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BOSS Electronics 7 PC TABLET User Guide


Academic year: 2021

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents ...1

1. Introducing Your Boss Touch Screen Tablet ComputerError! Bookmark not defined. 2. Getting Started ...4

2.1 Battery Charging ...5

2.2 Screen Calibration 2.2 How to use the optional Memory Card ... 4

2.3 Remove and Insert Optional Memory Card and External USB Flash Drive ...6

2.4 Storage Space ...6

2.5 Power On and Off...6

2.6 Switching Screen Views ...7

2.7 External Jacks ...7

2.8 Connecting to the internet ...7

3. Input Operation ...7

3.1 Keyboard ...7

3.2 Touch Screen ...7

4.1 Status Bar ...8

4.2 Shortcuts ...8

4.3 Adding Widgets to your desktop...8

5. Web Browsing ...9

6. Application Management ...9

6.1 Install and Uninstall...9

6.2 Apps Store ...12

7. Typical Applications ...15

7.1 Chat Tools ...15

7.2 E-mail ...15

7.3 File Browser ...15

7.4 My Photo ...17

7.5 My Video...18

7.6 YouTube ...19

7.7 Magic Album… ... 198

7.8 My Music...20

7.9 Camera ...20

8. Tips and Tricks ...22

8.1 Some convenient modes of operation...22


9.5 Date and Time ...26

9.6 Locale & Text ...26

9.7 About Device...27_Toc263683007 10. Screen Lock ...27

11. Troubleshooting...27

11.1 Forced shutdown...27



Your BOSS Touch Screen Tablet Computer

Front View:

Typical Desktop

Right Side View

Top View:

2. Getting Started


SD Card Slot


The BOSS Tablet has an internally charged battery. Battery run time is dependent on the screen brightness level you choose, the applications you run, etc. Typically, when fully charged it should last between 1.5 to 2.5 hours before a re-charge is necessary. Your battery can be fully recharged in about 45 minutes.

Power Adapter

One end of the power adapter connecting the socket, and the other end of the power adapter connecting the socket of the device, then the device can be charged.

Way to Charging Battery

1. Plug in the power adapter, indicating charging. Plug when the battery is fully charged, unplug the power adapter.

2. You can use your Tablet while charging your battery. Note:

The charging time will be longer when operating and charging at same time.

2.2 Screen Calibration

It’s usually not necessary to calibrate your screen. However, if you find yourself

typing incorrect letters or when clicking on a web icon is unsuccessful, you may

have to re-calibrate your screen. It’s a simple process. Click on Settings. Scroll

all the way down the menu to the Touch Panel Calibration sub menu. Click on

that to open the calibration screen. Follow the directions shown.


2.3 How to use an optional Micro SDHC Memory Card

Insert memory card:

Insert the memory card into the Card Slot with the metal contacts facing down. Use one finger to put the card into the slot until a “click” sound is heard. The upper left corner of the screen will prompt: “Preparing SD Card”.

Browsing memory card files:

Run the "File Browser" program, showing all the files under the root directory. Select "SD Card" open to browse the content.

Remove memory card:

Close all applications or documents which have been opened from the card.

Press the card lightly to partially eject the card. Pull the card out. The upper left corner of the screen will prompt "SD Card Unexpectedly Removed”


1. Insert the card with the metal contacts facing the back of your Tablet Computer. 2. Once the card has been locked, it cannot be formatted or written.

3. Don’t insert and remove the card repeatedly in a short time. This action may cause the card to become damaged.

Note Removing and Inserting a Memory Card or External Flash Drive

Please don’t remove the memory card or any storage device while the files on it are in use. Please close all open applications or documents, and then you can safely remove your Micro SD card or external Flash Drive.

2.4 Storage Space

The device has three storage spaces: internal device storage, USB device and memory card. The internal device storage named “Local Disk”; the memory card is named “SD Card”; and the external Flash Drive is named “U Disk” or USB Storage. Depending on your model, the internal local disk storage space is 2GB. Your computer will support up to an additional 32GB of SD card memory.

2.5 Power On and Off

1. Power On: When the battery is charged or the power adaptor is plugged in, you can press the Power Button to enter the desk top.

2. Power Off: Press and hold the Power Button for (2 seconds) and the system will pop up a choice of turn off options.


2.6 Screen Views

You can manually switch the screen from Portrait to Landscape position by pushing on the rotating screen icon. The screen will dim and after a short delay rotate to a new position.

In the setting menu, you can also set your BOSS to automatically switch. Note: Most, but not all programs allow for view switching.

2.7 External Jacks Description

Headphone Jack: Insert headphone

SDHC Micro Card Slot: Insert card until a click is heard

Micro USB Jack: Included with your purchase is a Micro USB to USB adaptor cable. With this, you can connect an external flash drive, or a USB mouse or Keyboard

Power Jack: Use only the supplied power supply with your computer.

2.8 Connecting to the internet

Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi

1. Click on the MENU arrow on the right hand side of your desk top and drag it to the left to expose additional widgets. Select "Settings";

2. Select "Wireless Controls" in the settings menu;

3. Turn on Wi-Fi by selecting the box on the right of the screen. 4. Turn on Network Notifications.

5. All Wi-Fi in the vicinity will be listed. Click to select the system name that you want to connect to.

6. Select "Connect" to directly communicate with the Wi-Fi you chose.

7. If the Wi-Fi device is not encrypted and the signal is strong, you can expect to be connected in about 30 seconds or less.

8. If the Wi-Fi device is encrypted, you must first enter the password in the pop-up window, and then click "Connect" to start the connection;

9. When connections are successful, the wireless connection icon in the home screen status bar appears at the top of the screen.

3. Input Operation

3.1 Keyboard

When you need to enter text and numbers using the program or file, the touch screen keyboard will appear automatically after you touch the text input box.

3.2 Touch Screen

Touch Screen senses your finger trajectory and can do the following: .

Click: Select an icon to click, and then you can select the icon or option;


display for easier access.

4. Desktop

4.1 Status Bar

The top screen for the status bar, displays SD card, network, battery status, time and volume change, etc…

Battery status icon Time display Volume reduction icon Volume increase icon Shortcut menu icon Back icon Desktop icon Wi-Fi status icon Picture capture icon Rotating screen icon

4.2 Shortcuts

On the desktop, long press back, bottom of the screen will pop up the shortcut menu. Menu items include: Add, Wallpaper, search, notification, settings and hide.

4.3 Add Widgets to your desk top


To add a shortcut to the main screen, long press back Add Shortcut. Select the shortcut and then it can be added to the main screen. After adding you can click the shortcut icon on the main screen to do the corresponding task.


5. Web Browsing

With Wi-Fi properly connected, you can access the Internet through a browser.

Click the browser icon on the Desktop , and then you can open the Web browser.

6. Application Management

6.1 Install and Uninstall


To install third-party software from an SDHC card or External Flash Drive, please click on the File Browser widget first. And then find the APK file from the memory device as shown below.


As an example……Click iReader.apk like the above picture to pop up the install interface:

Click install button, and then the device will begin to install iReader. It shows like the following picture after installing:

Now the application is installed. Click open iReader directly and click done to back to the file browser.


To uninstall third-party software installed, long press back Settings Application


Click the application you want to uninstall, like iReader on the above picture. It will pop up the uninstall interface like the following picture:

Click Uninstall to enter the confirmation uninstall interface:

Click OK to uninstall the application. Uninstall finished interface shows like the following picture:


The iReader APK is now uninstalled from the device.

6.2 App Market

Click App Market icon to enter the following screen

You can click on the Featured, Categories, Top, Search and History to see the relevant information.

Long press back to pop-up shortcut menu as follows:


First select register. You need to enter your E-mail address, Account Name and Password.

If you previously set up a Market account, select the login, and enter the account number and password to login

After login you can enter the following screen

You can choose to change the password, change Email and save password. If you want to download the application software, you only need to click the icon as shown below.


Click the application you want to download to enter the details interface. Click download, it will pop up enter account password. Enter your account password after the start the download. The next picture is an example for Chinese Chess:

After the download is complete it will pop up installation tips automatically, click to install the application on your device.

After installation is complete you can click history to manage the installed applications. As the following figure on history for the application


Click comment to broadcast a comment to others about the application; click to open the application; click uninstall.

7. Typical Applications

7.1 Chat Tools

You can download the chat tools such as FRING, MSN and more. You are not limited to the built in APP Market. Thousands of Android applications are available on the internet.

7.2 E-mail

Click the E-mail icon can enter the e-mail, and then you can proceed as follows: 1. Set e-mail account;

2. Open a new e-mail; 3. Send and receive e-mail.

Note: Long press back to pop-up shortcut menu.

To save space read emails are automatically deleted from your mailbox.

7.3 File Browser


In the file browser, it can revert back to the previous , create a new folder ,

switch to USB , switch to memory card “SD Card” and switch to internal

device storage “Local Disk” . Copy files:

In the file browser, the internal device storage “Local Disk”; the memory card named “SD Card”; and the external USB disk. If you want to copy files between the memory card, USB and internal device storage, please refer to the following actions:

Example: copy files from external memory source to the internal device storage.

1. Enter the file browser and click the memory card icon to enter the SD Card folder;

2. Select the file you want to copy and press the icon for 2 seconds, then it will pop the following list:

3. Click copy;

4. Click the internal device storage icon to enter the Local Disk folder; 5. Long press the blank to pop the following list:


6. Click paste to paste this file into the current directory. Delete files:

Select the file you want to delete and press the icon for 2 seconds, whereupon you will see this operating list. Select delete to pop the following confirmation delete dialog:

Click OK to delete the file.

7.4 My Photo

Click My Photo icon to browse pictures:

Click on any picture to enter slideshow mode. The mode can be full-screen pictures, rotate pictures, select the picture effect, change the picture arrangement, operation and slide play set.


Click to switchable arrangement of pictures; Click can do delete and properties;

Click can do slide show. Filter folder:

Long press back button or click the on screen MENU icon in My Photo will pop up the following shortcut menu:

Click filter folder and then you can filter all the folders with photos, like the following picture:

If “Select/Clear All” is selected, all the photos will be displayed; and if “Select/Clear All” is not selected, there will no photo displayed.

If you don’t select one folder single with “Select/Clear All” is selected, the photos in this folder will not be displayed; and if you select one folder single with “Select/Clear All” is not selected, there will only displayed the photos in this folder.

The picture format supports: JPEG, BMP and PNG.

7.5 My Video


After choosing a video, you can adjust the volume during playback, fast forward, rewind, pause, adjusting brightness and return.

Supported Video Formats: FLV4, H263, MPEG4 and 3GP. It also supports QVGA (500kbps).

7.6 YouTube

Click YouTube video icon to view all videos:

Search: You can input a search.

Hot Video: Including by Featured, Most Viewed, most discussed, top favorites, Most Recent, Top Rated, Responded and On mobile. Click the video on the list can be directly played.

Note: Some You Tube video formats may not be supported or always open correctly. Should you experience consistent problems playing You Tube videos, try downloading from the App Market the “YOU TUBE Support Package”.


Click Magic album icon into the magic album interface. It can display weather, date and time, My Photo, My Music, adjust screen brightness adjustment and has a full alarm clock function.

Click the mail icon to enter my photo to view all of the pictures in your Email.

Long press the back to pop up the shortcut menu, including refresh weather, setup and about.


When receiving certain email photos, the Mail icon will become green. Click to instantly see your pictures

7.8 My Music


If there are no relevant lyrics, it will display like the following picture after clicking the lyrics button:

Click the lyrics box on the above picture, and a search box will appear. Input the singer’s name in the artist, input the song’s name in the songs, and select best match auto download. Then press OK to download the lyrics from the network. You must be connected to the internet for this function.

Supported Audio formats: MP3, WAV, AAC and AMB.


The camera lens is located at the top of the vertically held screen, and is meant to be used as a low resolution web camera. Great for web based video calls.

8. Tips and Tricks

8.1 Some convenient modes of operation

Home screen——Click

Adjusting the volume——Click /

8.2 Direct Set

Wi-Fi settings:

Click Wi-Fi settings icon to enter the Wi-Fi settings. The interface shows

Gravity sensor setting:

Click gravity sensor setting icon to enter, and then you can make the gravity sensor setting to be normal mode or game mode.

Picture Capture:

This is one of the most useful applications on your device. It is a great diagnostic tool for your BOSS customer support team should you have a technical issue to solve. Simply capture what you see on the screen and email it to us at support.tablet@comcast.net with a complete description of the problems you are having.


Picture storage: The pictures captured are saved in the Internal Flash (ROM) default, and you can select the default storage device to be SD card and USB storage.

Delay capture: if you need time to re capture the previous screen, please click picture capture icon on the desktop to enter first, and then select “Select delay time to capture the screen (seconds)” to enter the next interface like the following picture:

Select the delay time. You will immediately see the time counting down right on your screen. after the timer it will capture the interface. The method applies to the full screen interface. Immediate capture: click the picture capture icon on the desk top screen status bar to immediately capture the screen.

8.3 Battery Tips

As the device has a large screen, it will consume a lot of power. To extend battery life, you can reduce the frequency of use of the following features:

1. Recording or watching videos, listening to music or take photographs;

2. Display brightness: Please long press back Settings Sound & display (Display Settings) Brightness (reduce the brightness);

3. Web Search: Please long press back Settings Wireless controls Wi-Fi settings

Network notification;

4. Wi-Fi use: Please long press back Settings Wireless controls Wi-Fi (turn off Wi-Fi).


9. Personalized Settings

Click the settings on the shortcut menu.

9.1 Wireless controls

Manage Wi-Fi and airplane mode Wi-Fi

If you want to open and close the Wi-Fi, please long press back Settings Wireless controls Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Settings

If you want to set up and manage the wireless access point, please long press back

Settings Wireless controls Wi-Fi settings. Airplane mode

Not applicable to this particular device.

9.2 Sounds & Display

Set ringtones, notification, and screen brightness.

Silent mode

Mutes all notification sounds. Long press back Settings Sound & display (Sound settings) Silent mode.

Notification volume

To set the notification volume level, long press back Settings Sound & display (Sound settings) Notification volume.

Media volume

To set the volume of music and video, long press back Settings Sound & display (Sound settings) Media volume.

Notification ringtone

To set the various ring tones, long press back Settings Sound & display (Sound settings) Notification ringtone.

Audible selection


switch orientation automatically when rotating. If you choose “switch orientation automatically when rotating”, the interface will switch automatically when the device is rotated. If you don’t choose “switch orientation automatically when rotating”, there will be a rotating screen icon on the screen status bar and the interface will switch following the device only if you click the rotating screen icon.


To open and close the window to display animation, long press back Settings Sound & display(Display settings) Animation.


To adjust the brightness of the screen, long press back Settings Sound & display (Display settings) Brightness.

Screen timeout

To adjust the screen automatically turns off before the delay, long press back Settings

Sound & display (Display settings) Screen timeout.

9.3 App Market

Unknown Source

After an authenticity check for non-market applications an application is allowed to be installed.

Manage applications

To manage and remove the installed applications, please long press back Settings

Application Management applications. Development

To set options for application development, please long press back Settings

Application Development.

9.4 SD Card & Device Storage

To safely remove the Micro SD card, view available storage, etc.

Total Space

Long press back Settings SD card & device storage Total space, you can view the total amount of localdisk storage and SD card .

Available space

Long press back Settings SD card & device storage Available space, you can view the available space of localdisk storage ,SD card and internal device storage.


Unmount SD Card

To remove the SD card safely, long press back Settings SD card & device storage

Unmount SD card. Format SD Card

To format the (clear) SD card, long press back Settings SD card & device storage

Formatted SD card. Factory data reset

To restore factory settings, long press back Settings SD card & device storage

Factory data reset.

9.5 Date and Time

To set the date, time, time zone, time and format of the system, long press back

Settings Date and Time.

9.6 Locale & Text

Set local (language and region), text input and auto-correction options

Select local

To select the language and region, long press back Settings Local &text Select local.


9.7 About device

View legal info, device status and software version Status

To view the battery status, battery power, WIFI address and boot time, long press back

Settings About device Status. Battery use

To view your current battery life, long press back Settings About device Battery use.

Legal information

To view the relevant legal information, long press back Settings About device Legal information.

Model number

To view the model, long press back Settings About device Model number. Firmware version

To view the firmware version, long press back Settings About device Firmware version.

Kernel version

To see the kernel version, long press back Settings About device Kernel version. Build number

To view the build number, long press back Settings About device Build number.

10. Screen Lock

Screen/Device Lock:

1. Short press the power button in any screen to turn off the screen light and lock the screen. This will prevent you from accidentally changing what you are working on. Screen/Device Unlock:

1. Press the Back Button to re-display your screen.

2. If you have set a password, the system will ask you to enter that information.

11. Troubleshooting

11.1 Forced shutdown

Should you experience a non- responsive screen, press the power and back buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to force a complete system shutdown. Wait 15 seconds to re-start your device.

11.2 Restore default settings

To restore the device to its original factory settings and clear all information, long press back Settings SD card & device storage Factory data reset.

Warning: Resetting the device should be considered carefully. Doing so will delete Google accounts, system and application data and settings, downloading applications, etc. Backup files if you can to either an SDHC Card or a Flash Drive before restoration. Please use this


carefully and only as a last resort.


If this product should prove defective in workmanship or material during the 30 day period from the date of original purchase from retailer, the same product may be replaced by either the Seller SUCH REPLACEMENT SHALL BE THE SOLE REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER, AND THERE SHALL BE NO LIABILITY ON THE PART OF THE MANUFACTURER,

DISTRIBUTOR, OR SELLER FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL, ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THIS PRODUCT. Some states in the United States do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state in the United States, Puerto Rico or from province to province in Canada. In the United States, Contact: Consumer Relations Dept., Sun-Mate Corp., 21045 Superior St., Chatsworth CA 91311, USA ©Copyright 2011


Item Purchased: __________________________________________________________ Location Purchased:________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________ Name:___________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________State:_______________Zip:______________ E-mail:__________________________________________________________________ Comments:______________________________________________________________ Cut Out and Mail to:

SUN-MATE CORP. Consumer Relations Dept. 21045 Superior St. Chatsworth CA 91311 USA You can also register on line at: www.sun-mate.com

21045 Superior St.

Chatsworth CA 91311


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