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Discover Slovakia – the heart of Europe

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Welcome to the geographical middle of Europe



– a country with royal cities and rich mining history, with romantic fortress

ruins, castles and the scenic villages. All this you can find in the arms of beautiful nature,

ma-jestic mountains and dense woodlands. The healing thermal springs, a real forest, an extinct

volcano and a beauty of the underground caves fascinate each year thousands of visitors. The

Slovaks – a proud nation with a temperament folklore and a delicate cuisine will welcome you

with open arms. Do not hesitate and commence a journey full of discoveries, unforgettable

ex-periences and the unique tastes !


Banska Bystrica

– a lovely city embraced by the mountains. The central position in

the heart of Slovakia predetermines this place to become your starting point to uncover not

only Slovakia but also important capitals of neighbouring countries. From Banska Bystrica is

everything close at hand !

CZ UA H A PL Banská Bystrica Bratislava Budapest Vienna Krakow 210 km 180 km 286 km 216 km Banská Bystrica Banská Štavnica KremnicaSliač Brusno Turčianske Teplice Kaskády Dudince Vlkolínec Levoča Hronsek


Educational trips

3 | Educational trips | 4

places you will fall in love with

Experience places you have never been before. You will be surprised by its history spanning

over the centuries. These seemingly undiscovered towns have once already been discovered.

A strong impression has left this country on the famous roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and

have been an inspiration to one his philosophical book – Meditations. The rumour has it that it

was written somewhere near the river Hron. However, the greatest glory comes from the middle

ages when discovery of the huge sites of precious metals drawn wealthy and honored families

here. The heritage from this time – many monuments of incalculable value have been enlisted to

UNESCO’s World heritage site.

Three famous mining cities, only a few kilometers from each other and yet – they all are different. All of them became popular through the mining of the precious metals. The Copper Banska Bystrica, the Silver Banska Stiavnica and the Golden Kremnica. The Thurzos-Fuggers company operating in Banska Bystri-ca thanks to the copper busines all over Europe helped to lay foundations of a modern way of business and helped to create a double entry bookkeeping system. Banska Stiavnica is a very unique town with many technical monu-ments and mining works. First University of Mines was built here. Kremnica – another royal town with the longest continuously operating mint in the world. Come over and get to know the unbelievable mining history of these places. In the past, their greatness was widely popular and well known in Europe.

1st day arrival to Bratislava. By a boat trip you’ll see the youngest capital of Europe. in the 18th century it became the biggest and the most important city of the Kingdom of Hungary. transfer to Banska Bystrica and lodging.

2nd day the first stop in the mining trefoil is „the Copper“ Banska Bystrica. it became fa-mous over the mining of the copper and also over the slovak national uprising. its citi-zens are well-know for their hospitality. not very far from here you can find the most notable mining village –Špania Dolina. there is an open-air museum here along with many mining monuments. above the village rises the lord’s church of transfor-mation, the original early Gothic church dating back to 1254. there is a remarkable covered wooden stairway with 160 steps here.

3rd day

the wooden articular church in Hronsek built with no iron nail is another interesting sacred monument to be seen. in 2008 it was enlisted to unEsco’s World’s heritage site. “The Golden” Kremnica is the second stop on the mining trefoil. From 1328 gained privileges as the royal free town. Because of the mines full of gold and silver, which were mined from 10th century, Kremnica was the centre of attention of many monarchs. the oldest still operating mint is here. the town’s dominancy is the town castle with a beautiful view over the historic centre and dazzling nature of the Krem-nica mountains.

4th day

the last stop of the mining trefoil is “the Silver” Banska Stiavnica, offering more than 360 landmarks, surrounded by the charming nature of the stiavnicke hills. the first univeristy of Mines was established here in 1735. it was the only one of a kind in the world. For its exclusivity the town of Banska stiavnica is listed on unE-sco’s Wold heritage site. transfer to Bratislava, lodging.

5th day

Explore the youngest capital of Europe by a walk through the historic centre of Bratislava. From the Michal’s Gate take the old streets up to the snp Bridge (Bridge of the slovak national uprising) with an observation tower reminding of uFo. Here you can relax with a cup of a coffee and some pastry and from the above you can deepen your experiences from this interesting city. come in to the Botanic garden which happens to be the first botanic garden in slovakia. also, you could take a ca-ble car from Zelezna studienka to Kamzik. come and enjoy Bratislava from the bird’s eye view by a hot-air balloon’s or a helicopter’s flight. in the evening find pleasure in shopping, visiting an opera or a musical show.

6th day

transfer and departure from Bratislava

Tour nr. 1

The copper heart and the mining trefoil

„Via MiNieRa + TeRRa MoNTaNae“


5 | Educational trips | 6

The glorious middle ages cities, most important business centers where crowds of  traders from all over Europe were heading – Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow. The biggest markets joined with many busy trade routes, connecting right in Slovakia, only few kilometers away from Banska Bystrica. These routes created the glory of the „Copper city” all over the world. The cop-per excavated from mines near Banska Bystrica traveled to every part of Eu-rope and its traces lead beyond the continental borders.

1st day

arrival to Vienna, the capital of austria, a marvellous city of the austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. the pride of the Habsburg royal dynasty, the majestic stephansdom, perfect green parks, museums full of treasures. schonbrunn – a lovely palace sur-rounded by the ingeniously created gardens with many mazes, fountains and the oldest Zoo in the world. lodging in Vienna.

2nd day

transfer from Vienna to Budapest. another large metropolis on danube river. You will have the opportunity to see charming Budapest from a deck of a boat on the dan-ube river. the sight on the grandiose Budinsky hill, the parliament and the symbol of Budapest – the legendary chain Bridge, Fisherman Bastion, the magic streets of the historic downtown and vivid city will definitely leave a lasting impression on you. lodging in Budapest.

3rd day

From metropolises on danube in a few hours you will get to a lovely region of Ban-ska Bystrica, surrounded by the mountains. the glory of “the copper city” is close-ly linked to the thurzos-Fuggers company, which used to be the biggest copper producer in the world at that time. this company is the founder of the double-entry bookkeeping system. lodging in a wellnes hotel in Banska Bystrica.

4th day

Following the steps of the trade routes north direction to one of the prettiest jewels of the middle ages - Krakow. the city with an appealing scenery will dazzle you by its nu-merous parks mixed with enormous architectural works, such as lovely rynek Glówny, the sad Jewish town Kazimierz, the magic castle Wawel and the story about a dragon living inside. Krakow sightseeing. lodging in Krakow.

5th day

on the borders of Krakow there is an amazing undergound city called The Wieliczka Salt Mines. this unbelievable underworld deep appr. 315m will amuse you with its unexpected greatness. sometimes it is called “the underground cathedral”. From depths of the earth you will elevate right under the peaks of the polish side of ta-tras to Zakopane, a favourite winter resort with a pleasant mountain scenery. the winding trails of the ancient trade routes will take you to medieval Levoca. Behind the town walls a few unique monuments are hidden, such as saint Jacob‘s church with the late Gothic wooden altar made by Master paul from levoca. the altar is the tallest wooden altar in the world. lodging in the High tatras.

6th day

The High Tatras – the lowest high mountains in Europe. tall stone hills blended with deep glacier valleys, the tarns like the small mirrors reflect the star light during the night and the golden sun during the day. the bent peak of Krivan, the lomnicky stit – the most popular of all the other hills, Gerlach – the king of all hills. the power of the hot thermal spring you will feel on your skin in a neighbouring spa. lodging in Banska Bystrica.

7th day

transfer to Bratislava. the coronation city of kings of the Hungary Kingdom. the panoramic view from a stylish restaurant, high-reaching on a large pylon above the city. transfer to Vienna.

Tour nr. 3

Banska Bystrica – the middle of Europe + coronation

and royal cities –

Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and krakow

6 nights, 7 days

Banska Bystrica is a charming city in the heart of Slovakia. In its vicinity you can find three treasures enlisted in UNESCO’s World heritage site. Reveal the history of the prettiest places, most precious monuments, enjoy the closeness of the mountains, the healing effects of the thermal springs, wander with us in a dazzling nature.

1st day arrival to the capital of slovakia – Bratislava, once very important royal city of the austria-Hungarian Monarchy. the history of the old streets in the old city downtown (stare mesto) with its dominant symbol - Bratislava castle engages with a modern-ized and filled with energy present life. the elegance of the city you can appreciate by taking a boat trip on the danube river. in the evening you will be transferred straight to the heart of slovakia – Banska Bystrica.

2nd day We will introduce you beauties of ,,the Copper“ Banska Bystrica. the city walls and majestic noble houses along the charming historic square remeber the most mem-orable events of the “copper history“. ,,TheSilver“ Banska Stiavnica is listed on unEsco’s World heritage site. the stylish houses along the streets, country houses on the hillsides, a maze created from roofs, towers and steeples. Bewildered by the beauty of the mining cities you will relax your body and soul in wellness or you can have fun while shopping in one of our malls. lodging in Banska Bystrica.

3rd day

authentic world of the wooden dwellings set in a pastoral nature - this is Vlkolinec,

a scenic village with an open-air museum. From here you will be transferred to me-dieval Levoca. Behind the town walls a few unique monuments are hidden, such as saint Jacob‘s church with the late Gothic wooden altar made by Master paul from levoca. the altar is the tallest wooden altar in the world.

4th day

The High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) – the roof of the central Europe. the stone peeks, the glacier valleys, the murmuring brooks, unmoving mirrors of the mountain tarns. the cable railway connecting tatranska lomnica and lomnicky stit will offer you a view from the meteorological and astronomical observatory right under the hill peak. For the rest of the day spoil yourself in a healing thermal bath right at the foothill of the majestic mountains.

5th day

the treasure of the slovak original art and sacred architecture – the wooden ar-ticular church in Hronsek stands at the doorstep of  Banska Bystrica.the church was built within one year without a single iron nail and it is listed in unEsco’s World herritage site. nostalgic atmosphere of the church with the smell of timber will be re-placed by the impressive stone walls of the Castle in Slovenska Lupca, rising up on a high stone in north direction from Banska Bystrica. an idyllic village under the castle with real country appearance, decorated by the art of the craftsmen, flavoured by the classic home-made delicacies. and then – hurry up to an another adventure- this time we take the wooden trains of the ciernohorska railway, one of the 7 wonders of the Banska Bystrica region.

6th day

From the area in the heart of slovakia you will be shifted back to Bratislava. the last day you will taste the ambience of the old city downtown soaked with the famous history.

Tour nr.2

Banska Bystrica – the heart of Slovakia + treasures of UNESCO

„Via gRaNUs and UNesco“


Wellness tours

7 | WEllnEss tours | 8

The health and relax in the lap of nature

Recharge and indulge yourself in Slovakia – a country with the highest concentration of healing

springs in Europe. The thermal springs, professional staff, clean and untouched nature is the

guarantee you’ll return to your home reborn.


the Brusno spa is one of the treasures of distinctive region of Horehronie. Embraced by the mountains in the middle of a valley by which the Brusnianka stream flows, the peaks of low tatras in a line of sight, a silence, a peace and a fresh air soaked by the smell of the surrounding woods and the meadow flowers. discover the healing pow-er of 4 springs used abundantly by lumbpow-er jacks, minpow-ers and coal minpow-ers in the past. the Brusno springs are used for unique water drinking therapy and for mineral baths. a benefit of the water drinking therapy is most significant with digestive system re-lated diseases, the mineral baths help mainly with cardio – vascular, musculoskeletal and skin related disorders.


the benefits of the precious healing mineral water in dudince were known already to roman soldiers which left here 32 nature stone pools carved to travertines. Even the passed centuries haven´t taken anything from the springs exceptionalities. on the contrary, the rare mineral waters rich in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, giving a characteristic odor to them, can be found only in French spas in Vichy and in Japan. Mineral waters from dudince are suitable for treatment of the musculoskeletal and cardio-vascular systems


the sliac spa situated in a beautiful woodpark, not far away from Banska Bystri-ca and Zvolen, belonged in the past to one of the most searched healthy spas in old Hungary. the healing water and “spiritual peace” in a carefully maintained spa park were favourite place of the writer Bozena nemcova and the former president of czechoslovakia t.G. Masaryk. the walks in a park with a japanese garden are today a balm for the soul and a great added value of the healing springs. the carbon dioxide rich mineral water sources are mainly used for treatment of circulatory sys-tem diseases, oncologic and female disorders. unique and rare by world standards is also a gas source containing up to 99,7% of natural carbon dioxide. the sliac spa uses this type of treatment as the only place in the world.


at the foot of the stavnica Mountains, in a lovely valley only 12km from the town of Banska stiavnica, there are one of the oldest spas in slovakia – the sklene teplice spa. You will feel relaxed here if you love the feeling to lay down in a hot bath and a dreamy atmosphere in a candle light. an european exclusivity can be found here – parenica. it is a hot cave bath with water temperature 42°c. “parenica” is very rich in magnesium and calcium and is very beneficial for treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system. the healing spring flows directly into the cave, filling the natural stone pool.


the „glory crown“is given to the Golden spa turcianske teplice. it is the most fa-mous spa in slovakia since a long time ago. it used to be visited by aristocrats and kings from Hungary, poland, austria and transylvania. King sigismund of luxem-bourg loved this spa. He used to take baths here with his golden crown on his head and kept himself rude in health till old age. You are welcome to try the healing and glamorizing effects of the golden bath yourself. as well as broader benefits of one of the most highly mineralised waters in slovakia, which favorably affects musculoskel-eton disorders, nervous, urologic and female reproductive system diseases.


i. Medical - health – relax trip –


intensive program = voluntary medical check-up, free admission to rehab pool, sau-na, steam and fitness, 6 remedial-relaxational procedures (8 days trip), 4 remedi-al-relaxational procedures (6 days trips), social activities with a music and a dance, organized walks in nature with a guide

ii. Medical – reducation trip –


intensive program = initial medical exam, exercises in a pool and a gym, free en-trance to rehab pool, sauna, steam, fitness, rehabilitation advisory and exercising, organized walks in nature, social dance events, food advisor.

iii. Medical – rehabilitation trip –


intensive program = initial medical exam, a program made to fit one’s requirements, free entrance to a rehabilitation pool, sauna, steam and fitness, rehab advisory and exercises, organized walks in nature, social dance and music events

iV. seniors school of


intensive program = free entrance to a rehabilitation pool, sauna, steam and fitness, parlour games, organized walks in nature, vitalizing exercises, oxygen revitalizing, consultation with an expert regarding quality of life and memory trainings, social eve-nings with a music or a dance

The curing water of thermal springs hidden deep in the Earth heals the sick ones, rejuvenate the tired ones, beautifies the imperfect ones. Which spa is the best for you? The choice is yours! In the area of few tens of kilometers from the city of Banska Bystrica you can find spas in each way you take - in north direction there is the Golden Spa Turcianske Teplice, in south direction there are the Sklene Teplice Spa and the Dudince Spa, in east direction you can find your paradise on earth in the Brusno Spa and right next to Banska Bystrica is the Sliac Spa. Dive into a miraculous curing waters and return back to your lives like born again.

Besides indulging your soul, your body can be healed as well:

- Musculoskeleton system disorders - cardio-vascular disorders

- nervous system diseases - digestive system diseases

- urinary tract and kidney infections - Female reproductive system disorders - occupational diseases

The target group:

- seniors

- Groups of more than 25 people - individuals Themes: - relax - redu - reha - Vitality

Framework program for each theme:

1st day – welcome day + relax time, a consultation regarding the program, possible medical check-up

2nd - 5th day = 4 days (or 2nd - 4th day = 3 days) = basic intensive program 6th - 7th day= 2 days (or 5th day = 1 day) = basic program combined with trips 8th day (6th day) = leaving day + shopping

The program consists of:

7x (5x) accommodation + full pension, a guide during the full trip (with a group over 25ppl) or a guide during a welcome and a leaving day, a phone assistance (for in-dividual clients), basic intensive program by your choice, possibility of buying more procedures + possibility of optional trips

Trip nr. 1

Medical programs in spas

7 nights, 8 days (5 nights, 6 days)


in a beautiful nature right in a quiet part of the woodlands of Zvolenska kotlina you find a peace, a fresh air and a possibility to relax in the popular Wellness&spa Hotel Kaskady.

Homelike comfort, hospitable staff, tasty kitchen offering many traditional culinary specialties prepared by nontraditional ways, active relax with a tennis racquet or a golf club, various wellness procedures you can think of. Will you try classic mas-sages or rather ayurvedic procedures old more than 5000 years ? Would you rather take an exotic massage from Bali? Maybe a calming relax and 100% nurturing care of a trained team of professionals and healing thermal water in wellness & medical spa will do! in Kaskady you simply find an oasis of the peace and relax.

Procedures of the luxury and the exotic wellness:

- ayurvedic massages and its healing procedures - thai art of massage

- tai cHi – a philosophy of the body and soul from china - Healing thermal water

- oxygen rich woodlands – rejuvenating oxygen therapy - nature food from our home production

- Quality services provided by our professionals

- optional services for your business, health, education, art and pleasure

Trip nr. 2

Luxury and exotic wellness

6 days, 7 nights

| WEllnEss tours | 10


In our surrounding full of woodlands we have recreational facilities especially intended for children. They are equipped with sport fields, playgrounds, farm yards, horses, ponies, pools, saunas, playrooms and workshops. Their res-taurants are ready for healthy eating respecting rules of children’s nutrition. A fresh air is a bonus of our mountain climate. Once you decide to come along with yor babies we will indulge and spoil you.

1st day = welcome day, relaxing day

2nd - 5th day (2nd - 4th day) = intensive program

6th -7th day (5th day) = optional trips+shopping

Examples of activities for a child - Water games

- activities in nature

- Hippotherapy with horses and ponies - Farm yard visit

- Getting to know flowers, trees, birds and butterflies

- Fairy tales activities - costume parade - Board games - Ballgames

- Workshops for the littlest ones (clay workshop, painting, drawing on a sidewalk)

- puppet theatre - aquapark

- Visit to the „live“ fairy tale house Habakuky

childrens and students trips

11 | cHildrEns trips | 12

education and fun for your kids

Children are the biggest treasure of our life. They are our motivation, our future. With a respect

and a big responsibility we offer to your children vacation filled with lots of experiences,

im-pulses for their growth in both ways – spiritually and physically. Sport and game are natural

and effective ways. A spare time of your children will be filled with creative games, sports and

knowledge. Our country is well-known for its strong tradition of love to children as well as their

education by organizing their free time. Many internationally celebrities well-known in the world

of sport, art and science field were born in our city. By arranging „The Big Meeting“ we believe

we enhance your child in a positive way, which might leave a print in his natural esteem and


Tour nr. 1

Childrens trips

children from 3-10 years of age with mother or grandmother

7 nights, 8 days (5 nights, 6 days)

Program consists of:

7 (5) nights with full pension in a wellness hotel, exercise lecturers, creative lec-turers for time with children, an interpreter in required language+possibility of op-tional trips, beauty services (cosmetics, hair salon, pedicure, massages) and/or health food advisor


8.30a.m-9.00a.m Breakfast + fruit for elevenses Breakfast +fruit for elevenses 9.30a.m-12.30p.m Medical program (exercise,

swimming, fitness...) creative games, logic exercises, ball games 12.30p.m-01.30p.m lunch+snack package lunch+snack package 01.30p.m-02.30p.m Beauty procedures

(cosmetics, beauty parlor, pedicure, massages)

nap time/relax time

03.00p.m-06.00p.m nature walks as a group, trips nature walks as a group 07.00p.m-07.30p.m dinner dinner

08.00p.m-09.00p.m Music and dance evenings dVd movies 09.30p.m night time night time

Examples of activities – mom

- swimming, sauna, fitness - cosmetics, hair salon, pedicure - Massages, herbal therapy, thai and ayurvedic methods of relaxation - nutritionist

- Makeover advisor


13 | studEnts trips | 14

Tour nr. 3

Students trips

For high school and university students

For groups of 10-25 people or 35-50 people

Entrust your children – your treasure – to us with no worries. There is a gener-ous active program full of the knowledge and fun expecting them. Our qualified pedagogical staff will develope skills and possibilities of your kids as well as they will expand their horizon of knowledge. The time they spend in Slovakia will be unforgettable for them because every minute of their stay will be filled with activities. The will find many new friends and will encounter special mo-ments during their trips in nature, during sport games, the museum trips and while creating in workshops.

1st day

welcome day, relax day

2nd -5th day (2nd - 4th day)

intensive program

8.00a.m-breakfast+fruit for elevenses 8.30a.m-11.30a.m

1st alternative - playful language lessons (English and/or russian)

2nd alternative – workshops – traditional hand made art (pottery, working with fabrics, wire crafting, embroidery threads, paper, wooden logs, clay, braiding) 12.00p.m-01.00p.m – lunch + snack package

01.00p.m-04.00p.m – easy hiking in nature + trips 04.30p.m-06.30p.m – pool

07.00p.m-07.30p.m – dinner

07.30p.m-09.00p.m – dance and music 09.30p.m – night time

6th -7th day (5th day)

optional trips+gift shopping, Habakuky donovaly, aquapark visit or ghost castle visit

8th day (6th day)


Examples of activities for kids

- swimming, sauna

- sporting in nature or in a playground

- a walk to a fortress (slovenska lupca, pusty Hrad, Zvolensky zamok) - ride on a historic train (ciernohorska zeleznica)

- Visit to an open-air museum

- Workshops (pottery, weaving, wire crafting, paper and fabric crafting, braiding) - Visit to a planetarium

- Horse riding

- language lessons by your choice - Bobsleigh

- rope park, cable car ride to an observation deck - Visit to a cave

Tour nr.2

Childrens trips

children from 10 – 14years – without parents

7 nights, 8 days (5 nights, 6 days)

Program consists of:

7 x (5x) lodging+full pension during the stay in a wellness hotel, an exercise lec-turers, a language lecturer, an interpreter in required language, an animator, 1x a short distance walk

We love students, their vitality, their desire for knowledge. University of Matej Bell in Banska Bystrica is hosting and educating large quantities of local and foreign students. They form a natural part of our city as well as live impulse of our city life. This is why we understand them, we know their needs and we have the conditions to meet them. Financially attractive and very rewarding could be exchange and sport programs. However, we are prepared also for language and educational programs.

Examples of activities for students

I. Sport programs

1. Moderate difficulty cyclotourism – mountain bike riding, including the rent 2. ski trip – nordic skiing or skialp

3. cross-country skiing trip – cross-country skiing paths in woods and country 4. snowboarding – snowboarding lessons

5. ski lessons for schools

6. Football camps and meeting with our famous football players 7. Hockey camps and meeting with popular nHl players 8. rafting

We offer meetings with popular sportsmen who „grew into success“in our city

II. Exchange programs of

- Football matches - Hockey matches - Basketball games - artistic ensemble - artistic/dance ensemble - Hosting of opera singers

III. Language lessons of

- slovak - russian - English

IV. Educational programs of

- History - Geography - Gastronomy - culturology - Etnology


Issued by:

OOCR Central Slovakia (Regional Tourism Organisation) SNP Square Nr.1

SK-974 01 Banska Bystrica Photo by:

Archive Visit BB, Igor Staudiger, Spa Dudince, Hotel Kaskády, Spa Sliač, Spa Brusno

Tour oPeraTor:

FamIko, a.s., Travel agency

Dolna St. 68 SK-974 00 Banska Bystrica tel: 00421 48 41 41 500, 00421 48 41 48 700 fax: 00421 48 41 41 801





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