The purpose of this study was to understand the technology and structure of the Android OS and application development process which was succeeded in some depth. The standard Android SDK libraries provides the possibility to integrate the Google Maps in own application with additional functionalities such as Point overlays while the OSM map integration is only possible by using supplementary open source libraries such as the Nutiteq Maps Lib SDK for Android which was used in this study. The Nutiteq API makes possible to integrate many map sources such as: OSM, CloudMade, Navteq/MapTP, etc. (Nutiteq, 2011a). Despite the map integration the Nutiteq library supports the offline maps, line and polygon overlays on top of the map, online and offline KML overlays, route service, etc. Some of these functionalities are part of public API, nevertheless to use the Nutiteq full library it is necessary to purchase a license. The CloudMade TMS tiles of the OSM were used in MasterOSM application, and moreover the routing service was used which includes the direction assistance functionality.

Open source map API:s are also available for Android, for instance the AndNav (AndNav, 2011) or Osmdroid (Osmdroid, 2011) projects. These projects provide basic components for OSM integration and interaction however the future development of the projects is uncertain.

There are several limitations of the application. Some of them are not as significant as they are already developed in Lund Challenge demonstrator such as the voice direction assistance for visual impaired users. However limitations such as the offline maps and the routing in the parks and open areas are the subject of future development.

The CloudMade routing service provides the route using only the network data of the OSM however the important aspect of the Lund Challenge demonstrator is to provide shortest path to visually impaired users, and the routing in parks or open areas is providing the paths that bypass the parks and open areas. Thereby new pedestrian routing service should be implemented based on data with added paths in open areas and parks. To achieve this first it is necessary to create a method that automatically will add all possible paths in open areas and parks for entire dataset. Later the routing service could be developed based on modified data.

As the area of Lund city is not so large thus the offline OSM maps would be an excellent solution for the Lund Challenge demonstrator. Additionally the routing techniques can be implemented to run on locally stored modified network data and this will be good combination and the application would work independent to Internet connections.



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