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Scripture at NCAPAHS

SRE (or Scripture) is available to all students in Years 7 to 10 at Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School. The lessons are presented by Caroline Freitag, a qualified teacher. Caroline is occasionally assisted by designated volunteers from local churches. SRE involves withdrawal from core subjects such as English, Maths, Science and HSIE. Each year group receives approximately 10 Scripture lessons per year. Each lesson runs for 40 minutes (half of an 80-minute period). The vast majority of students choose to remain in class for SRE. Those who opt out of Scripture are supervised by their regular classroom teacher. They do not learn any new work, but can use the time to do their own study.

The school keeps a register of students whose parents/carers prefer them not to attend SRE classes. If you would like your child’s name added to the register, please send Caroline a note at school, or email

As can be seen from the overview provided below, the major topics are based around popular movies. Bruce Almighty, which is used in Year 9 Scripture, is rated M. Naturally, scenes

containing potentially offensive material will be skipped. Bruce Almighty also involves an actor (Morgan Freeman) playing the role of God.

The Scripture Program at NCAPAHS has been reviewed and authorised by the ministers of the local Anglican and Baptist churches. For more information and an overview of the Scripture Program at NCAPAHS visit the Curriculum section of the School’s website.

Program Overview: Year Topics/Big Ideas


About Me A picture of God Growing Up

“Kindergarten God”

What do Shrek and God Have in Common? - Shrek 1 8 We Have a Problem - Apollo 13, The Climb

9 Fixing the World (without messing with free will) - Bruce Almighty 10 World View/Hyperreality - The Truman Show


Growing up; God and Shrek:

Year 7 Topics

Lesson 1

1. The First Commandment of Scripture: Respect 2. Scripture Intro (Clip from the Simpsons) 3. About Me worksheet

4. Draw a picture of God (or words/other images if it doesn’t fit your faith background)

Lesson 2 Sharing Stories (Crazy things we believed when we were little kids)

Lesson 3

1. More little kid stories – The Big3: Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny

2. A typical picture of God - “Kindergarten God” 3. Throwing Kindergarten God in the bin

Lesson 4 1. Pose the question: What do Shrek and God Have in Common? 2. Layers – Big, scary ogre or strong, dependable friend?

Lesson 5 “Rickety Bridge” experiences - resilience: coping with the tough times

Lesson 6 What kind of quest?; John 3:16 - God on a Quest

Lesson 7 Love’s True Formselves. ; 2Corinthians5 - New creations, free to be our real


We have a problem

Year 8 Topics

Lesson 1

1. Reminder: Respect 2. Yr 7 recap

3. Our Truth Slideshow. Pose the question: Why is the world the way it is? 4. Apollo 13 launch scene

Lesson 2

1. Clip: Medieval help desk

2. Historical and literary background to Genesis - how do we read it? 3. In the beginning - creation

4. Humans - reflections of God

Lesson 3

1. Houston, we have a problem - The explosion 2. Where are you? - The fall

3. Broken relationships - Guilt, fear, shame

Lesson 4

1. Survival - a plastic bag, duct tape and a sock (good things used the wrong way)

2. A warped image - hiding, blame shifting, covering up (God - given talents used to hurt and damage)

Lesson 5

1. Good and evil, right and wrong - who decides?

2. The consequences for humanity and our planet: Simulation game: Red or Green?

Lesson 6 1. Getting back home: Finish Apollo 13 2. Clip: Graffiti Gospel

Lesson 7 Getting back home: Begin The Climb Lesson 8 Continue The Climb


How do you fix the world without affecting free will?

Year 9 Topics

Lesson 1

1. Quick reminder: Respect

2. Clip: Mr Bean at church - what Christianity isn’t 3. Quick quiz: How much do you know about Jesus?

Lesson 2

1. Start Bruce Almighty

2. Don’t make this about you - meet Narcissus

3. The gloves are off, pal! - I don’t believe, or I’m angry at God? XTC, Stephen Hawking, Bertrand Russell (and my friend Lenny)

Lesson 3

1. The job offer

2. What’s in your filing cabinet? 3. Party tricks (parting the soup)

4. What would you do if you had all God’s powers?

Lesson 4 1. The conditions - You can’t mess with free will

2. What is free will? recap from last year - Genesis & the fall

Lesson 5 Bruce Almightynarcissist? - is there anything more dangerous than a powerful

Lesson 6

1. Welcome to my world, son! - how do you fix the world without affecting free will?

2. God’s solution, part 1: What He has done (Incarnation, death, resurrection)

Lesson 7

1. God’s solution, part 2: What He is doing - The wheat and the weeds (watching, waiting, hoping)

2. Yes to everyone - is everyone happy now? How does prayer work?

Lesson 8

1. Bruce grows up

2. God’s solution, part 3: What He will do. The sheep and the goats; fixing the world through free will (What you did for the least of these, you did for me)


Worldview: Believing is Seeing (what we believe shapes how we see the world)

Year 10 Topics

Lesson 1

1. Reminder: Respect

2. Why Scripture - Lame Science Demonstration: The collapsing Coke bottle (what do you have on the inside to push back against pressure from the outside?)

Lesson 2

1. What the? - Start of Truman Show. Introduce concept of Worldview 2. Seeing is believing, or does it actually work the other way around? 3. They have eyes, but they don’t see - problems with seeing things as

they really are

4. A bit of fun with optical illusions

Lesson 3

1. Case study: The sick African family

2. Truman’s worldview: If he had eyes to see, what would he notice? 3. Detective work: Fiji, Lauren, water phobia

Lesson 4 1. How real is the “real world”?

2. Hyperreality ; Exploring a world that promises to be better than real

Lesson 5

1. Dad? - a sneaking suspicion 2. No escape

3. The plot thickens: behind the scenes.

Lesson 6

1. We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented; it’s as simple as that

2. Welcome to your hyperreal world: Are we being manipulated like Truman?

Lesson 7 1. Hyperreal worlds 1: Body image 2. Hyperreal worlds 2: Consumerism

Lesson 8

1. Hyperreal worlds 3: Gaming 2. Hyperreal worlds 4: Porn

3. Hyperreal worlds 5: Where else? Practically our whole culture! Lesson 9 1. The escape


2. Christof - False god;

Lesson 10 1. The way, the truth, the life - the truth will set you free 2. A radical new way of seeing the world - upside down!

Lesson 11

Bonus lesson for top Science classes:

Science vs Faith, or science and faith? Two complementary ways of viewing the world.





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