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Welcome to Barannes Detox

Reset your body, Restart your life

Offering natural and healthy juice detox programmes. Barannes Detox offers a stress free, convenient and tasty way to achieve optimum health.

Packed with rich nutrients and live enzymes, our juice fasting programmes are the perfect way to cleanse. Our aim is to make it easier for you to take your health into your own hands by preparing everything you need throughout your detox so that you don’t have to take time off work or spend hours in the kitchen. That’s our job!

We have developed our juice detox programme using specialist nutritional knowledge to create a juice detox programme which offers a deep level of cleansing while at the same time allows you to carry on with your normal life.

Detoxing is a natural way to achieve immediate, profound health benefits.

Some of the amazing benefits of a fresh juice detox programme include:

• Boosts the immune system

• Improves digestion and alleviates allergies

• Improves thyroid dysfunction and metabolism

• Rests the digestive organs

• Improves bowel function

• Kick starts effective weight loss

• Normalizes blood pressure

• Reverses signs of ageing

• Elevates mood and sex drive

• Alleviates symptoms of PMS

• Promotes healthier skin, hair and nails

• Increases vitality

• Increases fertility and balances hormones

• Restores healthy eating habits

• Improves sleep

• Mental clarity


Why do we need to detox in this way?

Detox helps to remove toxins at cell level allowing your body to heal itself and return to a balanced state of health. Fresh juices ‘feed’ the body at cell level and give it extra energy which can be used for healing and repair.

Our bodies naturally produce internal toxins as a result of normal living and we have the organs and systems to deal with these, such as the liver, kidneys, bowel and lymphatic system. Health problems arise when there is an excessive body burden of toxins, which the body is unable to completely process and eliminate.

There are also many external sources of toxins too, for example: through our food and drink; the air we breathe; what we put on our skin. If we’re exposed to too many toxins our body can quickly become congested, leading to toxins being stored away in the cells and joints. Over time this reduces the body’s ability to function properly and to heal itself.

A detox can help the body to heal itself as nature intended; cleansing and repairing with the result that often seemingly unrelated health problems disappear for good.

A regular detox can play a significant part in keeping you healthy and in good shape. Taking an active part in your own health and wellbeing is the best path for those interested in maintaining optimum health, which makes detox an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Simply put, our bodies can only work as well as the food we fuel them with. The very fact that food can be used as a powerful therapeutic tool was recognised more than two thousand years ago by Hippocrates, known as the ‘father of medicine’. He understood the incredible healing power of raw fruits and vegetables and is famously quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”.

Fresh juices

At Barannes Detox we pay great attention to the quality of our produce and get our fresh fruit and vegetables delivered daily. We make our juices using state of the art equipment to ensure both the nutrient and enzyme content juices is maintained at optimum levels until you drink it.

Fruit and vegetable juices are the foundation of all therapeutic detox programmes because they are such powerful cleansers, with the ability to flush accumulated rubbish out of the cells. They also supply a multitude of life giving nutrients to exactly where they are needed. They are teeming with vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, essential fats, amino acids, enzymes and anti-oxidants.

A fresh juice is the easiest form of food to digest, they are digested and assimilated within 10 to 15 minutes after drinking them making it the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way to get nutrients and live enzymes into your body. Juicing is ideal for cleansing and detoxification because the nutrients are so easily taken up at cell level. The benefits of taking out the fibre, means juicing is easy on your digestive system, which is why it is often used for juice fasts as a method to cleanse and detoxify the body while giving the digestive system a rest.

Smoothies made with blenders don't do that. A high powered blender cracks open the cellular wall of fruits or vegetables, releasing the nutrients and making them easier to assimilate – but it is much more like eating a meal since you still have all the fibre in the smoothie.



Signs and symptoms of needing to detox

Coupled with an unhealthy diet or other unhelpful lifestyle factors the overall toxic load can begin to overwhelm the body’s ability to detox effectively. This can give rise to all sorts of problems. The first signs and symptoms usually show up as congestion of one or more of the body’s organs of elimination.

Take our Do I need a detox? test now!

If you answer yes to 3 or more of the symptoms below – then YES you do need to detox! Do you have?

□ Bowel problems, such as constipation, diarrhoea, excess gas, or IBS

□ Abdominal bloating or pain

□ Excessive mucus, stuffy or runny nose, sinus congestion

□ Food intolerance, sensitivity or cravings

□ Difficulty losing or putting on weight

□ Bad breath, smelly tongue

□ Regular headaches and/or migraines

□ Aching joints, arthritis or body stiffness

□ Hormone imbalance, infertility, PMS, painful or heavy periods, breast soreness

□ Skin conditions of all kinds

□ Candida or yeast infection, e.g. thrush, coated tongue, dandruff excessive

□ Excessive sweating or body odour/foot odour

□ Fatigue, exhaustion

□ Frequent low mood and/or regular mood swings

□ Lowered resistance to infections

□ Lower back pain

□ Frequent sore throats

How often can I detox?

Each individual will have their own optimum rhythm for cleansing; it may be 4 times a year or once a month, or one day a week. The main thing is to find the time that best suits you.

For greatest health benefits it is important to make cleansing a REGULAR part of your life and get to know when your body or mind is in need of some help! Every occasion that you take time out to cleanse and purify yourself, you are gaining health, not just in the short term, but in the long term too. A cleanse can be likened to putting money into a ‘health pension’. The sooner you begin, the greater the health results can be. Cleansing is not just about achieving better health now; it’s about living well in the future too.

Detox for weight loss

Most people who are above their optimum weight will lose weight on our detox programmes. Weight loss may be your primary reason for doing the programme whilst for others it is an added bonus. Detoxing helps the weight loss process not just because you stop eating your normal diet for a week but for many other reasons too.


• Alkalises the body. This is a most important fact in relation to weight loss since the body

retains fat as protection against being too acidic. We become over acidic due to lifestyle and dietary factors – stress and processed foods being the major causes. As your body becomes more alkaline so the fat is no longer needed and is easier to lose;

• Improves digestion and elimination. A congested bowel and sluggish digestion can both

increase the fat load in the body and make it harder to shift even on a calorie reduced diet. It is far better to improve digestion and elimination first;

• Improves metabolism. Eating too many processed or refined foods and high levels of

saturated fat can affect your metabolic rate. Removing these from your diet helps to increase your metabolic rate and therefore helps you to burn fat faster;

• Improves blood sugar balance. When your blood sugar balance is unstable it can lead to food

cravings and binging on quick-fix foods and stimulants such as sugary foods cakes and chocolate. It is far easier to control impulses to eat the ‘wrong’ type of foods when your blood sugar is balanced.

Many people are not looking for weight loss during the detox programme and indeed people who are underweight will lose very little if any during the time. The body has its own innate intelligence and rebalances and heals where it is needed.

Before you start your juice detox

The days before and after your juice detox are just as important as the detox itself and are a vital part of the overall success of your cleanse.

This is less important for a one day juice cleanse, but after 3 or more days it becomes more important to follow these guidelines.

Eating before juicing

The week before your juice detox it helps to start preparing your body for cleansing which will allow the actual detox process to be more powerful and revitalising. If you have already cut back on stimulants and processed foods by the time you start then the detox process can work at a deeper level. By getting your body prepared it can detoxify more effectively and most importantly – you will suffer fewer if any side effects.

Cut out what you know is “the worst part of your diet.” These include foods such as meat, cheese, bread (all white processed foods), alcohol, sugar, coffee, black tea. Gradually omit one thing a day, 3-5 days before you begin. The more you cut out the better your detox will be!

Foods to increase: fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, pulses, wholes grains (brown rice, millet, oats) and drink plenty of water.

Your Daily Routine

You should always start a morning detox with a hot water and a slice of lemon. Drink the juices in the order that they are numbered. There’s no need to be too scheduled with exact times but spread throughout the day every 2 – 2 ½ hours. If you start with the Lemonaid at 8am, then juice number 2 at 10/11am, juice 3 for lunch, juice 4 mid afternoon, juice 5 for dinner and the nut milk before bed (the nut milk can also be taken if you feel very hungry at any point in the day).




We have included specific nutritional supplements to enhance and support the positive effects of your detox experience. All supplements provided are to be taken at the same time, between juices, one pot in the morning and one pot in the evening.

Purify (psyllium husks, bentonite clay and flaxseeds)

Purify is a natural, hypoallergenic cleansing formula which combines the healing power of flax seeds with the eliminative support of psyllium husks plus the detoxification benefits of bentonite clay. It is a superbly gentle yet powerful supplement which helps to restore bowel health. Psyllium husk is a gentle fibre which acts like a broom to sweep through the colon and is unsurpassed in removing sticky mucus, toxins and old waste material from the body. These substances build up inside the bowel as a result of poor dietary choices and high levels of stress, among other factors. The husks swell up with water into a bulky jelly-like form, which absorbs the mucus, toxins and hardened

material which can then be easily eliminated. Psyllium husks are a well known remedy for ulcers and inflammation as well as constipation and diarrhoea. The husks are used to reduce acidity, increase urine flow, and detoxify the whole body and are an invaluable addition to detoxing. Psyllium husks should always be taken with a large glass of water.

Bentonite Clay is a toxin magnet! and is known to be one a nature’s most natural intestinal

detoxifiers. It works by expanding into the walls of the colon to pick up toxins and waste matter which has become impacted in the digestive system and is particularly good for absorbing and eliminating heavy metals such as lead and mercury which accumulate in the body over time.

Ground flaxseed is an insoluble fibre which helps to remove toxins and lower cholesterol. Flaxseeds also have a lubricating and healing effect on the entire digestive tract. Because they speed up the transit time of waste through the colon they also reduce the toxic load on the liver.

Cleanse (bowel supportive herbs)

Cleanse is a combination of herbs which not only aid the removal of old waste matter in the colon but also heal and tone the bowel, inducing active peristalsis.

Cleanse works in harmony with Purify (psyllium, flax and clay) to promote a deep level of cleansing. It has often been said that “death begins in the colon!” and so cleansing the bowel is the most

important place to start when seeking optimum health.

Restore (high potency probiotics and FOS)

Restore is a combination of friendly intestinal bacteria and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides, also know as prebiotics) to help re-establish the correct balance of healthy flora in the intestines and optimise bowel health. As the name suggests they are life enhancing; nature’s internal healers. And so having the correct balance of bacteria in the bowel is essential for optimum health. Probiotics have many valuable roles in the body, including:

• creating the right chemical environment in the bowel to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria;

• creating a bowel environment that is unfavourable to unfriendly bacteria, fungi and parasites by producing natural antibiotics;

• assisting the complete digestion of proteins, which in turn reduces toxicity in the bowel and liver; • making some of the B vitamins

• enhancing the immune system inside the bowel; and restoring good bowel flora after antibiotic use.


Detox symptoms - what to expect when on a detox

Detox is not necessarily going to be a smooth ride for you, but take heart as detox side effects are to be welcomed! They show that your body is responding wonderfully and that old buried toxins are now coming to the surface to be cleared. Detox symptoms occur when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of and this ‘healing crisis’ usually passes in the first few days after which you will start to feel much better, more alive and enthusiastic. The long term benefits of enduring this early stage of cleansing reactions are definitely worth it, as a sense of clarity, vitality and wellbeing follow.

Here are some possible detox side effects:

• headaches (usually caused by caffeine withdrawal or other stimulants, such as chocolate,

alcohol, sugar that your body may be used to having on a regular basis. When these substances are no longer eaten, the body can finally detoxify itself but it can be a little uncomfortable. The effects will pass in a few days and drinking more water usually helps to increase detoxification)

• skin eruptions / rashes

• furry tongue / white tongue / bad breath

• fatigue

• nausea

• flu like feelings

• interrupted sleep patterns

• mood swings, feelings of anger, sadness. (the body releases on all levels)

• constipation or diarrhoea

Changes to your normal bowel movements can occur during a detox especially in the first few days. This can include constipation, diarrhoea, gas, bloating etc. This is generally a good sign because the bowel is starting to respond to the detox effects of the juices and supplements. Generally if your bowel was not in great shape pre detox, it will be working much better post detox!

But don’t worry! there are plenty ways to manage and control detox symptoms and one of the most effective is REST and drinking plenty water, to keep your body flushed through - and to keep going with the detox programme. This is explained in more detail in ‘Supporting the detox process’.

The table below sets out some common detox symptoms then explains in very general terms what they can indicate and gives some simple measures to help with them.

Symptom What’s happening What can help

Bowels symptoms – Bloating, diarrhoea or constipation

Some people may experience changes to their bowels such as diarrhoea, bloating or constipation. This is because old waste deposits in the bowel are being stirred up and elimination.

Drink plenty of water, epically if you are also taking Psyllium husks. Constipation and

bloating will pass as the body begins to releases old waste matter, but it may take a couple of days.

Consider enemas / colonic hydrotherapy.



Fatigue Energy levels can

fluctuate during detox but remember that your body is using its energy to heal. It’s a good sign.

Try not to do anything which makes energy demands on your body – keep exercise light and rest as much as possible. Drink plenty of water.

Headaches Toxins which have been

stored in cells are being released into the

bloodstream. Minor headaches are not uncommon in the first few days, especially for regular coffee drinkers.

Keep drinking lots of water and stick to the detox programme in order to help your body get rid of the toxins. Try taking a bath with

Epsom salts, have an enema.

Nausea Nausea is less common

than minor headaches and is usually caused by the flood of toxins being released into the body. It may also be caused by an allergy so keep a note of when you experience nausea.

Anything which supports detoxification such as drinking more water or an enema will help the nausea.

Try drinking ginger tea or peppermint tea.

Mood swings / low mood

As the body detoxes on the physical level, it also releases ‘toxic’

emotions. Your mood can change throughout the detox and negative feelings will pass quickly as they are released.

Acknowledge your feelings and know that they are coming to the surface for elimination and will pass. It can help to keep a journal during your detox and note down thoughts and feelings.

Skin rash This shows that the

body is eliminating toxins, since the skin is an important organ of elimination.

Help your skin to eliminate by dry skin brushing; avoiding sensitive areas. Use only natural skincare products that will not irritate the skin.

Detox symptoms questions

How will I feel during the detox?

You can range from feeling tired and sluggish to full of energy. The first few days can be the most challenging and the time when most healing reactions occur such as headaches, nausea or low energy, but detox reactions tend to come in waves and are often quickly followed by feeling uplifted and energised. Try to keep going and rest as much as possible and drink plenty water. Remember that you’ll feel great once you get through the rough patches and there are many detox aids to help.


Will I be able to carry on with my normal life while detoxing?

Our detox delivery programme has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to carry on with your ‘normal’ life AND detox, but it’s important to appreciate that your energy needs will be different than usual. Your body will be working hard to heal itself and therefore try to make it as quiet a period, especially for the first few days when healing reactions, if any, are more likely. Get as much rest time as you can; take time off to mediate, practise yoga, reflect on your life. Detox not only cleanses the body, but the mind too. Ideally try to plan to start your detox when there is less going on, although we have designed the programme for busy people who haven’t time to prepare their own juices.

Will my bowels habits change?

Another commonly asked question! Your bowel movements may change during the detox as you start to eliminate more effectively, so you may have more bowel movements than usual, or at irregular times of the day. But this is a good thing. The whole point of cleansing is to get the toxins out. On the juice programme, because you are also drinking a large amount of liquids you may find that you need to urinate more frequently too.

Can I have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment while on a juice detox programme?

Yes, certainly. Colonics very much support and enhance the detox process and help to remove toxins quickly. Ideally have a colonic in the first day or two of your detox to minimize healing reactions. You could also book a colonic before and after your cleanse.

What if I am taking medication? Can I keep taking it on the juice detox plan?

That’s really a question for your doctor or practitioner who prescribed your medication. But generally speaking it is best to stay on prescribed medication. Some drugs are contra-indicated with some fruits and vegetables so please consult your doctor first if in any doubt.

What if I am taking herbal supplements or nutritional supplements? Can I keep taking these too?

The supplements we recommend during the juice detox programme have been designed specifically to support your body to detox, therefore you don’t need to take other supplements as well. Just start your usual supplements again when your detox is finished.

Supporting the detox process and caring for your body

Rest and Relaxation

Try to have lots of it! Yoga or tai chi classes or relaxation CDs can really help reduce stress levels, supporting cellular repair and regeneration.


During the detox it is vital to drink plenty of filtered water; approx. 1-1 ½ litres a day. It is important to keep your body well flushed through to support the process.

You can also drink herbal tea as an alternative to water. Some herb teas are particularly supporting during cleansing, such as dandelion, peppermint, ginger and fennel tea. Avoid all caffeinated teas as these will disrupt blood sugar levels and sap your body of minerals required to fuel the detox process. Indeed, caffeinated drinks actually cause dehydration!

Dry skin brushing – an aid to detoxing

Your skin is your largest organ, and provides the most efficient and direct exit route for anything that needs to be "evacuated.”

Exfoliation is therefore key! Dry skin brushing helps elimination through the skin and a lot more! Your skin is often called ‘the third kidney’ in the West and the third lung in Eastern medicine. In other words, if your skin is eliminating toxins properly, it takes the stress off the other organs of elimination



e.g. kidneys and lungs. Dry skin brushing is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and assist the job of the kidneys, lungs and bowel and in addition it stimulates the lymphatic system. Waste material is carried away from the cells by the blood and lymph. Skin brushing

stimulates the release of this material from the cells near the surface of the body. It also invigorates the sweat glands and increases blood circulation to underlying organs and tissues in the body. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise, along with the common use of anti-perspirants, prevent people from perspiring enough. As a result, toxins and metabolic wastes are not released through sweat as they were intended, but instead accumulate in the body. Skin brushing opens up the pores, allowing the body to breathe and thus enhances proper functioning of the organs.

To skin brush, use a natural vegetable bristle brush and always use it on dry skin. The brush should be kept dry and not used for anything else. You can brush your skin once or twice a day and a complete skin brushing should take about 4 -5 minutes. Try to cover the whole body (except the face) when brushing. You only need to pass once or twice over the body in clean sweeps. The direction of brushing should generally be towards the heart area. Brush down the neck and body and up the arms, legs and buttocks. It is best to do it before a bath or a shower or before exercising to open up the eliminatory pores. If you can bare it! turn the tap to cold at the end of your shower. This helps remove dead skin cells, tones the muscles and skin, and stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, allowing the body to excrete toxins more efficiently.

Just see how wonderful your skin feels after only a few days of skin brushing.

Keeping going when things get tough

Keeping going through the ups and downs of detox can be challenging at times and it’s all too easy to break down and give up. Just remember that the symptoms will pass and you will feel rejuvenated at the end!

There are quite a few effective therapies and remedies you can try for alleviating detox side effects, including:

Colonic irrigation.

Colonics and enemas are two of the most effective methods of assisting elimination during a detox. A colonic is safe, gentle, and highly effective therapy and helps to clear out the backlog of bowel toxins which allows the newly eliminated ones to be released more quickly and effectively. We recommend colonics or enemas as a first choice, if you experience continued or uncomfortable detox symptoms. You may not like the thought of all this bowel work but don’t be put off as the body has a lot of work to do and it may need assistance.

To get one step ahead, try and make an appointment for a colonic on the first or second day of your cleanse and on the last. Your body releases a lot of toxins during a cleanse and if your eliminative system can’t get them out fast enough they can be reabsorbed into your blood stream.


If you're familiar with enemas or are happy to give then a try then this is the easiest and quickest way to clear the bowel of stored toxins and support detoxification via the liver and bowel.

Enemas can make a huge difference to the detox process as they are such a good way to relieve unpleasant symptoms by encouraging greater detoxification via the liver and bowel. Their use is an especially helpful addition if you don’t already have a perfectly working bowel.

Whenever any kind of detox programme releases toxins into the blood and lymph, an enema is one of the most effective way to carry toxins out of the body - quickly. Enemas can help to prevent and relieve detox symptoms, such as, headaches, nausea, fatigue, low mood, period pains, and is a


necessary part of any programme dedicated to deep bowel cleansing. The most effective types of enema when detoxing include:

Herbal enemas - enema herbs are a specially formulated blend to help stimulate the production and flow of toxic-laden bile out of the liver. The formula contains a variety of cleansing herbs.

Coffee enemas - the coffee enema is a widely accepted naturopathic tool these days and is an important part of many naturopathic cancer therapies including the world renowned Gerson Cancer Therapy regime. When coffee is taken in the bottom end, rather than the top end it has a completely different effect on the body. Coffee is an excellent detoxifier of the liver because when used as an enema, it stimulates the liver to dump bile by absorption of the coffee into the haemorrhoidal veins and the portal vein.

Garlic enemas - garlic can also be used in an enema and is profoundly purifying. It is an excellent treatment for people who have candida, yeast infections or other parasites, including worms!

Plain water enemas – a simple water enema is also an effective way of clearing the bowel.

Epsom salt bath

Relaxing in a lovely warm bath of Epsom salts is a perfect way to support the cleansing process by flushing out toxins. Epsom salts relax your muscles and aid detoxification. Many of the symptoms produced by a detox, such as headaches, fatigue, strong body odour or nausea can be relieved by an Epsom salt bath. Use about 1kg of Epsom salts and soak yourself for about 20 minutes. You can enhance the experience with candles and relaxing music. After your bath, make sure that you wrap up warm and relax.


A Sauna or steam room is another great way to speed elimination and take the pressure off your hard working organs. If you can bear it, alternate your sauna with a series of hot and cold showers and you’ll feel reborn!


Book a massage during your detox for added relaxation and therapeutic value. Some massage therapists may also be able to assist the detox process by gently massaging the colon and liver or massaging the lymphatic system. Let them know you are doing a detox.


Light exercise is a valuable way of improving circulation, toning abdominal muscles and massaging the intestine and thereby helping with elimination of toxins.

Stretching, gentle yoga, swimming and short walks in the park or countryside are all detox-friendly forms of exercise. Nothing too strenuous though as your body needs to harness its energy and channel it into the detox process.


One of most supportive things while detoxing is meditation. Detox helps to clear the mind and emotions and lets you more easily get in touch with your spiritual self. While fasting you are able to go deeper into yourself and meditation brings greater clarity and spiritual connection. You could join a class or meditate at home with music or play guided meditation CDs.

Body care products

While detoxing your body on the inside; it’s important to think about what you use on the outside and is it toxic chemical free? An effective and long lasting detox needs to be a holistic process. So it



makes sense to use chemical free body care products. It is often said “if you can’t eat it; don’t put it on your skin. The skin can absorb up to 60% of what it comes into contact with so using natural chemical free products helps to minimize exposure to potentially harmful toxins. You don’t want to get rid of old toxins only to replace them with new ones.

Complementary therapies

During your detox there are a range of complementary therapies which can assist you in the process. These include colonic hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and reflexology. Tell your therapist that you are detoxing so that they can support that process.

Recommended contacts:

Body Balancing: Heather North Lewis



Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Veronica Touzel



Juice detox FAQs

This is my first juice detox and I have no idea of what to expect.

Don’t worry, this is one of the best things you could be doing for your body and is a major step towards transforming your health. Juice fasting not only floods your body with health giving nutrients but allows your cells to get on with the job of clearing out stored up toxins! The result is rejuvenation at cell level which leaves you feeling and looking great. In the process you may experience one or more common detox symptoms, such as headaches, tiredness, mood swings and a coated tongue. But don’t worry as these are all positive signs that you are detoxing and symptoms usually pass quite quickly.

What will happen to my body on a juice detox?

When you stop eating solid foods and effectively fast on liquids for more than 12 hours your body

switches into cleansing and healing mode. You might be amazed to know that digesting food uses 60% - 70% of the body’s energy, more if your diet is high in processed foods. When this energy is freed up, the result is that long held toxins are excreted and the ’spare’ energy can be used for healing and repair at cell level …leaving you feeling more energised, happier and slimmer.

Will I feel any benefit from a one day juice detox?

A regular one day detox gives your body a well earned rest and the emphasis here is on regular. Having a one day detox on a regular basis will bring health benefits long term and definitely has a place in keeping your immune system healthy and maintaining optimum wellness. Detoxing one day a week adds up to a healthy 52 days a year! Giving your system a rest on a frequent basis and allowing the body to cleanse at a deeper level is an effortless way to achieve and maintain optimum health. You might prefer detoxing 3 or 5 days every month, again it’s the regularity which makes the long term difference.

Will I feel hungry while juice fasting?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions! Actually it is also one of the biggest surprises to people that they don’t feel hungry. Because the fresh juices are flooding your body with


so many nutrients you are actually being very well fed nutritionally and so hunger is rarely a problem. There are occasionally people with high metabolisms who may feel hungry at times and we then recommend taking an additional supplement which you can add to your juices for an ‘extra’ boost, such as spirulina, wheat grass etc.

Will I be lacking in nutrients while fasting?

Definitely not! In fact the opposite is true as you will be consuming more nutrients than most people eating a standard western diet. Because we use the highest quality organic fruit and vegetables made fresh daily you will be consuming a highly nutritious diet designed to support your body’s organs and systems.

Do I need to prepare for a juice fast?

Yes! Although it also depends on how long you are going to juice fast for. As a rule, the more days your are going to juice detox for, the more time you need to spend in preparation and post detox. To get the most health benefits from your cleanse and to experience the least detox symptoms, then preparation is essential. But don’t worry we give you plenty of guidance.

What’s the best way to end the detox and which foods can I eat?

How you reintroduce food after a juice detox programme is about as important as the detox itself. The best way to transition back onto solid food is gradually, starting with easy to digest foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables; then moving onto vegetable soups and light salads.

What if an unexpected social occasion crops up in the middle of my juice detox?

Whatever you do don’t break the juice detox with a big meal! Either break it a day or two earlier or better still take your juices with you. You may find that other people will be fascinated with what you are doing and you might even find some converts.

General Detox Questions

What are the benefits of a detox?

There are numerous benefits of detoxing including: weight loss, greater vitality, clearer skin, improved sleep, better digestion, clearer thinking, feeling less stressed and generally feeling and looking younger too!

What exactly is detoxing?

Detoxing is the natural way in which your body eliminates potentially harmful substances. These range from everyday toxins, such as environmental pollutants, chemical cleaning products, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol; to medical drugs, agro-chemicals and bacteria. Toxins are produced internally by our bodies too, for example, during metabolism of our food or when we eat too much animal proteins or processed foods. Your body is designed to cope with most toxins; but if over time it has to cope with too many, it can become overwhelmed and your health may suffer. That’s when to give your body a helping hand with a juice detox!

How do I know if I need to detox?

Common symptoms of a body overburdened with toxins include: low energy, difficulty losing weight, frequent colds, headaches, skin problems, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, IBS, food intolerances, mood swings and low mood, indigestion or heartburn, disturbed sleep, fungal infections and joint or muscle aches. Just to name a few!



What are the greatest benefits of a detox?

Increased vitality

Weight loss (if over weight)

Healthier and younger looking skin Clarity of mind

Increased fertility

Healthier sleeping patterns

Calmness and greater peace of mind More positive outlook on life

Your whole body works better

Feeling more in touch with your true self

How much weight will I lose?

Every ‘body’ is different, and therefore how much weight you lose depends on your health history, and in particular how much weight you have to lose. Underweight people will lose very little weight, whilst those with more to lose will have the greatest weight loss.

After the detox will I just put the weight back on?

The excess weight you lose during detox tends to stay off provided of course you keep to a healthier diet afterwards. This is because your digestive system has had a chance to rejuvenate and your metabolism will be improved. Also, because a period of detoxing helps to re-educate the pallet to more natural tastes, you will be drawn towards fresh whole foods rather than highly processed, salty, fatty foods.

What if I don’t need to lose weight?

Fresh juices are nutrient rich and therefore you will be completely ‘fed’ in terms of your nutritional needs and generally if you don’t have weight to lose, you won’t lose much. However, for many underweight people they find that improved digestion post detox helps them to maintain their optimum weight more easily.

How much water should I drink while on a detox?

We encourage you to drink as much water as you can up to 1-1 ½ litres a day because this helps your body to flush out toxins. Detoxing encourages the cells to throw off toxins therefore drinking plenty water is an essential part of helping to flush them out of the body. Make sure it’s good quality water, filtered or purified is best.

Can I drink tea while detoxing?

Herb and fruit teas are ideal and many support the detox process wonderfully such as peppermint, dandelion and fennel.

Can I exercise while detoxing?

Gentle exercise can support the detox process wonderfully, such as yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, walking and swimming. But avoid strenuous exercise. Remember you are detoxing and your body is working hard on repair and healing so don’t use up this valuable healing energy at the gym. Listen to your body and don’t push it beyond its limits.

Are there things I can do to support the detox process?


After Detoxing

Eating after juices!

The most important word to remember here is SLOWLY! It is important not to shock your body by going straight from a 100% juice diet to eating meat and processed foods! Rather you should introduce foods carefully and slowly, beginning with plant foods i.e. fruit and vegetables - some raw and some cooked so that you don’t stress your liver and digestive system. Take a few days to get back to your normal diet. By the fourth day post detox, you can eat more or less your ‘normal’ diet again although try to keep it healthy! Most people find long held cravings have disappeared and eating healthily has become much easier and more naturally than it did before.

Here is a basic plan of an appropriate way to reintroduce certain foods. It starts from the first day following the detox. Note that the options listed are options, you do not need to eat everything listed!

Day 1

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad or a fruit smoothie. Lunch – Raw salad vegetables.

Dinner - Steamed vegetables, raw salad vegetables. Dressing: apple cider vinegar, linseed oil / olive oil.

Day 2

Breakfast: fruit salad, goat or ewe’s yoghurt; a fresh fruit smoothie made with a little added almond milk.

Lunch: large salad, olives; steamed vegetables.

Evening meal: large salad; steamed vegetables; brown rice, millet or quinoa; vegetable protein e.g. lentils and beans, or hummus; or cottage cheese or goats/ewes cheese e.g. Feta. Keep to simple ingredients on day two.

Day 3

Breakfast: non-wheat carbohydrate (oat or millet porridge, wheat free muesli, rice cakes, rye bread), honey; fresh fruit salad; goat or ewes yoghurt; dried fruit (preferably un-sulphured) or boiled or scrambled eggs;

Lunch: cooked or raw vegetables; potatoes; vegetable proteins such as beans, lentils, hummus, or nuts and seeds; non-wheat grains e.g. rice cakes, rice bread, oatcakes.

Evening meal: plenty of vegetables, cooked or raw; you can start to introduce fish at this meal.

Day 4 onwards

By now you can eat more or less your ‘normal’ diet again. If you are a meat eater, then meat can be introduced on day 4 into one of your meals, preferably not red meat at this stage, but chicken or turkey ideally or fish.

Maintaining healthy eating habits

If you have been inspired by your renewed feeling of health to adopt healthier eating habits we have listed below some basic principles to follow.

• Choose fresh organic produce wherever possible

• Eat a high proportion of raw fruit and vegetables (eating food raw prevents the destruction of

the natural enzymes – these are the catalysts for chemical reactions within the body, including those involved in digestion)

• Eat at least 8 different types of fruit or vegetables per day

• Try to vary your diet as much as possible



• Eat at least every four hours to balance blood sugar levels

• Include a small amount of protein with every meal

• Don’t wait until you feel starving to eat – you will only make inappropriate food choices

• Try to reduce the quantity you eat of processed foods and non-organic animal products as a

long term aim

• Try to stick to eating healthily at least 80% of the time; then you can be more relaxed for the

other 20%

• Eat whole foods i.e. foods which are natural and have not been processed in any way - avoid

or minimise the use of ready prepared and highly processed / refined foods, especially white flour products and replace with 100% whole foods, e.g. brown rice, wholemeal flour.

• Try to reduce your intake of animal produce and increase the use of vegetable proteins

instead such as beans and lentils.

• Eat slowly and chew, chew, chew!

If you’re wanting advice on how to go forward with a healthy lifestyle then here are a couple of


Nutritional consultants: Lorraine Pannetier



Jennifer Logan BSc (Hons)




These programmes are designed for men and women with no major health conditions or illnesses. It is always advised to seek advice from your Doctor or medical professional to check you are able to undertake a Juice Detox.

Our juice detox packages are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your own doctor or healthcare professional before participating in any cleanse or juice fasting programme, if you have existing health issues.

Who cannot detox?

Generally detoxing is highly beneficial and safe for most people but there are certain conditions when detox is not recommended:

• During pregnancy and/or when breastfeeding because the greater quantity of toxins that are

released can easily pass into the bloodstream or breast milk.

• In cases of chronic/advanced heart disease, kidney or liver related conditions

• Diabetes type 1. Type 2 diabetics may be able to juice detox under supervision from a health


• Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia.

• Addicts of drugs or alcohol without professional supervision.

• Those who are very underweight due to an underlying health condition.

• Cases of active cancer or AIDS.

If you have any doubts about whether a detox would be suitable for you then get in touch with your medical doctor or naturopathic doctor for advice and support. In many cases a detox can be carried out under a physician or naturopath’s supervision.


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