Webinar agenda. All Kids are VIPs Immigrant Integration at School. 3) Q&A Moderated by Kim Turner, Maytree, Toronto, Canada







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All Kids are VIPs

Immigrant Integration at School

1) Presentation by Caroline Dessin

Alle Kids Sind VIPs, Berteslmann Stiftung, Gütersloh, Germany

2) Presentation by Irene Pardo

Eres joven, ¡triunfarás!, Fundación Bertelsmann, Barcelona, Spain

3) Q&A Moderated by Kim Turner, Maytree, Toronto, Canada


Februar 2012

Alle Kids sind VIPs, Bertelsmann Stiftung

Gütersloh, 96.320 inhabitants, 9,6% foreign born

Nationwide competition for young people,

Subject: integration of kids with immigrant background


Februar 2012

Background facts

Germany: 16 million people have an immigrant background, which is 20% of the entire population

Studies show that educational success is closely related to the students background


Februar 2012

Carl-Bertelsmann-Prize 2008

The Winner in 2008 was the Toronto District School Board. The Bertelsmann Stiftung was inspired by the Toronto Slogan: “Diversity – our strength!”.



Februar 2012

Alle Kids sind VIPs

The competition Alle Kids sind VIPs emphasizes

the importance of good projects:

All children are important to society

and have the right to a fair chance.


Februar 2012

Who can take part?

Young people from age 11 to 21 years old

can apply with a project based on the subject of integration.


Februar 2012

The Webpage as a home base

(95.833 page impressions in February 2012)

The web page is used as the home base for the competition and

designed to make access for the target group easier.


Februar 2012

Prizes – Public Recognition

A jury determines the winning projects. One prize is a journey to

Berlin – a major treat for German kids.

The winners are honoured in Berlin:

No matter where you´re from – you are a Very Important Person!


Februar 2012

Prizes – VIP Visit at School

The other prize is an ambassadors visit at the winners

school or club.

A unique event with one of the ambassadors!

The kids recognize that it is worthwhile to advocate

the blending of cultures.


Februar 2012

Who are the Alle Kids sind VIPs ambassadors?

The ambassadors are public figures from the

German music, theatre, or sports world.

11 Bülent Ceylan Andreas Bourani Mario Gomez Rebecca Mir Culcha Candela


Februar 2012

Project example: My friends, my neighbours

Hagen, 190.121 inhabitants, 12,9% foreign born

Dance Performance based on collected information about countries and cultures.

Seite 12 Age 12


Februar 2012

Breakdance Workshop in Hagen with the Flying Steps

Performance for all students, parents and teachers.


Februar 2012

Project example: Seminar: Intercultural Competence

Hamburg, 1.774.244 inhabitants, 13,5% foreign born

Pupils talking with the ambassador

Seite 14 Prize: Acting workshop


Seminar about intercultural competence, Age: 17


Februar 2012

Goals of Alle Kids sind VIPs

Alle Kids sind VIPs supports young people`s wish to take an active role

in shaping their futures.

The kids experience: Diversity is strength.

The kids associate interculturality and integration with positive values.


Februar 2012 Seite 16

Success: Alle Kids sind VIPs in the media


Februar 2012

3 new ambassadors: Total of 11 So we´ll have 11 winners in 2012!

113 competitors with great projects in 2012! This nearly doubles our previous numbers.

In February 2012, we logged 95,833 page visits, nearly 65% of the visits came via facebook.

Growing recognition of Alle Kids sind VIPs:

Over 35% of the users find us by looking up the compaign name via a search engine; this is an increase of 41% from 2010.


Relaunched Webpage Game Stars-Memo

Welcomepage on facebook

Events like the book fair or a concert against racism Mailing to schools


Februar 2012

Alle Kids sind VIPs: Lessons learned

Engaging teachers:

Brochure – collection of projects – projects in subjects

Mailing – schools, associations, youth centres


Februar 2012

Engaging students:

Website – designed for target group

– easy access to the application form

Social media – dialogue and news via facebook (2.432 fans) – films via YouTube (459.062 views)

– photos via flickr (63.673 views) Activities – Youth fair, festivals, concerts


Februar 2012

Alle Kids sind VIPs – a Good Idea

Thank you for your attention.

20 Caroline Dessin Mail: caroline.dessin@bertelsmann-stiftung.de Tel: +49 (0)5241 8181 379 www.allekidssindvips.de http://www.facebook.com/allekidssindvips http://www.youtube.com/allekidssindvips http://www.flickr.com/photos/allekidssindvips


Webinar: All Kids are VIPs: Immigrant Integration at School Irene Pardo

Project Manager "Eres Joven, ¡Tiunfarás!„ March 2012


6. abril 2011 6. abril 2011 Página 22


Reflexiones y recomendaciones 1 Reflexiones y recomendaciones 2 Vídeos divulgativos de las 18 buenas prácticas

Resumen diagnóstico

Libro ‘Emprendimiento Social Juvenil, 18 buenas prácticas’

Página web TO2

Libro ‘Diagnóstico Compromiso Cívico Juvenil’

Cuaderno del profesorado Cómic Emprendimiento Social Juvenil


6. abril 2011 6. abril 2011 Página 23 Total 3,269,763 people Spanish nationality 2,716,354 Foreigners 553,409 17%

Born foreign mother 19,852 (total born 75,975) Mostly from Ecuador Rumania Peru Mostly from Pakistan Italy Ecuador Total 1,615,448 people Spanish nationality 1,337,128 Foreigners 278,320 17%

Born foreign mother 4,243 (total born 14,882) www.bcn.cat/estadistica/catala/dades/inf/pobest/pobest11/pobest11.pdf www.ine.es/jaxi/tabla.do www.bcn.cat/estadistica/catala/dades/anuari/cap02/C020406.htm www.madrid.es

Total foreigners in Spain 5.730.667 (12%)


6. abril 2011 Página During the school year 2010-2011, 9.5 per cent of students enrolled in Spanish

schools were born outside of Spain. This represents 770.384 students in total.

The PISA study shows that the grades of students, who were not born in Spain, are 56 points lower (432 points) than their peers who were born in Spain (488 points)

6. abril 2011

PISA 2009: differences based on immigration status Total foreign-born students in Spain 2010-11

http://www.educacion.gob.es/dctm/ministerio/horizontales/prensa/documentos/20 11/09/datos-y-cifras-2011-2012?documentId=0901e72b80ea4d86

http://www.educacion.gob.es/dctm/ministerio/horizontales/prensa/notas/2010/201012 07-pisa2009-informe-espanol.pdf?documentId=0901e72b806ea35a


6. abril 2011 Página 25 6. abril 2011

Children from immigrant families, with the same degree of competence and intelligence, achieve less at school than students of local origin. In Barcelona the percentage of immigrants in secondary education is

17.5%, but drops to 7.4% in high school and 7.8 % in VT, according to the Department of Education

Immigrant students also have lower expectations about higher education than their Spanish counterparts


6. abril 2011

- Response to a detected social need in Spain

- The concept is clear for the population (young people and adults)

- It was possible to adapt it to the Spanish context - Very fresh, visual, dynamic and attractive


6. abril 2011 Página 27 6. abril 2011

The Spanish education system is different from the German one in various aspects. So:

- Adapt program parameters, such as student age and grade level

- Other Partners (Ministry of Education)

- Less autonomy for the students to start projects on the school (focus more on teachers)


6. abril 2011 Página 28 6. abril 2011

Finding new ambassadors: More difficult in Spain than in Germany due the context and history of migration in Spain

- Larger and more established immigrant population in Germany -Immigrant arrival period in Spain is more recent (late 90’s)


6. abril 2011 Página 29 6. abril 2011



6. abril 2011 Página 30 6. abril 2011

• Over 250 articles from local, regional and national media, 5 radio programs and 4 television programs

•Thanks to the project we participated in 4 conferences on interculturality,

education and youth as speakers

• The competition’s website received more than 10,600 visits while the YouTube videos were viewed over

13,400 times

• The IBIS network of the Alliance of Civilizations and Cities of Migration recognized the project as good practice.


6. abril 2011 Página 31

Total: 89 good ideas between 2010 and 2011 in 14 of the 17 regions of Spain


6. abril 2011 Página 32


- Analyze the context and adapt the project to the reality of your city/country

- Try to recycle own resources/contacts of other projects

- Start by replicating only the part of the project that your organisation can manage

Transferable lessons

- Famous persons are not so difficult to contact if you present a good idea

- Videos are very important for being in touch with young people

- Don’t forget the teachers in your activities


6. abril 2011

Project Manager "Eres Joven, ¡Tiunfarás!" Phone: +34 93 268 72 37



Página 6. abril 2011



All Kids are VIPs: Immigrant Integration at School

Caroline Dessin, Berteslmann Stiftung, Gütersloh, Germany

Irene Pardo, Fundación Bertelsmann, Barcelona, Spain

Kim Turner, Maytree, Toronto

Cities of Migration is a Maytree idea: www.citiesofmigration.ca






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