Groups and individuals at work

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Groups and individuals at work

1. Full title

The functioning and performance of individuals and groups in organizations

2. Research group

Work and Organizational Psychology Program director: Annelies van Vianen

3. Members of the group Senior staff

Matthijs Baas, Bianca Beersma, Carsten de Dreu, Arne Evers, Lindred Greer, Astrid Homan, Madelon van Hooff, Edwin van Hooft, Annebel de Hoogh, Severine Koch, Aukje Nauta, Barbora Nevicka, Irene de Pater, Femke ten Velden, Machteld van den Heuvel, Annelies van Vianen.


Adi Amit, Gosia Goclowska, Mariska Kret, Shaul Shalvi, Freddie Zerres. PhD’s

Hillie Aaldering, Yujie Cheng, Seval Gundemir, Jessie Koen, Özüm Saygi, Marieke Roskes, Daniel Sligte, Tim Theeboom.

4. Membership Research Schools and other Research Institutes

Research of the group is embedded in the Kurt Lewin Institute.

5. Research topics

In today’s world of rapid changes due to economic and labor market pressures it is vital to understand how people manage their careers, regulate professional learning and development, and work together to produce creative ideas, and to jointly achieve high quality decisions. The research group “Individuals and Groups at Work” (IGW) deals with issues of cognitive as well affective

adaptation and regulation in changing organizational contexts. These issues are studied at the individual level, the group level, and the cross-level interaction

between these levels. IGW aims to develop and test theory around (1)


81 motivation, decision making, creativity and innovation), (2) group regulatory processes and performance (e.g., leadership, power, team innovation, conflict and negotiation, group judgment, and decision making) and (3) the cross-level interaction between individual and group level (determinants of) regulatory processes (e.g., the interaction of organizational cultures, leaders, groups, and individuals).

IGW undertakes both fundamental and applied research and it uses a multi-method approach that allows for triangulation and cross-validation, and enables evidence-based practice with regard to (self-)regulatory processes in


6. Program development

Astrid Homan was appointed as assistant professor Barbora Nevicka was appointed as assistant professor

Machteld van den Heuvel was appointed as assistant professor Gosia Goclowska was appointed as postdoc for two years Freddie Zerres was appointed as postdoc for one year

Lindred Greer left August 2012 and received an associate professorship at the EUR

Madelon van Hooff left August 2012 and received a tenured assistant professorship at the Radboud University Nijmegen

Shaul Shalvi left September 2012 and received an assistant professorship at Ben Gurion University (Israel).

Severine Koch left September 2012

Adi Amit left September 2012 and received an assistant professorship at Open University in Raanana (Israel).



7. Composition of research input of academic staff in 2012

FTE wp1 wp2 wp3 Total

Full professors (HL) 0.90 0.90

Associate professors (UHD) 0.90 0.90

Assistant professors (UD) 3.57 0.58 4.15

Other tenured research staff 0.00

Total tenured research staff 5.37 0.58 0.00 5.95

Non tenured research staff 0.67 1.13 1.80

Ph.D. students (AIO) 1.32 2.67 0.13 4.12

Research assistants 0.28 0.05 0.33

Total non tenured research staff 1.60 3.34 1.31 6.25




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2.c. Doctorates at other faculties/universities, co-supervised by program members

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5.c Inaugural lectures

5.d Prizes

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5.e Organisation of conferences and symposia

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5.f Research grants

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Dreu, C.K.W. de (2012). Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (Grant) (with M. Goclowska) €184,000.

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Kret, M.E. (2012). Visiting researcher at the Kyoto University Primate Research Institute. €8,000,-

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5.g Keynote speeches at conferences

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