Analysis Mobile Forensics on Twitter Application using the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Method

Based on the results of the research on forensic evidence obtained from the results of the National Institute for Justice NIJ method stages, with the stages of identification,

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Integrated Application of Mobile based Raw Material Requests: A Case Study of Head Flour Industry

Integrated application of raw material requests dedicated to the coconut flour industry to place an order and suppliers in real time will request from the factory.. In this study we

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Forensic WhatsApp based Android using National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST) Method

Acquisition Process The data backup process on the rooted smartphone uses the TWRP application by backing up data from the android and internal smartphone partition system, after which

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G SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing) A Paradigm Shift in E Governance Agility

This generate the requirement of integrated technology model SMAC , which is a combined use of Social media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing, where Social help in connecting

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Practical Implementation of Mobile based Online ILFS Resources Evaluation

Medium: This level means that the system's threshold will not exceed more than 50% of the times of measurements when the system is tested at a distance of 75% of the largest dimension

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Tele care for emergency announcements

Details of BAD with sphygmomanometer, pulsimeter and GPS devices are mentioned in the following: 1 BAD: The main function is to monitoring the unusual body activity, and communicates

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A Portable and Mobile Rainfall Simulator

Abstract An existing Purdue-type rainfall simulator RFS was designed to be transported using a commercial flatbed trailer that was modified by cutting out a section of the wooden bed


Understanding mass participatory pervasive computing systems for environmental campaigns

In a series of pilot projects, schools used mobile sensors to enhance science learning; visitors to an ecological attraction employed mobile phones to access and generate locative


Reporting and understanding the safety and adverse effect profile of mobile apps for psychosocial interventions: An update

The adverse effects associated with these apps can broadly be divided into: 1 those resulting from the security and safety concerns; 2 those arising from the use of a particular

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Mobile collocated interactions with wearables: past, present, and future

Keywords: Collaboration; Co-located Interaction; Design; Evaluation; Mobile; Handheld Devices; Multi-Device; Multi-User; Device Binding; Smartwatches; Jewelry This Special Issue focuses

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Ways of walking: understanding walking's implications for the design of handheld technology via a humanistic ethnographic approach

Walking and reflections on the practice and experience of walking can thus work to inform design about the underlying human interests and qualities of being mobile with digital


Audio technology and mobile human computer interaction: from space and place, to social media, music, composition and creation

In this section, we place a specific focus on forming relationships between physical space and the construction of digital musical soundtracks; proposing that the physical assembly of a


Measuring interaction proxemics with wearable light tags

Measuring Interaction Proxemics with Wearable Light Tags ALESSANDRO MONTANARI∗ , Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge ZHAO TIAN∗ , Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth


Content Analysis of Mobile Health Applications on Diabetes Mellitus

Before mobile apps are promoted to increase their use in managing diabetes among patients, a systematic evaluation of selected mobile medical apps for diabetes mellitus self-management

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Being there while you are here : an artistic study of blended presence shaped by new mobile technologies

To explore the relationship of mobile devices to a sense of presence I have experimented with different ways to incorporate those devices in my artwork by depicting them directly, using

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Position discovery for a system of bouncing robots

Indeed, in line 4 of algorithm RingBounce, robot r0 continues its movement as long as its total distance travelled in the counterclockwise direction is less than 1/2, which leads to the


Mobile technology in mobile work: contradictions and congruencies in activity systems

In particular we used the notion of activity systems to study and analyse the cultural-historical emergence of mobile technology, the interplay between the subject, the technology and


Mobile Augmented Reality for Flood Visualisation

The novelty of our approach is in combining real time population of building models, interactive flood visualisation, and integration with the WeSenseIt Citizen Water Observatory web


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