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Partner for automation

Battery manufacturing


Regardless of which of the various production processes you focus on, you’ll undoubtedly come across Festo. In the form of intelligent solutions that offer far more than just components and sub-systems: by means of precisely

targeted support and services which, for example, lastingly increase the productivity and availability of your systems. This process know-how makes us your ideal partner. Judge for yourself.

Provided consistently: comprehensive support

The service and support philosophy of Festo is based on a continuous analysis of the value creation chain for different types of customers. Festo has built on this to develop a sophisticated portfolio that supports you along your entire value added chain.


• Consulting • Design tools • Electronic catalogue


• Festo online shop • 24-hour delivery


• Logistics optimisation service

• PrePack

Installation and commis-sioning • Ready-to-install solutions • Commissioning of axis systems • Compressed air consumption analysis Operation

• Energy saving service • Modular service


• Compressed air quality analysis

• Spare parts catalogue • Repair service

Your objective: cost-effective implementation of ultramodern production systems

Our solution: efficient and reliable automated solutions with electric and


Your partner for safety

Machines have to be designed in a way that protects people, animals, property and the environment from harm. The objective is to prevent physical damage of any type. Using safety-relevant pneumatic and electric components from Festo provides you with the security of implementing safety measures in compliance with the EC Machinery Directive.

Efficient from the very beginning: sizing software

Potential energy savings can be exploited and oversizing can be avoided during the system design phase: our software tools for electric and pneumatic drive systems can accelerate your return on investment. At the same time, components and drive systems are ideally matched to your application.

Know what’s going to happen in advance: condition monitoring

Ever increasing cost pressure demands shorter cycle times and

greater system availability – with optimised energy efficiency.

System monitoring and preventive maintenance offer the means for dealing with these challenges – even from great distances.

You’ll find the solutions at Festo.

Save energy!

Optimise your energy consumption and determine potential compressed air savings for your system with Energy Saving Services from Festo. You can reduce your costs by up to 60% in this way – even after commissioning.

Dry room? Copper-free? No problem!

Festo offers modified products for especially sensitive production

areas such as cleanrooms and dry rooms. As well as for production which has to be free of certain materials such as copper, or where sta-tic discharging needs to be avoided. What are your conditions

of use? We would be happy to assist you with any necessary clarifica -tion and work out a solu-tion together with you.


Coating the electrodes

After the coating compound has been mixed, the electrode is coated. The compound it then dried and reduced by means of several rollers, until the required thickness is obtained.

Manufacturing the electrode

Mixing Coating Drying KaladernCalendering

Festo solutions

Proportional media valve VZQA

Free fl owing media – negligible fl ow resistance, no blockages. Always in good shape, even with highly abrasives or viscous media. Faster, easier replacement of the sealing cartridge in no time fl at without any

special tools.

3-way ball valve VZBA

For trouble-free control of aggressive media or gases. With T-hole for

mixing several essences, with L-hole for switching two media circuits with a single ball valve. Reduced costs because only one ball valve is required with the L-hole instead of two.

Solenoid valves VZWX

A single family with various strengths: the directly actuated VZWD is

perfect for high-pressure and dosing applications, and the force pilot

operated VZWF works without differential pressure – even in closed media circuits. The servo controlled VZWP regulates high pressures up to 40 bar with large nominal diameters – thanks to the use of a sealing piston instead of a diaphragm as is the case with the VZWM range, which can be used with pressures of up to 10 bar.

Angle seat valve VZXF

Highly robust and sturdy. For gaseous media with viscosities of up

to 600 mm²/s or liquid media in open and closed circuits. Extremely heat-resistant, stainless steel design, NC function for reliable closing in the event of pressure drop.


Production of cathodes and anodes

First of all, the anode and cathode coils are cut. The coils are then stacked in a magazine or on a conveyor belt. The cathodes’ contact pins are then welded into place and the cathodes are fi nally packaged in foil.

Festo solutions

Valve terminal MPA-L

Pure modularity! MPA-L is easy to expand in single steps to up to 32 valve positions - perfect for special machine building. And it can be conveniently connected to the fi eldbus node CTEU or to the CPX terminal for integrated automation. Also included is the option to mix 3 valve sizes.

Valve terminal VTUG

Outstanding value for the money. For multi-pin plug, or with unbelievably simple and cost-effective connection to all common fi eldbuses including Profi bus, DeviceNet, ASi, EtherCAT, CC-Link plus and IO-Link via fi eldbus node CTEU. Ideal for the control cabinet and with an unrivalled number of valve positions, namely 24.

Rotary indexing table DHTG

High load bearing capacity, precise and economical! Can be set to anticlockwise, clockwise or reciprocating motion, fl exible operation or other indexing can be selected subsequently. Very quick to install thanks to non-rotating opening for cables and tubing.

Pneumatic mini slide DGSL

8 sizes, stroke lengths up to 200 mm, 3 different end stops, highly precise, high load bearing capacity, easy to install: the best technical and most economical solution for any application.

Manufacturing the cell

Slitting Separating Stacking Welding Packaging


Charging and testing

The SEI layer (solid electrolyte interphase) is formed when the battery cell is charged for the fi rst time. The gas pocket inside the cell is then fi lled. The pocket is pierced and aspirated in order to degas it. The gas cell is subsequently resealed under vacuum and the gas bubble is isolated. Folding the edges of the pouch is the fi nal work step in this process. This technology ensures optimised power density for the battery – along with maximised leak-proofi ng. Finally, the battery’s performance characteristics are tested, for example capacitance, internal resistance and self-discharging.

Festo solutions

Electric toothed belt axis with roller bearing guide ELGA-TB-RF

Zero guide backlash: even at high speeds of up to 10 metres per second and considerable torque loads, the ELGA-TB-RF doesn’t deviate from its specifi ed travel path. A cover band protects the guide and the toothed belt included in the robust roller bearing guide. Especially at high speeds: the driving component for external guides.

Intelligent compact vision system SBOC

Easy fault localisation thanks to reliable analysis and diagnosis of individual or periodic, high-speed motion sequences. Easy to handle with optimum adjustment and monitoring.

Servo motor EMMS-AS

A single servomotor for two controller types. As a permanently energised, brushless servomotor with eight torque ranges, this motor is designed for dynamic positioning tasks. Optional multi-turn shaft encoder, motor housing and power/encoder terminal with IP65 protection, motor shaft bearing with IP54 protection (optionally IP64) and straight-toothed planetary gearing with IP54 protection.

Motor controller CMMP/S

CMMP: The CMMP-AS range of servomotor controllers provides a highly functional solution for dynamic movements. It’s ideally suited for the electronic control of cam discs.


Preassembly and quality inspection

After the cells have been precisely inserted into the bottom of the module, the quality of the welding joint is checked: a voltage test indicates whether or not full functionality is ensured. The cables are then fused to the PCB and the sensors. A further voltage test indicates whether or not this work step has been properly executed.

Festo solutions

Electric linear axis EGC

Dynamic and fast with improved rigidity – as toothed belt or spindle drive. Maximum rigidity and load capacity thanks to large profi les with an optimised cross section.

Electric slide EGSL

Maximum performance with compact installation space. Its good precision, high load carrying capacity and dynamic response with strokes of up to 300 mm make positioning extremely economical. Above all ideal in vertical applications.

Air bearing ATBT

The air bearing functions in a contactless fashion by means of an air cushion, but nevertheless consumes very little compressed air. Uniform air fl ow ensures maximum precision and allows for short cycle times. The air bearing ATBT has an overall space-saving design and its length can be matched to customer-specifi c requirements.

Service units – MS series

The holistic concept for application-specifi c solutions for your compressed air preparation requirements. Freely combinable function modules, size mixing, fl ow sensors, electric pressure regulator and integrated pressure sensors!

Battery module assembly


Inspection Quality check


en 135457 2013/03 EN – Subject to change Parameter access Velocity ModePosition Fieldbus-Communication

Position set Direct position Parameter channel



Automotive Industry and Automotive Suppliers

Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Flatpanel/Solar Small Parts Assembly and Electronics Food and Beverage Water/Wastewater

Industry-specific solutions Front Unit Sensors Compressed air supply/ accessories Application-optimised solutions

Pneumatic Servo-pneumatic Electric

Intelligent automation solutions using electrics and pneumatics

Management level Actuation Drives Field level Control Controllers Operation Visualisation Diagnostics Control level Fieldbus CPX web Monitor Management system EPCO Cylinder ESBF CMMO-ST Integrated controller CDPX Modular controller CECX 3rd side PLC (ABB, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell, Siemens etc.) FHPP

Festo Handling and Positioning Profile CODESYS provided by Festo FST 4 Festo Software Tool EtherNet (PROFINET EtherNet/IP EtherCAT TCP) Fieldbus (PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link)

CPX web Monitor Front End Displays Diagnosis and

pre-processing On-site diagnostics

Position Distance Pressure Flow rate

Flow rate FCT Festo Configuration Tool 135324 en 2012/11 Colour Object sensing

Regulators Filters Lubricat Valves Dryers ors

PrePack Product modifications Product development Assemblies Integration solution Mounting Plate Control cabinets Signal converters

Electrical installation concepts • Central • Decentralised • On-site • Hybrid Installation system CPI Stand-alone units On-site

Valves Decentralised valve terminals On-site valve terminals Proportional valve MPYE End position controller SPC11 Position controller CPX-CMAX

End position controller CPX-CMPX Proportional valve VPWP Linear drives with inte-grated diplacement encoder DNCI/DDPC DSMI-B DGCI/DDLI Swivel modules with integrated displacement encoder

Pick and Place Linear gantry Three-dimensional gantry T-Gantry EXCT H-Gantry EXCH Tripod EXPT


Sizing and calculation software for electric drives SFC-LACI Servo motor MTR-DCI EGC-HD-TB/BS EGSL DGEA EGC-TB/BS DNCE-BS/LS ELGA-TB-G/RF Cantilever axes Slides Linear motor axes


Standard cylinders Round cylinders

Sensor interface CASM Compact/short-stroke cylinders Grippers Electric parallel grippers Parallel grippers Three point grippers Sealed grippers Angle and radial grippers Swivel/gripper units Adaptive gripper Bellow grippers Micro grippers Vacuum Vacuum grippers Vacuum generators Swivel modules electric pneumatic Image processing

Type, position, rotational position sensing; quality inspection; diagnostics and commissioning

Compressed air preparation Connection technology, pneumatic Electric

Sensors Integrated sensors

Pressure amplifier Plastic tubing Fittings Couplings Connecting Cables Plug connectors

Customer-specific products and services Handling systems Handling modules Economical I/O modules Compact Sturdy (Differential) pressure Axis interface CPX-CMXX Integrated controllerCPX-CEC Robotic controller

CMXR Compact controller CECC

Servo motor controller CMMP-AS CMMD-AS

Stepper motor controllers CMMS-ST Motor controller CMFL SLTE with DC motor SFC-DC CMMS-AS CPX-CMIX CRDSNU DFM Guided cylinder DGC-HD DSNU ADN ADVC Rodless drives DGC Mini slides DGSL DGSC DSBC DSBF DSBG





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