Invitation for Proposal Water Main Leak Detection Services in South Westminster, Whalley 145m and Crescent/Elgin


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January 11, 2016

Project File: 1216-702

REPLY TO: City of Surrey, Engineering Department

13450 – 104th Avenue, Surrey, BC Canada V3T 1V8 ATTENTION: Laura Hardiman, P.Eng., M.Eng., PMP

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Invitation for Proposal

Water Main Leak Detection Services in South Westminster, Whalley 145m and Crescent/Elgin

Your firm is invited to submit three copies of a proposal to the undersigned by 4:30 PM on Friday, January 29, 2016, to provide engineering services for:

Water Main Leak Detection Services in South Westminster, Whalley 145m and Crescent/Elgin

The extent of engineering services required, and the anticipated dates for completing various stages of activities are given in the draft Terms of Reference (attached). They will be

consolidated into the formal Agreement with the selected consultant’s proposal.

The City reserves the right not to accept your proposal and subsequently to invite proposals from other parties.


Available from the Engineering Department are copies of the standard agreement for Consulting Services for Design and Construction Services. We suggest that you become familiar with these documents as well as the City Standards described in the documents listed in the contract. This will ensure that necessary items are included in your work plan. “Construction Drawing and Digital Infrastructure Data Standards Specification” outlines our standards, both for drawing layout and nomenclature and the set up for electronic files.

Insurance Requirements


- 2 -

1. Professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 insuring the consultant’s liability resulting from errors and omissions in the performance of the professional services for this project.

2. Commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $3,000,000.00 per occurrence against death, bodily injury and property damage occurring.

3. Automobile liability insurance in the amount of $3,000,000.00 per occurrence on all vehicles owned, operated or licensed in the name of the consultant.

Project Requirements

The attached draft Terms of Reference include an outline of the extent of engineering services required, the anticipated dates for completing various stages of activities and the technical requirements for each project. This outline is by no means complete and the consultant must allow for any additional items deemed necessary. You are requested to submit a detailed work plan outlining the level of effort required and fee requirements. This will be reviewed with the City and form part of the agreement.

Project Innovations

Consultants are encouraged to develop innovative approaches on Surrey projects where applicable. Particular emphasis is encouraged on:

 Technology Innovation. New technologies that will lead to cost savings, longer infrastructure life and/or more efficient service.

 Environmental Considerations. Approaches that more efficiently use natural resources and provide environmentally friendly outcomes.

Proposal Content

To aid in the evaluation of proposals, the following content is required: 1. A statement of the consultant's understanding of the assignment.

2. (a) Methodology for leak detection of water mains and service connection for metallic and non-metallic pipe materials.

(b) Details on the equipment used for leak detection for metallic and non-metallic pipe materials.

(c) Accuracy of leak detection and accuracy of pin-pointing leak locations with equipment for metallic and non-metallic pipe materials.

3. A commitment to the schedule in the Terms of Reference.

4. The name of each staff member committed to the assignment together with detailed resumes, highlighting personal involvement on similar projects.


- 3 -

5. A commitment to provide the staff proposed and the support necessary to control engineering costs, the contractor's costs and contractor's progress.

6. (a) A brief description of projects referred to in Item "4" above. (i.e., projects in which the individual was involved.)

(b) A list of other similar projects carried out by your firm in recent years. 7. Estimated effort by type of work and class of employee using a form similar to the

enclosed Schedule of Effort. Estimated effort for each project by type of work is also preferred. Please note that contingency effort for the consultant's use is not included. If the consultant determines that contingency effort is necessary for his own purposes, he should include it in his Schedule of Effort.

8. Proposed charge-out rates in a form similar to the enclosed Charge-Out Schedule. Overtime premiums will not be permitted.

9. Estimate of disbursements, supported by a cost breakdown. Disbursements charged as a percentage of the professional fee will not be acceptable.

10. Contact information for references for similar leak detection projects.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals shall be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. Understanding of project scope and deliverables.

2. Experience and qualifications of the consulting team members.

3. Demonstated ability to complete similar projects on schedule and within budget. 4. Familiarity with leak detection in the City of Surrey and in other water utilities. 5. Innovation in leak detection technology and methodology.

6. Overal pricing and demonstrated value.


Remuneration will be on a time-charge basis, with an estimate fee limit based on the estimated effort to complete in the "Schedule of Effort." The consultant will be required to provide the required services within the estimated fee limit. No additional payment will be permitted without written consent of the City. The consultant is required to notify the City in advance if any additional costs will be incurred as a result of changes to the project scope. The "Progress Payment Form for Consultants" provides the format of background information required to support invoices.


- 4 -


The City proposes the following timing for major activities under this agreement.

Activity Due Date

Submission of Proposal January 29, 2016

Appointment of Consultant February 5, 2016

Commencement of Leak Detection Survey February 15, 2016

Submission of Report April 22, 2016

Goods and Services, Sales Taxes

The City will pay all applicable Goods and Services and/or Sales taxes. These taxes are not to be included in charge out rates, disbursement, etc., but shown as a separate charge.

Consultant Evaluation

As you know, we evaluate the performance of consultants. Our evaluation places significant importance on the quality of the engineering work, the proper control of expenditures including fees, the effective application of effort, and completion of work within schedule. You should, therefore, ensure that you commit the necessary personnel and exercise sufficient control to complete the project within schedule and budgets taking our evaluation into account.

If you have any questions regarding the proposal, please contact the undersigned by email at Yours truly,

Laura Hardiman, P.Eng., M.Eng., PMP Project Engineer

LCH/clr Enclosure

g:\wp-docs\2016\utilities\water\01081446lch.docx CLR 1/11/16 3:46 PM



This Charge Out Schedule will be applicable for the duration of the Engineering Services under this Agreement and shall include any salary adjustment within the same period, unless the Project Supervisor for fiscal reasons orders suspension of progress.


1. Principal and Specialist 2. Project Manager 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


AGREEMENT ______________________ SCHEDULE OF EFFORT

(Hours per Class of Employee) CITY OF SURREY


ACTIVITY Principal/ Specialist Project Manager Senior Engineer

Designer Technologist Draftperson Instrument person

Survey Assistant

Inspector Subtotal


Disbursements Subconsultants TOTAL


(Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate) (Rate)



Task # 2 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 3 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 4 #VALUE! #VALUE!



Task # 1 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 2 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 3 #VALUE! #VALUE!



Task # 1 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 2 #VALUE! #VALUE!



Task # 1 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 2 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 3 #VALUE! #VALUE!

Task # 4 #VALUE! #VALUE!







































































- 2 -


1. Background 


The City of Surrey’s water utility provides potable water to 86,000 properties and over 

502,000 residents through 1,800 kilometers of water main, 9 pump stations and 93 

pressure reducing valve stations.  The City of Surrey’s average day consumption is 

approximately 150 million liters per day (ML/d) in the winter and 210 ML/d in the 


The City of Surrey’s water system can be separated into fifteen (15) separate areas, based 

on pressure zone.  Water audits for each service area are used to estimate non‐revenue 

water, which is primarily leakage and unauthorized consumption.  In 2014, the water 

audits indicated that three (3) service areas had significant non‐revenue water, 

approximately 30 percent of the total consumption.  These service areas are South 

Westminster, Whalley 145m, and Crescent/Elgin, which are shown in the map in 

Appendix I.   

The average day consumption and estimated non‐revenue water for the service areas are 

provided in the table, below.   

Service Area 

Average Water 

Consumption (ML/d)  Estimated Non‐

Revenue Water (ML/d)  Winter  Summer  South Westminster  3.5  5.3  1.1  Whalley 145m  4.8  7.2  1.4  Crescent/Elgin  3.6  8.8  1.1      South Westminster   

The South Westminster service area is 1,043 hectares in size and situated in the northwest 

quadrant of Surrey, bounded by the Fraser River to the north.   The area services mostly 

industrial and residential customers with approximately 57 kilometers of water main.  

Due to the proximity to the Fraser River, most of the pipes are below the ground water 

table.  The area is seismically vulnerable, thus 95 percent of the water mains are metal 

pipe, primarily ductile iron.  The remaining 5 percent of water mains are plastic pipe.     

Water is delivered to South Westminster via a direct connection from Metro Vancouver’s 

high pressure transmission main and via the higher pressure zone to the south.  Pressure 

reducing valve (PRV) stations regulate the pressure of water entering the South 

Westminster service area, which is set at a 90m hydraulic grade line (HGL) pressure zone.   

Whalley 145m 


- 3 -

The Whalley 145m HGL service area is 510 hectares in size and situated in the north of 

Surrey, west of King George Blvd and north of 96 Ave, where the elevation exceeds 100m.  

The area services mostly residential customers with approximately 59 kilometers of water 

main.  The pipe materials are primarily metal (73 percent) and asbestos cement (16 


Water is supplied to the Whalley 145m zone via the Whalley Pump Station and Booster 

Station located at 14620 105A Avenue.   



The Crescent/Elgin service area is 785 hectares in size and situated in the southwest 

quadrant of Surrey, bounded by the Nicomekl River to the north.  The area services 

mostly residential customers with approximately 52 kilometers of water mains.  The pipe 

materials are a mix of plastic (54 percent) and metal (45 percent).   

Water is supplied to the Crescent/Elgin service area via a Metro Vancouver direct 

connection at 32 Ave / 144 St and via the higher pressure zone to the north.  PRVs 

regulate the pressure in the service area, which is set at a 80m HGL.    

The tables in Appendix II provide details on the land use types, water main pipe 

diameters, and water main materials.   

2. General Scope of Work  


The scope of work is to plan, manage and conduct a leak detection survey in three (3) 

water service areas, as follows:   

 South Westminster    Whalley 145m   Crescent/Elgin  


The survey will include leak detection on all water mains, service connections, hydrants, 

valves, PRVs and zone boundaries in the service areas.  Leak detection at the zone 

boundaries will be conducted to identify any inter‐zone flow (flow between service areas).  

All service connections, as a minimum those identified in COSMOS, shall be surveyed.  

Most of the service connections are plastic pipe material.   

Access to the City’s pipe valve chambers and appurtenances will be provided by City 

operations staff.     

A report will detail the leak detection survey results, recommendations for leak repair 

methods for each detected leak location, and an overall leak detection maintenance 


- 4 -

shown in the City’s GIS water records in COSMOS – the City’s online mapping system. 

Field observations may include, but is not limited to, service connections that are not 

identified in COSMOS and unmetered service connections to industrial, commercial and 

institutional (ICI) properties.


The scope of work includes the tasks listed in the following section.   

3. Tasks  


In addition to General Instructions to Consultants for Engineering Services the following 

tasks are within the scope of work.   

 Review background information on the South Westminster, Whalley 145m and 

Crescent/Elgin service areas, including land uses, piping network, and zone meter 

and zone valve locations.   

 Plan a detailed work program and schedule for the leak detection survey and 


 Coordinate with City staff to notify property owners of the leak detection survey.   

 Apply to the City for traffic obstruction permits, where necessary.   

 Maintain records of work including daily performance logs, leak detection data, 

labour and equipment, and leaks detected.  These records should be submitted as 

an appendix in the final report.   

 Report directly to the designated City of Surrey Project Engineer on all aspects of 

the work, schedule, and costs.  Collaborate with City staff from Water Operations 

and Water Planning sections.   

 Work alongside one (1) or two (2) City staff in the field during the leak detection 

survey.  City staff may utilize the City’s leak detection equipment: ground 

microphone, Permalog loggers, and correlators.    

 Prepare a final written report.  The report should contain the leak detection 

methodology, equipment used, description of leaks (severity, estimated flow rate, 

date of detection), locations map for suspected and confirmed leaks with severity 

of leak colour‐coded, measured success of the survey based on the existing water 

balance results, and recommendations for repairs and further leak detection.  In 

addition, the report should advise on a leak detection maintenance program.   

 The severity of leaks shall be scored based on the estimated flow rate of the leak in 


- 5 -

4. Extra Work 


The City may expand the leak detection area to include the areas outside of South 

Westminster, Whalley 145m and Crescent/Elgin.  As a result, a unit rate (per meter) for 

additional leak detection and reporting is requested.  If additional survey area is added to 

the scope of work, this unit rate will apply.    

5. Additional Information Available  


 General Instructions to Consultants and Engineering Services 

 Map Tiles of the Surrey Water System (Provided to the Successful Proponent)   

Water main details can be found on the City of Surrey online mapping system 

(COSMOS).  COSMOS contains details on the pipe location, diameter, length, age and 

material.  The link to COSMOS is  Water main details 

are found under the layer list “Infrastructure – Water – Water Mains”.   






HW Y 99 56 AVE H W Y 15 HW Y 17 HWY 1 58 AVE 8 AVE 17 6 ST HWY 10 175 ST HWY 1 0 HWY 1 HWY 1 H W Y 15 15 2 St 16 8 St 18 4 St 88 Ave 64 Ave 24 Ave 13 2 St 12 8 St 96 Ave 19 2 St 40 Ave 12 0 St 32 Ave Fraser Hwy 14 0 St 104 Ave 72 Ave 16 Ave 80 Ave 8 Ave Ki ng G eo rg e Bl vd 15 6 St 84 Ave 100 Ave 108 Ave 14 8 St 14 4 St Cresce nt Rd Harvi e Rd 92 Ave 76 Ave 13 8 St 60 Ave Colebrook Rd 15 4 St Scott Rd Wha lle y Bl vd Marine Dr Old Yale Rd 13 4 St 18 0 St 112 Ave 36 Ave 19 6 St 16 0 St 20 Ave 94A Ave 32 Ave Div 90 Ave Bridg eview Dr Mar tin D r 68 Ave 16 0 St 16 0 St Sc ott R d 19 2 St 80 Ave 19 2 St 8 Ave Colebrook Rd 14 8 St 16 0 St 14 0 St 84 Ave 19 2 St 14 8 St 92 Ave 92 Ave 14 4 St 16 0 St 96 Ave 18 4 St 84 Ave 12 8 St 14 8 St 104 Ave 72 Ave 14 4 St 16 Ave King Ge orge Blvd 0 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 KM

Water Mains Leak

Detection Areas

The data provided is compiled from various sources and IS NOT warranted as to its accuracy or sufficiency by the City of Surrey. This information is provided for information and convenience purposes only. Lot sizes, legal descriptions and encumberances must be confirmed at the Land Title Office.



Water Service Areas Crescent/Elgin South Westminster Whalley

Source: G:\MAPPING\GIS\Maps\Custom\CW_WaterMainsLeakDetec_AP.mxd Cartographer: C9W Date: 22-Dec-2015 © City of Surrey


Crescent/Elgin Service Area Whalley 145m Service Area South Westminster Service Area









M HWY 17 HW Y 1 TANNER Y RD 104 Ave 13 2 St 14 0 St 12 8 St 108 Ave 148 St 100 Ave 12 0 St Fraser Hwy 92 Ave 14 4 St 15 0 St King G eo rg e Bl vd Scott Rd Wha lle y Bl vd U ni ve rs ity D r Old Yale R d 112 Ave 110 Ave 102 Ave Bridge view D r 128 St 14 4 St 12 0 St Old Y ale Rd 112 Ave 90 Ave 113 Ave 13 9 St 130 St 12 9 St 110 Ave 12 7 St 12 8A S t 115 Ave Robs on R d 112 Ave 14 0A S t 109 Ave 13 3 St 14 4 St 94 Ave 12 2 St 93 Ave 117 Ave 14 9 St Old Ya le Rd Prince C harle s B lvd 13 6 St 113B Ave 101A Ave Ho lt Rd 132A S t River Rd Grace Rd 116 Ave 114A Ave Fir R d Timbe rland Rd Crestview Dr 14 9A S t 114B Ave 14 5A S t 112B Ave

112A Ave Bedford D

r 96 Ave Span Rd Lien Rd 13 2 St Pa ttu llo Pl Olse n Rd Brid ge R d Musq ueam Dr Holly Par k La ne Elevator Rd Winr am Rd Dyke Rd Larson R d 116A Ave 102B Ave 114 Ave 12 8A S t 102 Ave 115 Ave 12 6A S t 103A Ave 12 8A S t 112B Ave 109 Ave 115B Ave 12 3A S t 13 2A S t 116 Ave 13 0 St 113 Ave 12 1 St 13 1 St 12 5 St 116 Ave 98 Ave 100A Ave 12 4 St 14 1 St 12 4 St 115A Ave 99 Ave 14 6 St 12 5A S t 12 3A S t 13 3A S t 90 Ave 13 1A S t 113B Ave 114 Ave 12 5A S t 134 S t 14 6 St 107A Ave 149 St 113 Ave 0 0.1250.25 0.5 0.75 1 1.25 KM

Water Mains Leak Detection - South Westminster Service Area





M Zone Meter Water Mains

Metro Vancouver Mains South Westminster

Source: G:\MAPPING\GIS\Maps\Custom\CW_WaterMainsLeakDetec_SWM_AP.mxd Cartographer: C9W Date: 04-Jan-2016 © City of Surrey



14 0 St 14 8 St 104 Ave 108 Ave 100 Ave 14 4 St 96 Ave W ha lle y Bl vd Ki ng Geo rg e Bl vd Fraser Hwy 112 Ave 102 Ave Han sen Rd Hilton R d Old Yale R d 108 Ave 14 8 St 96 Ave 113 Ave 13 9 St 141 St 14 2 St 114 Ave 110 Ave 14 2A S t Park Dr 14 3A S t 106 Ave 14 0 St 105A Ave 106A Ave 109 Ave 13 5A S t 13 8A S t 13 8 St Kindersley Dr 14 5 St 13 6 St Melrose Dr 140A S t 14 1A S t 113A Ave Antrim Rd 14 4A S t 101 Ave 98A Ave 14 6 St 107 Ave 111 Ave 13 7A S t 105 Ave 14 8A S t 111A Ave 100A Ave Glen Avon Dr Bentle y Rd O rio le Dr Gladstone Dr Brentw ood Cr 107A Ave 108A Ave 109A Ave 14 5A S t Laurel Dr W re n Cr Crestview Dr 13 5 St 13 7 St 14 3 St 140B S t Dougla s Rd 136A S t Loug hren Dr 13 9A S t 97 Ave Currie Dr 110A Ave Kalma r Rd 14 6A S t 147A S t Blac kbird Cr Berg Rd 142B S t 102 Ave 103 Ave Cowa n Rd 14 1B S t Selk irk Dr Hilton R d Larn er Rd 112A Ave 102A Ave Harper Rd How ey Rd Binnie L ane Alpen Pl Fra nklin Rd 99A Ave Ayr Dr 112 Ave Perth Dr Cove ntry Rd Park P l 14 5A S t 14 5 St 14 0A S t 102 Ave 106 Ave 111A Ave 108A Ave 13 7A St 14 1 St 13 9 St 14 1A S t 13 8A S t 111A Ave 101 Ave 102 Ave 112A Ave Larn er Rd 14 6 St 14 3 St 13 9A S t 113 Ave 13 9A S t 14 9 St 107A Ave 110A Ave 103A Ave 14 8A S t 14 2 St 103A Ave 136A S t 110 Ave 112A Ave 111 Ave 101 Ave 114A Ave 14 4A S t 101A Ave 101A Ave 13 7A S t 13 9 St 109 Ave 14 9 St 14 3A S t 14 6 St 13 7A S t 112A Ave Park Dr 13 8 St 101 Ave 107A Ave 14 1A S t 110A Ave 14 2A S t 00.050.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 KM

Water Mains Leak Detection -

Whalley 145m Service Area

The data provided is compiled from various sources and IS NOT warranted as to its accuracy or sufficiency by the City of Surrey. This information is provided for information and convenience purposes only. Lot sizes, legal descriptions and encumberances must be confirmed at the Land Title Office.



Water Mains

Metro Vancouver Mains Whalley 145m

Source: G:\MAPPING\GIS\Maps\Custom\CW_WaterMainsLeakDetec_Whlly_AP.mxd Cartographer: C9W Date: 04-Jan-2016 © City of Surrey











M King G eorge B lvd HW Y 99 15 2 St 24 Ave 14 0 St Cres cent Rd 14 8 St 40 Ave 12 8 St 32 Av e Div 32 Ave King Geo rge Blvd 40 Ave 14 1 St 13 4 St 22 Ave 44 Ave 25 Ave 23 Ave 12 4B St 14 0 St 27 Ave O hara La ne 12 6 St 14 8 St 33 Ave McBr ide A ve 30 Ave N or th cr es t D r 26 Ave 12 7 St 13 6 St 13 7 St 34 Ave 28 Ave Woodcre st Dr 13 7A S t 13 9 St 14 6 St 12 9 St 26A Ave 14 5A S t 13 8 St 12 4 St Cedar Dr 14 3 S t Crescent D r 15 0 St 15 1 St 14 2 St 144 St 31A Ave 29 Ave 13 0 St 132 St 31 Ave Agar St 24 Ave 27A Ave 32B Ave 32 Ave Greencrest Dr Gilley St Balsa m Cr 15 0A S t 12 8 St 13 3 St Beckett Rd Rio Pl 24A Ave 14 8 St F g E Winter Cr 23A Ave 14 7A S t M cK enzie A ve 13 9A S t 22A Ave Gard iner St 14 7 St 12 9B S t 13 8A S t Elg in Rd 13 2A S t 13 5A S t 14 9 St 29A Av e 14 5 St 25A Ave 14 8A S t R ot ar y W ay 15 0B S t Seacrest Dr 30A Ave 14 6A S t 129A St 24 Ave Fg N 35A Ave 12 3 St 34A Ave 32A Ave 28A Ave 13 1A S t 27B Ave Se miahm oo Pl 36B Ave 25 Ave 26 Ave 147A St 33 Ave 23A Ave 26A Ave 13 6 St 34 Ave 25 Ave 14 1 St 15 0 St 26 Ave 33A Ave 35 Ave 29A Ave 28 Ave 13 3 St 34 A ve 30 Ave 23 Ave 21A Ave 33B Ave 13 9 St 24A Ave 148A S t 26 Ave 13 8 St 13 9 St 33 Ave 21A Ave 30 Ave 27 Ave 27 Ave 151 St 24A Ave 13 7A S t 25 Ave 27A Ave 22 Ave 13 7 St 33 Ave 31A Ave 27 Ave 44 Ave 26 Ave 13 6 St 0 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 KM

Water Mains Leak Detection - Crescent/Elgin Service Area





M Zone Meter Water Mains

Metro Vancouver Mains Crescent/Elgin

Source: G:\MAPPING\GIS\Maps\Custom\CW_WaterMainsLeakDetec_CE_AP.mxd Cartographer: C9W Date: 04-Jan-2016 © City of Surrey



- 11 -



    Table 1 ‐ Number of Units by Land Use 

Land Use 

South Westminster  Whalley 145m  Crescent/Elgin 

Unmetered  Units*  Metered  Units   Total  Units  Unmetered  Units*  Metered  Units  Total  Units  Unmetered  Units*  Metered  Units  Total  Units  Agricultural  45  2  47  0  0  0  15  16  31  Commercial  28  34  62  58  68  126  14  31  45  Industrial  584  206  790  0  0  0  0  1  1  Institutional   1  4  5  3  8  11  4  4  8  Residential  541  536  1,077  976  1,396  2,372  599  1,125  1,724  Other  13  20  33  15  9  24  167  332  499  Total  1,212  802  2,014  1,052  1,481  2,533  799  1,509  2,308 

Note: *Unmetered units include lots that do not have a municipal water service connection.

Table 2 ‐ Length of Water Main by Pipe Diameter 

Pipe Diameter 


Westminster  Whalley 145m  Crescent/Elgin  Total 

Pipe Length (m)  <=200mm  28,097  37,350  32,990  98,438  250, 300mm  22,731  13,515  17,843  54,090  350, 400mm  4,351  3,013  1,271  8,635  >400mm  1,545  5,542  0  7,087  Total   56,725  59,420  52,104  168,249   

Table 3 ‐ Length of Water Main by Pipe Material 

Pipe Material 


Westminster  Whalley 145m  Crescent/Elgin  Total 

Pipe Length (m) 

Polyvinyl Chloride 

(PVC)  1,798  4,027  27,479  33,304 

Polyethylene (PE)  647  20  676  1,342 

Ductile Iron (DI)  47,343  29,270  19,537  96,150 

Cast Iron (CAS)  4,735  11,749  3,871  20,356 

Steel (ST)  1,659  2,292  68  4,019 

Asbestos Cement 

(AC)  145  9,219  323  9,688 

Gavanized Iron (GI)  355  106  150  610 

Copper (CU)  44  0  0  44 

Concrete Cylinder 

(CC)  0  2,738  0  2,738 





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