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(1)www.ventrainc.com Vehicle Video Recording Security | Training | Fleet Management Sales. Ver.

(2) OUTLINE. Ventra – Vehicle Video Recording Solution. 01. ABOUT US. 04. SOFTWARE – Viewing / Settings. 02. SAFETY / SECURITY / BENEFITS. 05. STATISTICS. 03. TECHNOLOGY. 06. CONCLUSION.

(3) ABOUT US. Vehicle Safety and Security Technology. As a leading provider of vehicle based recorders, Ventra focuses on intelligent and intuitive vehicle recording solutions for various types of vehicles - serving a diverse range of applications from businesses, families to commercial fleets of any size..

(4) Ventra Vehicle Video Recorder  What is it Ventra vehicle video recorder, is an all in one system with integrated HD camera, passive GPS, Mic and G-Sensor.  What does it do The CDR records multiple key components of a drive such as video, audio, speed, route history, vehicle / staff ID, date and time.  Where is it installed The compact form factor allows it to be easily installed in the cabin of the vehicle.  How’s it work The system automatically records when the vehicle is on, and records in a continuous loop. COMPANYNAME.

(5) Reasons for Ventra. COMPANYNAME. Security. • Video recording in the event of an incident. Training. • Identify, Correct and Reduce Risks. Fleet Management. • Vehicle / Staff ID, Route & Speed History.

(6) Safety and Security. Any Vehicle. Any Application. Any Industry.

(7) Industry - Application Service / Installation. Law Enforcement / Special / Security. Public / Private Transportation. Education / Campus. Government / Military. Facility / Specialized. Distribution / Logistics. Emergency / First Response. Public / Utility.

(8) Benefits SAFETY | OPERATION | BUSINESS. Safety / Security. Operation. Business.  Video footage in case of incident.  Improve fuel efficiency.  Video proof of delivery / service.  May exonerate non-fault situation.  Reduce excessive wear & tear.  Increase customer service.  Help protect driver and company.  Route history of vehicle.  Mitigate risk and liabilities.  Increase driver awareness.  Increase productivity.  Potentially lower insurance cost.  Identify / Correct unsafe driving.  Reduce operating cost.  Record / set vehicle speed trigger. COMPANYNAME.

(9) Technology. CDR-500.

(10) Technology. HD video recording at 720P resolution. Auto continuous loop recording Passive GPS - log Speed and Coordinate w/ Google Map integration Record vehicle speed and set maximum speed trigger Date and time stamp The CDR-500 is an all-in-one, Safety, Security and Fleet Management solution that is Easy to Integrate, Operate and Manage.. Recordings on SD card for easy transfer and management Video out connection to external backup device or monitor viewing.

(11) Technology Designed for forward facing (road/traffic) or in-cabin recording (driver or passengers), the CDR-500 offers a “Cockpit” view of the vehicle.. Utilized as a standalone system, or an enhancement to existing GPS, fleet management system – Ventra provides the complete insight without costly monthly fees..

(12) Ventra Vehicle Video Recorder. 1. Auto continuous loop recording stored onto SD card 2. Transfer SD card to PC 3. Playback / Manage / Save / Export / Print on local admin PC 3. Exported files may be saved on Cloud services for remote viewing/ management – VPN, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive...etc.. COMPANYNAME. Easy to Setup | Operate | Manage.

(13) Ventra Recorder Available in 2 versions CDR-500 (Standard). CDR-500BT (Enhanced).  8GB SD card.  32GB SD card.  Mounting bracket.  EX5-BPC vehicle battery power cable.  12VDC Aux plug in power.  Mounting bracket.  Viewing / Management Software.  12VDC Aux plug in power  Viewing / Management Software. Benefit:. 1. Longer storage time 2. The CDR system will continuously record when the vehicle is unattended/parked - (Vandalism, Theft , Accidents…etc.). COMPANYNAME.

(14) Feature Highlights.  Easy to setup and manage.  Selectable event recording function.  Plug and Record ( PnR ).  Event indexing file protection.  Affordable, one time purchase.  Auto record when vehicle starts.  No monthly fees or contracts.  Continuous loop recording.  Clear and vivid HD video.  SD card storage up to 32GB.  Wide angle view: 120 degrees.  Solid state storage for data stability.

(15) Feature Highlights.  Easy to use software for multiple vehicles  No software license fees.  Admin / Password protection.  Back up individual files in AVI or JPEG  Watermark software included.  Print Event Report with date, time, location.  Privacy, no 3rd party viewing. and snapshot.  Adjustable settings / configuration.  Compact and inconspicuous.  Assignable Vehicle / Employee ID.  Adjustable angle mount. COMPANYNAME.

(16) SOFTWARE Viewing. Ventra software offers feature-rich, yet easy to configure settings for simple and efficient vehicle management.

(17) Software Dashboard Dashboard overview  Video / Audio playback  Video playback speed  Route history via Google Map  Vehicle speed  G- Sensor Acceleration / Braking  Date / Time  Vehicle / Employee ID  Print report  Export / Back up files  System settings. COMPANYNAME.

(18) Software Dashboard. Playback - Search  View by event or time  Normal, Over speed, Sudden Start / Stop, Impact, Parking or Motion  Easy to manage and administer  Saves time and effort. COMPANYNAME.

(19) Playback. Full Screen. Panoramic view.  Full screen playback.  Panoramic view displays frame by frame playback.  Displays speed, date, time.  Adjustable playback speed.  Employee / Vehicle ID. COMPANYNAME.

(20) Simple but Powerful. Recording  Configurable recording resolution and frame rate  Audio recording On / Off  Km / Miles selection. COMPANYNAME. Full customization  Selectable Event recording  Maximum speed limit trigger  Impact sensitivity  Storage disk space allocation.

(21) Simple but Powerful. Vehicle / Driver Info  Assign Vehicle / Driver info to each SD Card for easy playback / fleet management  Password protection for Admin security. COMPANYNAME. Incident Report  Report capability for incident or archive purpose  Image, vehicle info, time, date, coordinates, map and notes.

(22) Back up – Recordings. Back up / Export Files  Export individual recordings in various formats  JPEG, BMP, AVI, JDR (Ventra File), G Sensor  BMP and AVI watermark authentication software included. Altered image detection. COMPANYNAME.

(23) STATISTICS Facts and Figures.

(24) Statistics What, When and Where Every 5 seconds. 7 sec. 10 sec. Vehicle Crash. 12 min. . Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities in the U.S.. . 1 in 15 chance of being involved in a motor vehicle collision for a typical driver. . Over 90 percent of motor vehicle crashes are caused by human error. Involving property damage Involving injury Involving fatality. COMPANYNAME.

(25) Statistics Cost of Accidents. $16,500. Average cost of accident Average cost of accident with injury. $ 74,000 $ 500,000 $87 Billion. COMPANYNAME. Average cost of accident with fatality Total cost to employer.

(26) Conclusion In Summary.

(27) CONTACT US Ventra T echnolo gy 1578 W. San Bernardino Rd. , # E Covina,CA,91722. USA. THANK YOU. 888.418.3833 888.845.4398 sales@ventrainc.com VentraTechnology / facebook.com VentraTech / twitter.com. www.ventrainc.com.






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