How To Get The Most Out Of Your From Your Mail Server (For A Small Business)

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Hosted Exchange +SharePoint:

Communication and Collaboration

This is the next generation of affordable, reliable messaging and portal solutions with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Our hosting solutions are provided from data centers across the US, the UK and Australia and are protected by MyTech E-mail SMTP Security. Together with LiveArchive and a 10GB per mailbox limit, we deliver a powerful and scalable solution that even most enterprise clients cannot provide with in-house servers.

Exchange 2010 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is at the core of our offering, providing a powerful messaging solution including Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access 2010, Windows Mobile integration and powerful scheduling and messaging

functionality. SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Team Services provides the online portal and groupware functionality, integrated with our Exchange 2010 Enterprise offering to provide seamless calendar and document management, task lists and powerful group collaboration.

E-Mail Essentials

E-Mail Essentials SMTP security offers protection from SPAM, viruses, malware and many forms of dangerous content. Mail is never deleted and junk is easily accessible if you care to review it.

E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive

In addition to the heavily redundant Exchange deployment, E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive features a massive failover system that functions as a replica of your mail server

configuration. Mail delivered to Exchange is also delivered to LiveArchive, giving you peace of mind that you will never be unable to check mail.

Tiered Storage

10GB is allocated to each mailbox. This storage allocation gives you plenty of room for

attachments, voicemail and document storage. Administration Portal

Make changes to your configuration on demand through the administrative portal. You don’t need to know how to manage Exchange to utilize its full power. We have made

management of users and addresses a snap! All changes are applied instantly!


E-Mail Essentials

E-Mail Filtering, Security and Business Continuity

E-Mail Essentials is a transparent network service designed to secure your e-mail before it can damage your servers and workstations. It enforces your company policies and government compliance requirements and provides reporting, business continuity and even email access and collaboration when your Internet access or mail server is unavailable.


E-Mail Essentials is a security network that processes e-mail and only delivers the e-mail you want to read down to your server. Every incoming and outgoing message is scanned for dangerous content. The security policies you define are applied to it, along with any archiving or government compliance requirements.

Message Delivery

E-Mail Essentials operates as a distributed cloud-based service, with decentralized administration, policy enforcement and archive with business continuity. What that means is that our network, spanning 2400 servers and 40 data centers with over 100 Gbit of Internet bandwidth, has no single point of failure and can adapt to network outages, distributed denials of attack, mail floods and more.

Security Enforcement

Once your e-mail is received by

E-Mail Essentials, the policy server is contacted and asked what to do with the e-mail. Should we scan it for viruses? If so, how are infected messages handled? What about disinfected messages? With over a thousand possible settings and policy configurations established in advance by your company, this is the core of our service.

Business Continuity and LiveArchive One of the most critical components of an external mail security solution is its

reliability. You need something that will be far more reliable than your own mail

infrastructure so, if you ever experience an outage, you have that extra layer of mail redundancy. E-Mail Essentials meets and exceeds that requirement through our

LiveArchive business continuity service. It is a complete standalone e-mail system with your users, your corporate identity and your passwords, running on a highly reliable, geo-redundant webmail system.


E-Mail Essentials

E-Mail Filtering, Security and Business Continuity (cont.)

MyTech Solutions, LLC y 77 Accord Park Drive, Suite A10 y Norwell, MA 02061 y 781-871-3662

MyTech E-Mail Essentials Rich Desktop & Outlook Experience

E-Mail Essentials includes downloadable agent software that allows users to access the most popular features directly from Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010. It allows users to report SPAM, release SPAM messages and manage whitelists and general configuration options. Our Desktop agent notifies users every hour to offer the listing of any new SPAM.


ƒ One-Click access to MyTech E-Mail Essentials ƒ Report SPAM that slips through

ƒ Users don’t have to remember website, usernames or passwords

ƒ Most popular features are only a click away

ƒ Rich client integration with hourly alerts decreases the change that a legitimate message may go ignored

ƒ Ability to search SPAM quarantines quickly

Outlook 2007 & 2010 Add-in ribbon is visible from the message view and can be used to submit SPAM, report messages for further review by our Support team, check SPAM quarantines and more. The Desktop Agent is always available in the Windows Notification area, popping up on an hourly basis to alert users to any new SPAM that may be awaiting review. Dynamic statistics provide graphical overview of users e-mail activity, broken down into SPAM, SureSPAM and legitimate mail categories.

On-Demand Encryption


E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive

Designed to Keep You in Business

MyTech Solutions, LLC y 77 Accord Park Drive, Suite A10 y Norwell, MA 02061 y 781-871-3662 E-Mail Essentials is a complete mail solution, and nothing reinforces that statement more than LiveArchive. For the ultimate peace of mind, LiveArchive provides always-on, real-time, secure web access to your e-mail when your mail server is down, disconnected or undergoing maintenance - all without sacrificing your corporate identity.

Message delivery happens in real-time, even if your own mail server is offline.

This allows you to collaborate directly from the archive server and read and respond to

messages with 0 downtime and the knowledge that the mail will eventually be delivered to your server. All you need is a secure web browser!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive cost?

LiveArchive is included free of charge with your E-Mail Essentials subscription.

Will the mail still arrive to me? Absolutely. E-Mail Essentials does not “redirect” messages, it copies them. Will the mail still stream even if my Internet connection is down?

Yes it will! E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive receives e-mail in real-time, regardless of the server availability. You can be down for days, and nobody would know!

Do I need to maintain or manage the queue?

Not at all! You just have to enable LiveArchive and you’re set.

LiveArchive Lets You Stay In Business LiveArchive is a live, real time, secure mail server that gets a copy of all of your inbound mail. In effect, it provides a replica

environment of your own Internet mail infrastructure from which you can work if your mail server or Internet connection go down without sacrificing your business identity or changing your address. How Does It Work?

E-Mail Essentials accepts e-mail on your behalf and scans it for known threats such as SPAM, malware, viruses, Trojans and so on. After the processing is complete and all the policies are satisfied, E-Mail Essentials opens a connection to your server to deliver a message or, if the connection fails, it puts the message in a queue and keeps on trying until the connection is established and the


E-Mail Essentials Web Filtering:

No Hardware, No Hassle, No Extra Charge!!!

Anti-spyware Banking Chatting E-Commerce File Hosting Gambling Gaming Hacking Instant Messaging Job searching Malware Phishing Pornography Radio Social Networking Violence Viruses Weapons

Here are just a few examples of the types of sites that can be blocked by our Web Filtering: Easy to Set Up, Easy to Maintain

E-Mail Essentials Web Filtering is both enabled and managed through the E-Mail Essentials

Administration portal to which existing E-Mail Essentials clients are already accustomed. Once inside the Admin portal, you will be able to select categories of websites to block, enter custom URLs to block and view a listing of blocked sites accessed by a specified user. The web filter agent is installed on each local machine and uses the same authentication credentials as the user’s account.

The Option That Saves You Thousands!

The E-Mail Essentials web filter agent replaces many hardware and software solutions. Since the web filter agent relies on the computer’s memory stream, there is no need for an in house proxy server or gateway agent. Hardware devices can cost over $2k and still require a reoccurring commitment for policy updates!

No Circumventing Your Security Settings

Many software agents rely on the browser’s proxy settings which are easy to circumvent by installing another browser and not programming in the proxy values. By utilizing the memory stream, the E-Mail Essentials web agent is able to capture all HTTP GET and HTTP POST

requests sent by the computer and seclude the requests until they have been verified against the E-Mail Essentials content database. The use of memory streams rather than proxies allows for browser independence and easy setup, making this an all-around hassle-free software!



Your standby full featured mail server…

E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive was designed to provide businesses with enterprise grade business continuity powered by Microsoft Exchange 2010. While LiveArchive provides unparalleled business continuity with 1 year of free archiving, extended outages have a different set of requirements. Users are often offline, using mobile devices and outages can be permanent for days, weeks or even months.

Using our experience in managing E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive and seeing first-hand how many businesses are affected by long term outages and inconvenience, we have decided to design FailPOP - your standby full featured mail server.


*Access Mail via POP3 and IMAP4 using SSL encryption *Send Mail from anywhere using SMTP SSL

*Compatible with virtually all email software and mobile devices *Stream your mail down to your server when it is back online


E-Mail Essentials SplitMX:

Seamless migration without e-mail loss…

MyTech Solutions, LLC y 77 Accord Park Drive, Suite A10 y Norwell, MA 02061 y 781-871-3662

E-Mail Essentials SplitMX was designed to enable seamless migrations to E-Mail Essentials Exchange 2010 without losing any email. Typically businesses schedule migrations around long weekends to make sure that no email is lost during the MX record change and the migration from the old email environment to the new mail hosting provider.

With E-Mail Essentials SplitMX the inbound mail is copied to both the existing infrastructure and the new hosted mailboxes, allowing for a seamless transition without email loss.


*SplitMX functions as an inbound mail proxy, duplicating messages and sending one copy to the existing infrastructure and another copy to the new Exchange 2010 mailbox.

*SplitMX is cloud based so it does not require any software installation. Because it delivers mail seamlessly to multiple destinations no mail is lost during the migration.


Web Hosting

Customized to Meet Your Needs

There are startup web sites or proof of concept applications suitable for small business and design demonstrations. When you grow past that you generally do not grow in the space and bandwidth demands alone - you require further Administrative control, dedicated resources, ability to modify server configuration and optimize the application. Beyond that there are dedicated servers, load balancers, content distribution networks and scalable storage. No matter the size nor the configuration, you can trust us to design and serve your online presence needs.

Web Platform Choice: Windows or Linux

Our hosting can be delivered on a Windows .NET server or a Linux (LAMP) server to accommodate whichever language your web application is developed on.

E-Mail Hosting

Web Hosting also provides full and secure email access to your entire company via POP3, IMAP or Webmail (SSL). This service does include basic SPAM and virus filtering, though most customers opt for E-Mail Essentials as the superior alternative. Choice of Programming Language Our Windows .NET hosting features a choice of three .NET versions as well as basic ASP scripting through FrontPage or Expression. On our Linux servers, we offer a choice of PHP or Python.

FTP File Sharing

Virtual FTP servers enable secure exchange and hosting of files for moving large files and

attachments. Privilege separation allows you to create users that are restricted to their own directories for additional privacy.

Full DNS Control

Our hosting does not limit the way in which you are able to manage your DNS zones. We offer full access to modify the A, NS, MX, CNAME as well as TXT records to help you publish your SPF records.

Self -Management for Admins and Users Web Hosting features granular user

management- from the service provider down to the account domain administrator, and right down to the regular system user. This enables you to manage all of your domains centrally from a single location!

MyTech Solutions, LLC y 77 Accord Park Drive, Suite A10 y Norwell, MA 02061 y 781-871-3662


Saves on storage and bandwidth All servers are geographically redundant




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