CA Endevor Software Change Manager Version 15.0

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CA Endevor


Change Manager

Version 15.0

CA Endevor® Software Change Manager (CA Endevor SCM) helps

organizations to control all software management tasks associated

with the mainframe development environment through its

automated transformation functionality, module relationship

management, parallel development management and release

automation. It eliminates the manual steps that bog down the

software development process and helps provide for greater

efficiency with fewer errors


CA Endevor SCM is the most widely used software change management solution for the mainframe environment. It helps you control software management tasks associated with mainframe development, and automates source code transformation merging, versioning of new releases and change tracking. By eliminating the manual steps that bog down the software development process, CA Endevor SCM helps provide for greater efficiency and fewer errors.

Business value



Mainframe 2.0

CA Endevor SCM has adopted key Mainframe 2.0 features that are designed to simplify your use and administration of CA Endevor SCM and enable your staff to maintain it more effectively and quickly.

CA Mainframe Software Manager™: CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) is designed to automate CA Endevor SCM acquisition, installation, deployment, configuration and maintenance and remove SMP/E complexities. CA MSM helps save time and resources when compared with the manual steps used to perform these tasks.

— The Software Acquisition Service is designed to help you to more easily move product

installation packages and maintenance from CA Support Online directly to your mainframe environment and prepare them for installation.

— The Software Installation Service standardizes CA Endevor SCM installation, which

includes a new, streamlined Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) method that allows CA Endevor SCM to be installed using standard utilities. This service also provides standardized SMP/E product installation and maintenance via APARs and PTFs, and simplifies SMP/E processing through an intuitive graphical user interface and an intelligent Installation Wizard.

— The Software Deployment Service enables you to more easily deploy CA Endevor SCM in

your mainframe environment.

— The Software Configuration Service enables you to more effectively configure

CA Endevor SCM if it has been acquired, installed, maintained and deployed using CA MSM.

Installation Verification Program (IVP) and Execution Verification Program (EVP): As part of qualification for inclusion in the set of mainframe products from CA Technologies released every May, CA Endevor SCM has passed stringent tests performed through the IVP and EVP to find and resolve interoperability problems prior to release. These programs are an extension of our ongoing interoperability certification initiative launched in May 2009.  Best Practices guide: This guide provides information on CA Endevor SCM installation,

initial configuration and deployment to help shorten the learning curve for staff who are responsible for the installation and management of this product.


Serviceability: In order to provide additional levels of information and consistency for problem determination, CA Endevor SCM has adopted the following serviceability enhancements:

— Product description information: CA Endevor SCM provides a Product Description

module that contains the product name, version/release number and other useful information. To determine which CA Technologies products are installed within each z/OS environment, you can access and report on this module using the CA Common Services EXAMINE facility.

— Module identification: Each object deck comprising CA Endevor SCM contains a

copyright and module identifier to assist with error analysis and debugging.

— Common dump title formatting: When applicable, CA Endevor SCM recovery routines

use standard formatting of dump titles to assist with problem identification.  Integration with CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation System State

Manager: CA Endevor SCM integrates directly with CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation (CA OPS/MVS EMA) to indicate programmatically its state and readiness in your environment.

What’s new in CA Endevor SCM Version15.0

Software Configuration Service: CA Endevor SCM exploits the CA MSM Version 4.0 Software Configuration Service to provide the capability to configure CA Endevor SCM using a modern graphical user interface. The point-and-click technology of Software Configuration Services reduces resource time by streamlining configuration tasks with step-by-step prompts that greatly decrease the time required to complete a standard product configuration.

Mainframe-based web services: A foundation for new CA Endevor SCM user interfaces, along with additional automation of enterprise change management activities, is provided by mainframe-based web services. The new release introduces the capability to

communicate with CA Endevor SCM using HTTPS from any platform, thereby providing the groundwork for integrations with distributed solutions such as CA Clarity™ PPM, CA Service Desk, smart phones, and so on that drive underlying business objectives while helping to maximize mainframe investment value.


Selective Backout (Package Action Backout Option): The Package Backout feature of CA Endevor SCM has been extended to enable the reversal of individual element actions within an executed Package. The output members of a single action within a Package can be backed out without backing out the entire Package. When authorized, this option lets you restore the outputs (executables, object modules, data base request modules, and so on) associated with the selected CA Endevor SCM Package element actions back to their prior state.

Log Delta Type format: In addition to Forward, Reverse, and Full Image formats, CA Endevor SCM Version 15.0 introduces a new source code delta format called Log. Designed specifically to save space for large binary files, this format eliminates prior versions of source. However, complete change history information associated with those prior iterations of an element is retained for auditing purposes. Only the most current version of the source is maintained.

IP and PORT (Package Ship Option): Sending outputs to pre-defined destinations has been enhanced to integrate with and support the CA XCOM™ Data Transport® extended addresses capability. The Package Ship facility now accepts a TCP/IP address with the XCOM

SERVPORT specification of the target server as a destination configuration option.  CA Endevor SCM Integration for the Natural Environment: CA Endevor SCM includes an

enhanced interface to the Software AG Natural product. This user interface provides more CA Endevor SCM package functionality, is CA MSM enabled, and is compatible with all supported GA releases of CA Endevor SCM.

Supported environments

All IBM-supported releases of z/OS

Other key features

Enterprise-wide change and configuration management: The integration of CA Endevor SCM with CA Software Change Manager provides change and configuration management support throughout the enterprise.


Parallel and concurrent development support: CA Endevor SCM helps protect against change regression by providing sign-in/sign-out security at the component level. While assigned, other users can browse or retrieve copies of the component but are prohibited from updating the component into CA Endevor SCM. For parallel development situations in which more than one developer works on the same component concurrently, a secured sign-out override is available.

Release Automation: The Release Automation functionality of CA Endevor SCM helps streamline the entire software development lifecycle by providing productivity aids such as electronic approvals, automated back-outs, reporting capabilities and integration with software distribution facilities.

Emergency management: CA Endevor SCM allows organizations to define their lifecycles to handle emergencies. In addition to standard change and release packages, organizations can build emergency packages with special approval requirements.

Robust security: Internal security capabilities help protect components and the actions performed on them. Users can implement the External Security Interface (ESI) to employ other security packages like CA ACF2™, CA Top Secret® and RACF.

Options and interfaces

CA Endevor SCM provides automated software management capabilities for the mainframe environment. Interfaces are available to link CA Endevor SCM with CA IDMS™, CA Panvalet® and CA Librarian®. The Extended Security Interface enhances the security facilities of CA Endevor SCM by allowing interconnection with CA Top Secret®, CA ACF2™ and IBM’s RACF.

CA Endevor® Software Change Manager Quick Edit: This option allows you to shorten and reduce the steps in your lifecycle management process. By providing a direct editing capability into the CA Endevor SCM inventory stages, you can make changes more quickly and instantly save them.

CA Endevor® Software Change Manager Parallel Development: This option operates as a standalone solution or with CA Endevor SCM to automatically integrate new releases of vendor application software with house customizations or concurrently developed in-house software. It serves as a highly effective tool for integrating concurrent development activities and applying vendor updates to customized packaged applications. You can compare individual components or entire software systems from version to version and release to release, and identify changes and potential conflicts. Built-in editing tools help resolve conflicts within the final source version it produces, while its automated integration gives managers and project leaders the information to accurately estimate project duration and costs.


providing a comprehensive history of software configuration as it evolves. As a result, you can determine exactly what has changed from compile to compile, even if the program itself has not changed.

CA Endevor SCM Eclipse-based UI: Utilizing the Eclipse framework, the Eclipse UI provides a new interface to CA Endevor SCM that leverages distributed platforms and tools to seamlessly execute CA Endevor SCM actions from the workstation.




CA Endevor SCM provides interfaces that make use of both old and new methods, such as the Eclipse IDE Framework.

Eclipse IDE for mainframe development



Delivery approach



CA Endevor SCM expedites movement through the application development lifecycle by enabling you to move any component from one phase of the development process to the next with a single command. It drives the production turnover process by verifying approvals, recording changes and executing a change package in the established time frame without duplication of effort or risk of manual errors. CA Endevor SCM categorizes and protects software assets by helping organizations to establish software lifecycle procedures that conform to their unique requirements. It provides an inventory of all the components of the software environment across development groups and heterogeneous platforms. Its unique source classification,

customizable lifecycle, multiplatform management and comprehensive reporting capabilities help you control the software development process. Moreover, CA Endevor SCM helps provide for a flexible implementation by enabling you to streamline existing development processes or examine and completely reengineer them upon implementation, thus conforming to the needs of your business.

The CA Technologies advantage

CA Technologies has 30 years of recognized expertise in robust, reliable, scalable, and secure enterprise-class IT management software. CA Endevor SCM is a key component of the Mainframe 2.0 initiative from CA Technologies to change the way the mainframe is managed forever by helping you maximize the value of our mainframe products and by providing a simplified experience and innovative solutions that deliver value quickly and flexibly.




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