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Comparison of multiple power amplification types for power hardware-in-the-loop applications

This paper takes advantage of the fact that the authors have three different PA units available, a Switched Mode Amplifier, a Generator Type Amplification and a Linear Power

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Analysis of the photonic bandgaps for gyrotron devices

The dispersion curves of the lattices in different ratios of the rod radius to the rod spacing, and the global band gaps for the general two-dimensional PBG structures formed by

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Improving resilience by deploying permuted code onto physically unclonable unique processors

In this paper we propose the deployment of permuted code onto Physically Unclonable Unique Processors in order to resist common cyber attacks.. We present our proposal and explain how

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Simulation-based validation of smart grids - status quo and future research trends

Simulation-based Validation of Smart Grids 5 Number of Modeling Tools Monolithic Simulation M1 Distributed Simulation Mn M1 Mn S1 Sn >1 Solver Hybrid/Merged Simulation Co-Simulation


Compact Polarization-Independent MMI-Based 1 x 2 Power Splitter Using Metal-Cap Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide

Variations of a the unit loss of the MC SOI WG and b the total loss of the MMI section based on it for MMI-based 1 2 power splitter for the Hx11 and Hy11 modes with its width for


Multi-Poly-Silicon-Layer-Based Spot-Size Converter for Efficient Coupling Between Silicon Waveguide and Standard Single-Mode Fiber

The propagation constants, height and inner separation of the Poly-Si layer, separation between upper and lower waveguides, coupling length, and power transfer efficiency of the SSCs


An integrated pan-European research infrastructure for validating smart grid systems

Summarizing, with the above described integrated pan-European RI approach in ERIGrid the following improved services are being available to the partners but also to external user

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Multi-agent system with plug and play feature for distributed secondary control in microgrid—controller and power hardware-in-the-loop implementation

Experimental Results Efficiency of the proposed distributed control is verified by observing the following: 1 iterative state values in each agent to show convergence performance of


Application of a MW-scale motor-generator set to establish power-hardware-in-the-loop capability

While the testbed can be used for testing various systems connected to the distribution network, this paper will specifically focus on testing Wide-Area Monitoring and Control Systems

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Methods and concepts for designing and validating smart grid systems

Content of the Special Issue The accepted and published papers address a wide range of challenging and interesting methods and concepts in the domain of designing and validating smart

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Realization of high fidelity power-hardware-in-the-loop capability using a MW-scale motor-generator set

fgrid Qf λf kM G GF GF P GP F GP h ϕgrid ϕM G ϕe QP h λph Kf Kph Vgrid VM G fn H KpM G KiM G TdM G MG Tm MG KD Frequency of the simulated grid voltage IMC controller of the frequency

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Develop a system to monitor, analyse and report health data captured during exercise

Visual Basic Code Appendix E Private Shared Function FormatMessage _ ByVal dwFlags As Integer, ByVal lpSource As Integer, _ ByVal dwMessageId As Integer, ByVal dwLanguageId As Integer,


Develop a system to monitor, analyse and report health data captured during exercise

Introduction Chapter 1 1.3 Project overview The product of the project involves the equipment that is used to measure the blood pressure and pulse, the interface circuit that is used to

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Student views on hardware-based problem solving activities for external and on-campus teams

19 % Remote Access and Overall Problem Solving Experience with Hardware Although we received feedback very strongly supporting the notion that it was important to use actual physical

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Becta review 2006. Evidence on the progress of ICT in education.

60 40 20 0 Total Primary Secondary Don’t know Expertise does not meet needs at all 0 0 1 2 2 1 Expertise meets few needs 12 11 13 Expertise meets most needs 77 78 77 Expertise generally


Harnessing technology review 2007. Progress and impact of technology in education. Summary report.

● ● The analysis presented in this review has been informed by recent surveys and research studies, including: ● ● 2 national statistics and large-scale and national level surveys


Harnessing technology review 2007. Progress and impact of technology in education. Full Report.

Figure1.1: The strategic outcomes of the e-strategy Capability and capacity of the workforce, providers and learners Outcomes and benefits for learners and children 1.1 Leaders have the


Counterfeit drugs and medical devices in developing countries

Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine Dovepress open access to scientific and medical research Review Open Access Full Text Article Counterfeit drugs and


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