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Serving Career and Technical

Education Students in Florida

Career and Technical

Student Organizations



Career and Technical Education (CTE) is helping our nation

address key challenges such as workforce development,

student achievement, economic vitality and global


Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are key

components to strong CTE programs. CTSOs integrate into

CTE programs and courses and extend teaching and learning

through innovative programs, business and community

partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state

and national levels.

• CTSOs provide relevant, engaging programs that improve student

achievement, reduce dropout rates and help students discover the

wide range of career options available.

• CTSOs engage the community and local businesses to help students

understand global competition and chart effective and efficient

pathways through high school and postsecondary education for their

personal success.

• CTSO programs, such as industry based competitive events and

community service, provide students with the opportunity to develop



Century Skills focused on creativity, problem solving, teamwork

and goal setting.

• CTSOs bring relevance to the classroom and prepare students to be

college and career ready.

The impact that CTSOs make in our state is quite astonishing.

We invite you to review this publication to see how Career and

Technical Student Organizations are contributing to learning

that works in our state.



At the secondary level, CTE programs are offered through comprehensive high schools, many of which include career

academies, which are small, personalized learning communities within a high school that provide students with exposure

to a career field; area vocational-technical centers, which are CTE schools that serve an entire school district and provide

high school students and adult learners with supplementary career training; and University Developmental Research


At the postsecondary and adult level, CTE is offered through Florida’s area vocational-technical centers, as noted above,

as well as postsecondary technical centers, community colleges, public state universities and colleges, and independent

private universities and colleges. Technical centers and community colleges offer both postsecondary degree/certificates

and postsecondary/adult vocational certificates.


Fact Sheet


Career and Technical Student Organizations extend Career and Technical

Education in Florida through networks of programs, business and community

partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state and national levels.

Career and Technical Student Organizations provide Florida students with

opportunities to apply academic, technical and employability knowledge and

skills necessary in today’s workforce.

CTSOs serve a total of 74,288 Florida students through DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FEA,

FFA, HOSA, SkillsUSA and TSA. For a report of CTSO participation by each school,

please see the section in this document.


Florida received $56,063,464 for Fiscal Year 2013, $5.3 million less than in 2012 and

$8 million less than in 2010. Funds are distributed to local recipients based on an

average of the prior 3 years of enrollment.






of CTE high school

students graduated.


met performance goals for

mathematics skills.


of CTE postsecondary

students remained

enrolled or transferred to

another institution.


of CTE adult students met

performance goals for

technical skills.




that works.

Nine organizations.

One common mission.

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) provide the American education system the tools to educate the student for college and careers in ways that are uniquely American. By integrating into Career and Technical Education programs and courses, CTSOs extend teaching and learning through networks of programs, business and community partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state and national levels with different opportunities to learn academic, technical and employability skills, which American business and industry say are necessary in today’s workforce.

Connecting classrooms to

a large network.

Each of the nine CTSOs focus on specific career fields and tailors their programing to the students, teachers and businesses in those fields. With its singular focus on a specific set of career areas (Career Clusters), each CTSO develops partnerships with business and industry, teachers and colleges and at the local, state and national levels that support and enhance student

development in unique ways.

Each organization operates independently with school-based chapters, state-based associations and national offices creating opportunities and experiences that a school or even a state could not achieve on their own.

At the national, state and local levels, CTSOs offer diverse programming that is designed

to enhance classroom instruction and four common organizational goals: academic and career achievement, leadership development, professional development; and community service.

At the local level, CTSO chapters operate as in-school, co-curricular programs led by CTE teachers as advisers in middle schools, high schools and postsecondary institutions.

The U.S. Congress has specifically authorized CTSOs in the Perkins Act, and they operate as national not-for-profit organizations divided into state associations and local school chapters. Funds from the Perkins Act can be used to support local CTSOs.

Students are the core of

each organization.

Students participating in CTSOs learn

contextualized academic instruction and have the opportunity to work in settings where the career skills learned in the classroom can be utilized. Participation in a local chapter includes activities designed to expand students’ leadership abilities, contextualize their academic instruction, encourage them to pursue their education and equip them with job-related skills in their career field of interest. Students are also able to develop leadership, teamwork, creativity and

technical skills.

Students participate in local, state, national and international career-based competitions, aligned with state academic standards, designed to measure their academic understanding and skills development.

Scholarships and awards also encourage students to continue their career-path education and assume personal responsibility for their own career readiness.

By providing students with contextualized academic instruction and the opportunity to work in settings where the career skills learned in the classroom can be utilized, CTSOs effectively facilitate the development of students’ academic, technical and employability skills.


Career and Technical Student Organizations



CTSOs apply learning

through classroom activities

and programs, such as

competitive events, that

provide unique opportunities

to motivate students to

demonstrate classroom

instruction. CTSOs engage

businesses in the education

process to identify essential

career ready skills.


CTSOs create leaders

through the development

of 21


Century Skills such as

creativity, problem solving,

teamwork and goal setting.




CTSOs enhance student

engagement by empowering

them in classroom,

community and career




According to the National

Research Center for

Career and Technical

Education, participating in

leadership and professional

development activities in

a CTSO raises students’

educational aspirations.

Making an Impact

With more than 1.5 million student members combined, CTSOs have a definite

impact on students’ overall college and career readiness:

Students who participate

in CTSOs demonstrate

higher levels of

academic engagement

and motivation, civic

engagement, career

self-efficacy and employability

skills than other students,

and the more students

participate in CTSO

activities, the better the


According to the National

Research Center for Career

and Technical Education,

participating in leadership

and professional

development activities in

a CTSO raises students’

educational aspirations.

Students who participate

in school organizations in

10th grade have higher high

school grade point average

and are more likely to be

enrolled in college at 21

than other students.



Career and Technical Student Organizations

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.


Bringing business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

< The mission of Business Professionals of

America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic and technological skills.


The Future Educators Association (FEA), sponsored by PDK International, is a student organization that provides students interested in education-related careers with activities and materials that help them explore the teaching profession in a variety of ways.


Making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education.

< To promote personal growth and leadership

development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.


SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student excel.


The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs.

< The mission of HOSA is to enhance

the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.



Align with National Curriculum Standards

CTSO programs and activities, such as competitive events, are aligned with National Curriculum Standards in sixteen

career clusters recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Integrate Into Classroom Instruction

CTSO programs and activities are designed to provide authentic, experiential application of essential skills and

knowledge obtained through classroom instruction.

Industry Validated

The sixteen career clusters and their National Curriculum Standards are based on research conducted by and through

industries associated with each career cluster.

Assess Classroom Learning

CTSOs use a variety of assessment models that are reflective of industry practices. Each requires the student to apply

the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to industry situations through a variety of assessment techniques

such as comprehensive exams, role-plays, presentations, demonstrations and case-studies.



Career and Technical Student Organizations


Support 21


Century Skills

CTSO programs and activities develop 21


Century Skills such as collaboration, communications, critical

thinking and creativity.

Preparing Future Leaders

CTSO programs and activities provide students with opportunities to assume leadership roles and

encourage them to be active citizens.

Emerging Technology

CTSOs keep students at the forefront of technology by ensuring classrooms are up-to-date with the latest

productivity-enhancing tools, equipment and curriculum.


Career and Technical Student Organizations


Creating Small Learning Communities

As an example of a highly-effective small learning community, CTSOs bring together students with similar

interests and foster a collaborative environment.

Making A Difference In The Community

CTSOs provide students opportunities to develop and participate in community service projects that help

them recognize the power they have to make a difference in their communities.

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Workforce

CTSO students learn important skills through business and industry partners who serve as mentors through

various CTSO programs and activities.


Reaching Goals

CTSOs are the premier example of maximizing student engagement with academic classroom activities to

lead to success in college and careers.

Supporting a Program of Study

Career and Technical Education’s success lies in its ability to provide rigorous programs of study, relevant

knowledge and the ability to develop meaningful and effective relationships.

Enriching Career Opportunities

CTSO programs and activities provide students a clearer idea about their future career path thus engaging

them in relevant coursework and co-curricular activities.

Engaging All Students

Regardless of learning style or scholastic aptitude, CTSOs engage all students in the learning process and

give them an experience in school that will create a positive impact in their learning process.



Career and Technical Student Organizations

Business Partnerships

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) engage businesses and industry at the national, state, and

local levels. This involvement shows educators and students alike that business cares about their future and

helps ensure that education experiences are aligned to the needs of business. Among the nine CTSOs more than

1,000 businesses are actively involved in a variety of ways. Some of the CTSO’s major partners are below.


Career and Technical Student Organizations






B T Washington High School Pensacola 73

Baker High School Baker 0

Belleview MIDDLE/Escambia Pensacola 0

Bellview Middle School Pensacola 62

Bethlehem High High School Bonifay 14

Bethlehem High Junior High

School Bonifay 16

Bethlehem High School Bonifay 47

Bethlehem Occupational Bonifay 13

Beulah Pensacola 21

Booker T Washington High

School Pensacola 111

Central High School Milton 27

Central School Milton 13

Crestview High School Crestview 29

Escambia County School

District Walnut Hill 1

Escambia High School Pensacola 35

George Stone Center Pensacola 98

Gulf Breeze High School Gulf Breeze 118

J H Workman Middle School Pensacola 11

J M Tate High School Cantonment 212

Jay High School Jay 117

Laurel Hill High School Laurel Hill 12

Locklin Technology Milton 28

Milton High School Milton 37

Northview High School Bratt 123

Pace High School Pace 23

Paxton High School Paxton 0

Pensacola Catholic High

School Pensacola 125

Pensacola High School Pensacola 117

Pensacola State College Pensacola 250

Pine Forest High School Pensacola 47

Ponce De Leon High School Ponce De Leon 49

Ponce De Leon Junior High

School Ponce De Leon 17

Ransom Cantonment 17

*Data represents 2011-2012 school year.

Total CTSO


Total CTSO


Saint Mary's Ryken High

School Pensacola 1

South Walton High School Santa Rosa

Beach 19

Tate High School Cantonment 81

University of West Florida Pensacola 32

Virginia College Pensacola 13

Walton Career Development Defuniak

Springs 0

Walton Career Development

Center Defuniak Springs 91

Walton High School Defuniak

Springs 34

West Florida High School Pensacola 289

West Florida of Advanced

Technology High School Pensacola 87

Woodham Middle School Pensacola 107

Workman Middle School Pensacola 13


Altha High School Altha 78

Altha Public Altha 18

Altha Sr Public School Altha 12

Amos P Godby High School Tallahassee 39

Bethlehem High School Bonifay 19

Blountstown High School Blountstown 86

Bonifay Middle School Bonifay 16

Carr Clarksville 25

Chipley High School Chipley 64

Chipola College Marianna 10

Cottondale High School Cottondale 108

East Gadsden High School Havana 13

Florida A and M University Tallahassee 46

Florida High School Tallahassee 23

Florida State University Tallahassee 77

Gadsden Technical Institute Quincy 8

Graceville High School Graceville 52

Grand Ridge High School Grand Ridge 60

Grand Ridge Middle School Grand Ridge 56

Holmes County High School Bonifay 86

J R Arnold Panama City

Beach 20

James S Rickards High School Tallahassee 25

Lawton Chiles High School Tallahassee 22

Leon High School Tallahassee 15

Liberty County High School Bristol 33

Lincoln High School Tallahassee 14

Malone High School Malone 97



Total CTSO


Marianna High Occupational Marianna 15

Marianna High School Marianna 110

North Bay Haven Career

Academy Panama City 28

Poplar Springs High School Graceville 85

SkillsUSA Florida State Office Tallahassee 9

Sneads High School Sneads 123

Taylor County High School Perry 12

Vernon High School Vernon 78

Washington Holmes Technical

Center Chipley 27

West Gadsden High School Quincy 26


A L Mebane Alachua 31

Bell High School Bell 186

Bell Middle School Bell 90

Bradford Career Technical

Center Starke 64

Bradford High School Starke 62

Bradford Middle School Starke 22

Bradford Union Area Career

Technical Center Starke 24

Bradford Union Avtc Technical

Center Starke 16

Branford High School Branford 71

Bronson High School Bronson 69

Bronson ML High School Bronson 8

Buactc Starke 39

Buchholz High School Gainesville 154

Buchholz I High School Gainesville 286

Cedar Key Cedar Key 56

Cedar Key School Cedar Key 13

Chiefland High School Chiefland 338

Chiefland Middle School Chiefland 125

Clay County Fleming Island 1

Clay County District Fleming Island 1

Clay High School Green Cove

Springs 13

Columbia High School Lake City 181

Columbia Middle School Lake City 30

Cornerstone Academy Gainesville 10

Cross City Vo SCH Dixie High

School Cross City 74

Dixie County High School Cross City 137

Dunnellon Dunnellon 75

Dunnellon Christian Dunnellon 0

Dunnellon High School Dunnellon 106


Total CTSO


Fleming Island High School Fleming Island 63

Florida Association Gainsville 0

Florida Metropolitan University

Jacksonville Middleburg 1

Florida State Advisor Alachua 3

Florida State Office Alachua 13

Forestry Youth Academy High

School Inglis 0

Fort White High School Fort White 41

Fort White Mid School Fort White 70

Ft. White High School Ft. White 198

Ft. White Middle School Fort White 39

Gainesville High School Gainesville 466

Hamilton High School Jasper 69

High Springs Community

School High Springs 39

Keystone Heights High School Keystone

Heights 32

Keystone Heights Middle

School Keystone Heights 15

Keystone High School Keystone

Heights 25

Keystone Hts Keystone Hgts 17

Lafayette High School Mayo 173

Lafayette Middle Level High

School Mayo 18

Lake Asbury Middle School Green Cove

Springs 74

Lake Butler Lake Butler 105

Lake City Lake City 15

Lakeside Junior High School Orange Park 23

Madison County High School Madison 103

Middleburg High School Green Cove

Springs 403

Middleburg Middle School Middleburg 64

Newberry High School Newberry 43

North Florida Community

College Madison 9

Oakleaf High School Orange Park 245

Oakleaf Junior High School Orange Park 17

Orange Park High School Orange Park 303

Richardson Middle School Lake City 0

Ridgeview High School Orange Park 40

Ruth Rains Mid SCH Dixie Cross City 81

Santa Fe High School Alachua 143

Suwannee Hamilton Adult

Technical Center Live Oak 26

Suwannee Hamilton Technical

Center Live Oak 99



Total CTSO


Suwannee Middle School Live Oak 122

Trenton High School Trenton 95

Union County High School Lake Butler 301

University of Florida Gainesville 67

University Of Florida Collegiate Gainsville 0

Wilkinson Middle School Middleburg 96

Williston High School Williston 214


Atlantic Coast High School Jacksonville 53

Baker County Macclenny 55

Baker County High School Glen Saint Mary 203

Coconut Palm Academy Homestead 12

Edward H White High School Jacksonville 32

First Coast High School Jacksonville 23

Hilliard High School Hilliard 42

Jones College Jacksonville 5

Leesburg Middle School Leesburg 0

Mandarin High School Jacksonville 73

Oceanway School Jacksonville 38

Robert E Lee R High School Jacksonville 15

Samuel W Wolfson High

School Jacksonville 25

Sandalwood High School Jacksonville 23

Twin Lakes Academy Jacksonville 471

Virginia College Jacksonville 1

West Nassau County High

School Callahan 14


A Philip Randolph Jacksonville 33

A Philip Randolph Academies

of Technology Jacksonville 55

Academy of Early Childhood

Education Gainesville 21

Andrew Jackson High School Jacksonville 24

Apopka High School Apopka 23

Apopka Mem Apopka 28

Asa Phillip Randolph

Academies of Technology Jacksonville 28

Carver Middle School Orlando 0

Crooms Aoit Sanford 53

East Side High School Gainesville 13

Evans High School Orlando 30

Evans Middle School Orlando 0

F H Peterson Academy of

Technology Jacksonville 112

Florida Community College Jacksonville 19

Green Cove Springs Green Cove


Total CTSO


Hawthorne M/HS Hawthorne 25

Hungerford Prep School Eatonville 0

Jean Ribault High School Jacksonville 18

Jenkins Palatka 121

Jenkins Middle School Palatka 43

Jones High School Orlando 6

Loften Professionals Academy

Magnet High School Gainesville 39

Madison Central Madison 57

Maynard Evans High School Orlando 26

Mid Florida

TechnologyInstitute Orlando 289

Nathan Bedford Forrest High

School Jacksonville 14

Otec Orlando Technology Orlando 87

Palatka High School Palatka 222

Professional Academy Magnet

@ Loften High School Gainesville 21

Robinswood Middle School Orlando 0

Seminole State College of

Florida Orlando 1

Stanton College Prep Jacksonville 13

Stanton College Preparatory

School Jacksonville 11

W T Loften High School Gainesville 12

Wekiva High School Apopka 56

West Nassau High School Jacksonville 1

Westridge Orlando 0

William M Raines High School Jacksonville 29

Wolf Lake Apopka 51


Atlantic High School Port Orange 0

Bartram Trail High School Saint Johns 65

Buddy Taylor MD School Bunnell 18

Campbell Middle School Daytona Beach 0

Creekside Port Orange 24

Crescent City High School Crescent City 0

De Land High School De Land 204

DeLand Middle School Deland 14

First Coast Technical College Saint Augustine 58

Flagler High School Palm Coast 38

Flagler Palm Coast High

School Bunnell 33

Hinson Daytona Beach 24

Holly Hill Holly Hill 0

Interlachen High School Interlachen 23

Interlachen Middle School Interlachen 0



Total CTSO


New Smyrna BCH High School Nw Smyrna Bch 57

New Smyrna Beach High

School New Smyrna Beach 343

New Smyrna Beach Middle

School New Smyrna Beach 18

Ormond Beach Ormond Beach 0

Pedro Menendez High School St. Augustine 37

Ponte Vedra High School Ponte Vedra 35

Seabreeze High School Daytona Beach 135

Silver Sands Port Orange 41

Southwestern Deland 0

Spruce Creek High School Port Orange 32

Summit Academy Bunnell 0

T Dewitt Taylor High School Pierson 51

Taylor High School Pierson 84

Taylor Middle School Pierson 65


Corner Lake Orlando 46

Deltona High School Deltona 365

Florida Administrative Altamonte

Springs 24

Galaxy Deltona 0

Heritage Middle School Deltona 57

Lake Brantley High School Altamonte

Springs 70

Lake Howell High School Winter Park 25

Lyman High School Longwood 325

Oviedo High School Oviedo 22

Paul J Hagerty High School Oviedo 19

Pine Ridge High School Deltona 278

River Springs Orange City 88

Seminole Community College Apopka 1

Seminole State College Heathrow 2

Seminole State College of

Florida Oviedo 35

Seminole State College of

Florida Oviedo Sanford 3

University High School Orange City 106

University of Central Florida

College Orlando 69

Winter Park Technology Winter Park 29


Astronaut High School Titusville 208

Bayside High School Palm Bay 435

Brevard Community College Cocoa 3

Central Middle School West Melbourne 13

Clearlake Middle School Cocoa 12


Total CTSO


Cocoa Beach Middle School Cocoa Beach 64

DeLaura Middle School Satellite Beach 9

East River Orlando 63

Eau Gallie High School Melbourne 86

Edgewood Jr/Sr High School Merritt Island 22

Edgewood Junior/Senior High

School Merritt Island 88

Herbert C Hoover Middle

School Indialantic 8

Heritage High School Palm Bay 22

Holy Trinity Melbourne 20

Imagine Schools at South Vero Vero Beach 20

James Madison Middle School Titusville 6

Johnson Middle School Melbourne 3

Kennedy Middle School Rockledge 1

Melbourne High School Melbourne 132

Merritt Island High School Merritt Island 32

Palm Bay High School Melbourne 32

Rockledge High School Rockledge 51

Ronald McNair Magnet School Rockledge 14

Satellite High School Satellite Beach 47

Sebastian River High School Sebastian 45

Southwest Middle School Palm Bay 1027


Space Coast High School Cocoa 50

Space Coast Jr/Sr High School Cocoa 23

Titusville High School Titusville 132

Vero Beach High School Vero Beach 0

Viera High School Viera 87

West Shore Jr/Sr High School Melbourne 9


Boone Haines City 41

Boone Middle School Haines City 10

Celebration High School Celebration 36

Cypress Creek High School Orlando 176

Daniel Jenkins Academy Haines City 13

Discovery Orlando 0

Freedom High School Orlando 38

Freedom Patriots Orlando 0

Gateway High School Kissimmee 11

Haines City High School Haines City 146

Harmony Community School St. Cloud 17

Harmony High School Harmony 30

Horizon Kissimmee 11

Horizon Middle School Kissimmee 327



Total CTSO


Neptune Business Leaders Kissimmee 15

Orlando Colonial 9TH Grade

Middle School Orlando 0

Orlando Colonial High School Orlando 58

Osceola County School for

the Arts Kissimmee 25

Osceola High School Kissimmee 4

Parkway Middle School Kissimmee 44

Poinciana High School Kissimmee 43

Saint Cloud High School St. Cloud 66

St. Cloud High School St. Cloud 107

Stonewall Jackson Orlando 0

Technical Educational Center

Osceola Kissimmee 30

Timber Creek High School Orlando 190

University of Wisconsin

Whitewater Orlando 1

Walt Disney World Davenport 1


Auburndale High School Auburndale 250

Berkley Auburndale 21

Boone High School Orlando 68

Carver Middle School Leesburg 6

Clay High School Green Cove

Springs 13

Clermont Clermont 50

Denison Middle Panthers Winter Haven 13

DR Phillips High School Orlando 147

East Ridge High School Clermont 261

East Ridge Middle School Clermont 18

Eustis Middle School Eustis 52

Gotha Windermere 0

Gray Middle School Groveland 67

Griffin Middle School Howey In The

Hil 0

Hardee 0 10

Karen M Siegel Academy Lake Alfred 74

Lake Alfred Addair Lake Alfred 0

Lake Alfred Discovery Lake Alfred 0

Lake Technical Center Eustis 6

Lakeview Middle School Winter Garden 33

Lee Orlando 0

Leesburg High School Leesburg 79

Mount Dora High School Mount Dora 115

Oak Ridge High School Orlando 0

Ocoee Ocoee 67


Total CTSO


Polk State College Winter Haven 24

Polk State College/Chain of

Lakes Collegiate High School Winter Haven 52

Q I Roberts Florahome 91

Ridge Career Center - Winter

Haven High School Winter Haven 72

Ridge Career Center -

Winterhaven High School Winterhaven 93

Ridge Career Center High

School Winter Haven 59

Ridge Career Center PBL Winter Haven 6

Ridge Community H S Davenport 25

Ridge Community High School Davenport 120

Ridge County High School Davenport 72

Rollins College Orlando 1

Seminole Community College Tavares 1

South Lake High School Groveland 169

Stambaugh Auburndale 73

Tavares High School Tavares 189

Umatilla High School Umatilla 66

Umatilla Middle School Umatilla 8

University Volusia Orange City 30

Walker Orlando 0

West Orange High School Winter Garden 67

West Orange Middle School Winter Garden 79

Westside Technical Center Winter Garden 56

Westside Technology Winter Garden 0

Westwood Middle School Winter Haven 58

Wm R Boone High School Orlando 58


Belleview High School Belleview 220

Belleview Mid School Belleview 34

Brooksville High School Brooksville 170

Career Academy Ocala 51

Central High School Brooksville 118

Citrus High School Inverness 59

College of Central Florida Ocala 12

Crystal River High School Crystal River 154

F T King Ocala 36

F W Springstead High School Spring Hill 92

Florida State Alumni Santon 24

Florida Virtual School Brooksville 17

Florida Virtual School ML Brooksville 1

Forest High School Ocala 396

Fort MC Coy Ft Mc Coy 0



Total CTSO


Hernando High School Brooksville 40

Horizon Academy Ocala 18

Howard Mid School Ocala 0

Lake Weir High School Ocala 149

Lake Weir Middle School Summerfield 42

Lecanto High School Lecanto 80

Liberty Middle School Ocala 98

Marion Technical Institute Ocala 344

North Marion High School Citra 177

Ocala Christian Academy Ocala 16

Ocala Liberty Middle School Ocala 39

Ocala West Port High School Ocala 11

Osceola Middle School Ocala 96

Pasco Hernando Community

College Brooksville 29

South Sumter High School Bushnell 181

South Sumter Middle School Bushnell 180

Vanguard High School Ocala 170

West Port High School Ocala 51

Wildwood High School Wildwood 60

Withlacoochee Technical

Institute Inverness 38


Academy of Health and

Human Services New Port Richey 5

Anclote High School Holiday 17

Brandon High School Wesley Chapel 1

Centennial Dade City 33

Davidson Middle School Tampa 3

Dr John Long Middle School Wesley Chapel 26

Dunedin Highland Middle

School Dunedin 43

Farnell Middle School Tampa 28

Fivay High School Hudson 31

Gaither High School Tampa 98

George M Steinbrenner High

School Lutz 28

Gulf High School New Port

Richey 97

Hudson High School Hudson 44

J W Mitchell - New Port Richey

High School New Port Richey 75

J W Mitchell - New Port Ritchey

High School New Port Ritchey 93

J W Mitchell High School New Port

Richey 143

John Long Middle School Wesley Chapel 42

Land O Lakes High School Land O Lakes 44


Total CTSO


Marchman Technical

Education Center New Port Richey 76

Marchman Vocational Center New Port

Richey 0

Martinez Middle School Lutz 156

Palm Harbor university College Palm Harbor 397

Palm Harbor University High

School Palm Harbor 306

Pasco Hernando Community Trinity 1

Pasco Hernando Community

College Dade City 60

Pasco High School Dade City 220

Pasco Mid SCH Dade City Mid

FF Dade City 49

Pine View Land O Lakes 38

Pinellas County Palm Harbor 1

Ridgewood High School New Port

Richey 41

River Ridge Cecf Blue High

School New Port Richey 33

River Ridge High School New Port

Richey 107

Sickles High School Tampa 105

Steinbrenner High School Lutz 299

Sun Lake High School Land O'lakes 33

Sunlake High School Land O Lakes 85

T E Weightman Zephyrhills 73

Tarpon SPGS High School Tarpon Springs 22

Tarpon Springs High School Tarpon Springs 315

Walker Middle School Odessa 123

Walter L Sickles High School Tampa 20

Wesley Chapel High School Wesley Chapel 19

Wiregrass Ranch High School Wesley Chapel 243

Zephyrhills Christian Zephyrhills 0

Zephyrhills High School Zephyrhills 187

Zephyrhills Junior High School Zephyrhills 44


Boca Ciega - Gulfport High

School Gulfport 54

Boca Ciega - St. Petersburg

High School St. Petersburg 34

Boca Ciega High School St. Petersburg 12

Clearwater Fundamental

Middle School Clearwater 14

Clearwater High School Clearwater 120

Countryside High School Clearwater 133

Dixie Hollins High School St. Petersburg 699

Dunedin High School Dunedin 577



Total CTSO


Morgan Fitzgerald Middle

School Largo 24

Northeast High School St. Petersburg 399

Osceola Fundamental High

School Seminole 35

Osceola High School Seminole 98

Pinellas Park High School Largo 960

Ptec Clearwater Campus Clearwater 909

Seminole High School Seminole 24

Seminole Vo Ed Center Seminole 51

Seminole Vocational

Education Center Seminole 255


A P Leto Comprehensive H S I

High School Tampa 90

A P Leto Comprehensive High

Ii High School Tampa 27

Adams Middle School Tampa 9

Alonso Fashion High School Tampa 53

Alonso High School Tampa 283

Bay Point Middle School St.petersburg 38

Ben Hill Middle School Tampa 48

Bloomingdale High School Brandon 1

Bowers Whitley Career Center Tampa 45

Bowers/Whitley Career Center Tampa 10

Bowers/Whitley Career Center

Culinary Tampa 54

Braulio Alonso High School Tampa 44

C Leon King High School Tampa 49

Chamberlain High School Tampa 110

Culinary Operations Academy Tampa 31

D W Waters Career Center Tampa 11

Dowdell Middle School Tampa 8

Dr Earl J Lennard High School Ruskin 34

Dr Lennard High School Ruskin 38

DW Waters Tampa 0

DW Waters Career Center Tampa 40

East Bay High School Gibsonton 116

Eisenhower Middle School Gibsonton 69

Erwin Middle School Tampa 37

Fashion Academy Riverview 15

Fccla CC Tampa 21

Ferrell Girls Preparatory

Academy Tampa 8

Franklin Middle Boy's Prep Tampa 3

Franklin Middle School Tampa 0

Gibbs High School St Petersburg 98


Total CTSO


Giunta Middle School Riverview 10

H B Plant High School Tampa 33

Hillsborough High School Tampa 18

Jefferson Dragons Tampa 16

Jefferson High School Tampa 123

King High School Tampa 62

Lakewood High School St Petersburg 201

Lennard Ruskin 66

Leto Comprehensive High

School Tampa 10

Leto High School Tampa 102

Madison Middle School Tampa 91

Middleton High School Tampa 152

Pasco Hernando Community

College Tampa 1

Prog Village School of Arts Tampa 12

Progress Village Middle Magnet

School Tampa 7

Ptec Saint Petersburg Campus Saint

Petersburg 477

Robinson High School Tampa 88

Robinson Ii High School Tampa 28

Sgt Smith Middle School Tampa 85

Sligh Middle Health Academy Tampa 58

South County Career Center Ruskin 7

Spoto High School Riverview 71

Spoto Spartans Ece Riverview 22

St. Petersburg High School St. Petersburg 19

Stewart Middle School Tampa 17

Tampa Bay Technial High

School Tampa 80

Tampa Bay Technical High

School Tampa 67

Tampa Bay Technology High

School Tampa 277

Tampa Catholic High School Tampa 53

Tampa Preparatory High

School Tampa 41

TBT Tampa 19

Thomas Jefferson High School Tampa 141

University of South Florida Tampa 1

Van Buren Middle School Tampa 9

Webb Middle School Tampa 31

Williams Ib Middle School Tampa 163


Armwood Fashion High School Seffner 21

Armwood Finance High School Seffner 34



Total CTSO


Bartels Middle School Tampa 67

Bartow High School Bartow 342

Bartow Middle School Bartow 188

Bartow Yellow Jackets Bartow 14

Benito Middle School Tampa 15

Blake Academy Lakeland 316

Bloomingdale High School Valrico 66

Brandon High School Brandon 139

Buchannan Middle School Tampa 14

Burnett Middle School Seffner 22

Crystal Lake Lakeland 44

Crystal Lake Middle School Lakeland 12

D Sanders LRNG Center Lakeland 0

Durant Cougars Plant City 18

Durant High School Plant City 184

Elton Hinton Strawberry Crest

Middle School Dover 37

Florida Southern College Plant city 11

Florida State University Brandon 1

Freedom High School Tampa 72

Gause Academy of Leadership Bartow 1

Gause Academy of Leadership

and Applied Technology Bartow 14

George Jenkins High School Lakeland 675

Greco Middle School Temple Terrace 133

Harrison School for the Arts Lakeland 13

Horace Mann Middle School Brandon 45

iBiz Pre Academy Bartow 26

Jennings Seffner 25

Jinks Jennings Middle School Seffner 62

Kathleen High School Lakeland 214

Kathleen Middle School Lakeland 95

Lake Gibson High School Lakeland 475

Lakeland Collegiate High

School Lakeland 12

Lakeland High School Lakeland 80

Lakeland Highlands Lakeland 34

Lakeland Highlands Middle

School Lakeland 338

Lawton Chiles Middle

Academy Lakeland 669

Liberty Middle School Tampa 113

Marshall Middle School Plant City 70

McKeel Academy of

Technology Lakeland 36

McLane Middle School Brandon 5


Total CTSO


Mulberry Middle School Mulberry 15

Mulrennan Valrico 48

Mulrennan Middle School Valrico 7

Plant City High School Plant City 323

Polk County Juvenile Boot

Camp Bartow 0

School District of Hillsborough

County Lutz 1

Simmons Career Center Plant City 40

Sleepy Hill Middle School Lakeland 415

Southwest Junior High School Lakeland 5

Strawberry Crest Chargers Dover 15

Strawberry Crest High School Dover 123

Tenoroc High School Lakeland 211

Tomlin Midde School Plant City 0

Tomlin Middle School Plant City 847

Traviss Career Center Post

Secondary Lakeland 38

Traviss Career Center

Secondary Lakeland 29

Traviss Technical Center Lakeland 47

Turkey Creek Middle School Plant City 177

Univ Of Florida Plant City

Collegate Plant City 0

University of South Florida Tampa 58

Wharton High School Tampa 304


Bayshore High School Bradenton 230

Booker Sarasota 25

Braden River Bradenton 49

Braden River High School Bradenton 211

Braden River Middle School Bradenton 52

Brookside Sarasota 1082


Buffalo Creek Middle School Palmetto 131

Carlos E Haile Middle School Bradenton 40

Crusader Venice 0

Haile Middle School Bradenton 548

Heron Creek Middle School North Port 25

Lakewood Ranch High School Bradenton 158

Lakewood Ranch Middle

School Bradenton 35

Laurel Nokomis School Nokomis 437

Lincoln Middle School Palmetto 100

Louise R Johnson Bradenton 481

Manatee High School Bradenton 2152


Manatee Technical Institute Bradenton 608



Total CTSO


Martha B King Middle School Bradenton 54

Mcintosh Sarasota 16

North Port High School North Port 2657


Palmetto High School Palmetto 174

Pinellas County School Parrish 1

R Dan Nolan Middle School Bradenton 973

Riverview High School Sarasota 59

Saint Stephen's Episcopal

School Bradenton 10

Sara Scott Harllee Bradenton 331

Sarasota County Technical

Institute Sarasota 317

Sarasota County

TechnologyINSTITUTE Sarasota 414

Sarasota County Vocational

TechnologyCntr Sarasota 39

Sarasota High School Sarasota 92

Sarasota Middle School Sarasota 16

Sarasota Riverview High

School Sarasota 30

Scti Sarasota 201

Southeast High School Bradenton 204

State College of Florida Venice 7

Suncoast Polytechnical High

School Sarasota 437

University of South Florida Sarasota 12

Venice High School Venice 153

Venice Middle School Venice 8

W D Sugg Middle School Bradenton 518

Woodland Middle School North Port 666


Avon Park High School Avon Park 118

Avon Park Middle School Avon Park 12

Barrington Lithia 60

Barrington Bolts Lithia 71

Beth Shields Ruskin 44

Bok Academy Lake Wales 0

Charlotte High School Punta Gorda 53

Charlotte Technical Center Port Charlotte 401

DeSoto County High School Arcadia 120

Desoto High School Arcadia 41

Desoto Junior High School Arcadia 16

Dundee Ridge Middle School Dundee 72

Fccla Seahawks Ft Myers 7

Florida Foundation Haines City 0

Fort Meade High School Fort Meade 74


Total CTSO


Frostproof Middle School Frostproof 25

Ft. Meade Middle School Fort Meade 0

Ft. Meade Middle/Sr School Fort Meade 21

Ft. Meade Middle/Sr School ML Fort Meade 10

Glenn Barrington Middle

School Lithia 32

Hardee County High School Wauchula 81

Hardee High School Wauchula 16

Hardee Middle School Wauchula 12

Hill Gustat Middle School Sebring 70

Joe E Newsome High School Lithia 115

Lake Placid High School Lake Placid 91

Lake Region High School Eagle Lake 451

Lake Wales High School Lake Wales 91

Lake Wales Junior High School Lake Wales 0

Lemon Bay High School Englewood 49

Mclaughlin Middle School Lake Wales 37

Moore Haven High School Moore Haven 43

Newsome High School Lithia 222

Newsome Middle School Lithia 13

Okeechobee Brahman High

School Okeechobee 47

Okeechobee High School Okeechobee 96

Okeechobee Junior High

School Okeechobee 23

Okeechobee Middle School Okeechobee 50

Okeechobee Osceola Okeechobee 40

Randall Middle School Lithia 28

Riverdale High School Fort Myers 118

Riverview High School Riverview 197

Rodgers Riverview 56

Roosevelt Vocational Center Lake Wales 0

SBHC Sebring 1

School Board of Highlands

County Sebring 1

Sebring High School Sebring 100

Shields Middle School Ruskin 28

South Florida Community

College Avon Park 6

South Florida State College Arcadia 7

Webber International

University Babson Park 9

Winter Haven High School Winter Haven 190


F T Pierce Westwood High

School Fort Pierce 34

Fort Pierce Central High School Fort Pierce 81



Total CTSO


Ft. Pierce Central High School Ft. Pierce 21

Hidden Oaks Palm City 0

Independence Middle School Jupiter 86

Indian River State - Fort Pierce

College Fort Pierce 16

Indian River State - Ft. Pierce

College Ft. Pierce 22

Indian River State College Fort Pierce 44

Jensen Beach High School Jensen Beach 116

Jupiter Comm High School Jupiter 104

Jupiter High School Jupiter 729

Keiser University Port St. Lucie 28

Martin County High School Stuart 187

Palm Beach Gardens

Community High School Palm Beach Gardens 440

Palm Beach Gardens H S Palm Beach

Gardens 228

Palm Beach Gardens High

School Palm Beach Gardens 234

Port Saint Lucie High School Port Saint Lucie 17

Port St Lucie High School Port St. Lucie 97

Renaissance Charter School of

St Lucie Port Saint Lucie 6

Royal Palm Beach Community

High School Royal Palm Beach 295

Royal Palm Beach High School royal palm

beach 129

Saint Lucie West Centennial

High School Port Saint Lucie 42

Seminole Ridge Community

High School Loxahatchee 1

Seminole Ridge High School Loxahatchee 20

South Fork High School Stuart 112

St. Lucie County School Board Fort Pierce 1

St. Lucie County School

District Ft. Pierce 1

St. Lucie West Centennial High

School Port St. Lucie 129

St. Lucie West K Port St. Lucie 22

Treasure Coast High School Port St. Lucie 150

Watson B Duncan Middle

School Palm Beach Gardens 284

Wellington High School Loxahacthee 1

Westwood High School Ft. Pierce 71

William T Dwyer High School Palm Beach

Gardens 357


Alternative Learning Center

West Naples 2

Barron Collier High School Naples 15

Cape Coral High School Cape Coral 42


Total CTSO


Estero High School Estero 8

Fort Myers High School Fort Myers 6

Fort Myers Institute of

Technology Ft. Myers 21

Fort Myers Middle Academy Fort Myers 14

Ft. Myers High School Fort Myers 15

High Central Technical Center Ft. Myers 15

Ida Baker High School Cape Coral 19

Ida S Baker Cape Coral 17

Lee County High

TechnologyCenter North Cape Coral 17

Lee County High

TechnologyCentral Fort Myers 63

Lee County Public Ft Myers 2

Lexington Middle School Fort Myers 12

Lorenzo Walker Institute of

Technology Naples 64

Manatee Middle School Naples 23

Mariner High School Cape Coral 89

Mariner Middle School Cape Coral 25

Seminole Community College Fort Meyers 1

South Fort Myers Ft. Myers 54

Wolfpack Fort Myers 14


Blanche Ely High School Pompano

Beach 59

Boyd H Anderson High School Lauderdale

Lakes 71

Cardinal Newman High School West Palm

Beach 17

Clewiston High School Clewiston 143

Clewiston Middle School Clewiston 43

Deerfield Beach High School Deerfield Beach 28

Dillard High School Fort Lauderdale 42

Forest Hill High School West Palm

Beach 32

Glade Central High School Belle Glade 61

Glades Day Belle Glade 0

Lake Worth High School Lake Worth 98

Northwood University College West Palm

Beach 20

Palm Beach Lakes Community

- West Palm Beach High School West Palm Beach 16

Palm Beach Lakes Community

High School West Palm Beach 7

Piper - Fort Lauderdale High

School Fort Lauderdale 31

Piper - Sunrise High School Sunrise 29

Piper High School Fort Lauderdale 72





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