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Grade Information and Policies


Welcome to 8th Grade! We are looking forward to a great year. The following information will help you have a successful year.

Fees and Supply List:

The following fees will be collected in P.E. If you do not have a P.E. class, please see Mrs. Seaman in the front office.

● $5.00 supply fee ● $5.00 planner fee ● $5.00 Science fee ● $5.00 Locker fee

Supplies to be given to your homeroom teacher (1st period): ● 4 reams of copy paper or $10

Supplies all 8th grade students are responsible for having during the year: ● Three 1 ½ inch binders

● 3 packages of pocket dividers

● Pencil pouch (one for each binder recommended) ● A good supply of notebook paper

● 2 packages of graph paper for Math and Science ● 5 packages of 3x5 note cards

● Good supply of pencils, blue/black pens, red pens ● Erasers

● Highlighters ● Colored pencils

● Ruler with both inches and centimeters

● One LARGE spiral notebook with pocket dividers (3 -4 sections) for Mrs. Kitts’ math classes.

● One spiral notebook for Language Arts

● 1 marbled composition notebooks for Science ● Hand-held pencil sharpener (NON-motorized)

●4 plastic, 3-pronged folders with pockets for Social Studies

● All Geometry students are required to have their own good quality compass, protractor and ruler.

NOTE: List does not include supplies needed for projects, electives, etc. Teachers may

require additional supplies.



● Come to class on time and prepared with supplies and homework assignments. ● Respect classmates, teachers, staff and parents.

● Polite manners, cooperative skills and positive attitude required. ● Follow rules and teacher instructions the first time.

● Use active listening skills. ● Think before you act or speak.

● Take responsibility for your own learning. This includes writing down

assignments, completing make-up work and giving all assignments 100% effort. ● Complete assignments and turn them in by deadlines.

● Ask for help when you need it.

● Exhibit appropriate behavior during labs. Student Responsibilities:

Daily: When class begins, your planner and day’s assignment should be on your desk ready to begin. All materials, books, notebook, homework, planner and pencils should be brought to class each day. Make sure your name, date and assignment are at the top of each paper that you turn in.

Assignment Board: All assignments will be written on the board. It is the student’s job to write those assignments down in their planners. Assignments will also be updated on the teacher websites. Grades will be posted every 2 weeks to FOCUS.

Planners: Planners must be brought to class daily. Your planner will need to be filled out and then signed (no initials please) by a parent every school night. (Yes, Fridays too) Homeroom teachers will check planners every Monday. Classroom teachers may check planners daily. Notes will be put in planners regarding missed work, unprepared for class, behavior issues, tardies, test grades as well as “good job!” Please do not sign ahead as this defeats the purpose of communication.

Parents should monitor student progress, check and sign planners, occasionally check binders, go over homework or tests (if needed) and remind students of upcoming deadlines. Remember we must teach and model responsibility for our children, including accepting consequences.

Late Work: Homework not turned in by the deadline will receive a O/F. All other MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS (i.e. projects, extended writing assignments, etc. as noted by teacher) will receive a 30% deduction for 1 day late and 50% deduction for 2 days late. On the third day the student will receive a zero for the assignment.

Binders: Students should keep their binders organized. Clean out papers or clip them in. Write down assignments in planners and let parents know what’s going on in class. Give 100% effort. Keep up with all work in binder.


Make-Up Work: Students are expected to make up all work missed during excused absences. The student must contact the teacher on the first day back in school in order to make arrangements to make up the work within the required time. The teacher and/or the principal may grant additional time for making up work if warranted by the individual situation. If the student was present when the assignment was given, but absent on the due date, the work, including tests and quizzes, must be made up the day the student returns to school. If the student was absent when the assignment was given, they have five days to complete the work that they were absent from school. Teachers have the prerogative to require a student on school or administrative leave to complete work assigned in advance of the leave.

Specific make-up work policies for projects (Science Fair, History Fair, etc.) will be outlined in the packet for that project.

To assist the students in staying organized, teachers will do the following: ● List nightly assignments on the assignment board in the classroom ● Remind students verbally of assignments

● Announce tests and major projects well in advance

● As much as possible, outline the week’s activities and assignments on teacher websites

● Encourage and offer help when needed

Grading Policy: Grades will be based upon participation, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, labs and other formative assessments. All grades can be monitored using FOCUS. Codes will be given out to parents. If grade discrepancies occur, it is the student’s responsibility to provide the graded work to the teacher before the grade will be changed.

Homework is practice for your brain. Very often, the difference between students that are “getting it” and students who are “not getting it” lies in their commitment to practice – in other words, how well they do their homework. It’s the old saying, “use it or lose it.” Uniform Policy: Students must wear Bay Haven approved uniforms. Please refer to the handbook for the complete policy. A uniform check will be conducted each morning

during homeroom. If a student is found in violation, he/she will be sent to the office to call home. A student with an untucked shirt will receive a warning, followed by a discipline referral if the student continues to wear his/her shirt untucked. Uniforms must be purchased from Zogby’s or Land’s End only.

Spirit shirts may only be worn on Spirit Days. Check the school calendar for Spirit Days. Game Days are not automatically Spirit Days.


Tardy Policy:

● Students will be assigned 2 days after school detention for 4 tardy violations in a 9-week period

● Students will be assigned one day of In-School Suspension (ISS) for 8 tardy violations in a 9-week period.

● If tardy violations exceed 8 in a 9-week period, a CST (Child Study Team) meeting will be conducted with Mr. Jacobs.

Cell Phone Policy: Students may not use cell phones during the school hours of 7:00 am to 2:40 pm. Phones must be turned off and kept in the student’s locker. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the cell phone by school officials. Please refer to

the handbook for the cell phone policy.

Electronic Devices: Students may not use electronic devices such as I-Pads, I-Pods, or Smart Phones during the school hours of 7:00 am to 2:40 pm. E-Readers may be used in some classes, but it up to each individual teacher as to whether they are allowed in that particular class. If they are NOT allowed by the teacher, do not take it into that classroom. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the electronic device by school officials. Please refer to the handbook for the complete policy.

Backpacks/Bookbags: Students may bring backpacks/string bags and book bags to school. However, due to safety concerns, they must be kept in their lockers during the school day. The only bags allowed in class rooms are small hand bags or purses.

Parent volunteers needed:

1. Snow Cone Days (Fridays) – fundraiser for the 8th grade Williamsburg trip 2. Candy Grams - fundraiser for the 8th grade Williamsburg trip

3. Fall Festival basket

4. 8th grade Celebration – set up/decorations

Please email Mrs. Kitts,, if you are interested in volunteering for any of these events.

Open House: 8th Grade Open House will be held on Thursday, Sept. 4th from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm. Pizza will be sold from 4:45 – 5:45 prior to Open House.

Williamsburg Trip: The 8th grade trip to Williamsburg, Virginia will be from Monday, March 16th through Saturday, March 21, 2014. There will be an informational meeting regarding this trip in September.

New Bell Schedule:

1st Period 7:40 - 8:36 2nd Period 8:40 - 9:30 3rd Period 9:34 - 10:24 4th Period 10:28 - 11:50

1st Lunch 10:28 – 10:53

2nd Lunch 11:25 – 11:50


Please sign and return this page to your Social Studies teacher no later than Friday, August 22nd.

Student Name (print): __________________________________________ I have read the Student Responsibilities and 8th grade policies and shared them with my parent(s) or guardian.

_____________________________ ___________________________


Middle School Dance Dress Code

2014 - 2015


Only Bay Haven middle school students are allowed to attend Bay Haven dances. Boys and Girls – NO DENIM

Girls (Think modestly)

No Denim of any color

No shorts

No see through material (includes mesh or loose knit material)

No tight body forming dresses

 Dresses or skirts length must reach the top of the knee (uniform pants are acceptable)  No off the shoulder or halter apparel

All dresses must cover the shoulders and underarms (no bare shoulders or exposed underarms) A sweater may be worn with the dress to cover the shoulders (if the sweater is taken off during the dance, the student will be removed and sent home)

No bare back (dresses should be as high in the back as they are in the front)

 V-neck or scoop neck tops must have a T-shirt or camisole underneath with the T-shirt or camisole tucked in

 Absolutely no cleavage may be showing  No mid-riff may be exposed --- period

Sandals or dress shoes are acceptable (sandals must have a strap around the heel, no flip



No Denim of any color

No shorts

No see through material (includes mesh or loose knit material)

Dress shirts (button down with a collar)

Polo shirts (with a collar)

 Dress pants (uniform pants are acceptable)  All shirts must be tucked in

 Belts required

 Clean shoes and socks required (No sandals)

Students will report to the entrance by the Middle School drop off area and will be checked in to the dance by chaperones. Parents may not drop students and leave until all apparel is approved. The students must pass the acceptable dance dress test. There will be a window of time for drop off. If you are not here on time or you fail the dress test, you may not be able to enter the dance. The window of time is 30 minutes after the dance begins. No one will be allowed to enter the dance after the 30 minutes

window has expired.

Parents: It is imperative that you help us enforce these rules. Our goal is to provide a safe secure environment where our middle schoolers can grow and mature in a modest and age appropriate manner without the pressures that our society places on them.

Student Name (print): __________________________________________

I have read the Middle School Dance Dress Code.

_____________________________ ___________________________

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