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asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 1

Do YOU Have What It Takes?


TI Consulting is a multidisciplinary advisory firm. In

other words, it brings together the most relevant

and experienced professionals from across a range of

disciplines, and focuses their combined skills on anticipating,

managing and overcoming complex business challenges.

Our professionals work in areas such as investigations,

litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues,

reputation management and restructuring. Do you have

what it takes to be part of the FTI Consulting team?


“ What sets FTI Consulting apart

is the quality and calibre of our

professionals. Together, we’ve

proven ourselves on projects

around the world and in the

most demanding conditions,

delivering comprehensive

solutions under one banner.”

Rod SuTTon


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 3

Our Global Platform

More than 4,000 FTI Consulting employees located in most major business

centres around the world work every day to help our clients confront their

toughest issues.

Unrivalled Talent

Our ranks include forensic accountants; former chief executives and political

leaders; Nobel Laureates; former Securities and Exchange Commission

profes-sionals; top-ranking economists; certified turnaround profesprofes-sionals; corporate

investigations specialists; and corporate, financial and crisis communications



4 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading firm that organisations rely on when confronting critical issues

that shape their future.

Our Mission

• Attracting, retaining and investing in high performance people.

• Collaborating to bring successful resolution to the most complex and critical client issues.

• Strategically enhancing our global ability to service clients.

• Delivering results that earn the loyalty of our clients.

• Providing superior financial rewards that benefit our employees and shareholders.

Our Values

• Integrity: We will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of social and ethical


• Quality: We will provide our clients with the most knowledgeable and timely services


• Tenacity: We will not blink in the face of the most intractable or complex issues.

• Relationships: We will respect and properly balance our relationships with our clients,

employees, family and friends.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 5

The facts

ExpErtisE including nobEl laurEatE Economists.

global lEadEr in stratEgic businEss communications.

rankEd no.1 financial pr advisEr in EuropE and asia pacific.

industry lEadEr in E-discovEry softwarE.

world lEadEr in rEstructuring and crisis managEmEnt.

pionEEr of visual support in thE courtroom.

global lEadEr in commErcial arbitration.

onE of thE lEading antitrust Economics firms in thE world.

advisEr to ovEr half of thE world’s 100 largEst companiEs.

advisEr to 7 of thE world’s top 10 bank holding companiEs.

advisEr to 92 of thE world’s top 100 law firms.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 7


Our GrADuAte PrOGrAmmeS

corporatE financE


Economic consulting


forEnsic and litigation consulting


stratEgic communications



8 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Corporate Finance


The Corporate Finance practice of FTI Consulting provides complete support in turnaround and restructuring, transaction advisory services and corporate recovery. The practice has a reputation for taking on challenging and complex assignments that require exceptional strategic and technical capabilities. Our regional and international coverage, combined with the depth of our specialist team and results-focused approach, means we are uniquely placed to meet our clients’ needs.



We offer an integrated range of services to help clients analyse, negotiate, restructure and turnaround businesses that are experiencing liquidity constraints.


We deliver financial, operational, transactional and advisory support to clients across the investment life cycle. This includes conducting due diligence, valuations, post-acquisition integration, health checks, performance improvement, interim management and board roles, and providing sell-side advisory services.


Our focus is on saving businesses. We manage all types of formal insolvency administrations. We recognise that stakeholder needs are paramount when dealing with insolvent companies and aim to utilise our experience, skills and contacts to maximise financial outcomes.

ExaMplEs Of OUR


Founded in 1979 and based in San Antonio, texas, the independent oil and gas enterprise TXCO Resources (TXCO) engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas properties. By the end of 2008, TXCO had estimated net proved reserves of 81.7 billion cubic feet of gas equivalent. Volatile energy prices and the tight credit markets due to the economic slowdown adversely affected the company’s ability to raise debt and equity capital. Additionally, the company’s development commitments and capital budget requirements caused a liquidity shortage, making it difficult for TXCO to honor its financial obligations. On May 17, 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, seeking debtor-in-possession financing of up to $32 million.

TXCO retained FTI Consulting in 2009 as chief restructuring officer and financial advisor to provide assistance with strategic alternatives, interim financing, cash management, creditor negotiations, advisory services and execution of all reporting requirements. The outcome was a single asset sale of approximately 90 percent of TXCO’s assets, resulting in a 100 percent recovery of debt owed to all secured and unsecured lenders.


GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 9



Jacob garcia

senior consultant,

corporate finance,


“ Our company promotes employee secondment programs and encourages employees to transfer across offi ces. This is defi nitely an incredible opportunity for me to work in various offi ces in Asia and work on projects within diff erent countries.”


10 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Economic Consulting


FTI Consulting is one of the world’s thought leaders in economic and financial consulting. We provide our clients with clear analysis of complex economic and financial issues for use in legal and regulatory proceedings and strategic decision making.

Our clients include leading law firms, corporations and government agencies. Our areas of expertise include: • Business Valuation

• Intellectual Property • Claims and Disputes • Competition Policy • International Arbitration • regulated Industries


Our people work together to solve complex, unstructured problems such as:

• How do you calculate the impact of the alleged LIBOr fixing?

• How do you value a laptop manufacturer?

• What is the effect of changing prices on revenues? • How do you value the losses from Derivatives


ExaMplEs Of OUR


calcUlaTiNG lOssEs fROM BUsiNEss DisRUpTiON

• FtI Consulting was hired by an aluminium producer to assist in calculating the losses suffered as a result of damage to the transportation route used by the company. The company incurred losses as it was not able to produce as much aluminium as it would otherwise have done due to problems in the supply of raw materials. The company also incurred increased costs as it attempted to mitigate the effects of the disruption. We assessed the lost profit resulting from the loss of production and the incremental costs that the company incurred in its efforts to restore the supply of raw materials and minimise the negative impact on production.

calcUlaTiNG ThE fiNaNcial iMpacT Of UNfaiR Gas cONTRacTs

• FtI Consulting was engaged by a major gas company which had entered into arbitration with their supplier of gas, alleging that the contract price for gas was unfair as a result of the reduction in the open market spot price. We produced a report detailing their loss as a result of being held to that contract. a discounted cash flow model was produced to allow a comparison of the actual situation with the counterfactual to estimate losses. We also included an overview of gas markets in Europe involving the collection of data on gas markets in Europe and comparing the way gas is bought and sold.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. FTI Consulting, Inc. 1111

oliver watts


Economic consulting,


“There aren’t a lot of Companies that can off er the range of services that FTI Consulting do. I really value the experience I’ve gained through working in a business that is considered a market leader. The work is dynamic, the clients are interesting and it has provided me with a career path in which I can apply my skills in such a unique way.

Having graduated in the U.K, I was looking for a challenge and an opportunity to work with academic and like-minded people but I could never have imagined that I’d be working in Singapore, coming up with creative solutions to solve complex problems for major multi-national companies. Economic Consulting really is unlike anything else I’ve done before.”



12 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Forensic and Litigation



The Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice at FTI Consulting gives law firms, corporations and governments around the globe the industry’s most complete range of forensic, investigative, data analytic and litigation services.


We work with law firms, banks, regulatory bodies and companies around the world. We also have particular expertise in working with internal and external counsel and directors and senior managers in a wide range of industries.


Our Construction Solutions professionals provide extensive advisory services across all construction phases, including dispute resolution and risk

management for major construction projects on behalf of owners, contractors, design professionals, investors, law firms and multinational companies.

fiNaNcial ENTERpRisE aND DaTa aNalTics

Our Financial and enterprise Data Analytics team provide strategic business solutions to clients requiring an in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data.


Our Forensic Accounting team provides comprehensive services in forensic accounting, anticorruption, litigation support, dispute advisory and financial investigations. We support clients facing high-stakes litigation, arbitration and compliance investigations, as well as regulatory scrutiny.

GlOBal Risk aND iNVEsTiGaTiONs

Our Global Risk and Investigations group is the leading provider of comprehensive business risk solutions. This includes reputational due diligence, business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, FCPA and other corruption related investigations, asset searching, as well as brand integrity and business crisis containment services.

ExaMplEs Of OUR


• the liquidation trustee of Bernard l. madoff Investment Securities — the largest reported Ponzi scheme in U.S. history — retained us for global investigative fact gathering, forensic accounting, complex financial and enterprise data analytics, electronic discovery, econometric analysis, and expert witness and trial services.

• FtI Consulting supplied expert witness services in relation to delays on large infrastructure/commercial and high-rise residential development in Dubai; expert testimony was given at the arbitration hearing in Dubai.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. FTI Consulting, Inc. 1313

Joanna ng

senior consultant,

forensic accounting and

advisory services,

hong kong

“ When I fi nished university, I knew I wanted to be an accountant. But the accounting profession was so broad and diverse it was hard to fi gure out what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I joined FTI Consulting four years ago that I found my calling. I always found something fascinating about all the information that could be found by looking at numbers and it was by joining the Forensic and Litigation Consulting team that I was able to build on this fascination and use numbers to solve problems (and crime). I have worked on a huge variety of projects including valuation of a large US real-estate group in matrimonial proceedings, undertook a fi nancial health check of a commercial property in Perth and assisted in the quantifi cation of losses as a result of alleged breaches of fi nancial warranties. I have worked with lawyers, counsel, directors of listed fi rms and cross-segment teams within FTI. Every day involves diff erent work, which off ers exciting opportunities to develop my skills and experience.”



14 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Strategic Communications


The Strategic Communications practice of FTI Consulting is a leading global communications consultancy. With more than 30 years of experience advising management teams in critical situations, we help our clients use their communications assets to protect, enhance, develop and defend their enterprise value. Our tightly integrated international network allows us to mobilise professionals quickly and efficiently in order to serve clients across the globe.


We have a comprehensive view of communications and have created an integrated suite of services to help clients address complex issues and reach multiple stakeholders.

Our core services include Financial Communications, Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, Strategy & research and Creative engagement & Digital. these core services are underscored by specialist sector teams which provide FTI Consulting with detailed insight into the issues affecting our clients in their given industry.

ExaMplEs Of OUR


Following the tragic explosion of Transocean’s offshore drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, FTI Consulting immediately provided on-site support, managing all internal and external communications, including media relations, employee and customer communications, digital strategy, investor relations and government affairs. We developed an integrated communications strategy that helped limit the impact of developments related to the Gulf incident on Transocean’s valuation; bolstered the company’s position with respect to the legal proceedings; and laid the foundation for re-establishing the company’s institutional brand. Expertise and services from every FTI Consulting segment were tapped, including the Technology segment, which provides all electronic discovery and document hosting services to Transocean.

The FTI Consulting Strategic Communications segment continues to advise Transocean on a wide variety of matters, including the ongoing Macondo litigation, as the company seeks to advance and protect its enterprise value.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. FTI Consulting, Inc. 1515

Edward boyd

research associate,

strategic communications,


“ Before being off ered a position at FTI Consulting I conducted two months work experience at the company with both the Financial Communications and Creative Engagement sector teams. This experience gave me a taste for Strategic Communications and made me realise that this was the career choice for me. The professionalism of the team really struck me, along with the incredibly detailed knowledge and specialisation amongst the directors. Once I began working at the company full time these positive traits became even more prevalent. I have now been a Research Associate for eight months and have been learning something new and exciting each day.”



16 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs



The Technology practice of FTI Consulting provides comprehensive electronic discovery software, services and consulting to law firms, corporations and governments around the globe. We help clients protect enterprise information and resolve data-related vulnerabilities; develop legally defensible information management policies and procedures; and utilise innovative technology to reduce the cost and time of electronic discovery.


We work with law firms, banks, regulatory agencies and large multinational corporations worldwide.

We specialise in working with internal and external counsel, directors and senior managers across a wide range of industries.

ExaMplEs Of OUR


After Yahoo! Inc. announced the sale of its HotJobs division to Monster in February 2010, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a Second Request — a comprehensive and onerous document and information request for investigations into the competitive effects of acquisitions. Yahoo! and Latham & Watkins (the law firm retained by Yahoo! to represent its case) selected the technology segment at FTI Consulting to assist with the e-discovery process.

FTI Technology, through its consulting expertise and proprietary software, Ringtail®, was able to produce all the information the FTC requested in a timely and cost-effective manner for our client. Due to the expediency and quality of the information, the FtC allowed Yahoo!’s successful sale of HotJobs to monster in August 2010.


asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. FTI Consulting, Inc. 1717

patrick ma

director, technology, sydney

“ As a Director within Technology, I’m faced with many exciting opportunities and diff erent challenges which have helped to develop my skills and experience. No two days at work are the same, particularly since I was recently given the chance to spend the next two years working from our Sydney offi ce. Here I’ve been able to broaden my Technology skill set even further, whilst gaining insight into the Australian market.”



18 FTI Consulting, Inc. asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs

Who we’re looking for

Exceptional graduates with the following

skills and attributes:

• Smart and creative problem solver

• Assertive

• Good team player

• Self-starter who can thrive in a dynamic


• Strong technical skills, including

quantitative abilities

• Strong interest in professional services

• excellent written and verbal


• Ability to effectively relate to people

• Able to analyse complex business issues

and think laterally



cONTiNUallY applY ThEiR skills




asia pacific GRaDUaTE OppORTUNiTiEs FTI Consulting, Inc. 19

Is FTI Consulting For You?

We are leaders in our field and attract some of the best talent.

In order to work alongside professionals such as former political leaders and renowned

industry experts, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate drive and enthusiasm, as well as

very strong academic skills, and be ready to learn and to be challenged.

What We Offer You

Aside from a competitive salary and benefits package, we offer support to pursue

professional qualifications, as well as a comprehensive in-house learning and

development programme. We also provide an exciting and rewarding environment where

you can be involved in interesting and challenging projects from the start of your career.

how To apply

Please visit our Career website at

for our current graduate job vacancies.

Step 1: Select “experienced Professionals” and then “Job Search”

Step 2: Select the Location that you are interested in

Step 3: Complete the online application form and attach your resume and

covering letter

Please explain why you would like to work for FtI Consulting and your suitability for the

practice area to which you are applying on your covering letter.

If you would like to apply for a position that you do not see listed in our Career website

then you may submit a general application to our APAC recruiting team at


It’s the talent and expertise of

FTI Consulting employees that

makes us what we are.


About FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. FTI Consulting professionals, who are located in all major business centres throughout the world, work closely with clients to anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and restructuring. ©2014 FTI Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.

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