The Chessboard is the World

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The Manifesto of an Insider,

Whistleblower, Researcher, World

Traveler, and Observer of Humanity

June 23


, 2012

“The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of

the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of

Nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us.”

~ Thomas Huxley

At a young age, I knew only one man who showed me the kind of compassion that can be categorized as father-like, and with that compassion this man taught me many things. I would later understand why he felt such things were essential for me to know. One of my many lessons would seem mundane to most, but within this lesson were layers of intellect, strategy, knowledge, and understanding. The rules were actually quite simple, but how the individual utilized those rules and incorporated them into their own psyche is where the layers would come into fruition.

So, every day when I was able to spend time with this man, we would sit down at the same table, lay out the old, well used board, and place the pieces in their appropriate positions.


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After a new tutorial in the Rules of Engagement, we would commence, yet again, our game of Chess.

Though my opponent was much older and more experienced than I was, I would

manage to win from time to time - which in itself held valuable lessons. Yet what never failed to surprise me were the even more valuable lessons I learned every time I lost a game. Sometimes it was due to a foolish mistake, or not forecasting my mentor’s next three moves on the board, or even worse: a mistake I was led into by a very calculative opponent. With every game played, no matter how I came out in the end, I learned a great deal. He would tell me "You must

remember this," or, "The most dangerous opponent is the one you underestimate," and countless more still swimming in my mind. As a young boy I knew that what I was being taught was important, but how it would impact me later on in life affected my life path far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Thomas Huxley was right with his comparative description of Chess concerning this Bio-Matrix we are currently residing in. Every continent, every country, every government, military, town, and Human Being, is a piece of the Chess set residing on the board in which we call Earth. I say this because of the fact that we as a race have created such things as government,

borders, military, social classifications, and so much more that are merely phenomena of the Universe. Is it all by chance, or design? That, of course, is a heavily debated question - one which has been burning inside many pondering minds for eons. Rules, to most, are now

considered just 'guidelines'. The concern and outrageous, paranoid fear is about the 'laws' that create drones out of living beings too frightened to consider free thinking: because that is simply taboo today. If we are to truly understand who we are and how we are to function correctly on this planet, then as Huxley stated, we must have an understanding of the laws of nature which are simply nothing more than rules of common sense in every aspect of life. You see, nature, as an entity, has laws that it abides by. For example, if a forest becomes overridden with fallen trees and dead brush, a forest fire is the sensible way to control it, giving new life a chance to sprout and grow. This is usually done by either a lightning strike, or the spontaneous combustion of severely dried brush under the hot Sun. It is an absolute Law of Nature which can be interpreted as a Rule of Common Sense. Another natural event to consider is when tornados blaze their way through the countryside. What do you do if the floor in your home gets dirty? Usually the rule is to vacuum up the mess. It is a cleansing, which, if not done, can have adverse effects.

So, if you have a solid understanding of how the game of Chess works, you can clearly see the parallels it has with the world we live in. Even beyond that, the concept, strategy, psychological perspective, and ability to forecast the next move with confidence, is the key to everything we do. Chess does not work unless at least one of the players understands not just


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these key factors, but also has an intimate understanding of the logic and necessity of one’s

own Free Will.

What a person learns from their experience with Chess is not only important, but it is - in my opinion - a requirement to be able to tackle endeavors such as war, politics, betrayal, conspiracy, government, Human nature . . . practically everything.

This all may seem rhetorical to you in some way or another, and others may see no point to this, but I encourage you to read on, because the points that will be made in this are not just the random thoughts of a John Doe, but the absolute truths everyone needs to understand.

“The most useless are those who never change through the years.”

~ James Matthew Barrie

Is it Human nature to fear change? Yes, but it was not always like that. In fact, it was not that long ago in our history that people faced change with excitement. They embraced the challenge with courage, knowing risks were involved. The early pioneers of America risked losing everything - including their own lives - but knew that the change also could lead them to riches and a new life of fulfillment. The first to navigate the vast oceans with nothing but the stars and the Sun as their guide leaped into the unknown with all of their heart and soul. It was never certain what their outcome would be, but the change was embraced. In fact, those who faced the unknown - that which would most certainly change their entire lives - were viewed as brave heroes, even if they perished during their quest. It was the very essence of inspiration for countless numbers of Humans across the globe throughout the ages. It has shaped our species into what we once were but are no longer. It was the pinnacle choice that led to new

discoveries, evolved trading networks, shared customs, and many others. Change means much more than to just stray from the normalcy of everyday life. Change is evolution. That is, if that change is done with nothing but the best intentions.

In today’s society, the entire concept of change has been twisted, misconstrued, manipulated, engineered, tainted, and tattered beyond most Human’s recognition. Change is ridiculed and considered on the far side of taboo. Well, only being exempted if the person who has made a 'change' is some Hollywood puppet who creates just another symbolic, illuminated


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pop culture idol for the hive to gather and worship their synthetically created music, body, and soul. THAT is the change that is now recognized as acceptable. Anyone who even considers straying off of the fenced in super highway of controlled culture is ostracized in an almost ritualistic manner. The hive gathers in droves to their portal: cybernetic outlets into the

superficial world of cyberspace, to immediately throw their stones at the ones who attempt to defy the collective. This can be done so easily because once a Human - or, should I say, Sub-Human - has locked themselves into their hypnotic cyberspace trance, they suddenly become invincible in their own prison-mind. This allows them on any terms to defame, taunt, slander, and conjure up the most outlandish lies which can be released upon those who dare them. Is this the new form of bravery, or an engineered form of control?

Nothing ever changes if nothing changes. This is why the quote by Mr. James Matthew Barrie is so poignant. The most useless are those who never change. This world is now infested with that uselessness - those who once could be called Humans: but that is now a classification worthy of only a few. Welcome to the new species of Humans which are from now on to be classified as Sub-Humans. More on that as we continue.

So, how does this apply to the game of Chess? In the game, if a player has a regiment he/she has developed, and knows it is a safe and almost certain strategy that will make them victorious over their opponent, then they are, themselves, not a worthy opponent. They have found their niche, and after having a small taste of victory they become captured in their own fear, which wraps around their psyche like a python strangling its prey. The brain is squeezed tight into a fearful suffocation, which, after a while, becomes comfortable for them. Sure, they may have one stagnant winning strategy which may work for a while, but what happens when they meet an opponent who is exactly like them with an almost, if not exact, same strategy? It becomes a boring, stagnant, unproductive game, where each opponent spends hours just shuffling around the pawns and knights. Nothing exciting happens, and nothing changes. However, if this player - who has become lost in translation of the true meaning of the game - meets an opponent who is nothing like them, something else occurs.

The player sits down before the board and lays his pieces onto it in the same manner he/she always does. Their opponent lays their pieces in the ready position as well. The mundane, stagnant player goes by the numbers of his/her same old method - but this time something happens which causes an effect that can be compared to anaphylactic shock. The opponent who has many strategies, and is not afraid to change them the entire duration of the game, is confident and fearless. The Sub-Human opponent will then begin to have a common reaction of the hive: they will begin to sweat and become irritated, they will show anger, and even go so far as to speak profanities to their calm opponent. When the word, "Check," is spoken by the calm multi-strategist opponent, the Sub-Human will then fall into the fear that


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controls their false ego. Their hands will shake, and their lips will become dry as they have a mental short circuit because "This is NOT how everyone else plays!" Then the two most feared words in Chess are calmly spoken by the opponent, "Check Mate." It is at this point that the tears of anger and confusion begin to well up in the dead eyes of the Sub-Human. They either stomp away like a spoiled child denied a second scoop of ice cream, or they flip the entire game board in a rage, compared only to the temper tantrum of a self-entitled adolescent not getting the right color they demanded on their Sweet 16 birthday car. Disgusting isn’t it?

On the rare occasion, that same lethargic opponent has something occur within them. It is as if a switch deep in their subconscious is unlocked and turned on. They realize that the way their opponent has played the game has some risk to it, but in the end, it gives that person a true feeling of genuine excitement. The Sub-Human then looks deep within, and only sees the dark shadows of what once was, or, what could be. They begin to hunger for it, and once they get a taste of not fearing change they become hooked. It is a positive drug which has no bad side-effects. It can then be found in abundance, and shared. However, the unfortunate truth is that most Sub-Humans are so far rooted into the cyber-matrix of this freak show that they will never allow themselves the opportunity to taste the elixir of change in its purest form.

“Your intelligence is measured by those around you; if you spend your

days with idiots you seal your own fate.” ~ Unknown

When a Human is considered not as intelligent as another, it is usually due to the environment that the person has grown up in. Intelligence can easily be passed down to the younger Humans if the understanding of the importance to do so is prevalent. Sure, there are situations where one person just may not succeed in increasing their own intelligence, and it could be a scenario where it is not of their own control or doing, which is always unfortunate. In a well-structured society of free thinking intelligent Humans, this kind of problem is

immediately addressed so as to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to better themselves if they choose to, without the use of force. This can be done by providing the proper tools, encouragement, and most importantly, positive feedback and constructive criticism. If the individual chooses not to take that path then it is by their own will and not the socially engineered will of the hive society that is occupied by the new species of Sub-Human.


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Free Will versus Socially Engineered Control: take your pick. Is it better to stray from the mind controlled acceptance of willful ignorance, or is it better to go against the grain of status quo?

“The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others.”

~ Tibetan Proverb

For a person to honestly say they are free they must be a Human Being, and not a slave. The Tibetan Proverb above speaks volumes, just as the quote before that does, as well. If you are to be truly free of the binds of the hive you must follow certain requirements. Those requirements are to understand and utilize your own Free Will, which will lead to many other requirements such as expanding your intellect, challenging yourself constantly, never fearing the unknown, facing opposition confidently, and never settling for the ideology of the

mainstream matrix.

Humans will always stand out in a crowd, whether there is one, or one hundred in that crowd of thousands. There exists a connectivity and understanding, which pulses an energy that is sensed by those Humans. It gives us genuine comfort to know that there are others out there who stand on their own two feet, and understand the importance of Free Will and

individualized creativity. Theses Humans know that once they have spotted each other in the sea of willful ignorance, they can gather to share new ideas, thoughts, and knowledge, without fear of being alienated because they are 'different'.

The rest of the crowd, however, is saturated with the unintelligent, willfully ignorant, blind patriots of the Sub-Human race, who are just happy being 'comfortable' in their little bubble where they don’t have to face change; because those who control them will continue to provide these Lemmings with their Bread and Circus. As these Sub-Humans form into their categorized and designated hives, they become almost frenzied like a school of Sharks feeding on Tuna. They begin an internal competition amongst each other to see who will reign as the dumbest, and the coolest, and the most 'attractive' of all the creatures. This is similar to the Butterfly Effect in which it is theorized that a Butterfly will flap its wings off the coast of Argentina, and the shift in air will eventually cause the ripple effect to produce a Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. How this effect works in the hive of Sub-Humans is that one member of the hive will either be chosen, or use what little mind they have, to devise a plan to be the next focus of attention. This can be done in endless ways which do not matter. What matters is the


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final product of the stupidity. If decided by the controllers, or hive mind, then this will be granted as the next trend or as they may refer to it, "The new Fad." So, as the Tibetan Proverb explains, this is when the fools follow. We see this every day with social media, reality

television, mainstream media, pop culture, fashion, the pornographic industry, and everything else that comes out of the mental mind manipulation factory known as Hollywood. A trend or Fad is determined and suddenly the Hive, or a sub-category of the hive, adopts that as their own, and protects/promotes it with blind fury. We even observe individuals in the hive

engineer a persona of their own, in order to level themselves to fit into the new trend - even if this means they have to put on a persona, and act more stupid then they actually are. This causes others within the hive to adopt the same, or similar, persona, since none shall dare to defy flowing with the matrix prison. So the fools follow the reports of others, and this becomes a never ending cycle. If you have ever had a firsthand experience, or watched a video, of the new American Hive tradition of Black Friday, you know that the hive thrives when massed together - and it is a troublesome thought that they feed off of the entire hive’s stupidity.

“Here is true immorality: ignorance and stupidity; the devil is nothing but

this. His name is Legion.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

Ignorance and stupidity in itself is not evil, but the designed control that breeds and engineers it is evil. Where the Sub-Humans are at fault is that they have discovered a mental and sexual taste for dark things; which is ignorant and stupid in itself. They themselves have allowed their lives to become willing collateral damage to the infection of evil. The Legion is the hive of Sub-Humans.


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“The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for

understanding, because to understand is to be free.” ~ Baruch Spinoza

Sub-Humans are not free, despite what they may tell you. They defend this blindly - no matter the lack of reasonable proof that they can't provide of their own freedom. They have no real understanding of what it means to be free. They cannot comprehend the idea of Free Will and intellectual freedom. They accept what has been told to them: that the freedom of mind, body, and spirit, is a slippery slope that will only lead them into oblivion. It is complete

nonsense, and the Humans know this - which is why they understand the importance of

embracing their individuality, and understanding how the world is supposed to work: and what it really means to be free. Imagine if the game of Chess was reconstructed, so you only had three rules to utilize for your strategy? It would be a mindless, pointless, and boring game. That is what modern day society has become: mindless, pointless, and boring. It does not have to be that way, and many Humans are living free because they understand.

Panem et Circenses

(Bread and Circus)

The game of Chess requires patience, intellect, free thinking, and the willingness to take risks. These days, what board games do still exist, only require the most basic reading level, the ability to roll dice, and to count. Even these games have now been considered, for the most part, archaic, and it is preferred to sit in front of a large monitor playing video games that promote violence and sexual deviance. Little or no thought is ever required, because the hive would rather have instant gratification than to work hard for the feeling of the earned reward of victory. This methodology works the same for most television game shows, as well as professional sporting events, which are the controller’s modern day version of Bread and Circus. There is a reason the mainstream media gives its followers a News Feed. It does so to feed the hive with more lies, propaganda, and deception, like the slop fed to Pigs before being marched into the slaughterhouse. The concept of Bread and Circus was developed during the


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Roman Empire, and focused around the Gladiators ripping each other apart in the center of the Colossuem. Other times, it may have been slaves forced to fight Lions or other animals who were given the taste of Human blood. The controllers of Rome knew that as long as the hive had their bread to eat and circus to watch then they could rule however they saw fit. Appease the masses and you control everything. We see this so much now in modern times with the Sub-Humans that it is almost overwhelming for the few Humans still alive and trying to survive. Most Humans these days have turned off their televisions and have rejected the toxic force of the engineered society, but have had to do so with a lot of sacrifice. To avoid the Bread and Circus they have had to move away from the hive networks or live in seclusion within high-rise complexes. Is that to be considered fair for the Humans? To have to make many sacrifices to live free in a world that should be eternally free is not fair, but it now has become a necessity. In fact, the toxicity of the Sub-Human hive has become so rancid that it has even claimed victims of the Humans. It is an inter-species war where few are left to be guarded against the many. But they do not care because as long as the bread is abundant, and the circus becomes more over the top, they are content with their hive life. But in the past 20 years, a new form of Bread and Circus has been slowly developing, and in the past 5 years has taken to new levels of distraction. It has become the top venue for a very specific - and dangerous - category of the Sub-Humans, and one which is tearing further into the desire of truth and freedom the Humans are fighting so hard for.

“The less reasonable a cult is, the more men seek to establish it by force.”

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

There is a movement that has been steadily growing throughout the world, and as any movement, it has grown so large that within its constructs it has been divided into factions. With an ever growing uncivil war within, these divided groups blindly defend their preachers and paupers without keeping a multidirectional outlook on other possibilities and theories. The overall label for this movement has become known as the Truth Movement. It is as general as the term of government. As a government has a multitude of agencies, administrations, and branches of the armed forces, so, too, does the unorganized infrastructure of the Truth Movement. The basic break down of these separatist divisions are as follows; 9/11 Truthers, New Agers, Conspiracy Theorists, Libertarians, Freedom Fighters, and what I refer to as the 'Love and Lighters', but the list is ever growing of self-declared righteous groups who claim that


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they hold the key to the way of truth. Of course, these groups that have clearly shown division, can be broken down even further into sub-groups, within. However, because the specific names of these networks and key individuals who cart around their agenda and supposed righteous fight for full disclosure, are not the essential message in this analysis, I have decided to maintain their anonymity. Those who read this can make a reasonable guess as to some that will be referred to without names.

As with many great ideas that begin at the grassroots level of free thinking, the opportunities for these ideas and theories to be infiltrated and compromised - as well as twisted for nefarious agendas - are rampant. Most times, this is more clearly visible than accepted by those who have been fooled. Once the internet came into fruition, a whole new playing field opened its flood gates to allow the crowds of opportunists to seek fame, fortune, and followings. It did not matter if these individuals and organizations had evidence to back up their claims; whether the claims were true, or not , they needed consistency - and in order to maintain that, only one technique would be a viable strategy: allowing witness testimonial without disclosing said witness’s evidence. That, in itself, is a luring tactic, which gives just enough to feed the followers - but not too much, as it may cause them to wonder off to the next feed sack of diversion, and flaunt. Others who jump on the bandwagon, do so to transform a genuine idea or theory into a money growing tree. They are no better than the sweaty

preacher jumping and yelling on their elaborate stage, spewing the supposed holy words of the bible, so as to suck as much 'God money' out of their Flock. It is a scheme that works - and works well - so it only makes sense to transform it into a platform of income in the next great movement of salvation and enlightenment.

These tactics will slowly evolve into a further venture of increasing the fame, fortune, and Flock of these organizations and individuals. Perhaps in the beginning, and for several years, they will create a grandiose website with star studded events, and impressive videos of exclusive interviews and documentaries. It will lure in the Flocks in countless numbers.

Legitimate researchers, witnesses and whistleblowers will be brought to the venue to speak and present. All will be in its glory, and shine bright like the legendary Camelot of King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable. But even King Arthur’s Camelot did not last forever, and was riddled with deception and betrayal. What we then witness are the frogs beginning to boil in that pot of water. Once the Flock and its notoriety has been established, and the Flock has been well kept with Bread and Circus, the next step is taken. That step is, of course, financial, and is defended with claiming that to continue to maintain this level of greatness, the Flock must pay homage with donations, and the purchase of product. By this time it is too late because the Flock is sucked into the vortex. Without their food they will starve - and to pay for it seems almost reasonable. This, of course, does not pertain to those individuals and organizations that have produced genuine work and research. Things like that do require money to continue the


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outstanding work of those who are the Humans within the Truth Movement, and not the Sub-Human leaders who have been positioned to feed their designated Flocks. In the tangible world we reside in currently, it is quite difficult to survive without maintaining a flow of capital, and until that element changes, people must survive. This is, however, by no means a justifiable reason to deceive others with malevolent motives, in order to take their hard earned money.

Other individuals and organizations take a slightly different approach to give a more serious and official persona. They will take the next step to present documented factual evidence, and produce stunning documentaries. What you will witness, or perhaps already have, within this faction is that if new or slightly different evidence is introduced by an outsider which causes any kind of ripple in the already accepted and enforced theory, the Flock will rip off their Sheep’s clothing to expose their Wolve's teeth. The attack ensues in an unforgiving manner with harassment, slander, and bullying being spat out rapidly through their cyber-matrix control network they rarely stray from: the computer. Would the supposedly credible leaders of these platforms be honorable, and defend those who challenge them, or simply offer their own insight? More often than not that answer is no. Why? If you do not know the answer then you have more to seek out about what really goes on behind the scenes of the upper tier within these factions. I should know, because I have been intimately involved in the discussions that take place behind the closed doors of every one of these factions. But this is not about dropping names, because that would be counter-productive to the purpose of this manifest. Yes, I could have shaken the foundations of several well-known organizations and individuals with absolute hard evidence - yet I did not. Why? The answer is simple. Imagine if a police officer who has had an illustrious 25 year career - who has been honorable and untarnished - suddenly gets caught in a scandal. That police officer, who so many looked up to, has been caught, red handed, planting drugs on a citizen and arresting that person under trumped up charges. When the officer is subpoenaed to court for his testimonial defense, it is discovered that the officer had been deceitful on several accounts. This means that every single arrest in his/her career is now under massive public scrutiny and must be reviewed. So if I had gone forward to expose these factions and individuals, then all the Men and Women who are genuine with their accounts and research could fall to the prey of those waiting with claws extended. That is a counter-productive tactic that need not be considered, especially for those who have friends and colleagues who are some of those that are genuine, and have been featured by such organizations. Could I, or others, still commence such an attack? Yes, but that is a poor strategy in a world where this game is played, and not conducive to what really

matters. I choose my own values and honor over jumping into the feeding pit of the Sub-Humans.

There are a much larger number of Humans actively involved in the Truth Movement, than in mainstream society, which is a comfort to know, but in the overall numbers, those


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Humans are still greatly outweighed. The Sub-Human factions have now manifested their own Cults, and designated Cult leaders and chaotic rules of engagement that they utilize when a real free thinker challenges their holy grail of illusion. It’s a shame really that things are the way they are in this Truth Movement, because it creates an unnecessary challenge for the Humans who are trying to remove the blindfolds on the Cultist Sub-Humans. Make no mistake, and even if you immediately disagree, I promise you, that once you make a sound decision to really explore the depths of in-fighting, and blind following that occurs in the Truth Movement, you will understand that the Truth Movement has within it the Cults of the Flocks. A Cult is nothing more than a group of people who blindly - and in a delusional militant fashion - follow a leader, or group of leaders, who spout out their message of hope and ascension into the next realm. How often do you see this within the Truth Movement? More often than most may wish to admit, I am sure. The transformation of ideas and theories that had benevolent intentions, are quickly transformed into an ideology which forms the Flock into a Cult.

If one is to approach the theories, speculations, and facts spread throughout the Truth Movement - and steer clear of the Cults - then they must approach it in a similar manner as Chess. Chess is a tangible strategy game that you can see and touch. You know where the pieces are, and how big the board is. What you are uncertain of, is what your player is thinking, and which move they may make next. So, you approach the game, and your opponent, in an intelligent manner. You may not be able to read their mind, but by keen observation and understanding basic Human behavior, you can read their body language in order to make a better determination of what possible moves they may make next. You can look at the board and consider the next possible five moves you might make, and those that your opponent may be considering. The theories, conspiracies, speculations, and even presented facts, all need to be approached in the same manner as you would in playing Chess: decipher, strategize,

consider, observe. And most importantly, think for yourself. This is an important element in all aspects of life that separate the Humans from the Sub-Humans.

“When you're born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in

America, you get a front row seat.” ~ George Carlin

There is a very special faction within the Truth Movement I have not yet mentioned that is especially rancid in its practices. That faction attracts the most sinister and despicable Sub-Humans who gather and run amuck in their Dante’s Inferno of chaos. This faction is known


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simply as the Freak Show, which I will now explain. The same concept of Bread and Circus applies, but on a darker level of disgust. The Freak Shows are never on a large scale - at least not as of yet. No, the Freak Shows are low budget, and lower in standards for requirements of admittance. All that is required is a total lack of reality, no sense of honor, and a complete pledge of allegiance to the Master of Ceremonies of the Freak Show, who most often enforces the practice of the Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. Though it is not always expressed by the MC, the sins are always kept in a back pocket, to be utilized when the opportunity arises. If you want to go to a place where the most disgusting, ridiculous, and unrealistic - as well as manipulated - claims are made, then the Freak Show is where to go. The one element that separates this small faction from the rest, is that in other factions it will be stated that some ideas are indeed theory and speculation. The Freak Show has no theory or speculation: because the unwritten rule is that everything is fact, and if you deny it, you will be excommunicated from this church of fools.

I have never been a member of any of these back alley shows, but I have witnessed them first hand - and it is a sight which will leave you feeling dirty down to the bone. Nothing describes the word 'vile' more definitively than this debacle of shows. The MC is always a sociopath with psychotic tendencies, who will stop at nothing to continue growing their fame, followers, and attempt at fortune; a fortune which is hard to gain, since admission is free and the price of food is only your dignity and undivided loyalty to the MC. This self-declared Master of Ceremonies will do anything to gain acknowledgement - even if it means unleashing an unjustified personal vendetta against someone who has turned their back on them. They will spread defamation on all the vile social networks that reside in the cyber-matrix. They will conjure up false documentation and emails so as to make themselves polished, and their opponent tarnished, in appearance. They will go after their families, and even turn some against them. They will lastly go after your loved ones, such as your Wife, or Husband, or children. They will stop at nothing to draw you out and place you center stage for their own psychotic amusement, and the amusement of their Flock of degenerates and outcasts. The MC, who is their own King in the rundown back alley tent they call home, will do whatever it takes to suck the life force out of whomever they choose, in a vampiric fashion, to compensate for their severe short comings. However, these tactics are severely flawed, and here is why:

The MC of the Freak Show is so severely blinded by their own toxic ego that they become impaired in every way. Because of this, their Flock can only see what their psychotic minds allow them to see, and in most cases, the visions that flash before them are conjured up by their own design, or the design of other Freak Shows. If they are able, for a moment, to penetrate their prison bubble and view the platforms of other factions of the Truth Movement, theirs become twisted and mangled to the point of being unrecognizable. So, as a solution, the MC fabricates it into their own customized fantasy so as to supply their foolish cult with further


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rancid food. Sit one of these MCs in front of a Chess board, and they may be able to play, but seeing beyond the scope of their own manufactured reality - for the purpose of approaching the game with sound logic - is almost unobtainable. So, for someone like me - a Human - it is counter-productive to attempt to play Chess with such a person, because all you will deal with is unrelenting aggravation. Sometimes the best approach to handling an MC of one of these Freak Shows, is no approach at all. I have been dealing with this recently - with one of these mentally unstable MCs - and as I would choose a worthy opponent in Chess, I have made the sensible choice not to engage. Yes, that person will become more irate and spiteful because the attention they require is not being fulfilled - and that will cause this person to attempt more sinister approaches to draw me out - but in the end, it will be to their own ruin. Freak Shows within the Truth Movement have always been fast, furious, and short lived. The members of the cult will grow tired, as they have very short attention spans, and they will move on to the next vile tent, looking for a new leader, and prey. The MC then falls into what is their own demise: to forever rot in the unknown of what could have been. Check Mate.

“He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is

inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.” ~ Walter Lippmann

I do not wish for those who read this to think that all my thoughts about the Truth Movement are negative, because they certainly are not. There is honor among some Men and Women actively involved in the movement, whether they are a researcher, whistleblower, witness, or simply a fellow Human seeking further knowledge of the truth. These Humans, I have the highest respect for, and consider them members of the fight for true freedom. The unfortunate reality is that the Humans within the movement are outnumbered greatly by the infectious Sub-Humans who have taken over most factions. Occasionally a Human strays off the righteous path and is lured into the deception of one or more factions. It is not because they are foolish: we all have our challenges. It is when they become aware of the deception - but willfully stay surrounded by the bile - that is the very moment they begin their decent into the world of Sub-Humanism. With so few Humans walking the planet now, we simply cannot afford to lose even one Human to the hive, so it is our duty towards our fellow Men and Women to try and support each other without controlling one’s Free Will. I applaud all those who work

tirelessly to deliver the truth, and those who never rest to receive that said truth. I applaud those who do not just depend on one source of knowledge, but consider all sources and


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possibilities so as to logically decipher what they feel are helpful, in their never resting quest for knowledge. I applaud those who challenge information, even if in the end they are wrong, because without challenge, nothing can evolve into a higher state of intellect. Just as a devoted and passionate Chess player will constantly evolve their strategies to become more victorious, so, too, will the Human seeking a higher level of intellect in the search for the truth. In the end they will be victorious. Even if they are misdirected a thousand times, but never surrender, in that one moment they stand tall and have become victorious against all odds, enriching their mind, body, and soul. This is yet another key element that separates the Humans from the Sub-Humans. Never settle, never give up, and never, ever, submit to the hive. That is freedom.

“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only

individuals.” ~ Oscar Wilde

In the matrix that has become the world of today, most reside within a subservient trans-humanistic society filled with degenerate behavior and no morality. Only in remote areas across the globe can communities be found that have endured the passing times, and

maintained their stronghold of values and wonderful traditions. Most of these communities are native indigenous people who have remained in seclusion from the techno-maniacal society that quickly closes in on them. These kinds of communities are on the endangered list, and the number one location where they are at most risk of extinction is in the now Former United States of America which has now transformed into the Un-united Police States of America. The society of today is a lethargic slime, oozing its way through the fog of a false reality most just happily accept, and go with the flow. It is as if one super brain of control has been divided into the many, so as to maneuver all in unison. It is quite easy to locate the true free thinking individuals out of the perpetuating sea of numbness. They seem to shine as if they are the only buoy lit at sea, so as to allow the other navigators to find safe passage. Two worlds do exist on Earth, and have for quite some time now. The world of the Sub-Humans who pledge allegiance to their malevolent masters, and do everything the government and media tells them to do, all the while, are being poisoned slowly from every single direction. Then there is the shrinking world of the Humans who know and understand what is unhealthy, and where the lies come from. They do not eat Genetically Modified Organisms and stay clear of the municipal drinking water. They refuse to be injected with the biological weapons known as vaccines. They will not plug into the virtual reality world of television, and they honor and uphold their code of honor,


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and values. The Humans who stand tall as the last hope for saving all that is good on Earth are the individuals who live in the only world that is real. Tonight, I heard a great line, and would like to quote it in relation to how I feel about most Sub-Humans while observing their behavior: "It is the feces that is produced when shame eats stupidity." Thank you Dale Gribble.

Descriptive, yes, but so damn well said, and needs no further explanation. By now, some who are still reading this are probably disgusted by my opinions of the ones I refer to as

Sub-Humans, and they have the right to their opinions. I have spent countless hours observing these drones in real life situations. I have been to hundreds of cities, both large and small, and been in every kind of situation which allowed me to view them as if I was Dian Fossey observing Gorillas for the first time in the misty jungles; with the exception that, I have no doubt the great pioneer, Dian, (Rest in Peace) was overjoyed and fascinated when coming face to face with a family of the Mountain Gorillas. I, on the other hand felt as if I was looking through a

microscope at flesh eating bacteria running rampant upon a micro sample of rotten tissue. I had no vested interest in these creatures, but was merely curious by their behavior, so I just quietly observed. My findings and observations can only be classified in my way of thinking as Non-human. But being a person myself who had a serious lack of emotion, and not a good grasp of emotions, I needed to conduct further observations of both good and bad behavior. I can now say, with the utmost confidence, that after 6 plus years of this study there is no doubt my conclusion is accurate and valid. As time quickly moves into the future, two things I feel are inevitable: Sub-Humans of this false society will self-destruct, and Humans of unwavering individuality will rebuild. The question is, what chain of unfortunate events will take place before, and during, this sea change? Only time will tell.

"Maybe we're about to radically change the operating system of the

human condition. If so, then this would be a really good time to make

backups of our civilization." ~ Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling hit the nail on the head with that statement. The operating system of the human condition he speaks of is the dangerous agenda of Transhumanism. I have studied this ever growing movement extensively, and know enough about every branch of it to say that it is a danger to the entire planet. Let me explain what this is to make sure you have a firm

understanding of Transhumanism. I will not go into extensive detail on this invasive movement, because I would end up writing an entire book just about that.


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Transhumanism, which is also abbreviated as H+, insinuating an improvement of the Human genome, can be described as, 'an international, intellectual, and cultural movement that

affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition, by developing, and making widely available, technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.' Now, to decipher that, we

have to cover the four main branches of this global pandemic. Transhumanism consists of Virtual Reality, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. These, I would encourage you to research yourself. It gets more complicated, which is by design, as always, because the architects of control do not wish to have their Flock become suspicious. These four main branches of H+ can then be broken down again into the following; Artificial General Intelligence, Mind Uploading, Mega Scale Engineering, Molecular Manufacturing, Autonomous Self-Replicating Robots, Cybernetics, Space Colonization, Gene Therapy/RNA Interference, Cryonics, and Smart Grid/Smart Growth. Do any of these leave an uncomfortable feeling in your gut? Well, they should, because the dangers to our planet are much worse than most

understand, or can even comprehend.

Let us go back to Chess for a moment, because this is important. There have been famous Chess players that decided to challenge an autonomous opponent - which was a super computer system - programmed to calculate in mathematical terms every possible move that can be played on the Chess board. It may seem like an interesting challenge, and I am sure it was, but this is a slippery slope. The computer does not have a biological brain with

neurotransmitters lighting up with every thought pattern. The computer does not carry the essential emotions required to play a masterful game. The computer is unable to read the body language of its biological opponent. Well, at least for the time being, but with Transhumanism on the cutting edge of interfacing Man with Machine, anything is possible. The machine is a product of Human design and ingenuity, which can be documented since the beginning of civilization. Machines have served the Human race greatly for thousands of years. That’s the key, is it not? Is it Machines serving Man, rather than Man serving the Machine? If the

controllers have their way, the transformation of Machine into Man will be the new paradigm shift. This is not a conspiracy, or a fantasy; it is a cold hard reality happening right now. Just take a look around you, and you will know it as clear as day. The age of depending on gadgets is here, and the Sub-Humans absolutely have embraced it like a long lost lover. If the chessboard is the world, then the Sub-Humans are overjoyed to sit across the board from a robot. Face to face interaction is a dying art of communication. With a digital platform in this cyber-matrix all around us, the creatures feel more comfortable in their shallow skin, typing rapidly away at the keyboard, and sending instant messages to others they have never met. The next time you go out into public, conduct your own survey. See what the ratio is of people walking looking towards the ground as opposed to those walking upright, facing forward, with their head held


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high. You may be troubled with what you discover. Cell phones, iPods, portable laptop computers, and all the other handheld digital choke chains have literally altered the form of these creatures known as Sub-Humans, just as Genetically Modified Organisms have done. Take a good long look at them. Fat has formed in unusual patterns on their bodies. They have

become hunchbacked due to having their faces glued to their digital noose, and the

overwhelming promotion of laziness and instant gratification has caused them to even drag their feet like they were born lame. This is yet another easy way to pick out the Humans who walk among them.

A recent survey was done of 13 countries to see which has the highest number of hours per person per week of time spent watching television. The Former United States and its

Transhumanistic sister, the United Kingdom, were tied at number one with 28 hours per person per week. That comes out to four hours a day. Another study had the US at 8 hours per day. If you ask me, one hour is too damn long. Television is a tentacle of Transhumanism which can be categorized under Virtual Reality. Every 'reality' show on television is scripted. It is not reality as they claim, but a virtual reality that has been engineered to create frenzy among the Sub-Humans so they aspire and emulate these actors, which they praise as idols. What is the purpose of television? It is simply Tele-Vision-Programming. You are told through your eyes, which are a gateway into manipulating your mind, so that you become programmed further into the matrix. It is nothing less than mind control.

Here I am going on and on about Transhumanism, which is not what I intended. Look, this is simple, and I do encourage you to look into this disturbing agenda yourself, because the knowledge we gain is a tool for our fight against the controllers and their mind controlled mob of Sub-Humans. The Humans that are still left on Earth know the dangers of this disease, and they know it is growing with fury by the day. It is a formidable adversary against what we strive for, so we must restrain this back into our control. I have nothing against certain technology being developed by the Transhumanists, because I understand that evolution is good and that if WE control the technology it can be utilized in a benevolent manner for the sick, hungry, and poor. I do not even hold blame to all of the engineers and scientists who are under the thumb of the controllers, because they may have genuinely good intentions. It is the controllers who we must look to as the ones to blame, because they see Transhumanism as the next great experiment, a new age which creates an 'enlightened' generation of Techno-manipulated Bio-electrical Sub-Humanoids. Are the controllers solely the ones to blame? I will discuss that later on.


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“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with

another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change

you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are

looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.

You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by

blaming him, but you won't succeed in changing whatever it is about you

that is making you unhappy.” ~ Wayne Dyer

The Truth Embargo that was developed by the controllers has been active since the Elitists have been in existence. For the past 60 plus years it has gone to new heights of secrecy on all levels of technology, and especially in the Former United States. What we have seen beginning about 30 years ago, and growing and shifting in every direction, is the Truth Movement. The past five years, especially, have taken it to levels beyond the basic thought process of critical thinking, or even agnostic thinking, in order to logically decipher what is rubbish and what is gold - at least by the majority.

The controllers who have committed such heinous acts upon Humanity are

unspeakable, and the things of nightmares. The Bankers, Politicians, Royalty, Military Industrial Complex, Multi-National Corporations, Secret Societies, etc., have been the focal point of this chaotic mess we are spiraling in, which is sending everything into a black hole of hell. These puppet masters have been producing the most convincing and elaborate puppets to entertain and put at ease the Sub-Humans for so long that it is hard to see how this all began. The puppets that have been created are those of every profession known to man, and they have one task to accomplish: keep the masses occupied and continue the dumbing down, and slow kill. So as a result we see poisoned drinking water, poisoned food, harmful vaccines,

electromagnetic pollution, mass media/television mind control, transhumanism, chemtrails, pollution of every kind, and the list goes on. It is easy to focus on blaming the puppets because they are closer to reach for most, but soon the masses grow tired and begin to develop the closest to sympathy they can conjure up. So, the shift in blame is directed towards those that we call the Elitists, or Globalists, or even Illuminati. This is, of course, a more justifiable stance when it comes to holding the enemy accountable, except that this tactic has, for the most part, run into a stalemate. It has become, to some extent, an unproductive quest by all in which the ones within the Truth Movement yell, scream, and chant in circles that the New World Order will fail. The motives behind targeting these controllers are valid and should be encouraged, but again we face a problem most avoid like the plague; you see, the controllers do not give a shit


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about any of the ones who gather at their doorsteps with their bullhorns blaring and their signs waving. They simply sit back in their custom designed chairs and order their knuckle dragging foot soldiers to go provoke violence within the crowds, and march upon them like storms troopers on a genocidal war path. The controllers then giggle at the notion that these little creatures think they can stop them. So the fight wages on, with media labeling these Truth Movement 'Conspiracy Nuts' as anarchists, and liberals, and domestic terrorists. Yet the

protestors continue to point and blame the controllers for all that has occurred. As a result, we see the infiltration of agent provocateurs, COINTEL operatives, media manipulations, and the ever growing police state flooded over us because most Sub-Humans - the ones who are the vaccinated zombies - are more content to have their TV dinners, reality shows, and dreamless lives, rather than defy their mighty lords. The Truth Movement Sub-Humans, in almost a ravenous state of chaos, will not only focus all of their attention towards the controllers, but will manifest conspiracies in every category in order to get their position in the hierarchy a little bit higher for some sort of notoriety in the resistance. It could be purposeful disinformation or the regurgitated non-sense that has been customized so as to gain some sort of attention. Either way, it all goes back to the blaming of these old elitist bastards who need to be eradicated immediately for the good of all life.

I am going to be so bold as to say that we have reached a point in this war against the ruling class where the blame must be shifted yet again. Not because the controllers are not at fault, but because this is a matter of responsibility, integrity, ownership of the problem, and taking matters into the hands of the victims. There are roughly 6.8 billion people on this planet now. Out of that enormous number, less than half of one percent is running the show. Sure the percentage is larger when you total up the minions who do their bidding, but let us just look at the Elite. That is a nothing of a number in the greater scheme of things. How does such a tiny group of people keep so many under wraps? Well, if you don’t know that by now, then you are in trouble. Revolutions have a definite purpose and they can only be accomplished in one way. The time of the passive protesting and complaining is, or I should say, must end. In order to shift the plan of defeating these vile creatures, we can no longer put all the blame on them. The blame is, and should always have been, focused upon the lame zombie-like creatures known as the Sub-Humans - both within, and outside the Truth Movement - because we ALL, including the aid of the awoken Humans, outnumber them and their armies.

If we want to hold a group accountable then we must turn the fingers to ourselves. The people are to blame, because they continue to willfully pay the unlawful taxes. They continue to eat and drink toxic waste. They continue to vote for bought and paid for politicians, over and over again. They think there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. They actually believe that if a candidate promises hope and change, that he will deliver on that. They


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as well as our 900 plus bases worldwide, as somehow keeping us safe. They tune in to their lords and masters on the idiot box known as a television, and then they tune out into a mental state I can only describe as dementia. When it is time for their masters to finger an enemy so as to conceal their own sinister Globalist Police State agendas, the Sub-Humans follow blindly, and apparently proudly, crying for blood... So the controllers dish out another helping of Bread and Circus.

The Truth Movement is not too far off that pattern for the most part, in my own insider observations. I know this is not the case for all, and for those people who keep on even keel, I thank you. When one of these prodigal sons or daughters of the Conspiracy/New Age

movement sound the alarm, you witness the Pavlovian Response occur almost immediately. The leader of that sect then stands at their podium and begins the hysterical sermon to their Flock. When the sermon is about the latest and greatest twist on the truth, it always has the motive of blame in some way. This blame is either directed at a group, or individual, who is apparently plotting some new nefarious agenda, or it is aimed at another sect within the Truth Movement for any number of reasons. This then invokes the never ending in-fighting I have witnessed for far too long. Now, what makes this so difficult for the Humans who are in the movement, is that we now have the difficulty of filtering what the preacher has said. Is it true? Are there facts behind the claims? Is there any kind of tangible proof? Is this new conspiracy partly true and partly false, or is the whole damn thing fabricated? Disinformation is a very dangerous thing that is a slippery slope for even the most innocent of us. On occasion, I have seen a Sub-Human have an awakening to this blame game garbage and then they suddenly make the positive change to transform into a Human. That is a win for us. This, "They did this or that, and I am better because . . ." garbage blame game is idiotic. The Sub-Humans and Humans who do not participate in the Truth Movement laugh at this, and their controllers just smile wickedly because that is exactly what they like to see. A total lack of united people working together to topple their regimes. Our enemy in this is a lack of self-accountability. The Truth Movement wishes to blame somebody? Blame each other. The Humans can see this but it is quite clear that the Sub-Humans either do not see it, or enjoy this blame game so much they simply wait in line for their turn to spin the bottle of despair.

In the game of Chess it is impossible for the opponent to cheat unless you are not paying attention. The game is simple with two people face to face. The pieces are always the same and the board never changes. So, when you lose, is it reasonable to blame your opponent in a fair played match? No. If you lost, you lost because your opponent was better. You can only turn the blame to yourself.


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“NIMBY- Not In My Back Yard” ~ George Carlin

George Carlin said it best when he described the NIMBY attitude of the American people. You hear all these different groups and individuals kick and scream about more of this, and more of that. When the proposal is made to appease these sometimes reasonable

demands, immediately, those same people cry out, "Not in my back yard!" Well if not there, then where? They want more government aid, prisons, Emergency Response Facilities (FEMA Camps), homeless shelters . . . but they just don’t want to see it near them. They just want to feel the illusion that they somehow contributed in making a difference, so they feel better about their own downfalls and debauchery. It is kind of like those who are slaves, I mean, 'members', of organized religion who get to play as if they are in Sin City for the week, and as long as they go to their churches for an hour once a week, they are cleansed of these sins. Preventative maintenance, I suppose, is what we would classify it as. No problem for them to go out and sleep with whomever they want, and are a Devil for a night in various kinds of inhuman acts because they have that one hour to purge. This is no different than the social crisis of NIMBY that infects this land. NIMBY applies to so many things in the crumbling society of today, where morals and values are slipping away by the second. The Sub-Humans so gallantly wish to feel a part of the difference which has been engineered for them to respond to. Yet, there is another cog in this twisted machine, and that is the one of the social

engineering, which makes such good deeds undesirable to be in close range of them, so the knee-jerk reaction is to cry out yet again, "Not in my back yard!"

We can see the parallel in the Truth Movement as well, and this one I have firsthand experience in, more times than I wish to remember. Many times I have been contacted by individuals asking for my advice related to a number of topics and issues. In every case, I would assist to a certain extent, and then provide them the tools they would need to research more on their own. I do not hand feed, but teach how one should feed them self. Nine times out of ten, the response I would get was indeed a NIMBY response. There are too many different examples to explain them all, but that is not what is important. What is important, is the fact that these supposedly awoken 'Truthers', who chant on the cyber-matrix about how we must return to the earth and be self-sufficient, usually themselves do not wish to do the work, but rather have it provided. Others I have encountered would want me to share updates on my research, and if the news was not good, they would turn and run with their hands over their ears like a child making a fit of it all. They would rather lie down in rose petals in some sort of pseudo-parallel dimension, while greeting the Unicorns by saying, "Namaste,". Reality,


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accountability, and preparedness is something they will preach, but when it comes to them doing so, they brush it off so they can go wait at the top of the mountain for their ascension. The New Age Sub-Humans are the absolute worst of the bunch, even though I have met a few that I can say had great intentions and were Human. There is this belief that they don’t have to lift a finger to do anything productive for anyone else. Sure, they will rant and rave about freedom, and homesteading, or whatever is the hot topic for the day, but if you challenge them to take action, they yet again imply NIMBY. These Sub-Humans would rather beat their drums and await their precious Off-Planet Beings to come and rescue them so they can be taken to their Avalon. I know for a fact that there are other intelligent Beings in the Universe, but none will rescue us because the Universal Law of Free Will applies.

We can no longer afford the NIMBYs of the world because time is not on our side anymore. The NIMBY squawkers need to shut up and get up, or get the hell out of the Human’s way because we have real work to do. Sacrifices have to be made to better our world, and that means everyone will have to participate. Otherwise, there really will be two separate physical worlds. They are the desolate world of the Sub-Humans who do the bidding of their controlling masters, and the world of freedom where the Humans reside. Sure, we are compassionate, but our immigration laws for our world will be quite strict for the purposes of preservation and cleanliness. If a Sub-Human wishes to become a real citizen of the Human world, they will have to prove they are willing to take back their own mind, or else none shall pass. I do hope that more of the Sub-Humans wake up and come to the side of reasoning because we sure could use more in this fight. Let us take this fight to ground zero; and by that, I mean the entire planet. If we do that, then there will be no more NIMBY, because NIMBY will have no place for it to reside in the minds of all.

“This whole country has a big manhood problem.” ~ George Carlin

Does the above quote really need explaining? Well, considering that George, yet again, was spot on with his analysis, and the possibility that someone may disagree with it, I will cover this in detail. Social engineering comes in many forms that have swept across, not just this nation, but many others on the planet. Is the government to blame for it? I would not be so quick to assume that this is the case. Should we look towards the Zionist Sect of the controlling power? Well, perhaps to some extent I would say yes. But what we need to focus our attention


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on first is the evil entity we call Hollywood. The entertainment industry has been leading the campaign of recreating what it means to be a Man and a Woman for quite some time now. We see it in music, movies, television, advertisements, and especially with pornography. This could become yet another topic I could write a book about, but that is not the purpose of this

manifesto. This problem is very basic, and it goes like this: Women are now depicted as nothing more than sexual objects, who serve only to pleasure the Men who roam like predators looking for their next prey. The degradation of Women is so vile and rampant that it has literally

desensitized countless of Men into a state of numbness. Sex has been engineered into the minds of Men to have no emotion, no commitment, and no consideration towards Women. It has become so bad, that in Japan a recent study showed that most young adults between the ages of 16 and 30 had no desire to have sex because the pornography was overabundant. I wish not at this time to go into further details of how Women have been utilized in this horrible campaign, because I will become infuriated with what has happened.

Men have now been socially engineered to become one of two Sub-Human species. The first is the Feminized Metro-Sexual. These so called Men enjoy wearing tight pants and spend more time in front of a mirror than professional hairdressers. They like wearing makeup,

getting fake tans, having unnecessary cosmetic surgery, and crying about everything. Not that it is bad to cry, but when appropriate. These pseudo-men are encouraged to be weak,

subservient, and ultra-sensitive. The problem with this is that real Women of the Human species do not wish to have a Man that is more feminine than they are. I know this, because I have spoken with enough Women to know my statement is true. The other type of disgraceful Sub-Human man is the over masculine machismo idiots that have adopted the nickname of 'Bro'. These kinds of creatures are the biggest threat towards the good of Humanity because they grow up to be steroid infected police officers, politicians, bankers, and Hollywood celebrities. They prey on vulnerable Women, and beat up weaker Men. They look only to eat, get drunk, and have sex with as many Women as they can. They live for professional sports and pretend they are mixed martial arts fighters by wearing a 'No Fear' shirt that is way too damn tight. I have encountered these types of Sub-Humans as well and they do love to try and pick a fight. Problem is that most of them are as dumb as a rock and so they pick on the weak. When someone like myself comes along it does become another matter. Oh, the stories I could share about my interactions with these Troglodytes. In many cases these 'Bros' will congregate at the local meat market watering hole where they find their counterpart females who actually embrace the trashy over sexualized stigma that Hollywood has created. In some sort of primitive mating ritual, these females will hoot and holler while gyrating on the bar, so as to attract a potential mate for the night. Contests will break out, which are nothing more than a 'who is the most shameless' competition. The grunts applaud the performance and then flex


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their muscles, while discussing their devious sexual exploits to their herd of knuckle draggers. It is yet another freak show in the Bread and Circus extravaganza.

This illness that has infected the men, specifically, is what George Carlin referred to so eloquently as Dick Fear. It is basically the need of a man to project his penis into the business of others, forcefully, in order to have some sort of bragging rights. George has a magically

wonderful way of explaining it, that should be required listening for everybody. Dick Fear causes war, bar room brawls, rape, road rage, Jackass-like stunts, and just about every other problem in this corrupt society. All the while, Hollywood is cashing in at a tremendous rate.

To be fair to the Human Men, they do not wish to have these Sub-Human females either. Real Men only wish to have a bright strong and independent thinking Woman who is his equal, and not his prize. Some will say that Women killed chivalry, and others blame the Men. I say both are to blame, because when it comes to chivalry, both must honor its value.

The manhood problem in this country is a serious problem which must be dealt with swiftly, if we are to maintain any kind of national dignity. Men are to be strong mentally, and physically. Men are to be honorable, and have a code of ethics that cannot be swayed or broken. Men are to honor and cherish Women because they are the true Queens of Earth. Every Man should be so lucky to be with a Woman like I am. She is my foundation, my soul, my heart, my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate. Men are to not fall to the pressures of Hollywood or the masses of Sub-Humanity. Men are to defend the honor of Women. Need I go on?

The Sub-Human females need a little lesson from the Human Women as well. Women are to be all that Men are in honor and values, plus, be the Feminine side of reason that has a positive effect on their mate. I will not speak too much more on behalf of Human Women because I still find so much about them a joyful mystery - especially my own Wife. Real Women know who they are, and they embrace it like nothing other.

The manhood problem is all around us, and, like any disease, it must be eradicated into extinction before it carries on any longer. What George must be thinking now when he looks at Earth . . . I can only imagine.


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“We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty.”

~ Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

That quote you just read was from a Roman rhetorician who died circa 100 AD. That was over 1,900 years ago, and you would think it was a quote from a more modern time. Laziness has been around as long as there have been Humans on this planet, and yet, laziness has continued to evolve when it should have been dissolved entirely. I believe that if Marcus was alive today, his choosing of the word 'sloth' would be describing the massive amount of overweight people that have literally changed the socially accepted standards of what fat is.

Even most clothing companies have turned what were once large and extra large sizes into medium sizes; thereby creating even larger than large sizes, to fulfill the new demand. Women's sizes have fallen victim to this shift, as well, which also creates an adverse

psychological effect for perfectly fit Women who - without changing a thing - suddenly see the size of dress they used to wear being no longer suitable because the obesity acceptance has taken over. Sloth is laziness, and laziness begets obesity, and obesity begets willful ignorance on many levels. Yes, there have been overweight people since the dawn of Humanity, and we see this in famous paintings such as King Henry VIII, and portraits of Winston Churchill. But if you so choose to, take a look at images of overweight people in history and study the shape of their bodies. Then go take a walk in a populated public place and observe the incredible difference. In most cases in history, fat people were looked upon as successful and rich because they could afford the finer things instead of barely surviving. It was actually a symbol of status among the oligarchs. I have no doubt that these fat people were most likely consuming too much meat and dairy, which is the root of overweight issues for the body; and in some cases, just perhaps, they had a genuine medical condition that caused them an inability to lose fat - such as a Thyroid problem. But these people still had an overweight body structure that was evenly distributed.

Nowadays, we see a whole new level of obesity in the Sub-Humans since their creation, and huge leap into devolution by the controllers. The new Sloth which has aided in the creation of Sub-Humanism with the help of Transhumanism has been focused around the 'magnificent' invention of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) food. I think calling anything that is GMO processed and started in a laboratory, 'food', is an insult. It is an insult to the naturally provided sustenance that this planet provides for us. Since microwave ovens, fast food, TV dinners and instant everything came on the scene, the global pandemic has spiraled out of control. Take every aspect I have discussed before in this manifesto, and add it all together, then multiply it by GMO and you get one hell of a grossly obese Sub-Human Sloth. Fat is no longer evenly




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