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1. Can you sell used/ refurbished items ?

1 Yes

2 No Option


2. What are the different ways by which you could update Price and Quantity ?

3 From manage your inventory

4 Using Price and Quantity file (Excel Loader)

5 Partial update 6 All of the above

Option 4

3. How will you find out whether you have listed the same product multiple times ?

7 Inventory report 8 Sold listings report 9 Not possible to find out

Option 1

4. Within how many hours should you respond to customer queries ?

10 32 hours 11 64 hours 12 24 hours 13 48 hours Option 3

5. If a message in your Buyer Seller Messaging tool doesn't require any response. What should you do?

14 No need to respond 15 I should mark it as 'NOT REQUIRING RESPONSE' by checking the 'MARK AS NO RESPONSE NEEDED' box 16 Contact seller support

Option 2

6. How can you check for new orders?

17 Order notification email/SMS

18 Manage order section in Seller Central

19 Order reports section in Seller Central

20 All of the above

Option 4

7. What is the default Lead Time To Ship/Handling Time/Fulfilment Latency ? 21 1-2 Business days 22 4 Business days 23 3 Business days 24 7 Business days Option 1


8. If you have listed your products on other online or offline sales channels then the price of that product on Amazon should be ?

25 Less than other sales channels

26 Less than or equal to other sales channels

27 Greater than other sales channels

Option 2

9. Who will bear the OCTROI charges, if any, for a merchant fulfilled order?

28 Customer will have to pay before receiving the shipment 29 Seller will pay

30 Amazon will pay

Option 2

10. How often can you expect the payment from Amazon for all shipment confirmed orders ?

31 30 days from order confirmation

32 Same day

33 7-14 days from order confirmation

Option 3

11. How can you view all

transactions that occurred during a settlement period?

34 Reports -> Payments -> Transaction View

35 Reports -> Payments -> Statement View -> Sub Total Link

36 Option a and b

Option 3

12. How can you take feedback from customers ?

37 I don't have an option to take feedback

38 Add a note in the invoice 39 Shipment confirmation email

40 Option b and c

Option 4

13. What are the methods by which you can contact the buyer?

41 Use buyer's encrypted email id

42 Use Seller Central - Contact buyer form

43 Sellers are not allowed to contact the buyer

Option 5


44 Call the buyer 45 Option a,b and d

14. If a buyer provides negative feedback, what are the ways in which you can react ?

46 Resolve the issue by contacting the buyer through Amazon and request the removal of the feedback 47 Nothing, it cannot be changed

48 You can post a response on the negative feedback on the website

49 Contact seller support to contest the feedback

50 Option a,c and d

Option 5

15. Buyers can claim the A2Z Guarantee in which of the following scenarios?

51 Seller fails to deliver the products within 3 days from the maximum estimated deliver date

52 If the buyer received defective, damaged or not the item depicted in the seller's description

53 If the seller has not provided the refund or replacement as per the policy 54 All of the above

Option 4

16. Within how many days should you respond to an A-to-Z claim notification from Amazon?

55 30 calendar days 56 7 calendar days

57 Not mandatory to respond Option2

17. While issuing a full refund, what percentage of the referral amount will be held back by Amazon? 58 10% OR Rs. 300/- (whichever is lesser) 59 20% OR Rs. 300/- (whichever is lesser) 60 30% OR Rs. 300/- (whichever is lesser) Option 2


18. Amazon will automatically cancel your order if you do not confirm your shipment after ______ days of Estimated Ship Date ?

61 7 62 4

63 2 Option3

19. An order is in pending state for more than 2 days. What should I do?

64 Contact seller support 65 I don't need to do anything until the order appears in the un-shipped order's page 66 Ship the item and confirm the order

Option 1

20. When is the cancellation charge of 2.5% of an order value applicable ?

67 All seller cancelled orders (Except buyer requested cancellation)

68 Amazon auto-cancelled orders (Because seller has not shipped the order and

confirmed shipment within 48 hours of the last date of Estimated Ship Date) 69 Amazon will not auto cancel an order

70 Options a and b

Option 4

21.What should you do when a customer contacts you and

requests you to cancel his order on his behalf?

71 Ask customer to cancel the order on his own if it is within 30 minutes

72 If customer insists, cancel the order using ‘Buyer

Requested Cancellation' option after getting a message from customer with the reason code as 'cancel order'

73 Don’t cancel the order and contact Seller Support

74 Option a and b

Option 4

22. To avoid your account from being suspended from the platform, what are the

75 1%, 2.5%, 4% respectively 76 2%, 2.5%, 3% respectively 77 3%, 2%, 2.5% respectively

Option 1


performance target you should maintain for the following metrics: Order defect rate, Pre-fulfillment cancel rate, Late ship rate ?

23.What happens when you do not meet the Seller Performance Targets?

78 There is no action taken but you are expected to improve your performance 79 You receive a warning notification by the Amazon Seller Performance team to improve your performance on priority

80 Your account might get suspended immediately, if you miss your performance target by a large margin

81 Both option b and c

Option 4

24. When you upload any excel template (flat file, price and quantity template, etc) to the seller central platform, which format should the template be in?

82 Excel Workbook 83 CSV

84 Text tab delimited 85 Excel Template

Option 3

25. How can you recover your selling privileges if your account is suspended or blocked by

Amazon ?

86 Create a plan of action and appeal to Amazon for re-activating your account 87 Nothing can be done 88 Create a new account

Option 1

26. How do you find new product opportunities that are popular on but are currently unavailable ?

89 Product opportunities under selling coach on the home page

90 Popular out of stock products report under Business reports

91 Option a and b

Option 3

27. How will we notify you regarding new selling opportunities?

92 Amazon Selling Coach feature

93 Email Notification

Option 3


94 Option a and b

28.If you need support after your launch on, what are your options ?

95 Use Amazon Seller Central Help pages

96 Contact Seller Support team via email/ phone 97 Option a and b

Option 3

29. How can you temporarily remove your active listings from Amazon website ?

98 Temporarily inactivate listings from Account Info section 99 Update Quantity as 0 100 Not possible 101 Option a and b Option 4

30. What are the steps involved in creating a promotion?

102 Create Product List 103 Select appropriate promotion type - Free Shipping / Money Off / Buy One Get One / External Benefits

104 Mention start & end date of promotion and decide up on claim code requirement

105 Verify “Detail Page Display Text” and Create promotion

106 All of the above

Option 4




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