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Seek and You Shall Be Found: Search Engine Optimization

Tuesday, April 16th at 2PM ET

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Today’s Presenters

Ben Spangler

SEO Manager, Starcom

Ben is an SEO manager at Starcom and consults with companies on leveraging organic search to drive qualified leads to their sites. For more

Andy Markowitz

Director, Global Digital Strategy, GE

Andy leads a Global Digital Strategy Group across GE with a focus on driving stakeholder connection and commercial acceleration. The COE will drive first-class digital capabilities in areas including, strategy, lead generation, search, content, social media and customer engagement.


SEO Syllabus

SEO 101

– What is SEO – Why SEO – SEO Principals • SEO 201

– How Search Engines Work

– SEO Strategy/Approach/Blueprint • SEO 301

• SEO Principals Breakout • SEO Touchpoints

SEO 401

– Starcom SEO Process

• Audience Selection & Goal Setting • Strategy Cultivation

• Tactical Approach • Evolve








• SEO is the


of enhancing your site to allow search engines the

ability to crawl and index content efficiently. Using content and technical

optimizations, the goal is to increase search engine rankings.


• 75% of searchers never go past first page

• 90% of searchers view only the first or second page of results

• The average Google searcher views: – Natural results for 14.7 seconds – Sponsored results at the top of

the page for only .9 seconds – Sponsored results on the right

side of the page for only .16 seconds

• 76% of C-Suite uses Google/Bing for


Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

Paid Search




60-70% Attention

Natural Search

2x as likely to interact 60-70% Attention








How search engines work


SEO strategy


SEO tactical approach on

the 3 key principals

• Flash/Code

• Single URL Address • Canonicalization

• 404 Errors • Redirects • Sitemaps

• Keyword Strategy • Meta Data

• URL Structure • Page Copy

• Internal Linking • Image Optimization • Video Optimization

• Linking • Widgets

Accessibility: Technical Efficacy

Relevancy: Meaningful Content


SEO touchpoints

1. Wireframes

• Identify space for content

2. Design/concepts

• Technology issues

3. Content Schedule

• Keyword strategy

4. Content review

• Keyword optimization

• Internal linking

5. Navigation

• Assure search engines ability to crawl

• Unique URLs and naming

6. HTML coding

• Ensure proper coding, no black

hat tactics


4 steps to SEO optimizations

Audience Selection & Goal Setting

Strategy Cultivation

Tactical Approach






Audience selection & goal setting

Keyphrase Strategy = Marketing Strategy


Keyword selection

Short-Tail vs. Long-Tail


– Higher Volume


– Lower Volume

– Educated search, potentially high ROI/conversions




Strategy cultivation



• Goals

– Increased QUALIFIED traffic • Focus

– Greater focus on long-tail terms – Optimize all terms to rank on top 3


– All head terms

o Optimize for page 1 – Priority keywords

o Optimize for top few positions

• Goals

– Reach

– Increased traffic

• Focus

– High volume keywords – Segmentation

– Monitoring – Adaptability


SEO integration & collaboration

with agencies

• How SMG and Agencies collaborate on SEO:

• SMG defines strategic direction and identifies marketplace opportunities during the Kick-Off, Site Audit, and Keyphrase Strategy.

• SMG works closely with the agency content team to apply SEO best practices, as well as directly supply finished metadata and copyediting when requested.


Content control

Why is the same page

showing up differently?


Making difficult keyword choices


URL structure

• Folder structure • Priority keywords


Meta data gives owner control


XML sitemap

• Indexing




Accelerating rankings with linking

Detailed link building research to isolate best link targets

Monthly outreach (10/month) from GE email address using pre-approved scripting

• Link building

– Original, unique content for blogs and sites


SEO campaign lifecycle

Discover • Consumer research • Keyphrase strategy • Content planning Create • Content creation • Technical optimization • Quality assurance Measure

• Ranking and site analytics analysis Optimize • Targeted content modification or creation • External link


Link Building

• Outreach • Link baiting • Social