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St Petersburg, Russia to

Helsinki, Finland and Warnemuende, Germany


LEG 1: St Petersburg: 12:00 (MSK) Sunday 5th June 2016

LEG 2: Helsinki: 18:00 (EEST) Monday 6th June 2016

Organised by the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club (SPBYC)

assisted by the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV)

in co-operation with the Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) and the

Rostocker Regatta Verein

In this document the words “yacht” and “boat” are interchangeable. Bearings are True. Positions are approximate in WGS 84. Miles are nautical miles. Navigational data including positions of marks is believed to be correct but should be verified by the navigator before use. The Race Committee will appreciate notification of any errors or omissions


1.0 Rules

The race will be governed by:

1.1 The Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing without national prescriptions 1.2 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (OSRs) Category 2

1.3 Gazprom Swan 60 Class Rules,

whereby C.2.1 is changed to allow any number of persons classified as Group 3 under World Sailing Regulation 22, Sailor Classification, and C2.3 to C2.8 inclusive, are deleted.

1.4 Notice of Race including amendments 1.5 Sailing Instructions including amendments

When there is conflict between the items in the above list, the succeeding items will take precedence. When there is conflict between languages the English text will take precedence. 1.6 RRS 41 Outside Help is changed: there is no restriction on receiving information.

1.7 RRS 44.1 is changed so that the two-turns penalty is replaced by the one-turn penalty.

2.0 The Start, Times, Starting Area & Starting Line

2.1 Starts will be made using RRS 26.

2.2 Unless the Start Option in 2.7 is being used, the starting vessel will display an orange flag with a sound signal at least four minutes prior to the warning signal.

2.3 A boat starting later than 60 minutes after her starting signal will be scored ‘Did Not Start’ (DNS) without a hearing. This changes RRS A4 and A5.

2.4 The starting area is within100 meters from any point of the starting line.

2.5 No team support boats are allowed to stay within/enter the starting area after the warning signal has been given.

2.6 LEG 1:

Starts1200 MSK on Sunday 6th June 2016

The starting area will be in the vicinity of Fairway Buoy No 1, to the South of the fairway. The starting line will be between an orange flag on a Committee boat at the starboard end, and an object (buoy or spar buoy) displaying an orange flag at the port end.

2.7 LEG 2:

Start 1800 EEST on Monday 7th June 2016

The starting area will be in the vicinity of the Eastern entrance of HSK Club Harbour. Unless IC Flag “D” is displayed as defined in the Option below, the starting line will be between an orange flag on a Committee boat on the starboard end, and an object (buoy or spar buoy) displaying an orange flag at the port end.

Option: If IC Flag “D” is displayed at least 60 minutes before the scheduled warning signal

on the HSK main flag pole, the starting line will be between two orange buoys in the starting area; starting signals will be displayed on the HSK main flag pole. An indication as to whether this option will be used may be communicated during the press conference and via VHF before the Warning Signal.

3.0 VHF at the start

The Race Committee (callsign “Offshore One”) may give oral confirmation on VHF 72 of any race signal displayed at a start. Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).


4.0 The Course

4.1 When a physical mark is more than 0.25 nautical miles off the position given, a yacht shall round or pass the position given and report the details on her finishing declaration. Local names are given as an aid and may refer to nearby geographical features: the names are not necessarily written on the marks themselves.

S in the table below means round to starboard P in the table below means round to port

The following marks shall be rounded in the order given: 4.2 LEG 1 St Petersburg - Helsinki

mark latitude Longitude local name rounding

Start Start line

1 60° 01.50'N 029° 29.70'E Safewater buoy Of Kronshtadtskiy Korabel’Nyy S

2 60° 08.41'N 029° 02.37'E Stirsudden Cape P

3 60° 17.00'N 027° 52.40'E E Cardinal (E of Banka

Pitkänen) P 4 59° 58.65'N 025° 36.19'E S Cardinal (S of Kalbadagrund) S 5 59° 56.93'N 024° 55.60'E Helsinki LT S 6 60° 06.30'N 024° 58.53'E Hamaja LT P 7 60° 08.37'N 024° 57.64'E Husunkivi LT P

8 60° 08.78'N 024° 53.95'E Red Lateral (S Venesatama Marina) S

Finish 60° 08.96'N 024° 53.78'E Finish line

Approx course length 157 miles.

4.3 LEG 2 Helsinki - Warnemuende

mark latitude Longitude local name rounding

Start Start line

1 60° 08.49'N 024° 55.80'E Lateral Pillar Buoy Green P

2 60° 09.10'N 024° 55.99'E Laid Orange Cylinder (HSK) S

3 60° 08.77'N 024° 57.15'E Lateral Spar/Spindle Green S

4 60° 07.82'N 024° 58.86'E E Cardinal (E of Kaurakari) S

5 60° 06.30'N 024° 58.53'E Hamaja LT S

6 60° 02.16'N 024° 53.81'E E Cardinal (E of Halliluoto) S

7 59° 05.21'N 022° 15.83'E N Cardinal Hiiumadal P

8 54° 59.51'N 015° 04.48'E LT Bornholm Dueodde S

9 54° 29.87'N 012° 30.46'E W Cardinal Darsser Ort P

10 54° 17.90'N 012° 01.59'E Rostock Approach P

11 54° 12.33'N 012° 01.53'E Rostock Reede 1 P

Finish 54° 11.01'N 012° 05.34'E Finish line


5.0 Obstructions (applying to all boats)

are designated by lines joining the following positions in the following areas. A yacht shall not enter an area designated as an obstruction, or keep it to a required side if the obstruction is a line.

Please note:

There are a range of deep-water ways, traffic separation schemes and navigational dangers in the racing area. Due to the vast tactical possibilities on the race courses, not all of these but only prohibited areas in close proximity to the rhumb line of the course are listed. Competitors are especially reminded of their obligations in RRS, Part 2 Preamble, second sentence, and RRS48. Please note SI18 Use of engine in situations where you are required to avoid collisions or to escape a situation of grave emergency.

Prohibited area northwest of “Of Zapadnyy Kronshtadtskiy Fairway” – area 110/147

60° 05.00'N 029° 15.38'E 60° 05.00'N 027° 19.38'E 60° 02.49'N 027° 19.38'E 60° 02.49'N 029° 15.38'E

Prohibited area west of Stirsudden Cape 1 – area KR-107

60° 10.30'N 028° 45.59'E 60° 10.30'N 028° 54.47'E 60° 04.00'N 028° 54.47'E 60° 04.00'N 028° 33.90'E 60° 07.00'N 028° 33.90'E

Hiu Madal – obstruction (leave the obstruction line to port)

59° 03.00'N 022° 12.40'E 59° 05.21'N 022° 15.83'E

Windfarm Adlergrund – obstruction

54° 52.16'N 014° 04.00'E 54° 50.70'N 014° 08.50'E 54° 48.02'N 014° 02.99'E

6.0 Approach to finish

On approach to the finish of legs 1 and 2, Yachts should call “Offshore One” on VHF 72 to report ETA and progress when within VHF range.


7.0 Finish Line 7.1 LEG 1:

The finish line runs between two orange marks outside of the Eastern entrance of HSK Club Harbour; the centre is in an approximate position of 60° 09.00’N 024° 53.85’E.

7.2 LEG 2:

The finish line runs between the light on the central pier (“Mittelmole”) in approx. 54° 10.89’N 012° 05.76’E and channel buoy No 19 in approx. 54° 11.03’N 012° 05.41’E.

After finishing, yachts are requested to lower sails immediately South of the finish line and west of the main channel, and proceed under engine to Hohe Duene Marina, situated outside and to the East of the main harbour.

8 Time Limit and Shorten Course Procedure

This changes RRS 32 and 35.

A date and time, and the applicable time zone as offset to UTC, may be announced by the Race Committee at the start or by email/telephone during the race. On or after the time limit, a yacht still racing shall record her position by taking a photograph or video of the GPS display (capturing position and time). Other navigational data may be added to the record. It is in every competitor’s interest to record this as close as possible on or after the time limit. At the time limit, the Race Committee will “poll” the race trackers to provide the primary source for position data. Yachts will be ranked as follows:

Yachts that have finished the course will be ranked in the order of finishing. Yachts that have not finished the course will be ranked after those that have finished. The order will be

determined by calculating the closest possible distance from the time limit position to the course’s rhumb line, plus the remaining rhumb line distance from there to the finish line. Once the time limit expires, competitors are requested to proceed under best possible (engine) speed to the finish line/marina.

9.0 Declarations

A written starting declaration shall be given to the Race Committee before starting and a written finishing declaration as soon as possible after finishing each leg.

10.0 Race Results & Scoring

Legs 1 and 2 will be scored using the Low Point System of RRS Appendix A. The boat’s total score will be the total of her scores in Legs 1 and 2. Ties shall be broken in favour of the boat with the better score in Leg 2.

11.0 Advertising

Competitor and boat advertising will be as permitted by ISAF Regulation 20. Advertising may be required by the Organizing Authority as follows:

 Event advertising to be displayed on both sides of the forward 20% of the hull;

 Sponsor’s flag to be flown on the backstay at least 2m above the deck, throughout the even from registration until the final prizegiving;

 Sponsor’s flag to be flown when not racing, on the forestay at least 2m above the deck throughout the event from registration until the final prizegiving.


12.0 Race Offices, Official Notice Boards, flag pole

The Official Notice Board is available online on

St Petersburg: The Race Office is located in the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club in Port Hercules. For signals made ashore, the main flag pole in Port Hercules will be used.

Helsinki: The Race Office is located in the Helsingfors Segelklubb. For signals made ashore, or for the start option in SI 3.2, the main flag pole in front of the club house will be used. Warnemuende: The Race Office is located in the Boat Hall of Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne.

13.0 Procedure for changing Sailing Instructions

A copy of the change will be posted on the Official Notice Board. As soon as possible, copies will be sent by email to each competitor.

14.0 VHF channel 16

Whilst racing, yachts shall keep continuous watch on VHF 16.

15.0 AIS

Whilst racing, yachts shall keep the AIS transceiver on, transmitting and receiving, and shall do nothing to inhibit AIS transmissions.

16.0 Sail numbers

When sail numbers are not displayed elsewhere (sails down) a portable sail number shall be shown in the port lifelines (OSR 4.01.2).

17.0 Trackers

Yellowbrick trackers will be supplied to each yacht. A yacht shall follow the instructions given with a tracker and shall not interfere with or cover a tracker during the race. A yacht shall be fully responsible for the care of a tracker and its safe return in good condition to the race committee as soon as possible after finishing or retiring from the race.

18.0 Use of engine

When a yacht uses its engine for propulsion, e.g. to avoid collision or in a grave emergency, the facts shall be reported on her Declaration Form. In a bona fide case the International Jury may decide to award a penalty different to disqualification including no penalty.

19.0 Temporary discontinuance of racing

No penalty will be imposed for an infringement of RRS41, RRS42 and RRS45 if a yacht makes fast in order to take shelter or in an emergency. The crew may temporarily leave the yacht to handle her moorings. If she uses her engine for propulsion she shall, on re-joining the race, return to the spot where she began to use her engine, turn off her engine and continue to race from that spot. She shall report the circumstances on her Declaration Form. Note: This does not change a boat’s elapsed time, which will still be counted from its starting signal to its finish.


NSR2016 SI – VER 23

20.0 Disclaimer, insurance reminder

Competitors participate in the race entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race and OSR 1.02.1, 1.02.2. A person-in-charge shall ensure that every person on board

understands that he/she is responsible to arrange suitable and adequate personal insurance bearing in mind responsibility to dependants. The yacht shall have suitable and adequate third party insurance. The organizing clubs, sponsors and their agents will not accept any liability for material loss or damage or personal injury or death sustained in connection with the race.

21.0 International Jury, protests

21.1 In accordance with RRS Appendix N an International Jury has been appointed (Chairman Paul Zupan, USA) from whose decisions there shall be no appeal.

21.2 A protest shall be delivered in writing to the Race Committee within 2 hours of arrival at the finish harbour. For a yacht finishing between 22:00 and 06:00 hrs local time, the protest shall be delivered before 10:00 hrs local time.


A yacht retiring from the race shall as soon as possible inform

MRCC Bremen phone +49 421 536870 - Inmarsat C 492621021,

who can also organize SAR assistance if needed, and if possible also the Race Committee via telephone or Email to