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David Chamberlain / General Manager SAM Services



License Dashboard- Who are we?

Why have I been targeted?

What information does the vendor want and what are the risks of giving it?

Due diligence on your estate

Due diligence on your entitlement



License Dashboard in 60 seconds

Technology used to successfully deliver 1,000 SAM projects globally

Designed, built & maintained by licensing experts

Used by SAM and licensing consultants in Europe, US, Canada & Australia

Recognized by leading vendors

Microsoft (SAM partner), Adobe, Symantec, VMware and more

Technology supported by licensing expertise

Full range of Professional Services, SAM Consultancy & Licensing Advice

Delivery options to meet your needs:


The vendor doesn’t understand your organization

Merger/Divestiture Global Organization Complex Organisation Revisiting a previous review Exiting EA

Perceived irregularities with Licenses Odd purchasing patterns

Maintenance no base Inconsistent quantities


The Vendor believes your installs do not match your entitlement

They will be asking you to declare your usage They may challenge, test or sample that data

It is unlikely you will avoid -or even postpone for long- this request

You need to be confident the information you eventually provide is accurate and not overstated

Primarily you want to be assured the data you submit is not for more usage than you actually have

You will want to be confident that any minimizing of liability will stand up to scrutiny You will want to retain in place some of the steps taken to respond to this request so that in future you can have confidence should you be contacted again by this or any other vendor


Must understand your estate

Must understand your software users

Understand what discovery capability you currently have

For areas of the estate with no coverage look at free tools or manual discovery

Understand what you actually need to measure Obtain help or advice in areas of major risk ($)


Do you have any geographical challenges?

Will you need to report or exclude by Country of Use, Language, Trading Name or Business Unit? Which areas are in/out of scope

How many devices do you have?

Have disposals been appropriately managed?

Consider Active Directory to compare against discovery

Where AD is not up to date ensure it is cleaned!! AD Tidy

Consider AV tool output to compare against discovery


Do you have any undiscoverable software usage?

Additional liability beyond an install- Citrix/thin client- Server Virtualization

Do you have any other device types that may require licenses?

PDA, iPad, Tablets, Tough books, EPOS

Are any devices test, staging, MSDN, DR, Training, WAH, strictly LOB only?

Identify and exclude from calculations devices that may not necessarily consume regular licenses


User CALs

CALs obtained for users with multiple devices

For mixed CAL environments can you demonstrate your counts?

Eligible Users

Often you are able to exclude ancillary or non computer users from this count


Eligible Devices

For reference purposes, ““Qualified Device” means any personal desktop computer, portable computer, workstation or similar device that is used by or for the benefit of the Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise. It does not include (1) any computer that is designated as a server and not used as a personal computer, (2) any Industry Device, (3) any device running an embedded operating system (e.g. Windows Phone 7) that does not access a virtual desktop infrastructure, or (4) any device that is not managed and/or controlled either directly or indirectly by Enrolled Affiliate’s Enterprise. Enrolled Affiliate may include as a Qualified Device any device which would be excluded above (e.g. Industry Device)”

Eligible Users

For reference purposes, ““Qualified User” means a person (e.g. employee, consultant, contingent staff) who: (1) is a user of Qualified Device, or (2) accesses any server software requiring an Enterprise Product Client Access License or any Enterprise Online Service.

Processors/Logical Processors/Virtual Processors/Cores Farms


Many organizations already have some form of Discovery capability

Help desk systems, ITAM Solutions

Check its coverage across your estate

Compare with tidied AD data/AV Data Disposed/retired/duplicate

Challenge its output

Sample devices MSI vs .EXE

Which devices do not run COE and why? Were the results as anticipated?

Look for areas of undiscoverable usage

ISA/Sharepoint Servers outside of DMZ Remote workers

Citrix/Thin Client

Mission Critical servers with no discovery client CALS




Consider FOC Agentless discovery

MAP Toolkit


Check & sample the output!!

Cleansing of Discovery

Is licensable/freeware, Editions/Versions/Metric Multiple versions



DRS, Affinity Rules, V-motion, license mobility GET HELP OR ADVICE NOW!!




Operating System Coverage

1. Optimum Scenario best value new purchase

Calculators available

2. Optimum Scenario utilizing existing licenses

Virtualization of Applications





V-motion- is it switched on?

Allows v servers to move between Hosts and increases the liability of every Host


vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler continuously monitors utilization across a resource pool and intelligently allocates available resources among virtual machines according to business needs.

Affinity Rules

Can restrict the movement of V servers across Hosts reducing liability Logs and reports available

Many Licensing Options

Can License the Farm, Physical Host or V Server License mobility

Multiple instances per license

License Rules differ greatly by version release


The Vendor will have records of your purchases through VLA Retail/shrinkwrap/off the shelf are never recorded

The Vendor will have searched only on the names it knows

Mergers Transfers

Spelling errors from the reseller


Find out who has historically supplied you your software Obtain purchase reports from these resellers

Compare with Vendor data

Look for chronological gaps in the data

Test and challenge aggregate calculation figures

Licenses with no base Technology guarantees Grandfathering rights Side agreements to EAs


From where do you purchase your hardware?

Counterfeiting Base licenses

Can you obtain records

OEM licensing

Base license eligibility for SELECT/ EA upgrade license Server & CAL OEM


Co-operate- most reviews are unavoidable

Qualify your active actual estate- do not pay for retired or disposed of machines!! Determine the parts of your estate that do not consume licenses- DR, Dev, Training Test your Discovery output- Look for multiple versions per device

Understand your potential liability for virtual estate

Understand what your current licenses will enable you to do on that estate

Mitigation - If you have made errors understand the reasons why/how

Incorrect media Affinity rules not set Actual usage


All vendors will seek to have shortfalls rectified in accordance with their EULA

They are duty bound to protect their IP They will be reluctant to set precedent

Consider who from within the vendor is conducting the review

Compliance team

Tele sales type compliance Audit Partner

Consider your anticipated future requirements

Do you have plans to upgrade or roll out to newer technologies? Will this rectification achieve this?

Are you planning significant spend on other technologies with this vendor? Many will seek a speedy settlement


Coming next…

Life after an audit request

Making sure the pain does not continue

July 26th 2012 – 15:00 UK, 16:00 CET, 10:00 EST

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