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Hybernska 12 110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic T +420 226 226 111 F +420 226 226 123

The Mark Luxury Hotel Prague

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Room Departure

Check-out time: 12.00 am


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to The Mark Luxury Hotel Prague.

Our team is dedicated to making your stay with us as memorable as possible. In the following pages you will find a quick overview of our services which we hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest.

I wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay, and a wonderful time in Prague.

Yours sincerely,

Jaroslav Svoboda

Managing Director


Le Grill Garden Restaurant

Indulge in the finest examples of modern Bohemian cuisine, grilled dishes and seasonal specialties, all made from superior ingredients and seasoned by freshly picked herbs from the restaurant’s own garden. Enjoy the finest examples of our cuisine served in the elegant

restaurant, winter garden or surrounded by the greenery

of our courtyard garden. Opening hours

Breakfast 7.00 am – 11.00 am (weekends until 12.00 am) Lunch 12.00 am – 3.00 pm

Dinner 6.00 pm – 10:30 pm


Two Steps Bar and Lounge

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the City! Let our bartenders treat you to some of the best cocktails in the City to be enjoyed in the stunning Two Steps Bar, or taste delicious homemade cakes, snacks and drinks in the hotel’s comfortable Lobby Lounge.

Opening hours 9.00 am – 1.00 am

For table reservations, please call the bar on 166. Praha Na Příkopě 12, tel.: +420 224 211 293 Staroměstské náměstí 603/15, tel.: +420 221 890 891 Karlovy vary Kpt. Jaroše 46/19, tel.: +420 353 416 136 Tržiště 7, tel.: +420 353 235 303 MOSER SALES GALLERIES




























Conquest Classic pasáž Florentinum Na Porˇícˇí 1048/30, Praha 1

Elegance is an attitude

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Courtyard Garden

Discover a place where you can forget about time for a moment and relax, enjoy and indulge. Whether you are looking to have a quick lunch, relax in the afternoon or enjoy a romantic dinner – the courtyard garden is suitable

for every occasion. Take some time to appreciate this

magnificent setting and let us serve you with a selection

of dishes from our garden menu.

Opening hours

8:30 am - 10:30 pm (weather permitting) For table reservations, please call the bar on 166.






Nerudova M aiselo va Karlův most Loretánsk á Úvoz Újez d U Brusnic e Hybernská Václa vské náměstí Opletalo va Wilsono va Leger ova Sokolsk á M ezibr ansk á Most Legii Národní Na př íkopě Dvořákovo Křiž ovnick á Rytířsk á Dlouhá Petrská Soukenick á Dlouhá Vitězná Újez d Zbor ov sk á Chotkova Wilsono va Žítná Resslova Ječná Celetná Politick ých v ězňů Pansk á Kar lovo náměstí Staroměstské náměstí V celnici Spálená Štěpánsk á Vodičko va Jindř išská Pař ížsk á Mánesův most Truhlářsk á Na Poříčí Huso va Konviktsk á Jung manno va Mostecká Vlašská Vlašsk á Janáčko vo nábř eží Jiráskův most Letensk á Valdšt ejnská Janáčko vo nábř eží Zbor ovsk á V botanice Št efániko va Kartouzsk á Kateřinsk á M asar yko vo nábř eží Smetano vo nábř eží Nábřeží Edvarda B eneše Nábř eží Beneše Edvarda Královská obor a Mariánské hradby Jelení Patočko va

Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody

Rev oluční Ječná Žítná Kateřinsk á Rašíno vo nábř eží Náměstí Míru Rumunská Anglick á Italsk á Ke K arlo vu Pražský Hrad U lužického seminář e Klár ov Kar melitsk á Pštr osso va Čechův most nábřeží Nábřeží Edvarda B eneše Holečko va Št efániko va Drtino va Rybná Široká Vězeňsk á Železná Jilsk á 28. ř íjna Ovocn ý trh Bílkova Kaprova Platnéřská Washingt ono va Senovážné náměstí Ha vlíčko va Seno vážná Lannova 17. list opadu Rev oluční náměstí Republiky Haštalská Klimentská Těšno v Klimentská W ilsono va Ostrovní Ve Smečk ách Opatovick á Arbesovo náměstí Hellichova Tržiště Malostranské náměstí Thunovská Kosár kovo nábř eží Lidická Vy še hr adsk á U nemocnice Viničná Karlova Preslo va Balbíno va Španělsk á Vinohr adsk á Bělehr adsk á

The Mark Hotel

Max Mara


Van Graaf


Magic Child

Versace Jeans

Global Blue



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Meetings and Social Occasions

Indulge in the winning combination of a beautiful setting,

exquisite cuisine and the best in technology when

planning your next event or special occasion. The Mark Hotel’s meeting rooms are equipped with

state-of-the-art presentation facilities to ensure the smooth running

of your event, with a professional and attentive service

delivered throughout. Our team will be happy to adapt our indoor facilities to meet all of your individual needs. And for something that extra special, the courtyard

garden is an ideal location to host the most remarkable

of private events.

For more information, please call the sales team on 136.

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Václavské náměstí 52, 110 00, Praha 1, tel. +420 222 210 045 Pařížská 8, 110 00, Praha 1, tel. +420 222 315 928,














What better setting for one of the most significant days of your life than the romantic courtyard garden of The Mark Hotel Prague. Whether you are dreaming of an intimate gathering or a lavish and luxurious celebration, we will make sure that you will enjoy the most perfect day of your life.

For more information, please call the sales team on 136.


Massages and Fitness

Choose from a carefully selected range of beauty and

massage treatments, all offered in the privacy of your

own guestroom or in the Mystic Temple studio located near to the hotel.

A fitness room with basic equipment is located at

the hotel. Fully equipped fitness centre, featuring a swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi, is located just across the street. For a complimentary World Class

Health Academy voucher, a personal trainer booking or a

massage reservation, please contact the concierge. For more information, please call the concierge on 126.


Other Services

Our experienced concierge team will be delighted to assist you with planning and arranging all of your daytime activities. From reservations for theatre performances, sightseeing tours or restaurant bookings, to transfer arrangements, babysitting services and medical assistance, the concierge team will take care of your every need.

Enjoy a complimentary wireless Internet connection in the comfort of your room, all public areas, and the garden. For more information, please call the concierge on 126.


Shop the world for less

Tax Free Shopping in Czech Republic



When you pay for your goods ask for a Global Blue Tax Free Form, and remember to keep all your receipts.

Приобрести товар

Приобретая нужный Вам товар, не забудьте попросить сотрудников магазина выдать Вам tax free форму (Tax Free Form).


When you’re heading home, at your point of departure, visit Customs to get your Forms approved before collecting your refund at one of our customer service desks.

Отметка таможни При выезде в Вашу родную страну или другую страну предъявите Ваши покупки, товарный чек и паспорт на таможенном пункте и попросите поставить штамп на tax free форме. Если Вы отправляетесь в другую страну в пределах ЕС, штамп на tax free форме необходимо.

Spend a minimum of 2001 CZK and save up to 17%.

Затратив от 2001 CZK, сэкономьте до 17% от стоимости покупок.

Ask in store or visit and open up a world of Tax Free Shopping.

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