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Solución de Seguridad en dispositivos

IBM Endpoint Manager

Enrique G. Dutra

Enterprise Security MVP – MCT - IBM Sales Spec. Auditor Lider ISO/IEC 27001:2005

Punto Net Soluciones SRL




• Problemáticas actuales. • IBM Endpoint Manager.


Problemáticas actuales

- Plataformas no están totalmente actualizadas - Solo se actualizan algunas soluciones.

- No todas las soluciones están actualizadas y presentan vulnerabilidades.

- Verificación de cumplimientos manuales.

- Poco conocimiento del estado de la plataforma. - No hay revisión consolidada de las consolas de


Problemáticas actuales

- Falta de verificación de compliances. - Ausencia de seguimiento de uso de

aplicaciones en los dispositivos.(Ej: licenciamiento)

- Fuga de información.


Quieren compartir algunas problemáticas con nosotros?


IBM Endpoint Manager

• Software empresarial para gestionar dispositivos • Escalable hasta 250.000 dispositivos

• 1 única consola • 1 solo agente

• 1 o varios retransmisores • Reportes Web


Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile Devices

Mobile Apps

PC’s, Macs, POS, ATMs On and off-network

Servers Physical and Virtual

Patch Management Lifecycle Management Core Protection Security & Compliance Power Management SW Use Analysis Mobile Management Server Automation SaaS, On-premise, or MSP Fastest time to compliance

Comprehensive Security Lowest TCO


Enterprise Mobility Management Suites Client Management Tools Security Information & Event Management


• Automates and manages continuous security configuration policy compliance.

• Easily and quickly assess endpoint security posture.

• Automatically patch and remediate non-compliant systems. • Deploy, Update, and health check 3rd-party Antivirus solutions

• Identify, manage, and report on policy exceptions and deviations. • Policy based quarantine of non-compliant systems

Library of 8,000+ compliance settings, including support for USGCB, DISA STIG, and CIS

• Asset Discovery

• Compliance Analytics • Patch Management

• Security Configuration Management • Vulnerability Management

• Multi-Vendor Endpoint Protection Management


 Asset Discovery

 Virus / Anti-Malware

 Firewall Protection

 File & Web Reputation

 Data Loss Prevention

Asset discovery and reporting across heterogeneous operating systems

Provides anti-malware protection to Mac and Microsoft Windows endpoints.

Provides security for both fixed network-connected endpoints and roaming Internet-connected endpoints.

The web reputation feature automatically determines the safety of millions of dynamically rated websites.

Delivers integrated DLP capabilities using the same single console and single agent.

Provides near real-time protection from malware & other malicious threats through capabilities such as file & web reputation, personal firewall and behavior monitoring.

Beneficios Servicios


For organizations of various business verticals such as healthcare,

finance, manufacturing, retail, services, education and public sector and of various size from SMB to Fortune 500

IBM Endpoint Manger is:

 Easy to use with simplified patching process,  Easy to scale from 10 to 250,000 devices and

 Responsive with automation to detect and remediate vulnerabilities  Extensible to 90+ OS and Windows apps

Who need to:

Assess the state of IT assets (E.g. Inventory),

Deploy OS patches and application updates,

Manage IT compliance and policy enforcement

THE end-to-end software patch management solution

Coordinate and patch all systems with one tool


Services • Asset Discovery • Patch Management • Inventory Management • Software Distribution • OS Deployment

• Remote Desktop Control


• Role based software deployment and user self-provisioning

• Hardware independent OS imaging and driver management

• Dramatically reduced patch cycles and increased first-pass success rates

• Closed loop validation in real time

• Multi-platform support from a single console (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X)

Dramatically reduced patch

cycles and increased first-pass success rates

Multi-platform support (Unix, Linux, Windows,

Mac OS X)

Discover, Control, and Automate with a single integrated solution

Patch Management

• Easily and quietly deploy patches across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix

• Enable advanced policies that

automatically reapply patches if they are removed IBM Provided Content Software Distribution • Cross-platform management of software packages

• Web based self-service portal, provides as-needed enablement to end users

OS Deployment

• Solves bare metal and migration scenarios

• Easily combine with patch activities to create “true-up” baselines post-install

Asset Discovery SW & HW Inventory Remote Control Community Ecosystem Ad-Hoc Tasks


Granular power tracking to allow breakdown of weekly power consumption and idle time

Historical web reports to reflect the weekly power tracking data

Power profile wizard to allow creation of 'multiple power profile policy‘

Client side dashboard to show the projected impact of applying a single power profile offer

BES Server Plug-in Service enhanced to use encrypted



• For Windows Servers and PCs

• Unix/Linux Servers

• Software Asset Discovery

• Software Use Metering

• Software Use Reporting

• Software identification catalogue, which contains over 105,000 signatures out of the box and updates are released regularly

• Easily customize the software identification catalogue to include tracking of home-grown and

Software publishers




• Centralized visibility & reporting of all sw assets

• Assess software inventory to help

identify what is deployed in readiness for software audits

• Meters software usage to identify unused


• Reports software usage and deployments to help measure compliance



Resumiendo IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile Devices Security & Compliance Patch Management Lifecycle Management Power

Management ProtectionCore Software Use Analysis Advanced Server Server Automation (add-on) Software Distribution OS Deployment Remote Control Patch Management Basic HW & SW Inventory Vulnerability Assessment Compliance Analytics 3rdParty Endpoint Protection Mgmnt Patch Management Security Config Mgmnt Available as “Starter Kit” Software Catalog Correlation Software Usage Reporting Software Inventory Offline Patching Application Patching OS Patching Mobile TPM evolution TADd / ILMT convergence Available as “Starter Kit” Self-Quarantine Windows & Datacenters OS & App Patching Software Distribution OS Deployment Remote Control Basic HW & SW Inventory Vulnerability Assessment Compliance Analytics 3rdParty Endpoint Protection Mgmnt Security Config Mgmnt


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