Vertebrate fauna associates of the Wedge tailed Shearwater, Puffinus pacificus, colonies of Rottnest Island: influence of an ecosystem engineer

Relative to an area of uncolonised heath, we observed an increase in the abundance of King's Skinks, Egernia kingii, and a decrease in the abundance of House Mice, Mus musculus, and

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Encouraging Creativity with Scientific Inquiry

The four question strategy provides a model for teachers of science to assist their students in developing their confidence to utilize scientific inquiry.. The strategy begins with a

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Subject Index Royal Society of Tasmania: 1945 1954

INDEX-Author index to papers published in Lhe Papers and Proceeding'S of th8 Royal Society of Tasmania ", 1898-194/1.. INDEX-Subject index to papers published in and Proceedings of tho

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Scientific Basis of System Programming

Defined by the theory of programming different periods of building systems, developed by the author with the participation of her students and postgraduates: theory of graph modular


A simplified inventory approach for estimating carbon in coarse woody debris in high biomass forests

In particular, the study asked whether for estimating CWD volume, biomass and C content: • it is possible to concentrate the inventory on larger CWD piece; • it is sufficient to


Plateau vegetation on sub Antarctic Macquarie Island

During January–March 1980, 16 line transects were studied at locations on the plateau of Macquarie Island: two sites on Windy Ridge, three sites to the north of Boot Hill, one site on

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Trichomalopsis sisyrae Askew, sp Nov (Hymenoptera: pteromalldae), a parasitoid of Sisyra (Neuroptera: sisyridae) in Tasmania, Australia

COMMENTS Trichomalopsis sisyrae is referable to Trichomalopsis Crawford, 1913 = Eupteromalus Kurdjumov, 1913 in Pteromalinae having an occipital carina, antennal clava that is only

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Changes in the sub Antarctic in the modern era of science and environmental consciousness

Annenkov Island, like a number of the smaller offshore islands in the sub-Antarctic archipelagos, has remained, to the best of our knowledge, free of NIS and to date the reconstructions

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Transformation in knowledge : the Aristotlian concepts of actuality and potentiality and the Cartesian method

In this thesis, rather than performing a comparison of the philosophy of Aristotle and Descartes, the Aristotelian concepts of actuality and potentiality and the Cartesian method will

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A contribution to an inventory of lichens from South Sister, northeastern Tasmania

Two species new to science were discovered during the survey and have been published elsewhere: Punctelia transtasmanica Elix & Kantvilas, also known from Flinders Island and New


The diet of the Tasmanian Devil, Sarcophilus harrisii, as determined from analysis of scat and stomach contents

In comparison, the principal prey species represented in the scats of Tasmanian Devils at inland sites were Bennett's and birds, followed by Pademelons and Common KrllChr'111 Possums in


Seabird bycatch in New Zealand trawl and longline fisheries, 1998 2004

6 The estimated seabird bycatch number of birds in New Zealand trawl fisheries during the 2004 fishing year, together with 95% credible intervals for large and small vessels split at 28


Conservation and management in the French sub Antarctic islands and surrounding seas

Among the French islands located in the Southern Indian Ocean, two groups are really sub-Antarctic - Archipel Crozet, north of the Polar Front, and Iles Kerguelen, close to the Polar

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Ecological observations on a remote montane occurrence of Bedfordia arborescens (Asteraceae), Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Key Words: Aboriginal land management, Bass Strait, Bedfordia arborescens, Cape Barren Island, conservation statns, forest, fire, flora, human impact, Mt Munro, palaeogeography, relict


Reproductive ecology of the Mountain Dragon, Rankinia (Tympanocryptis) diemensis (Reptilia: Squamata: Agamidae) in Tasmania

Reproductive ecology ofthe Mountain Dragon, Rankinia Tympanocryptis diemensis from Tasmania provides more energy for development if this is prolonged by poor incubation conditions

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New species of Opechona Looss, 1907 and Cephalolepidapedon Yamaguti, 1970 (Digenea: Lepocreadiidae) from fishes off northern Tasmania

Vitellarium follicular; fields reach into posterior forebody, 29-124 74 from ventral sucker; mainly lateral to caeca; in ventral plane scattered follicles may overlie uterus, encroach

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Water quality in karstlands at Mole Creek, Tasmania

Ration Tree Creek Liena bore Rubbish Heap Cave Lynds Cave Lime Pit Execution Pot Grunter Creek Howes Cave Kubla Khan Efflux Marakoopa Cave Circular Ponds Sassafras Creek upper sink


The significance of a new locality for Monograptus thomasi (Early Devonian) southwest of Beaconsfield, Tasmania, and of the Corn Hill Formation

The sedimentological characters and fauna of the Corn Hill Formation strongly suggest connection with the Scamander Formation of the Panama Group of the Mathinna Supergroup in


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