How To Install Galaxy Desktop On A 64 Bit Computer (For A 64Bit) On A 32 Bit Computer Or Ipad Or Ipa (For An Ipa) On An Ipad (For Pc) Or Ipac (For Mac) On

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Galileo Desktop Automated Installer

Use the Galileo Desktop 2.5 Installer to automate the Galileo Desktop 2.5 installation, please take note that some of the images found here may reflect differently to the images displayed using the supplied CD media

Before attempting the installation please ensure ALL running applications are closed, failing to close your open applications may cause unpredictable results during the installation. Insert the CD

The following web page should appear, ensure you read the provided information before you attempt the installation, then click Click to Install Galileo Desktop, It’s recommended to use Internet Explorer if you experience any problems, paste the address into the address bar, if you are unsure please refer to your IT support.

Click on Click to Install Galileo Desktop


The installer Appears and may do a file copy, this may take some time to complete and will restart the installer; all the required files are copied across to C:\Software\Desktop2.x. Please wait for the Desktop Ready to appear before you attempt to do the software installation.

The installer detects your current Default Galileo Configuration and the ClientID is displayed Desktop Configuration Selection:

For a New installation, it's best to type in your supplied ClientID now, select SSl, then finally click Save


Galileo Desktop Related Software Section:

Select Galileo Desktop, Toolbar and SSL (optional if already installed),

Automatic is the recommended option, if your automatic option fails, then try the manual (prompted) installation. If you are doing an upgrade you may not need to install all the options, the Toolbar has been updated and should be checked on most installations. If you have any issues select single items one at a time and complete the installation individually. Select the required software then click Install, follow the prompts, some of the options will not require user input. You can select choices individually or together. Depending on what the installer detects on your PC will determine the type of install, it may install slightly differently to the documentation provided here.

Click Install to load Galileo Desktop and selected items


The Toolbar will automatically follow if selected, the toolbar should be installed as a lot of the additional functionality will be unavailable if it is not installed, please ensure you select the Toolbar option after installing Galileo Desktop.

Please take note that some of the older applications are not supported on a 64 bit platform, you may receive the following error from the toolbar while trying to run them:

Please ensure your software version is up to date ( During the Toolbar installation you may receive the following prompt below

• Please click Yes when prompted

• You need to remove Custom Viewpoint Manually, • Click Yes

• Click Finish


• Select SSL 1.00.xx then Click Install

SSL will also automatically (if selected) complete the installation without user intervention

You can start Galileo Desktop now from the desktop icon, if you receive the message below, then follow the steps to check your installation.

If you receive Failed to Open Connection Error, do the following: • Check your Internet connection is working properly

• Check your ClientID is correct (from the installer or the Control Panel) • Check the Galileo SSL Tunnel Service is Running (Use the SSL Aid Tab)

• If the above steps are correct, call the helpdesk and get your SSL thumbprint reset, you will need to provide the helpdesk with your Client Identifier


Updating the Toolbar and Toolbar Applications

(Please re insert your CD)

Please refer to the documentation on Mamba for additional details if necessary • 1. This will remove the older LimoBooking Software

• 2. This will install Additional Toolbar applications and update existing ones • 3. This will Install the Travelport Smartpoint Software

GPM installation (Optional)

Select Galileo PM 5.0002 if you need Printing functionality, This will install Galileo Print Manager, please take note, you will still need to configure the print manager and output devices; after installing the software, refer to the additional GPM documentation provided for your setup. Make use of the GPMConfigure to configure your Print Manager, if you experience problems please complete the manual install.

When Galileo Print Manager installs, you may receive the following message


• Click OK, please take not of the important message, failing to do this step will cause you to have possible problems with the print manager later

• Click Yes to Reboot (The computer MUST be rebooted before devices can be created)

• After rebooting, start the Desktop 2.5 Installer from the Program Manager

The recommended installation method is using GPMConfigure, GPM Config is outdated and provided as a courtesy only, please refer to the documentation and usage of GPMConfigure for an easy and trouble free installation


This is the recommended method to configure your GPM devices

This application can be found on the CD media or at the following location:


The SSL Aid Tab will display valuable information on your current PC and partial configuration, if buttons are greyed out, they are not required.

The Connection Test will allow you to check your connection if you suspect you have connect problems

Note the Fixed Connections is for Galileo Travel Agents on the Galileo Southern Africa Network and no longer required

The SSL Connectivity is for all other connections

Clicking the Test button will allow you to test your connection

The PC Audit Tab will allow you to send the helpdesk staff information on your setup and software while testing if necessary. Do not use this tool unless specifically requested to do so by Travelport South Africa Staff




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