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Philosophy determines the course of each individual's life. [Re: Concept 107, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] The diametrically opposite choices between Aristotelian philosophy and Platonistic philosophy profoundly affect every individual and society. [Re: Tables 43 and 44, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] Aristotelian philosophy is the intellectual basis of Neo-Tech.

Platonistic philosophy is the intellectual basis of every irrational, destructive religious and political system promoted in the past 2300 years. Indeed, Platonism is the philosophical foundation of mysticism, altruism, sacrifice, egalitarianism, existentialism, religion,

dictatorships, theism, socialism, democracy, communism, fascism, evangelism and every other rule of force, coercion, and fraud. Except for free-enterprise capitalism, all political systems including democracy (a tyranny by the majority) require deception and force to exist. Thus, all those political and religious systems are immoral and harmful to human beings. Only free-enterprise capitalism is:

1. based entirely on voluntary free choice,

2. consistent with the nature of conscious beings and, thus is beneficial to all conscious beings,

3. moral and just: Offers freedom to everyone. Rejects all mysticism, racism, initiatory force, and fraud.

Platonism is also the basis of all public educational systems. Government-run schools today are inept at educating children because they embrace the ideas of John Dewey, a Platonist

existentialist who dishonestly replaced the objective principles of education with power-usurping, subjective methods. (Dewey's contemporaries, William James and Sidney Hook, promoted similar but more cautiously disguised, existentialistic ideas.) Using dishonest non sequiturs, Dewey's philosophy dismisses as socially irrelevant the pedagogical teaching of fundamental knowledge such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

Dewey's philosophy promotes the mystical concept that children can be "educated" by allowing them to randomly pursue their own whims. The students' whims are considered socially relevant to the here-and-now and thus are deemed as the basis of education. The "teacher", therefore, merely follows wherever the child's feelings may lead (rather than the teacher providing the child with objective knowledge through systematic input of integrated facts and information). With an existential action approach, Dewey deems the mind as the creator of "reality". Thus, in one mystical stroke, he negates both the integrating conscious mind and objective reality.

Although deceptively stating the opposite, Karl Marx's dialectical materialism is the same

"reality creating" approach to action as Dewey's approach. Hitler's approach is also the same as Dewey's "willed realities" and "created logics". That "reality-creating" approach is the essence of mysticism. For it relieves the mind of the basic human responsibility to identify, integrate, and then logically deal with objective reality. As a pragmatic existential neocheater, Dewey scraps logic, knowledge, and reason in favor of whims and feelings. He deems such whims and feelings as the primary guide to human knowledge, education, and action. ...Designed from dishonesty and laziness, Dewey's destructive "educational" approach is the basis of public education today.

Plato provided the tools for rationalizing an "intellectual" basis for any false or specious approach, including Dewey's approach. Platonistic philosophy can "justify" any irrational or unjust means to "noble" ends or "higher" causes. That same philosophy provides the tools for rationalizing the two primary character faults of conscious beings -- dishonesty and laziness.

Aristotle, on the other hand, provides the tools that every person needs to develop the knowledge necessary for guiding his or her life to unlimited prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and abiding happiness. Aristotelian philosophy provides the tools for meeting the needs of the human organism for optimum survival and maximum happiness. Successful use of those tools requires integrated honesty and rational efforts.

The following chart illustrates how a civilization might have advanced if an Aristotelian rather than a Platonistic philosophy had dominated for the past 2300 years. This chart shows how free-enterprise capitalism would have eliminated mysticism, parasitism, religion, collectivism,

altruism, and force-backed governments with the subsequent elimination of neocheating, wars, crime, disease, poverty, and death itself.

Some of the estimates made in the chart include steam engines and trains in operation at the birth of Christ (who in a free-enterprise society might have matured into an energetic, happy, value-producing carpenter or contractor), mass produced cars available in 50 A.D., commercial airlines in operation by 60 A.D., crime and fraud eliminated (not by government police but by individual self-defense and private protection services, private courts, and computerized ostracism) by 65 A.D., nuclear power by 70 A.D., man on the moon by 80 A.D., cancer cured by 90 A.D., youth-perpetuating biological immortality by 120 A.D., immortal conscious individuals master of all known nature by 2000 A.D.


Assume that an objective, Aristotelian-based philosophy rather than a mystical, Platonistic-based philosophy had dominated the Western World since the Golden Age of Greece:

Progress through Mystic-Free Cosmic Minds rather than

Mystic-Plagued Plato Minds 500 B.C. Heracleitus (540 B.C.-480 B.C.)

450 B.C. Socrates (470 B.C.-399 B.C.) 400 B.C. Plato (427 B.C.-348 B.C.)

350 B.C. Aristotle (384 B.C.-322 B.C.). Plato's philosophy identified as mystical and forever dismissed as dishonest, destructive.

200 B.C. America discovered.

100 B.C. Free-enterprise capitalism established around the world. Free markets flourishing.

All forms of mysticism and neocheating identified, discredited, and rejected. All government taxation and nonprofit spending programs abolished. All forms of initiatory force are morally condemned. Wars become obsolete and vanish. Arts, sciences, technology boom in totally free markets. Dynamic competition and value production rule. Romantic love flourishes.

0 B.C. All traces of mysticism, altruism, and collectivism are gone. Poverty essentially eliminated. The individual is the supreme value. Jesus builds the highest skyscraper in Asia Minor. Trains and steamships are major forms of transportation.

20 A.D. Electrical power developed, camera developed.

40 A.D. Internal-combustion engine developed.

50 A.D. Cars in mass production. Airplane developed.

60 A.D. Commercial airlines flourishing. Computer developed.

65 A.D. Crime and fraud become unprofitable, obsolete, and essentially eliminated by computerized ostracism.

70 A.D. Nuclear power developed. Nuclear weapons never conceived.

80 A.D. Man on the moon. Internet developed.

90 A.D. Cancer and most other diseases eliminated.

100 A.D. Man on Mars and heading for other planets.

110 A.D. Need for sleep eliminated.

120 A.D. Youth-perpetuating biological immortality developed.

140 A.D. Prosperity and happiness of conscious beings are universal.

200 A.D. Worldwide, commercial, biological immortality achieved. All diseases and aging eliminated. Man colonizing, mining, and commercializing the moon, asteroids, and Mars. Commercial shuttle flights (passenger and freight) to space-station

colonies. ...Achieve access to the gravity-coded, interstellar universal computer.

1200 A.D. Energy and technology advanced to where sufficient energy can be generated for traveling to other earth-like planets in outer space. Science, knowledge, and

fulfillment advanced to the point at which no economic or scientific incentive exists for directly communicating with or travelling to the billions of other, outer-space civilizations.

2000 A.D. Immortal conscious beings in a Neo-Tech, free-enterprise society are master of all known nature. People and goods are transported at the speed of light via electronic transfer. Most goods manufactured via nanotechnology with the electronic control of atoms and molecules. New knowledge is expanding at near the speed of light.

In document Neo Tech 114 Advantages (Page 92-95)