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LiteSpeed for SQL Server(7.5) How to Diagnose & Troubleshoot Restore


Academic year: 2021

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LiteSpeed for SQL Server(7.5)


Learning objectives- Slides # 3

Restore functional overview- slides # 4

Common restore issues- slides # 8

Common restore error explanation- slides # 10

Troubleshooting restore checklist-slides # 16

Prerequisites for contacting support-slides # 20

Slide Index


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this presentation, the student should be able to:

Identify the actual problem the user has reported.

Create and read LiteSpeed log file.

Search knowledge base.

Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve common LiteSpeed restore problems.

Solve the issue or gather the necessary information to escalate the case.

How To Diagnose & Troubleshoot


(LiteSpeed) Functional Overview


Restore components:


LiteSpeed console.


Restore with script.

exec master.dbo.xp_restore_database @database = N'TestDB1' ,

@filename N'C:\LSBACKUP\TemplateFolder\DailyDB\ALVHLY2_DailyDB_full_1351710237.bak', @filenumber = 1,

@with = N'REPLACE‘,@with = N'STATS = 10',

@with = N'MOVE N''DailyDB'' TO N''C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.BOSTON\MSSQL\DATA\TestDB1.mdf''', @with = N'MOVE N''DailyDB_log'' TO N''C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL

Server\MSSQL10.BOSTON\MSSQL\DATA\TestDB1_1.ldf''', @affinity = 0,@logging = 2



Command prompt.

Restore the Northwind database from the backup device c:\temp\Northwind.bak using variables: sqllitespeed.exe -R Database -D Northwind -F "C:\temp\%D.bak"


(LiteSpeed) Functional Overview

Restore - continues



Restore from console.

Select target database for restore.

Option to kill all the current connections


Restore script GUI sample;

exec master.dbo.xp_restore_database @database = N'DailyDB' ,

@filename = 'C:\LSBACKUP\TemplateFolder\DailyDB\ALVHLY2_DailyDB_full_1351710237.bak', @filenumber = 1,@with = N'REPLACE',@with = N'STATS = 10',

@affinity = 0,@logging = 2 GO


(LiteSpeed) Functional Overview

Restore from command line - continues



Command prompt restore


Sample script;

Restore the Northwind database from the backup device c:\temp\Northwind.bak using variables:


(LiteSpeed) Functional Overview

Restore by creating a Microsoft format file - continues



Create a Microsoft compatible format.


Sample script;


Automated Restore

Enterprise Edition feature

New feature to easily restore the most recent backup of a database

Great way to keep non-prod environments refreshed

Great way to test restores in non-production environments

No need to know in advance the actual backup file names

Scans folders/subfolders with optional file extension filter or use static file name

Supports Full, Full + Diff, or Full + Diff + T-Logs

Works with new Restore as Compressed engine support

Database can be automatically dropped after restore (restore testing)

Integrated directly into the Restore Wizard

Available for scripting through LiteSpeed API


Automated Restore – API

New xp_restore_automated extended stored procedure

exec master





















-- @backuppath = N'C:\Backup\AutomatedRestore',

-- @backupextension = N'bak',

-- @checksubfolders = 1,













-- full, diff, tlog


















Automated Restore – Final Notes

TSM is not supported (disk restores only)

The target server must have access to the disk backups (shared location)

Only one password is allowed for encrypted backups (if passwords differ

between Full, Diff, and T-Logs, then limit use to the Full restore option)


Common Restore Issues

Failed to create VDI, error 995 or x80770004

Failed to login.

Restore failed due to LSN out of sync.

Restore failed due to a corrupt backup.

Failed to create a Microsoft compatible due to login


Common Restore Issues - Continues

Unable to access backup file.

Copy file to target drive corrupt the backup file.

Did not have correct path for MDF and LDF.


Failed to create VDI - error 995 or x80770004

This means that SQLServer memtoleave does not

have enough resources to produce a VDI package.

Sometimes this is normal, as there is enough resources available, and

the backup will still complete.

Other times, you may have to allocate more virtual

memory to SQLServer.

Temporary workaround is to reduce the maxtransfersize parameter

from your backup setting or restart SQL Server services.


Failed to login

This can happen when restoring a full backup and it failed to connect to

the instance. You should check user permissions or the SQL Server alias

may no longer be available.

A similar problem can also happen if the LiteSpeed engine is no longer



Restore failed due to LSN out of sync.

You are trying to restore a backup and the Last Sequence Number from

the backup file did not match the current restore state LSN.


Restore failed due to a corrupt backup.

The restore failed, because the database is no longer able to perform a

header or restoreverify check, see sample command below;

EXEC xp-restore-headeronly @filename = 'D:/backup/test.BAK'


Did not have the correct path for MDF and LDF.

When performing the restore, it did not have the correct MDF and LDF


The target SQL Server path is not correct or permission is not granted to

create the new database.


LiteSpeed Logs

Various LiteSpeed processes send messages to the Server

about the operations taking place, and report any problems

or errors encountered during these operations.

The system logs reside in the .../Logs directory on the LiteSpeed Server (where ... represents the

LiteSpeed installation directory).

This directory can be relocated using the registry.

The log files are stored in binary format and named SLS*.log

with latest time.

For example, when a backup with verbose turn on, it will create a log like ‘SLS 2012-10-29

23-30-03 7320.Log

System Logs are useful for tracking activities and troubleshooting problems.


Using the Knowledge Base

Go to:



LiteSpeed Trace

When LiteSpeed logs don’t give you enough information to identify the

problem, it may be necessary to get a trace. When escalating a case, a

trace is usually required.

Don’t ask for a trace unless you need it. Unless you have experience

with reading the trace, it will be difficult to make sense of it.

A trace may use up ample amounts of disk space. Please verify the

trace directory listed in the General tab has plenty of space. Only

generate trace/debug files when requested.


Problem Description

Diagnostic logs, screenshots, etc.

Environmental details (LiteSpeed version, SQL Server version,

and Service pack applied.)

Issue severity and customer business impact, timeframes, etc.

If a performance issue, provide specific details as specified in

the case.



What is required in order to open a support case?

When opening a support case, we request

the environment information

(Operating systems, versions, software/database versions, etc),



In this lesson we learned:

How to restore a backup and read LiteSpeed restore log.

Search the knowledge base


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