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Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about Mobile Banking?

A: Please contact your branch, or Chemical Bank’s Customer Care Center at (800) 867-9757 or by email at CustomerCareCenter@ChemicalBankMI.com.

Q: Where can I view the Terms and Conditions for Chemical Bank’s Mobile Banking?

A: Please visit ChemicalBankMI.com/Mobile or click here to view Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions.

Q: Do I need to have a smartphone in order to use Mobile Banking?

A. A smartphone is not required for Mobile Web or Text Banking; phones with data or text

messaging capabilities can access these platforms. An Android, Apple or Blackberry smartphone is required to access the Mobile App.

Please note: standard text and data rates apply. Q. Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking?

A: Mobile Banking is free, however there is a $.50 fee associated with Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (MRDC) for each item deposited, unless the deposit is being credited to your Green Checking Account; in which case the fee will be waived.

Please note: standard text and data rates apply. Q: Where do I go to enroll in Mobile Banking?

A: There are two ways to enroll. Visit ChemicalBankMI.com/Mobile and click on the Enroll Now button or enroll by downloading the Mobile App from the Android (Google Play) Marketplace, the Apple App Store or the Blackberry App World.

Q: Is Online Banking required to have Mobile Banking?

A: Online Banking is not required to have Mobile Banking, unless you want to use Bill Pay. If you would like to utilize the Bill Pay feature within Mobile Banking, an online banking account is required.



Q: What accounts will be available in Mobile Banking?

A: Most personal checking, savings, time deposits and loan accounts are available. If you have a specific question on a certain account, please contact your branch or our Customer Care Center at (800) 867-9757.

Q: When enrolling, I am asked to enter my bank account number. I have multiple accounts with Chemical Bank; which account number do I use?

A: You can enter in the account number of most checking, savings and loan accounts. The account number must mirror what we have in our system. If the information does not match exactly, you will receive an error message when trying to enroll.

Q: When I enroll, do I have to use my Online Banking username and password?

A: No, you can enter a separate username and password or if you choose you can use your current Online Banking login information.

Q: I do not want all of my accounts to show up when I access Mobile Banking. Can I select which accounts I want to see and hide the others?

A: Yes. In the Preferences tab of the Mobile Banking Enrollment Application select the “Accounts” option. You can decide which accounts are enabled, assign nicknames to accounts and even designate your default account.

Q: Can business accounts be enrolled in Mobile Banking?

A: No. Mobile Banking is only available for personal customers at this time.


Q: Is Mobile Banking secure?

A: Protecting your information is a top priority at Chemical Bank. Mobile Banking is secure and uses Multi-Factor Authentication. At enrollment you will be required to setup a username and password and select three security questions and answers. Within Mobile Banking account numbers are masked and your Mobile App sessions time out after 10 minutes. Chemical Bank will never solicit you through Mobile Banking for your account credentials. If you are ever asked for account information, please contact your branch or our Customer Care Center immediately.

Q: What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

A: Quickly notify you mobile service provider so your device can be disabled. You can also contact our Customer Care Center to deactivate your mobile number.

Q: Will I need to set up challenge questions, etc. for Mobile Banking like I did for Online Banking? A: Yes, this is referred to as multi-factor authentication and will need to be setup if you are using the Mobile App or Mobile Web platforms. Mobile Text does not support multi-factor



Q: I am getting a new phone. How do I remove access to Mobile Banking with my credentials from my old phone?

A: Within the Mobile App, you can unregister your previously used device. Select the “More” button from the login screen, then select the “Unregister Device” option and confirm that you would like to unregister your device.

Please note: this also allows the next owner of the device to sign in to Chemical Bank Mobile Banking using their own credentials.

Features and Functionality:

Q: Can I deposit a check using my smartphone?

A: Yes, that is called Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (MRDC) and is available through the Apple and Android Mobile App.

Q: Is there a cost for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

A: Yes, there is a $.50 fee for each item deposited, unless the deposit is being credited to your Green Checking Account; in which case the fee will be waived.

Q: Is Mobile Remote Deposit Capture available for Text Banking or Mobile Web?

A: No. Mobile Remote Deposit Capture is only available for Apple and Android devices via the Mobile App.

Q: If I use Mobile Remote Deposit Capture, are the images stored on my phone? A: No. The images you capture are not stored on the device.

Q: What do I do with the actual check after I have deposited it using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

A: Please keep the physical check for 7-10 days after the submission of the deposit and make sure to verify that the check has been deposited into your account. After that, we ask that you

completely destroy the check.

Q: Are there any limits to how much can be deposited through Mobile Remote Deposit Capture? A: Several limits are in place. New customers (those with the Bank 60 days or less) will have a limit of $250 per day/week and a monthly limit of $1,000. Most non-new customers will have a limit of $2,500 per day/week.



Sundays, or holidays on which the Bank chooses to remain closed, will be processed on the Bank's next business day.

Q: Can I alter my Bill Pay payees within Mobile Web or the Mobile App?

A: No. Payees are “read only” within Mobile Web and the Mobile App, so you cannot add new payees or edit/delete existing payees. Payees can only be changed within the Bill Pay feature of your Online Banking account.

Q: My spouse and I share an Online Banking access. My spouse can see our Bill Pay information in Mobile Banking but I can’t. Why is that?

A: We encourage every customer to have their own Online Banking access. If you share access only the person that is tied (via Social Security Number) to the Online Banking access will see their Bill Pay information including payees within Mobile Banking.

Q: If I setup a transfer within Mobile Banking how long will it take before the transfer occurs? A: Transfers done during the Bank’s business day will post the same day. All Mobile Banking transaction requests received after 9:00 p.m. on business days and all transactions which are requested on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays on which the Bank chooses to remain closed, will be processed on the Bank's next business day.

Q: Can I transfer funds to someone else’s Chemical Bank account through Mobile Banking? A: No. You can only transfer between your own Chemical Bank accounts.

Q: What types of account alerts are available within Chemical Bank Mobile Banking?

A: We can alert you when your account balance falls below a designated amount, a withdrawal exceeds a designated amount, a withdrawal has occurred on your account, a deposit has been made, an overdraft fee has been charged, or even when a check has cleared your account. We also offer security alerts to let you know if your password has been changed, your access is locked or unlocked.

Q: How do I setup alerts for Chemical Bank Mobile Banking?

A: Alerts can be setup in multiple ways. You can setup them up directly through the Mobile App or the Mobile Web by logging in and selecting “Manage Alerts”. Alerts can also be setup through our enrollment application at ChemicalBankMI.com/Mobile. Select the “Enroll Now” button and then just sign into the enrollment application and select the Alerts button.

Q: Can I setup alerts to be sent to different channels?



etc.). When you setup the alert itself, you will be able to select the channel(s) to which that particular alert is sent.

Q: I do not want to receive alerts during a certain time of day – can I adjust these setting?

A: Yes. Under the Preferences tab of the Mobile Banking Enrollment Application, you can click on the “Do Not Disturb” option. From there, you can setup specific times of the day, or even a range of dates, on which you do not receive alerts.

Mobile App

Q: What can I do with the Chemical Bank Mobile Banking App?

A: The Mobile App allows you to view account balances, review account history, transfer funds, initiate bill payments, deposit checks and find Chemical Bank locations. Please note: bill pay is only available for Online Banking customer enrolled in Bill Pay.

Q: Where do I go to download the Mobile App?

A: You can go to the app store or marketplace for your particular device (Blackberry App World, Android Google Play, or the Apple App Store).

Q: Once I download the Mobile App what do I do next?

A: Now you need to enroll. Select the Register icon from within the Mobile App. Input the identifying fields and create your username and password and security questions. Terms and Conditions will need to be accepted before access to the Mobile App will be granted.

Q: My Mobile App session timed out. What do I do?

A: For security purposes your mobile session will time out after 10 minutes. If this happens simply log back in.

Mobile Web

Q: How can I access Mobile Banking using my device’s browser?

A: Go to http://mb.chemicalbankmi.com to access Chemical Bank Mobile Web. Q: What can I do with Chemical Bank Mobile Web?

A: The Mobile Web allows you to view account balances, review account history, transfer funds, initiate bill payments and find Chemical Bank locations. Please note: Bill Pay is only available for Online Banking customer enrolled in Bill Pay.

Mobile Text (SMS)

Q: What can I do with Chemical Bank Text Banking?



Q: When I receive a text from Chemical Bank, it comes from 79899. Why is that?

A: 79899 is the short code that Chemical Bank uses for Mobile Text. If you add Chemical Bank to your device’s address book or contacts list, you will see texts come from “Chemical Bank” instead of the 79899 short code.

Q: If I am using Mobile Text, how do I know what the different commands are?

A: If you text “menu” to 79899 (Chemical Bank’s short code), you will receive a list of the different commands. Mobile Text commands include the following:

Command Purpose Aliases

BALANCE or BALANCE ALL View balance for all accounts B, BAL, B All, BAL ALL BALANCE <nick1> View balance for account


B <nick1>, BAL <nick1> HISTORY View transaction history for

default accounts


NEXT Retrieves the next “page” of data


<nick1> <nick2> 100

Transfer from one account to another

T, TRA, TRANS ATM <Zip Code> ATM locations from ZIP Code ATM

BANCH <Zip Code> Branch locations from ZIP Code BRANCH TIMEZONE Get or change time zone


TZ STOP Stop alerts from being sent to

user’s phone

MENU View available Mobile Text banking commands.

HELP Get additional help

Q: Why do I sometimes receive multiple text messages or have the option to text “next” for more? A: Text messages can only hold 160 characters. Some commands require multiple messages to return all of the necessary information.

Q: How long should it take to receive a text message?



A: Some mobile phone service providers block messages. If this happens contact your service provider and request that they remove the block from the Chemical Bank short code 79899. Q: I texted a question to 79899 (Chemical Bank’s short code). Why did I receive an error?

A: Mobile Text can only respond to text banking commands. If you have a question, please contact our Customer Care Center at (800) 867-9757.

Have additional questions? Contact our Chemical Bank Customer Care Center at


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