The Grateful Heart. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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November 2020 Issue

The Grateful Heart

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Most of my sermons in November will focus on gratitude.

November 1 All Saints Sunday with Holy Communion November 8 Appreciating the character of God

November 15 Defeating a Troubled Heart November 22 Grateful Generosity

November 29 Advent theme-Hope

So in the middle of the month, I will preach a 3-week series on developing a grateful heart. If your family is like mine, it’s difficult to agree over what to do on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020. Should family gather for their usual celebrations? A sister of mine who teaches social work had suggested in September that we have an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner in early October while it was still warm, but the idea was not popular. It’s a bit of a conundrum for a lot of families this year.

I’ve also heard comments, in the media mostly, about how glad people will be to see 2020 end. This reflects some frustration over the unique struggles of this year. However, we are instructed by God to still give thanks, in all things! Whatever our families do in November turkey-wise, may God give us a spirit of gratitude.

In Christ’s Love, Pastor Mo




God is good! Every day God is good! COVID-19 has not destroyed our spirit and commitment to our relationship with God and our church family. Fall is a season we look forward to in reflection of God’s blessings for Trinity United Methodist Church. God has blessed us immensely as we continue to strive to be the hands and feet of God to serve others safely during this difficult time in our World. Our success is a tribute to everyone who calls Trinity their home. As a result, Trinity Leadership would like to take this opportunity to assess the many blessings God has provided. After considerable discussions throughout the last few months, our Pastor, Trustees, Finance, PPRC, and Church Council would like to share with you where we’ve been, where we are currently, and where God continues to guide Trinity United Methodist Church.

Christian Education & Worship:

Wednesday night social distancing meal

Two Wednesday night Bible studies averaging 10 each group Jesus and Me (JAM) 10 kids and 3 adults

Church in person using social distancing protocol (averaging 40)

June 7th, we served our church family through online worship. We started with roughly 43 views up toward 160 views

Updated our website and Facebook

Many connections with Church Family during and throughout COVID-19

Church Community Outreach:

English as a second Language (ESOL Group) Connection with the Mexican Grocery Store Connection with Home School Groups Relationship with Hebron Ministries Relationship with House of Ruth

Reconnecting with neighborhood children and families

Future Programming: (suggestions from last years pledge suggestions:)

Sunday School Choir

After School programming Mystery Games

Quarterly projects within the community Couples groups

More small groups

Capital Improvements to our Buildings and Grounds (past and present):

Church Windows

Roof to Welcome Center and Office

Landscaping in front of the Office and Welcome Center Updates to Fellowship Hall Sound Systems

Website Upgrade # of hits/views

Facebook upgrade averaging 43-160 views Tree Removal in front of Sanctuary

Bell Restoration

Water Heater in Rental

Repairs to Air Conditioner in Office area

Capital Improvements to our Buildings and Grounds in the coming year (2021):

Assessment of HVAC/Boiler System(s) Landscaping in front of Sanctuary Sanctuary AC Replacement

Repair steps entering the Sanctuary

Assess plumbing in both Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary Wireless Internet throughout the buildings






Capital Improvement Planning 3-5 year plan:

Repair/Replace doors and locks to Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall (exterior) Security System

Painting and Carpet in Sanctuary

Fellowship Hall Windows (ongoing 5-10 year plan) Assess Lighting

Elevator Maintenance Plan AC Maintenance Plan

Fundraising Opportunities:

Rummage Sale February 2021

Bell Ringer Winner (Trustees to draw a winner) Cabin raffle has always been a hit

Cinnamon sales have always been a hit Beef & Noodle Supper

Ice Cream Social, Cookout, Soup & Sandwich Dinners Outside yard work for people in the community

As we reflect on this past year, we recognize the importance of being in relationship with God’s guidance and directions as we navigate through the storms of this pandemic. We recognized the importance of community. Within the next few weeks, we ask you to pray for our church and God’s continued commitment to Trinity United Methodist Church. How do we accomplish what God is asking to fulfill his purpose? The first week of November, you will have an opportunity to accept God’s calling to serve through volunteer and financial opportunities. Luke 12:48 says, “But someone who does not know, and

then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Let us continue to strive to be the hands and feet of God to serve others safely during this

difficult time in our World.

Our Christmas Day Dinner this year will be a drive thru. We will still be needing volunteers and food donations. There will be more information to come.

We are looking for someone to fill the position of our Youth Leader ages 12-18. If you are interested, you can call the office at 419-782-9781.

This fall, the children from our Wednesday night JAM class will be holding a fundraiser as a service project for Heifer International. Our children have regularly supported HI during Vacation Bible School, but, of course, that didn’t take place this summer. Watch for the children’s booth in the Memorial Room this month, where they will be selling homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

Also, on a scheduling note, there will be no meeting of JAM on Wednesday, November 25th, and our last session before the holidays will be on Wednesday, December 16th.



Income Giving $5,898.70

September 2020 Miscellaneous Income $983.25

Total Income $6,881.95

Expenses Connect, Grow, Serve,

Apportionments, Office, Payroll,

Miscellaneous Expenses $4,026.28

September 2020

Electric $501.24

Gas $456.00

Water $82.62

Other Building Expenses $1,227.62

Ayersville Partnership Expenses $2,681.47

Total Expenses $8,975.23

Beginning Balance September 2020 $4102.90

Income $6,881.95

Expenses $8,975.23

Ending Balance September 2020 $2,009.62

September Attendance

September 6 39

September 13 56

September 20 41

September 27 39

If you have any questions regarding the finances of the church, you may contact any of the Finance Committee members:

Amanda Vogelsong 419-439-0934 Deb Bowers 419-782-3394 Sandy Kessler 419-769-3447 Bill Duffey 419-395-2140 Joyce Jones. 419-782-3351


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