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Research on the Collaborative Innovation of University Discipline Construction and Scientific and Technological Transformation

Good cooperation of government, is based on the coordination of the government to actively build efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation in security management platform, and

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A Study on the Relationship Between Industrial Structure Adjustment and Low carbon Tourism Economy in Hainan Province

ABSTRACT In recent years, with the vigorous development of economic and social undertakings in Hainan, the industrial structure adjustment is placed on the agenda, and low-carbon

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A Classification Approach of Neural Networks for Credit Card Default Detection

This article mainly tried to determine the factors that strongly predict the future default probability with neural network comparing with linear model shows the advantage of deep

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Social Determinants of Low Emission Limitation in Urban and Rural Areas in the Middle Odra (Poland)

In order to improve air quality, apart from educational activities, it is necessary to implement a number of legal solutions that will encourage residents of the Middle Odra Region to

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Economic Conditions of Low Emission Reduction in Poland

The most important problems include:  unfavourable structure of fuel prices on the market and too low income of the society; too complicated and discouraging procedures related to

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Research on Provincial Energy and Electricity Planning Method under the Situation of High quality Economic Development

The eighth step is output analysis results: According to the analysis of economic analysis and forecasting, energy and electricity demand and supply, output various analysis results,

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Restructuring Russia's Electricity Sector: Towards Effective Competition or Faux Liberalisation?

The legislation and the ‘5+5’ plan are closely linked, since the restructuring of UES is essential for the creation of a more competitive market structure during the transition and is,


Banking Reform in Russia: Problems and Prospects

In 2003, Russia’s largest bank, the state-owned Sberbank, was ranked 155th in the world by tier-1 capital; the largest private bank, Mezhprombank, was 625th.6 There is still relatively


Russia's gas sector: the endless wait for reform?

In most industrial sectors, energy consumption per unit produced is far higher in Russia than in the majority of European states, or even the United States, while domestic power and


Fifteen years of economic reform in Russia: what has been achieved, what remains to be done?

Moreover, the examples of the state-controlled oil companies and of other important state-controlled companies, especially in the gas and banking sector, would appear to suggest that


Possible Russian development paths and their implications for Europe: some back of the envelope musings

While the commodity structure of Russian-EU trade undoubtedly reflects certain complementarities between the two, it has also caused some concern in Russia and is regarded by some


Conservation is sexy! What makes this so, and what does this make? An engagement with celebrity and the environment

Nevertheless, Brockington 2009 does much here to approach the difficult intersections of wealth, class, race, and gender that structure conservation effort and environmentalism also see


The Irish economy in the early 21st century

This evidence, that training can be designed and delivered which upgrades the skills of people in employment – and spares them, their employers and society the costs of longterm

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International trade in resources: a general equilibrium analysis

International trade in resources: a general equilibrium analysis Chichilnisky, Graciela Columbia University, Institute for Mathematics and its applications University of Minnesota..


Developing Countries in Light of Intra Trade

Developing Countries in Light of Intra-Trade Broll, Udo and Gilroy, Bernard

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Intra Industry Trade and Differences in Technology

Intra-Industry Trade and Differences in Technology Gilroy, Bernard Michael and Broll, Udo... S~ paA!l~p

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Inflation as restructuring A theoretical and empirical account of the U S experience

If we define the overall price level as a ratio between the total money values in the business sphere and the aggregate congeries of commodities in the industrial sphere, it turns out

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International Trade Issues of the Russian Federation

Increase of unrecorded hard currency in cash Net capital flight A-B Volume of illegal capital of Russian residents accumulated abroad end of 1991 = $5 billion Interest Total illegal

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