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Garage Insurance. Guide


Academic year: 2021

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Garage Insurance

Auto- Owners has the versatility and flexibility needed to make sure you and your business are properly protected. With our Garage and Premier Garage programs, we provide broad coverage at a competitive rate, allowing you to customize a policy that will work for your garage business.

Who needs Garage Insurance?

  >nmiA_[f_l   O_j[clbij   _IJ˟c]_m[mcihpcmb>nmiO_j[cl   CIJ[h]bc_^Jimil] ]f_A_[f_l   Ji\cf_Eig_#R[][mcihPIJ[cf_lA_[f_l   Fgjf_g_hmA_[f_l   O_]l_[mcih[fR_bc]f_A_[f_l

Garage Coverage Parts

Garage Liability Garagekeepers  A_[f_l½?f[he_m

Commercial Property Coverage for Garage Business

A related commercial property policy may be written to cover the property exposure of your garage business. The Garage Property Plus Coverage Package* is available and provides several valuable coverages, including the following that are tailored specifically for a garage business:   Bgjfi __Piif

  C[f_Ml_m_h_@io_IJ[a_`ilmi]e   J_]b[hc][f?l_[e^iph

  Jih_ Ll^_l#@inhm_IJ`_cmM[j_l@nll_h]

See page 5 for a complete list of Garage Property Plus coverage enhancements.

* Premier Garage Property Coverage Package in FL. Reference state specific material.

When a r

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be eligible

for the P


Garage p

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for no add

itional cha


Policy Features

Automobiles furnished to owners, partners, offi cers and employees are covered - Division I only (Automobiles furnished to non-employees must be separately rated.)

@imi`?[cf?ih^njmi!/)---[h^Iii`B[lhchanjmi!/2-j_l^[ Customer Rental

 Alco_Lmb_l@[l]io_IJ[a_%Icgcm_^Cilg&*Division I only


 A[g[a_miMl_gc_O_hm_^mi in%Ccl_A[g[a_&njmi!2-)---Medical Payments coverage up to $5,000

Garage Liability

@io_IJ[a_`ilmb_chnl_^½jl_gc_)ij_IJ[mcih)pilej_IJ`ilg_^[h^jli^n]m+ AcoccihF*@io_IJ[a_`iliph_^)hih*iph_^)ilbcl_^[nmigi\cf_  AcoccihFF*@io_IJ[a_`ilhih*iph_^[h^bcl_^[nmigi\cf_

(Owned automobiles must be separately insured.)

Optional Coverage & Packages

Alco_Lmb_l@[l*?li[^Cilg*Division I only


Automobile Medical Payments and Pedestrian coverage - Division I only

@nmig_l@igjf[chmA_`_h_O_cg\nl_g_hm*Division I only

 Bgjfi __?_h_ÅmIc[\cfcm  Bkncjg_hmO_hm[f


 Bqm_hcihi`@io_IJ[a_`ilD[IJ[a_@nmig_l%]nmig_l]inIJm_ o_bc]f_&*Division I only

D[IJ[a_Ic[\cfcm MfnBh^il_g_hm  O_chm[m_g_hmi`Mli^n]m*@igjf_m_^Lj_IJ[mcih>aal_ĝ[m_Icgcm    M_lih[fFhdnIJˢBqm_hcih\li[^_h^_Åhcmcihi`j_lih[fchdnIJˢ    Bqm_h^_^]io_IJ[a_`ilhih*iph_^p[m_l]IJ[Ōnjmi2-`__mchf_hĝmb  Iii`B[lhcha]io_IJ[a_cch]l_[_^mi!1--j_l^[  A[g[a_miMl_gc_O_hm_^mi inch]l_[_^mi!0--)---[h^ch]fn^_gie_  Medical Payments coverage increased to $10,000

   ?f[he_m>^^cmcih[fFhnl_^*I_ili`I_[_^Bkncjg_hm    ?f[he_m>^^cmcih[fFhnl_^*J[h[a_lilI_ili`Ml_gc_    K_pf Cilg_^il>]kncl_^Llĝ[hc[mcih_qm_h^_^mi.5-^[     ?f[he_mS[co_li`n\liĝ[mcih

Broad Form Products and Completed Operations Coverage

 D[IJ[a_Ic[\cfcm Bllil[h^Lgccih@io_IJ[a_M[]e[a_*Division I only    FhnIJ[h]_>a_hmBllil#LgccihIc[\cfcm

   _]nl_^Fhm_l_mBllil#LgccihIc[\cfcm    PlnmbchI_h^chaBllil#LgccihIc[\cfcm


Automatically included in the Premier Garage program. Fh]fn^_^chjifc] +



pers Actu


Loss Susta

ined provid


peace of m

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ed maximum.

Optional Coverage & Packages

Garagekeepers Plus

  O_jf[]_g_hm[h^O_j[cl*Mlioc^_l_cg\nl_g_hmi`l_m[cfo[fn_mil_jf[]_]io_l_^jlij_IJm ) which was lost or damaged, or furnish labor and materials to repair covered property to which Garagekeepers coverage applies. Replacement and Repairs coverage defaults to reimbursement of parts at actual cost to the insured when this package is not selected.

  I[\il[h^J[m_lc[f*Mlim_]mchnl_^cho_mg_hmi`f[\il[h^g[m_lc[fchjlij_IJm i`imb_l while in the custody of the insured for renovation, service or repair.

  @nmig_lM_lih[fMlij_IJm *M[ njmi!.)---`ilfiil^[g[a_mi]nmig_l½j_lih[fjlij_IJm   f_Ōch[]nmig_l½[nmipbcf_chmb_]nmi^ i`mb_chnl_^`ill_hio[mcih)_IJ˟c]_ill_j[cl+

Garagekeepers - Actual Loss Sustained

  ń _[ginhmj[ [\f_`il[]io_l_^fichimfcgcm_^\ mb_[hmc]cj[m_^g[qcgngo[fn_i`[ff ]nmig_l*iph_^o_bc]f_[mmb_chnl_^½jl_gc_+

Coverage Level Options

Legal Liability - Pays for loss or damage for which the insured is legally obligated to pay. Direct Excess (standard Garage program only) - Pays for loss or damage without regard to the  chnl_^½f_ĝ[ffc[\cfcm +F`mb_chnl_^chimf_ĝ[ff fc[\f_)mb_j[ g_hmpcff\__q]_i`[h 

other coverage the customer may have.

Direct Primary *M[ `ilfiil^[g[a_pcmbinml_ĝ[l^mimb_chnl_^½f_ĝ[ffc[\cfcm il any other coverage the customer may have.


@io_IJ[a_`il^[g[a_mi]nmig_l[nmigi\cf_)`[lgcgjf_g_hm)gi\cf__kncjg_hmil p[m_l]IJ[Ōchmb_]nmi^ i`mb_chnl_^`ilmiIJ[a_)l_j[clil[`_e__jcha+


Policy Features

Automobile Rental/Loaners for Garage Customers  ºAlco_>p[ »@iffccih

 @iff[j_)B[IJmbkn[e_[h^Cfii^ch]fn^_^[]io_l_^j_lcf Replacement and Repairs Reimbursement - 60% of retail value

Optional Coverage & Packages

Hail Options

.2R_bc]f_>aal_ĝ[m_A_^n]mc\f_   KiR_bc]f_>aal_ĝ[m_A_^n]mc\f_   E[cfBq]fncih

Dealer’s Blanket Coverage Package


   5-"  90% 100%


  Alco_Lmb_l@[l]io_IJ[a_ (extends Comprehensive and Collision coverage only)   >nmigi\cf_O_hm[fD[j]io_IJ[a_

  C[f_Ml_m_h_]io_IJ[a_(select options below)

False Pretense %ch]fn^_^chmb_A_[f_l½?f[he_m@io_IJ[a_M[]e[a_& With Floor Plan Without Floor Plan

$25,000 $50,000 $100,000 Bhmcl_Fho_hmiIJˢ

Road Trouble Services & Additional Expense Coverage


  >^^cmcih[fBqj_h_]io_IJ[a_*!0-j_l^[ )!6--g[qcgng

Equipment Rental

Reporting Form - Provides an unlimited coverage amount if monthly reports are accurate

 [h^n\gcmm_^ihmcg_+Ml_gcngc^_o_fij_^\ nchamb_[o_IJ[a_cho_hmiIJˢ`ilmb_m_lg+  F`mb_[o_IJ[a_cho_hmiIJˢchimehiph)n_42"i`mb_g[qcgnggihmbf cho_hmiIJˢ+ 

Non-Reporting - Coverage is capped based on a maximum coverage limit with no monthly

 cho_hmiIJˢl_jiIJmcha+Ml_gcngc^_o_fij_^\ nchamb_g[qcgngcho_hmiIJˢ`ilmb_m_lg.

Dealer’s Blanket

@io_IJ[a_`il^[g[a_mi[nmigi\cf_)`[lgcgjf_g_hm)gi\cf__kncjg_hmilp[m_l]IJ[Ō)mb[m[l_ b_f^`il[f_)b_f^j_h^cha^_fco_IJˢ[Ō_l[f_)iln_^chmb_\nch_i`[^_[f_l+

Named Perils (standard Garage program only) or Comprehensive Collision

CfiilMf[ho_bc]f_][h\__q]fn^_^`lig@igjl_b_hco_)@iffccih)[h^C[f_Ml_m_h_cho_hmiIJˢ based on the contract that is in place.

Automatically included in the Premier Garage program. Fh]fn^_^chjifc] +


Garage Property Plus Coverage Package

Provides many valuable coverages for one low premium for your building and business personal property. Coverage Limit Inventory (seasonal) 25% increase in business personal property Mechanical Breakdown $5,000 Money & Securities $15,000 Money Orders &

Counterfeit Paper Currency

$5,000 Newly Acquired Business

Personal Property $500,000 Newly Acquired or

Constructed Property $1,000,000 Off Premises Utility

Failure $50,000

Ordinance or Law $50,000

Outdoor Property $10,000 ($1,000 per tree, shrub or plant) Personal Eff ects &

Property of Others $15,000 Pollutant Clean-Up & Removal $25,000 Property In Transit $25,000 Property Off Premises $25,000 Refrigerated Products $10,000 Rekeying of Locks $1,000 Salesperson Samples $10,000

Signs $5,000

Valuable Papers $50,000 Water Back-up from

Sewers or Drains $15,000

Coverage Limit

Accounts Receivable $100,000

Arson Reward $7,500

Bailees $2,500 per item

$5,000 per loss Business Income & Extra

Expense Actual Loss Sustained Business Personal Property Expanded Coverage Up to 1,000 feet from the premises Business Personal Property at Fairs or Exhibitions $5,000 Debris Removal $25,000

Electronic Data Processing

Equipment $25,000

Employee Dishonesty $15,000

Employee Tools $5,000

False Pretense for Stock Value of stock Fine Arts, Collectibles &


$2,500 per item $10,000 per loss Fire Department Service Charge

(not available in AZ) $5,000


Other Auto-Owners Policies To Consider For Your Business

Life Insurance & Disability Income

>nmi* Lph_liŅ_l[pc^_o[lc_m i`Ic`_FhnIJ[h]_jli^n]m[p_ff[Ac[\cfcm Fh]ig_+ń__ jli^n]mjlim_]m inl\nch_[h^][h\_m[cfil_^mig__m inlj_]cÅ]h__^+Fh[^^cmcihmi traditional life insurance products, options of coverage include buy-sell agreements and key man jifc]c_+  >nmi* Lph_l Ac[\cfcm  Fh]ig_ jli^n]m iŅ_l _o_IJ[f lc^_l ijmcih `il in mi ]bii_ from to best cover the needs of your business.

Commercial Umbrella

An Auto- Owners Commercial Umbrella policy is an excellent way to protect your business assets. Auto- Owners provides a competitively priced Commercial Umbrella policy that provides liability limits in excess of those provided on your Garage policy. An umbrella policy also helps broaden coverage and prevent coverage gaps. The Commercial Umbrella policy provides worldwide coverage and legal defense.

Workers Compensation

A Workers Compensation policy is important for the protection of your employees who may face injuries or sickness while on the job. Auto- Owners offers a great product with competitive rates for garage classifications.

Tailored Protection Policy

>P[cfil_^Mlim_]mcihMifc] %PMM&pcffjlioc^_mb_jlij_IJm ]io_IJ[a_mb[mc__hmc[f`il inl garage business, including coverage for buildings, business personal property, and inland marine. Fh[^^cmcih)c` inb[o_[\nch_ij_IJ[mcihmb[mchim[hmc]cj[m_^nh^_lmb_D[IJ[a_jifc] )[PMM can provide the extra general liability coverage needed to ensure that you and your customers are well protected.

Your independent Auto-Owners agent would be happy to provide you with policy proposals to cover all of your insurance needs. These policies not only protect your business, but may result in a Cumulative Multi-Policy Discount on your Garage or other policies. Make sure to ask your agent about this and


www.auto-owners.com 89246 (4-13)

Note: The analysis of coverage is in general terms and is superseded in all respects by the Insuring Agreements, Endorsements, Exclusions, Terms and Conditions of the Policy. Some of the coverage mentioned in this material may not be applicable in all states or may have to be modified to conform to applicable state law. Some coverages may have been eliminated or modified since the printing of this material.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Since 1916, Auto- Owners has operated solely through trusted and valued independent agents. We are a Fortune 500 Company and the 16th largest property/casualty insurance company in the nation. Our products are brought to you through over 6,300 independent agencies serving over 3 million policyholders in 26 states. Auto- Owners continues to strive for “No Problem®” claims service and continues to receive high marks from nationally recognized insurance rating organizations such as A .M. Best and Weiss Ratings.


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