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Review on HRV based Prediction and Detection of Heart Disease

[2] The ECG signal contains information about electrical activity of the heart.HRV analysis is based on measuring the variability of heart rate signals, and more specifically,

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The best person for the job : an investigation into the principal selection process in Tasmanian government schools

From this literature review, the following areas were identified for investigation because of their links to the research topic: the importance of the role of the principal, both

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The Value of an HR Professional Group for Organizational Learning

These were later refined to three key themes: professional identity and knowledge sharing which included teamwork; space for reflection and development which included personal


Increased non-homologous end joining makes DNA-PK a promising target for therapeutic intervention in uveal melanoma

DNA Repair Protein Foci Formation Analysis To measure the initiation of NHEJ repair, the cells were analysed for foci formation of phosphorylated DNA-dependent protein kinase DNA-PK


Isolation and characterization of cyclo-(tryptophanyl-prolyl) and chloramphenicol from Streptomyces sp. SUK 25 with antimethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus activity

A secondary screening using disk diffusion method had 20 mm IZ against MRSA ATCC 43300, which is similar with previous study conducted by Morakchi et al.37 Cho et al38 also reported the


A Prospective Randomised study of Comparision of Hemodynamic Variables in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with Two Different Pneumoperitoneal Pressure using Vigileo Cardiac Output Monitor

LIST OF TABLES S.No 1 2 3 4 5 Table Major Factors Affecting Cardiac Output Factors Affecting Ventricular Preload Factors Affecting Compliance Gender Distribution Frequency Table Pg No

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P16INK4a /KI-67 immunocytochemistry in improving the predictive value for high grade cervical intraepithelial (≥ CIN2) lesions in pap smear

ABBREVIATIONS ASC-US - Atypical squamous cells - of undetermined significance ASC-H - Atypical squamous cells - cannot exclude HSIL LSIL - Low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion HSIL

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The Effectiveness Of Recruitment Method In Hotel Organisation

With a sample of 28 respondents from a result analysis this organisation has been obtained in any of the three recruitment methods used are effective but


Addressing the gender gap in federal law enforcement professions: The motivational attraction of women in computing

One woman stated that after graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree, she simply “applied to a job post that sounded interesting.” An additional woman mentioned


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