features bebionic3 utilizes leading-edge technology and unique, ergonomic features that make it unlike any other hand available.

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When we created bebionic, we

set out to design a prosthetic hand

that could transform the lives of

amputees worldwide, and help them

regain a new level of independence

and control.

bebionic3 is the culmination of many

years of development and is the

most lifelike, functional, affordable

and easy-to-use, commercially

available bionic hand.

We worked closely with amputees

at every stage of development and

testing, taking their input to design

bebionic3 to work effectively in real

life situations.



bebionic3 utilizes leading-edge

technology and unique, ergonomic

features that make it unlike any other

hand available.

Its sleek, innovative design and

advanced construction materials

make bebionic3 strong enough to

stand up to the wear and tear of

everyday use.

These innovations combine to

give the hand unrivalled versatility,

functionality and performance.

selectable thumb positions and a built-in sensor enable users to complete more tasks than ever before.

innovative palm design protects bebionic3 from impact damage, and makes the hand quieter than ever.


foldaway fingers provide natural looking movement, and flex when brushing past people or bumping into objects.

individual motors controlling each finger allow the hand to move and grip in a natural, coordinated way. The motors are positioned to optimize weight distribution - making the hand feel lighter and more comfortable.

powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger, giving precise, reliable control over hand movements.

soft finger pads and a wide thumb profile maximizes the surface area, and enhances grip.

durable construction and advanced

materials make bebionic3 strong enough to handle up to 99lb (45kg) – so users can confidently carry heavy objects.

several wrist options including wrists offering flexible wrist movement, manual rotation or the option to integrate with a powered wrist rotator.



With 14 reliable grip patterns

and hand positions, bebionic3 is

designed to handle almost anything

users need to do in a typical day.

From key grip, for holding thin, flat

objects like plates, credit cards, or

keys, to active index, exclusive to

bebionic3, the only prosthetic hand

that enables operation of home

and garden appliances with trigger

mechanisms, like hand held sprays,

hairdryers and power tools.


power grip

Whether shaking hands, using home and garden tools or eating a piece of fruit, bebionic3’s flexible power grip provides just the right amount of grip to suit any situation.






active index


mouse grip

For working in the office, browsing the internet, or playing video games at home, the mouse grip is ideal, and completely unique to bebionic3, making it the only prosthetic hand designed to operate a computer mouse.




open palm




key grip

finger point





bebionic3 has been designed to look as real as possible, with a rounded shape and profile that gives the hand a natural appearance, especially when covered with one of our life-like silicone skins.

Crafted using multiple layers of advanced silicone material, the skins are constructed with an integrated reinforcing mesh that makes them soft and durable, while being both easy to remove and clean.

Available in 19 different life-like skin shades, with unique TrueFinish™ micro-pigmentation that makes the glove look as authentic as possible. Additional detailing on the palms, knuckles, nails and joints enhances the natural appearance of the hand. The gloves are also available in jet black for a more futuristic appearance.



bebionic3 can be programmed wirelessly, to optimize performance for each individual, using smart electronics and our easy-to-use bebalance software.

With bebalance, you can customize bebionic3 quickly and easily. From selecting and ranking the different grip patterns, to adjusting the electrode operation, it is possible to set up your prosthetic hand to meet your exact requirements.

With on-screen animation, you can also use bebalance as a training aid to assess and develop the user’s ability to use the bebionic3 hand.




We also provide a full range of additional components designed to complete the bebionic3 prosthetic hand system.

Batteries – three different battery options are available, each designed to provide optimum performance for bebionic3. The options available are a single 2200mAh single cell battery, alongside 2200mAh or 1300mAh in split cell configurations.

Wrist options – bebionic3 hands come ready supplied with one of three wrist options, to suit individual requirements. Options available include an EQD (electric quick disconnect) Wrist, a Short Wrist to accommodate a long residual limb / wrist disarticulation and a Multi-Flex Wrist offering natural passive wrist movement.

Electrodes and cables – we supply a selection of suitable electrodes and cables, in a range of lengths and filters. If required, we can also provide a range of switches and force sensitive resistors (FSRs), which can be used to control bebionic3.

electrodes and cables

system components






principal dimensions large medium

A. middle finger tip to

hand base 7


(200mm) 7



B. thumb tip to hand

base 4 7/8 (125mm) 4 3/4 (121mm) C. maximum chassis

width (no glove) 3 5/ 8” (92mm) 3 1/ 4” (84mm) D. diameter of chassis at wrist (50mm)2” (50mm)2” E. palm circumference (no glove) 8 5/ 8” (220mm) (204mm)8”

dimensions and


With pioneering technology and innovative design, bebionic3 is the most versatile, multi-articulating prosthetic hand available. It provides the perfect balance between advanced technology, functionality and aesthetics.

The revolutionary new hand design provides users with more strength and durability than ever before, and combined with smoother operation and enhanced precision it enables users to tackle real-life everyday situations, confident it will withstand everyday stresses and strains to allow them to just get on with life.


Part Number Build Height † Weight Description

BBHLG*QD 4 7/8” + 1”

(125mm + 25mm) 1lb 5oz (598g) bebionic3 Large Hand with EQD Wrist

BBHLG*QD-MF 6 1⁄8” + 1”

(155mm + 25mm) 1lb 8oz (698g) bebionic3 Large Hand with Multi-Flex Wrist

BBHLG*SW 4 7/8” + 1/2”

(125mm + 12mm)

1lb 4oz

(577g) bebionic3 Large hand with Short Wrist

BBHMD*QD 4 3/4” + 1”

(121mm + 25mm) 1lb 5oz (591g) bebionic3 Medium Hand with EQD Wrist

BBHMD*QD-MF (151mm + 25mm)6” + 1” 1lb 8oz (691g) bebionic3 Medium Hand with Multi-Flex Wrist BBHMD*SW 4 3/4” + 1/2”

(121mm + 12mm)

1lb 4oz

(570g) bebionic3 Medium Hand with Short Wrist

Build height comprises of thumb tip to base of hand measure, followed by the build height for each wrist option. The second number refers to the minimum allowance for the mating wrist unit.

* Denotes side of hand, i.e. insert L for a left hand, or R for a right hand.

Large Medium

maximum power grip force 140.1N 140.1N

maximum tripod grip force 36.6N 36.6N

maximum key grip force 26.5N 26.5N

maximum time to open or close - tripod grip 0.5 seconds 0.5 seconds

maximum time to open or close - power grip 1.0 seconds 1.0 seconds

maximum time to open or close - key grip 1.0 seconds 1.0 seconds

maximum static load - hook grip 99lb 3oz (45kg) 99lb 3oz (45kg)

maximum load individual finger - hook grip 55lb 2oz (25kg) 55lb 2oz (25kg)

maximum finger tip extension load 13lb 3oz (6kg) 13lb 3oz (6kg)

maximum safe vertical load taken through knuckles 198lb 6oz (90kg) 198lb 6oz (90kg)

build heights


be confident

RSLLIT320 Issue 2 2013


be in control

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