CHAPTER 1: Introduction

1.5 Thesis Aims

Most of the aims in this thesis involved the application of 1H-NMR spectroscopy to biological samples. Specifically the aims were:

1. To develop a reproducible method for the purification of BHMT from liver samples [Chapter 2].

2. To develop a 1

H-NMR spectroscopic assay for BHMT for the purposes of detection of BHMT, and measurement of kinetic constants for BHMT [Chapters 3 and 4].

3. To use 1

H-NMR spectroscopy to investigate the substrate specificity of BHMT from rat liver [Chapter 5].

4. The observation of BHMT from alternative sources, including Agnathan liver samples, and to partially characterise the enzyme for comparison with rat BHMT [Chapter 6].

5. To use 1

H-NMR spectroscopy to measure methylamines and related compounds in urine as an indirect method for the detection of BHMT activity in vivo


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