) Scalability: The system shall be scalable to incorporate additional requirements, volume of transactions / simultaneous operations etc..

g) Validation Checks: The application software should incorporate proper validation checks. The field level validation would be required to be incorporated as per directions of user department. The validation checks should be able to minimize data entry mistakes.

h) Security: The bidder shall, to the extent relevant and possible, be guided by the standard information systems security policies and Govt guidelines or suitable Industry standards. Appropriate access and authorization controls as also provide configurable User and Role-based security for the Menu Options of the application. The bidder shall take the User Acceptance from the concerned user department/ organization. The bidder shall take care of all necessary requirements/arrangements for hosting the application on Deptt Website/NIC server.

i) Data Accuracy & Consistency: The application software should ensure accuracy and consistency of data in database and reports.

j) User friendly Interface: The application software should have a user friendly interface and menu driven with Guidelines/help to fill application form, available as prompts etc. k) Handing over of source code : The source code to be handed over to Deptt after pilot

testing, validation, acceptance, training and hand holding. The handing over of source code of application in desired format and medium.

l) Post-Implementation Support : The service provider will provide smooth access to the application software, number of operations such as on-going, training to Deptt users, report generation / printing etc, and it is desired that a resource personal shall be made available by the bidder for post implementation support.


* The bidder shall customize the application software that is in line with the requirements of the department/organisation, but not limited to, the scope mentioned in this tender document

Thus, it is expected that the bidder shall submit its proposal (Technical and Financial) in consideration with the aforesaid type of service under a comprehensive arrangement of service for application software for online submission of application forms.


Page 6 of 11 Time Frame:

The project is to be completed within a time frame of 1(one) month (application development and implementation, integration, testing, post implementation support) from the date of the Award of Contract.

2. General

Eligibility Criteria

The agency/firm must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria –

 Should have minimum of 4 years’ experience.

 Should have an average turnover of Rs. 25 lakhs in the last three years.

 Should have executed minimum three (3) projects(similar) in the last 4 years (Both completed and ongoing)

Documentary Evidence for the following must be submitted: a) Proof of Turnover

b) Contract/Work/Engagement orders indicating the details of assignment, client, value of assignment, ,date of award etc;

c) Certificate of registration of the Agency/firm; Proposal Submission

Each proposal should be submitted in two parts, viz.

 Technical

 Financial

The technical and financial proposal must be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes indicating clearly on envelopes as “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” and “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, followed by the nomenclature of the assignment. Financial proposal to include a warning “DO NOT OPEN WITH THE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL.” The envelopes containing the Technical and Financial Proposals shall be placed into an outer envelope and sealed. This outer envelope shall bear the submission address and


Page 7 of 11 also the nomenclature of the assignment Developing, implementation, and post-implementation support for web application solutions for “Online submission of application forms and Report generation”

Technical Proposal Content

Technical Proposal should be prepared considering Objective, Scope, Approach & Methodology, Milestones & Deliverables as well as other information given in this document.

Technical Proposal must include:

a. Brief description about the Agency/ firm b. Agency/firm’s experience

In addition to overall experience of the firm, details of specific projects undertaken may be provided including Assignment/job name, description of services provided, appx. value of assignment, country & location, duration of assignment, name of client, starting & completion dates, names of associates (other than employees), if any. (Documentary evidence in support

of above facts to be provided)

c. Comments and suggestions on understanding of Terms of Reference. d. Approach

e. Methodology

f. Work Plan and Schedule

g. Detailed profile and CV of manpower proposed to be associated with this assignment.

Financial Proposal Contents

Financial proposal should be in the form of a lumpsum amount inclusive of all taxes.

The lumpsum quote should be inclusive of all expenses which firm may incur while executing the assignment including travel, boarding and lodging within India including visits to CDC, as required. Financial Proposal, should also, include a breakup of the lumpsum quote under various heads envisaged by the firm/agency.


Page 8 of 11 Financial bid is invited



(Including Services Taxes)

1 Application, Design, development & report generation, validation, training, testing, integration, implementation and post implementation support


Contract price shall remain firm and fixed for the entire Contract period. Performance Security

1. For the due performance of the project in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the contract, the agency shall on the day or before signing the Contract which shall not be later than 7 (seven) days of the signing of Contract, furnish to CDC a performance security in the form of an irrevocable and unconditional Bank Guarantee for an amount equal to 10% (Ten Percent) of Contract Value.

2. The performance Bank Guarantee shall be initially valid for six months after the scheduled completion date of project and also final acceptance from client. It will be discharged by CDC and returned to the firm not later than 6 (six) months following the date of completion of the firm’s obligations, under the Contract.


Page 9 of 11 Evaluation of Proposals

An agency/firm will be selected under the Quality cum Cost Based System method (QCBS) and procedures described in this Proposal

The following evaluation criteria shall be used for technical evaluation.

Sr. No Description Break up

1 Past Experience 40 Marks

1.1 Past experience in work of similar nature (Projects) No of Assignments

o No assignments <=3 o No assignments >3 and <5 o No of Assignments = 5 & above

Marks will be assigned based on the Technical proposal along with the copies of work orders enclosed.

20 30 40

2 Manpower, skill set, team composition &

Deployment 40 Marks

2.1 No of Personnel with required skills & competencies employed

o No of people <=5

o No of people >5 and <10 o No of people >10 and <20 o No of people = 20 & above

10 20 30 40 3 Average Turnover of the firm in last three financial


20 Marks 3.1 Turnover

o =>25 lacs <50 lacs o =>50 lacs <1 crore o 1crore and above

10 Marks 15 Marks 20 Marks

Total 100 Marks

Threshold for shortlisting agency/firm for technical evaluation will be 70 marks (seventy marks). CDC shall short list all the agency/firm who secure the minimum cut off of 70 % (Seventy Percent). The shortlisted agency/firms are eligible for further evaluation.


Page 10 of 11 Evaluation as per Quality cum Cost Based System (QCBS)

o Threshold for shortlisting agency/firm for technical evaluation will be 70 marks (seventy marks). o The financial proposals of only technically shortlisted firms will be opened and will be ranked in

terms of their total evaluated cost. The least cost proposal will be ranked as L-1 and the next higher and so on will be ranked as L-2, L-3, etc.

o The least cost proposal (L-1) will be considered for award of contract.

o Evaluations will be based on documentary evidence submitted by the applicant with respect to evaluation / selection criteria.

Evaluations will be based on documentary evidence submitted by the applicant with respect to evaluation / selection criteria.

Note: The following documentary evidence should be provided along with the proposal:

 Proof of Turnover

 Contract/Work/Engagement orders indicating the details of assignment, client, value of assignment, date of award etc;

 Certificate of registration of the Company/Agency;


Page 11 of 11 Payment Terms

Payment Terms


Application, Design, development and implementation, validation, training, testing, integration, implementation and post implementation support (for the project contract period)


On acceptance of proposal & Signing of Contract Agreement & submission of performance bank guarantee

50% Application Design, Development, Integration, implementation, Testing, training, Report generation customization, post implementation support

25% Successful implementation of complete software solution, Validation, User Acceptance of Application

Date for submission of proposal

The Proposals must be sent to CDC office on or before 3rd July, 2015 by 1600 hrs. The proposals to be sent only in hard copy by post/courier/by-hand. Emails will not be considered. The proposals will be opened on 3rd July, 2015 at 1600 hrs.

Enquiries & submission of proposals should be addressed to:

Shri S.K Sharma Head (Business Development) Consultancy Development Centre

Core 4B 2nd Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

New Delhi – 110 003

Tel: 91 11 24603425; 24602601; Fax: 91 11 24602602 Email:



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