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London in the First World War: questions of legacy

By 1921, the numbers of domestic servants in the County of London had fallen by a third, though it still totalled some 157,000, ‘and there is no doubt that the reduction has continued


State Britain and the art of (Im)proper democratic protest

State Britain and the Art of Improper Democratic Protest - final draft after review Title revised State Britain and the Art of Improper Democratic Protest Keywords Art; law; Jacques


The evolution of energy demand: politics, daily life and public housing, Britain 1920s 70s

Birkbeck College, University of London, on 10 Nov 2017 at 13:42:01, subject to the Cambridge Core terms of use, available at FRANK TRENTMANN AND


Working across difference: theory, practice and experience

Taken together, the book builds on Tate’s body of scholarship on Black beauty and race performativity Tate 2005, 2012, 2015, 2016 through its affective and relational critique of Black


The politics of documentary photography: three theoretical perspectives

The photographer as advocate looks to the wider role played by documentary photographers in advocacy networks, which bring together individuals from trade unions, churches, governments


Some political behaviour patterns and attitudes of roman catholic priests in a rural part of Northern Ireland

Thinking now about Northern Ireland what, do you feel to be the biggest problem troubling the people of Northern Ireland to-day?. Probe


Evaluation of Political News Reportage in Nigeria’s Vanguard and The Guardian Newspapers

Abstract This study was conducted to assess how political issues were treated in Nigeria’s newspapers, by assessing: the ratio of political news to the other subject matters, the

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The Psychological Imperative in Political Processes in Nigeria

If psychology has such practical utility to humanity, we can convincingly and conveniently argue that it is a disservice to humanity for psychologists not to be proactive in issues of


Inflation as restructuring A theoretical and empirical account of the U S experience

If we define the overall price level as a ratio between the total money values in the business sphere and the aggregate congeries of commodities in the industrial sphere, it turns out

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L'avenir de l'information économique

A travers la question de l’avenir de l’information économique sur support papier, se profile non seulement la question la survie des magazines et de la presse économique, mais

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The effects of a greater central bank credibility on interest rates level and volatility response to news in the U K

Se tion 2 presents how a new redibility measure inuen es the response of the interest rate level and volatility to entral bank target variables news and to monetary poli y de isions..


Business Cycles, Political Incentives and the Macroeconomy: Comparison of Models

Some Empirical Evidence on Economic Policies and Business Cycles 3.1 The Political Business Cycles The model of Nordhaus 1975 makes the following predictions: i the politically


The politics of poor law reform in early twentieth century Ireland

proposals for poor law reform had come forward by 1931 and the Dublin Act was extended for a further five years in the Poor Relief Dublin Act, 1931.75 The Act was again renewed, this


Politics as a Profession

Our proposal signifies that people need to change their mentality about politics and join it in true professional spirit so that we can be a developed nation and present an example to

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The Weak Link: Diagnosing Political and Social Factors in China’s Environmental Issue

First, it examines the changes in China’s environmental policies and political orientations; second, it discusses the conflicts between economic growth and environmental protection,

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Politici imperiale în Estul şi Vestul Spaţiului Românesc

Postfaţă În urma colaborării ştiinţifice dintre Universitatea din Oradea, prin Facultatea de Istorie, Geografie şi Relaţii Internaţionale, şi Universitatea de Stat din Moldova şi

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“华商 911”事件后,莫斯科警察日夜监守切尔基佐沃市场。有守护特警们

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Politics and Educational Leadership in Nigerian Schools: Issues and Challenges

Issues and Challenges for Leadership in Nigerian Schools Several issues and challenges are being faced by leaders of public schools based on the influence and powers of government of

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