For process exists only while it is being experienced

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Repetition of process is jaded, it is the essence of desire, and the lighter you become with your Virgo energy, assuming you also are carefully focusing it, the more you will get the point. How? Seek the exact moment and take the pleasure then. The Hestia part of us becomes lost in the pleasure of folding laundry or polishing a floor. If our Virgo focuses only on the need for an ever-perfect floor, then a deathly no-win compulsion takes over which releases bile into the spleen and eats up everyone in the house with acid. All of us have known people with a lot of Virgo who have this problem. The same analog can function in the office with the Virgo-driven boss who must control everyone with him/her. But now that we can understand the energy, it is possible to focus on the constructive use of this energy and its balance to Uranus.

Chiron rules ecologists in a general sense, and we must unleash the power of Virgo perfection to the whole planet before it is too late. The key is to help make people conscious of the difference between Virgo compulsiveness and process enjoyment. If people experience enough letting go, which immediately allows the Piscean illumination to flow in, then it is easier for them to work on freeing themselves of Saturn com compulsiveness. The awareness that astrology can offer about our potential choices of energy use can be a very powerful aid.

The key is in the sextiles to the sixth house, the fourth and eighth houses. Clients afflicted with Virgo compulsiveness need guidance to go deep into themselves with the fourth house and be counseled on facing their dark side by means of eighth house analysis. They need counseling on ceasing to resist Uranian neurological reorganization in the body by means of overemphasizing Saturn control. The Saturn return and Uranus opposition points need to be closely analyzed in light of transits and progressions occurring during these cycles for counseling to guide the client into helping them mature with Saturn and Uranus.

The elliptical orbit of Chiron needs to be examined for special guidance about the transmutation cycle of the client. The transmutation cycle is the individual growth process with the moments of mastering Saturn form, allowing this new understanding about the physical plane to open a window to awareness (Uranus), and then allowing the integration of Uranian awareness for the next growth process. That is, when we

transmute, we change form from one essence to another. We transform ourselves by means of Saturn growth and Plutonian depth pressure.

Transformation is growth from one stage to the next. Transmutation and its highest form, transfiguration, is a different kind of energy. All the planets rule various forms of growth, but Chiron rules growth from one energetics plane to another, from the inner personal planets to the outer planets that help us to resonate with all beings and things in the universe so that we can increase our vibration.

Transmutation and transfiguration are those experiences which occur when we get out of the physical body and experience the non-physical realms (such as masters and guides)—just as real as the non-physical realm; we simply experience them differently. In order to be capable of physical perceptions, we need to know how to trigger the non-physical or etheric perceptual system of our bodies. This topic is a book in itself, and it will be addressed here only to help explain the effect of the Chiron transit in our lives. We know a lot about the process of Saturn growth by structure and form in the life; we have been learning a great deal about how Uranus rearranges the neurological system in the body, causing greater awareness in our lives. Since Chiron is the third major life transit after Saturn and Uranus, my goal will be to describe it well enough so that its work in the life can be as clearly understood as Saturn and Uranus is now.

Chiron is the essence of pragmatism, of gaining a palpable or

"hands on" awareness of ourselves so that we can metamorphose into something entirely new. This Chirotic form of transmutation is so systemic, the change so complete, the experience so intense, that most people forget it happened to them within hours. Often it can only be recognized by its effects, such as a sudden new vision, a complete path alteration in life, a feeling of being reborn.

For astrological counselors, the main objective with Chiron is in-depth examination for clients desiring maximum consciousness growth.

Now that Chiron has been sighted, I am noticing a whole new level of consciousness emerging in clients who have been made conscious of Chiron natally and by transit. A major Chiron aspect is a multi-dimensional realignment. In the past this type of experience was so far removed from normal perception that it was quickly forgotten. Now, clients can consciously align with and affirm multi-dimensional shifting.

Some day, consciousness will be redefined when enough people can recognize holographic shifting.

We know from holographic research that we are all made of fundamental units which are always the same whether we divide ourselves into a million parts or one. Those units are the organizing principle of really as we perceive it that is the ground of being. If we truly ALTER CONSCIOUSNESS, the basic hologram evolves. Chiron analysis and timing is often the key to the real solution to seriously disturbed and unbalanced clients. Intense Chiron experiences are the time in our lives when we separate radically from the physical plane in order to experience other dimensions. Some have lost balance and sanity at that point and can

regain touch with the Earth plane with the assistance of an astrologer who can examine transits and aspects at the time of the consciousness separation. They have lost their way, and literally need to be guided back.

The main Chiron aspects by transit are the lower square, the opposition, and the upper square. The lower square can occur any time from age 6 to 23, as shown in Figure 5. The way the energy is experienced is determined by the level of consciousness existing at the time of the aspect. This is determined by the age of the client and the supporting environment around the experience. The way all transits are experienced is heavily influenced by the surrounding environment with all planets, but with Chiron the wide differential in age causes a unique dynamic.

First of all. the age when the parents experienced Chiron is usually going to differ radically from the cycle of their children. The only time there is not a big difference would be when parents and children are about 50 years apart. So, parents born is the early forties had their first square by age 6 or 7. They are the Pluto in Leo generation; they are radical transformers, and they have little patience with going slow. Their children experienced their own first square when they were in their late teens or early twenties! As the parents talked about mystical experiences or astral traveling, chances are their children thought they were half nuts. It must be added that many of these children have Pluto conjunct Uranus natally

—the major transiting aspect which caused their parents to manifest radical transformation energy in the culture by means of anti-Vietnam war political activity and psychedelic drug experimentation— and these children will end up manifesting the breakthrough energy of their parents hi lasting cultural and consciousness solutions.

We don't know enough yet about effects triggered by the first square. But people born in the forties were themselves raised by parents who had their first squares very late. So when the children born in the early forties had Chiron square Chiron and started seeing the light and watching the skies for spaceships, you can be sure that these parents thought their children were a group of budding schizophrenics. Notice how that older generation even created brain lobotomy rather than deal with consciousness! Although we don't know a lot about the timing effect on consciousness, two hypotheses can be offered One would be that those experiencing Chiron squares early are open sooner to higher consciousness. The second hypothesis would be that Chiron aspects may be the reason why so many children realty feel dose to their grandparents on a mystical level, but feel alienated from their own parents.

Grandparents are often about 50 when their grandchildren are born. If Chiron cycles trigger the generational skip, and if astrologers can teach the reality of the Chiron mystical breakthrough at the first square, parents will have a bridge to get more in touch with their children so that we can lessen generational tension.

This is the place to repeat again that as Chiron separates us temporary from the Earth to create a space in our consciousness for realignment with the etheric planes or God essence, some children may respond by wishing to leave and become self-destructive or suicidal. The

Chiron square or opposition also causes the child to radically separate from whatever comforts him or her the most. Make sure this child can talk to someone at this time, especially if the child has Chiron strongly aspecting a Node, or Neptune. Also, often samadhi experiences occurs the time of a person's death.

At each Chiron square there is a strong tendency to die, as my father did in his first Chiron square after his return at 51. This is why death is often blissful.

Chiron rules the most intense and mystical experiences; it rules spiritual ecstasy. Whomever we share those levels with are the ones we resonate with most deeply. This lesson was driven deeply home to me by my oldest son (see Chart # 24) who had his first square at age twenty-three, although I had mine at age six. I blindly experienced life with him thinking he truly understood Chiron consciousness, probably because his natal Chiron is conjunct my Venus in Pisces. I never really knew him until I realized one day that he just didn't understand that level yet. And since this book is all about honesty, I have to admit that this Chiron differential in our consciousness really separated me from him during his childhood. Then I began to meditate on what it might mean for him to feel

In document Barbara Hand Clow - Chiron (Page 46-49)