Database Client/Server

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Database Client/Server

Database Server

1. Run srvadmin.exe (you can add to the Windows Startup folder).

Figure IV.1 – DBISAM Database Server Icon


Database Client/Server

Remote Administrator

1. Run srvadmin.exe (this program is used for changing the server configurations). 2. Select Options from the File menu.

3. Enter the IP Address of the PC running the Database Server. Leave the default port 12006. 4. Click OK.

5. Select Login to Server from the File menu.

6. Enter “Admin” for User Name and “DBAdmin” for password. 7. Click OK. You should now be connected to the database server. 8. Select the Users tab.

9. Click Add to create a new user. Enter the User Name and Password; and click Save when completed. 10. Select the Databases tab.

11. Click Add to create a new database share. Enter the name and select the DBase directory (folder); and click

Save when completed.

12. Select the Database Users tab. 13. Click Add to create a User-DBase link.

14. Select the Database and User Name from the drop-down boxes. Check/uncheck the “Rights to Grant”. 15. Click Save when completed.

Figure IV.3 – Server Administration Utility Options


Figure IV.5 – Users Configuration


Database Client/Server

Figure IV.7 – Database Configuration


Figure IV.9 – Database Users Configuration


Database Client/Server

E-Mon Energy Setup

1. Run EmonEnergy.exe.

2. Select Environment Options from the Tools menu. 3. Select the Database tab.

4. Click the Remote Access radio button. 5. Select LAN for Remote Type.

6. Enter the Server IP address (this is the address of the PC running the Database server). 7. Enter 12005 for Server Port.

8. Enter DBase for Database Name (if you named your database differently, use that name here). 9. Select the AMR tab.

10. Clear the “Enable the dial-out AMR” option, unless this client is responsible for updating the server database. 11. Click OK.

12. Exit EmonEnergy by selecting Exit from the File menu. 13. Now, re-run EmonEnergy.exe

14. Enter User Name and Password in the “Login to EmonEnergy Remote Database” dialog box. 15. You should now be connected the remote database.

Figure IV.11 – EmonEnergy Environment Options


Figure IV.13 – Login to Remote Database

Database Server Status

1. Using the Server Administration Utility, select the Status tab.

2. It should display a list of users currently connecting to the database server.



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