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Cadence Mobile Banking User Guide. (Last updated on 8/15/2013)


Academic year: 2021

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Cadence Mobile Banking

User Guide




What is Mobile Banking? ... 3

How To Enroll ... 3

The Log In Menu ... 5

Locating Nearby Cadence Branches or ATMs ... 5

Access to Account Information ... 6

How To Transfer Funds ... 6

How To Use Text Banking ... 7

Checking Your Balance Via Text Message ... 7

Text Banking With Multiple Accounts ... 8

Other Text Banking Commands ... 8

Viewing Transactions Via Text Banking ... 8



What is Mobile Banking?

Cadence Mobile Banking provides quick, safe account access from most supported mobile devices. This service makes it easy to bank from your mobile phone:

• See current account balances, • View recent transactions,

• Transfer funds between accounts, and

• Locate Cadence Bank ATMs and branch locations.

Mobile Banking works with today’s most popular mobile phones. You can use our service if your phone allows text messaging and if you can browse the internet on your phone.

There is no charge from Cadence Bank for mobile banking. Your wireless telecommunications provider may charge you for data usage, so check with your provider for details about your specific wireless plan and any data

usage charges that may apply.

How To Enroll

How To Enroll In Mobile Banking is an easy-to-follow table with step by step instructions to walk you through the enrollment process.

If you are not already a Cadence Online Banking user, the first step is to

enroll in Online Banking at cadencebank.com.

If you are already an Online Banking user, then you begin with Step Two: log



The Log In Menu

After launching the Cadence Mobile Banking app, you will arrive at the Log In Menu. Without even needing to log in, you can locate nearby Cadence branches or ATMs, or select Contact Us to reach Cadence Bank by phone. If you wish to view your balance, see recent transactions or transfer money between accounts, you will need to log in.

Locating Nearby Cadence Branches or ATMs

When you select Locate Branches or Locate ATMs from the Main Menu, the Mobile Banking app will ask to use your current location in order to show you nearby branches or ATMs. The branches or ATMS can be shown in a list or on a map, whichever you prefer. Use your mobile phone’s screen capabilities to zoom in on the map to the level you desire.



Access to Account Information

Login to Mobile Banking to access your account information so you can view your balances, see recent transactions, and transfer funds between eligible Cadence Bank accounts.

Upon seeing your account balance, you can press View to see more details. Or press Menu for more choices.

How To Transfer Funds

If you want to transfer funds from one Cadence Bank account to another eligible Cadence account, select Transfers from the Main Menu. Use the dropdown arrow to select the account from which you want to transfer

funds. Then use the next dropdown arrow to select the account to which you want to transfer the funds. Enter the amount you want to transfer and then select Submit.



How To Use Text Banking

The biggest convenience of Mobile Banking is being able to do your banking using SMS text messaging without opening the Mobile Banking app or taking

time to log in. That makes Text Banking a tremendous time saver!

Simply enter the Cadence Text Banking number 469228 into your mobile phone’s contact list, then send a text banking command to that number whenever you want to do your banking via text message.

Checking Your Balance Via Text Message

In the sample screens below, the user set up the name Cadence Text

Banking in their phone’s Contact list with the Cadence Text Banking number 469228. Then the user can easy select Cadence Text Banking from the

Contact list to send a text message.

On the Send line, type Bal to check your balance. You can type Bal, BAL or

bal, because upper and lower case letters work interchangeably in text

banking. Then press Send.

Within a few seconds, you will receive a text message with your balance.



Text Banking With Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one Cadence Bank account, then text banking commands can be focused on specific accounts.

• You can use the account identifier in the account description field on the dashboard of your Online Banking profile. For example, if you have nicknamed your primary checking account “Primary” and another checking account “Groceries”, you can text “Bal Groceries” to receive the balance on that specific account.

• If you have a checking account and a savings account, you can use the generic description “checking” or “savings” to identify the

account. Text “Bal checking” to receive the balance of that account and “Bal savings” to receive the balance of the savings account. • If you have multiple checking accounts or savings accounts, then

texting “Bal checking” will cause you to receive the balance of the first one in your account listing in Mobile Banking.

Other Text Banking Commands

Text this: To receive this information:

BAL Available balance on your account

TRAN Last four transactions

XFER Transfer funds between accounts

DETAILS Request details on an account

HELP Get help on text commands

Viewing Transactions Via Text Banking

Although a simple Text Banking command to view the last four transactions is

TRAN, you may also text any of these words to receive the same results: TRANSACTIONS, STATEMENT, HISTORY, RECENT, LOG.

To view the last four transactions for a particular account, identify the



How To Transfer Funds Via Text Banking

This command transfers the funds you request, as long as the funds are available, between the accounts you have in Mobile Banking. The

commands you may use are XFER, TRANSFER, X. The format should be like these examples:

xfer 20 from checking to savings

meaning “Transfer $20 from my checking account to my savings account.”


transfer 50 from Primary to Groceries


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