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The InfiniTrim System

is specifically designed

to provide interior trim

for both standard

and specialty shaped

Great Lakes windows

and patio doors.

The most popular casing

and jamb profiles are

laminated with the

same rich woodgrains

and solid colors*

available with

Great Lakes windows

and patio doors.


InfiniTrim makes every Great Lakes window and patio door as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. And there’s no painting or staining for homeowners after the installers have gone! InfiniTrim system moldings are made with the same laminates homeowners select for their home’s window and patio door interiors, guaranteeing matching solid color or simulated woodgrain finish. Installers get an easy, no hassle installation with a complete trim system. Homeowners get beautiful custom-fitted casings and jambs, visually consistent interior trim, and the maintenance-free advantages of vinyl. • No painting

• No staining

• No chipping or splitting • No sanding, sealing, or finishing • No problems!

Beautiful, Maintenance-free Interior Trim.

InfiniTrim Interior Trim System



InfiniTrim Features

• Consistently beautiful

• Exact-match moldings -- PVC laminates guaranteed to match Great Lakes

Window woodgrains and selected solid colors (see chart). Window trim is exactly the same color or wood tone/ grain as the window or door it surrounds • Wood tones and grains are nearly

impossible to match if moldings are from one source and window framing is from another. InfiniTrim woodgrain moldings achieve exactly the same woodgrain and tones of natural wood -- guaranteed -- by using the same high-grade PVC vinyl laminate

• Solid color trim is guaranteed to match the homeowner’s Great Lakes solid color vinyl framing. No need to agonize over color-matching paints

• Eight popular molding profiles to coordinate with any decor

• Always a custom fit. Moldings are designed to be custom-installed by professional installers

• Ideal for conventional windows as well as bays, bows, and garden windows

Easy installation

• Fastens with nails and pneumatic pin guns

• Won’t split, splinter, or twist during installation

• Pre-finished stops and quarter-rounds, no finishing needed

• Special materials available for

professional, totally finished appearance

Durable and maintenance-free

• Maintenance-free laminate -- no finishing time, painting, or staining • Cleans easily with common

household liquid cleaners, won’t harm vinyl laminate

• Made with dimensionally stable MDF (Medium Density Furnitureboard) for strength and durability

• 10-year guarantee against delamination; bond is water resistant

• Laminate won’t yellow or “chalk” with age

Colors and Woodgrains

Creamy White

Colonial Cherry Woodgrain

Colonial White Woodgrain

Natural Oak Woodgrain


No painting

No staining

No chipping or splitting

No sanding, sealing, or finishing

The InfiniTrim System includes

everything installers need for a

beautiful, professional installation.

Eight molding styles are available,

selected to match the most popular

wood designs. Moldings are

manufactured from dimensionally

stable MDF (Medium Density

Furnitureboard) and laminated

with 7 mil PVC film.

System Components.

InfiniTrim Casings and Jamb Extensions

InfiniTrim Finishing Accessories

Quarter Round

Narrow molding for trimming

window perimeters 5/8″ thk x 3/4″ wd

Colonial stop

Finishes gaps with replacement

window installations 3/4″ thk x 1-3/8″ wd

Jamb extension (1-5/8″)

Finishes framing between edge of

window frame and window trim 3/4″ thk x 1-5/8″ wd

Colonial Casing (2-1/4″)

Standard interior window trim 11/16″ thk x 2-1/4″ wd

Colonial Casing (3-1/4″)

Wider interior trim for larger

windows or bay and bow windows 11/16″ thk x 3-1/4″ wd

Jamb extension (3-9/16″)

Wider version for deeper walls

typical with newer homes 3/4″ thk x 3-9/16″ wd

Matching Putty Sticks - For finishing nail holes and other detailing

Matching Touch-Up Pens - For detailing installation

Easy to Order and Install

Moldings and accessory materials for installation are stocked at Great

Lakes Window in carton quantities! All moldings come in 10 foot lengths

for custom cutting on-site. (Moldings are not available precut to size or

in shorter lengths.) Please refer to your price book for current pricing.

Contact your Great Lakes Window Customer Service representative for

pricing on less than box quantities. InfiniTrim moldings are designed for

interior use only and are not intended for exterior applications.



InfiniTrim Interior Trim System

InfiniTrim laminated trim is warranted

from defects in material and workmanship

for one year after the date of shipment,

and warranted against delamination of

the vinyl material from the substrate for a

period of 10 years.

This warranty applies to

the original homeowner (at

time of purchase) and is not

transferable to subsequent

owners of the home. No other

warranties apply.

Straight Trim Usage


can be used on specialty shape

windows such as trapezoid and other shapes

with straight lines.

Curved Trim Usage


cannot be bent to fit curved

windows like the Quarter round or ellipse.

For curved windows use our

Architectural Quick

Trim System.

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